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Martial Arts Newsletter!

I just started a short series of  martial arts newsletters to explain about Matrixing. This series follows the recommended curriculum listed on the home page of Monster Martial Arts.

Every other newsletter I am going to be making a special deal, giving something away, and generally encouraging people to study Matrix Martial Arts.

Matrixing is a martial science.

People can save money and learn entire arts within a few months.

Anybody wanting to get in on this, the next series of special newsletters is going to start up in about a month, so sign on now! Go to Monster Martial Arts, write aganzul@gmail.com and tell him you want the Free Matrixing Book. You’ll get signed up for the newsletter at the same time.

If you’re following Matrix Martial Arts through wordpress, go sign up for the newsletter.

Or, here’s a good one, go to freemartialartsonline.com…in the black menu find ‘freebies’ and click on it. You’ll find a page offering SEVEN martial arts books for free.

What? Are you still here?

Free Martial Arts, Rowing from Cuba, and an Idea for an Invention

karate glowFree Martial Arts. A lot of people want something for nothing, and that ain’t good, but then, a lot of people want to be free, and that’s where the martial arts comes in. A study of an art like Karate, or Aikido, or some type of Kung fu, breeds the desire for freedom in the human spirit.
My first real understanding of how this works came about when I taught a fellow from Eastern Europe. He came to America, I taught him Karate and other martial arts, and one day I asked him about life behind the Iron Curtain.
‘You can’t study Karate unless you are police, or son of politician.’
‘That’s why I come to America! I want study Karate!’
That certainly blew Mrs’ Case’s son’s socks right off his little tootsies. Humbled me, it fair did.
My second brush up against this concept of the desire for freedom in the hearts and souls of men was not connected with Karate. I was doing some work for a gal, she had a slight accent, and I found out she was Cuban, and then she told me the story of her father.
He wanted to be free, so he stole the inner tube from an airplane tire, which was a capital offense in Cuba at the time.
He then ripped a plank off a fence, packed a punch, and rowed ninety miles from Cuba to the US, just to be free.
She told me that midway to Florida he took a break, reached into his sack for a sandwich, chomped on it, and watched the sharks circling his inner tube.
Now he would have made a good Karate student!
The thing about freedom is that you are free to do what you want. Ignore the government, make a plan, and do it.
For instance, speaking of rowing from Cuba, I always wanted to make a car that could drive on water. A few of these have actually been made, and there have been plans published in such mags as Popular Mechanics and such, but I think about something easier to construct, easy enough for people to make with a few tools and a weekend.
I thought about a raft. You drive the car on, placing the rear tires between some rollers that are connected to the screw.
And, if you have to make a long voyage, say across the Pacific, you simply make a few inflatable canoes and fill them with gas and whatever supplies you need.
Anyway, that’s my cockamammie idea, and I don’t think it’s a bad one. Just hasn’t been done yet. Well, perhaps I should stick to my ‘free martial arts,’ eh?
free martial arts

Free Martial Arts Now Online Get Upgraded

The new site, Free Martial Arts Online, has got near 120 articles on it, the first batch of free videos (hot to do the basics), and is going great.
Today I stopped trying to rewrite the ad pages from Monster Martial Arts.
I just put blurbs in the resource section, and a link to monster. why rewrite what is perfect, eh?
Besides, it takes so long.
Besides, I’ve got other stuff I want to get up.
So, use FMAO for a funnel, let the freebie people have a ball, and the people who are a little moe serious in their approach to the martial arts can click a link and support the site.
I also switched the theme of the page. Nothing big, I just swapped the side column from the right to the left. I think it looks better, but if anybody has an opinion, let me know.
Well, I’m going to go do some more stuff there now. Put some boxes on the resource page, or something.
Eventually, I want all my work, even the Neutronics and novels, on that resource. Heck, I’m even going to put some clickbank in there. I really want this to be the top notch resource site in the history of the martial arts.
The Resource page is at Free Martial Arts Online.

Free Martial Arts Online Taking Off Like a Shot!

Pretty happy with this new website, Free Martial Arts Online. I’m getting as many visitors as I do on the blog, and that’s within just one month.
The reason for this is that I am loading it with articles. Lots of articles. I put in a couple every day.
matrix martial artsToday, for instance, I uploaded an article on the best kung fu movie ever made. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t made in the east, it was made in the west? And it was made in the 1950s!
And, I also uploaded an article on martial arts strength. Martial Arts is interesting enough, but the strength you can get form the martial arts is absolutely incredible.
I’m over sixty and I’m running up and down stairs, training for marathons (I kid you not!) and it is just because of the martial arts.
Anyway, I’ve also got lots of other free stuff on the new website.
I’ve got a bunch of free books. They include one on Super Karate Made Easy, which is probaby the most impactful martial arts book to ever hit the United States, and nobody even knows about it! But it was the first, and it sold millions. I say MILyuns!
And, I’ve started a ection on training, free videos for the basics. This will take some time to complete, takes time to render movies, upload them, all that stuff. But it has started, and the first few lessons are up.
And, I’ve got alot more planned.
It’s all a matter of time, you see, and I seem to have lots of extra time. While people my age are slowing down, getting walkers, toting oxygen tanks around, I’m getting younger, getting faster. Having a ton of fun!
Well, my plan for the the new site is to get all my articles up, make it a super resource. Past that, I hope it acts as a gateway so that people can find Monster Martial aRts, start ordering some of those matrixing courses.
So, hop over to Free Martial Arts Online and see how I’m doing!

