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Martial Arts Action Star Jackie Chan Stars in Adult Film!

Martial Arts Action Hero Jackie Chan!

Who woulda thunk, but Martial Arts Action Star Jackie Chan has actually appeared in an adult film! This is one of those little facts that virtually no one knows about, and it happened early in his career.
To understand the why of it all, one should understand that Jackie, same as any movie star, had a rough time breaking into the business.
He was trained in the Peking Opera Company, can sing, dance, do kung fu like nobody’s business, write, direct, and so on and so on and so on.
Anyway, his first real film was called Little Tiger of Canton. It was a commercial flop, and nothing else he did at the time seemed to be working, so, just like a Hollywood newie, he was featured in a movie called ‘All in the Family.’
All int he Family, probably a knock off on the American comedy series, but one can only wonder what perversions were performed. Sisterly love? Motherly love? Huh!
And one can only cringe when thinking of how he might put his talents to use, doing flips and somersaults in bed, flying through windows, breaking glass and all, into the beds of…you know.
At any rate, fortunately for the kung fu fans of the world, he gave up his chance to be a Chinese adult star and managed to make it as a kung fu hero. And that is the story concerning martial arts action star Jackie Chan and adult films. Pick up a free martial arts book at Monster Martial Arts. Monster has the best martial arts courses on DVD in the world.