New Martial Arts Website is Growing!

horse stance method

Knowledge is Martial Arts Power

How interesting, the new martial arts website is getting almost as many visitors as my blog, and it is closing in on my website.
The reason for this is, of course (grin) fresh and unique martial arts articles.
Well, actually, hate to tell you this, but they are old articles.
But, they are so old that the net is forgetting about them. So, since nobody has looked at them in a few years, they might just as well be new.
What I do is rework them, changing titles and words and phrases, and then they are new to the web.
Now, why am I doing this? Actually, not because I need the traffic, though that is appreciated.
The reaosn I set this new martial arts website in motion is because I have over four hundred articles, and they should be out where people can get to them.
After all, I invented Matrixing, the single greatest contribution to the martial arts in history. Shouldn’t the writing surrounding that discovery be available for all?
Heck, do a search on the site, find the things I have written on CBM, various styles, Matrixing, or whatever.
Of course, the site is growing, so maybe I am a bit premature in offering this advice, but, heck, I’ll offer it again, so why not?
Anyway, I’ve written near two million words on the martial arts, and eventually I want the majority of those words in one place, where people can access the database, find the thoughts i had behind the thoughts, and maybe even follow along on this twisted, convoluted path that I am slowly straightening out.
That all said, the name of the martial arts website is FreeMartialArtsOnline.com. Gonna be the biggest site, have tons of things for people to search through, download, watch, and so on. And, while we’re talking about it, there’s a FREE BOOKS page. That’s right, you can get several books on the martial arts, old classics that are out of print and stuff on Matrixing. Just click over to the website, check out the black menu at the top and find Free Books. Go there and follow the instructions,a nd you can get several absolutely free martial arts books.
Matrixing Karate

How Long Does It Take to Learn To Do the Martial Arts the Right Way?

Walking the Circle

Harry Hsu Walks the Circle

Now that’s an interesting martial arts question. People have so many different standards and values and ways of looking at things. Most people think it takes somewhere between three to five years to earn a black belt. And, some 15 to 20 years to achieve mastery. But those are arbitraries. There aren’t set standards, and people pretty much do what they want, and most instructors would get in serious argument if they tried to define their standards.
You see, the point isn’t how long it takes to become expert or master, the point is what is a correct form.
Let me explain something. Most people are put in a class, and they punch and kick a few thousand times over a few years, and they gain a certain level of coordination, and then they are awarded their belt.
It has become accepted that you do something long enough and you will know it.
Well, maybe.
But if you do the martial arts the right way, you have changes in the mind. Here’s a rule for you: correct body equals correct mind. The discipline it takes to align the body correctly has mirror effect in the mind.
But, if people don’t do the form correctly, there is no change in mind, and you have false black belts.
So how many black belts do you know that have no reaction time? Who manifest chi in their techniques. Heck, most people don’;t even know what chi is in a technique, let alone how to manifest, or how to even see it.
Then the terrible tragedy happens. A guy or gal gets a black belt, assumes he is an authority, and is no longer able to be taught. They know it all, you see.
That is why the true art takes so long to grow: attrition of students; instructors who don’t really know.
That’s why I put the truth of the martial arts in the Master Instructor course.
There are seven rules which pertain directly to perfect form. Follow those seven rules and you can’t fail. You don’t even need an instructor.
And, there are six rules which enable one to make all techniques work. And not after years of practice, but upon understanding what the rules mean.
You can’t argue with the physics of the universe.
And the glorious truth is that once somebody understands and does those 13 rules in all their martial arts, then they master the martial arts.
Sure, it still takes time. One has to accumulate a certain amount of data, but it doesn’t take long.
What takes long is standing in a class and punching endlessly, with nobody to tell you what is wrong with your punch, and how it can be fixed.
You could take a child of six and have him take a car, motor and all, apart and put it back together. You could have him do this for twenty years, but he still wouldn’t be able to fix a car, let alone drive it.
Well, it’s the same for the martial arts, and the sad thing is that those children of five, because they put in the time, have been given the keys to the car, and they think they know it all, but they have really just succeeded in putting blinders on.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out the Master Instructor Course. Pick up the free martial arts book on the home page. Read some more and see if what I say makes sense. You have nothing to lose, and who knows, the blinders might come off.

Free Martial Arts Magazine is Available at Monster Martial Arts

Walking the Circle

Harry Hsu Walks the Circle

The latest and the greatest in the Free Martial Arts Magazine universe has just hit the stands. The digital stands, that is.

The Monster MartialArts Journal Four is up and ready to go. You can read it online, or you can download it. Here is the URL.

This issue has the winner for the infamous Jesus teaches Martial Arts Contest.

Also, there is a very incisive article concerning Shaolin Martial Arts and the directions of the five animals.

Other departments include Matrixing, Shameless advertising (this is a hoot!), and a growing resources section. People who want to take advantage of a little free advertising should get in touch with me. The journal is small, but growing, and it won’t be long until, like Gozilla, it just eats the whole wide world.

That’s the Monster Journal…the absolute best when it comes to free Martial Arts Magazines.


Pump Up Your Martial Arts Biz is with Free Online Martial Arts Magazine

free martial artsA free online martial arts magazine is a great way to pump up your biz.

When I write my mag I am competing with such mags as Black Belt, Kung Fu Magazine, Ultimate MMA, and so on.

I post the ads in obvious places, but I keep them polite. Ads pay for the mag, but I don’t want to drive people away.

A good idea is to place the ads infrequently in the beginning, and then have a resources at the end of the mag. Actually, the small ads enable me to format the magazine without large blank spaces. People usually read the resources, most people are looking to improve their martial arts.

I write articles on a variety of martial arts. While I try to conceptualize the mag towards one specific area (Matrix Martial Arts, in my case) I want to write for everybody.

It does take a few hours to put a mag together, but, in my case, it is a total labor of love.

Make sure you are absolutely honest with all customers, include all information about email notification and how to cancel any email notification. And make sure that you never allow or support spam in any way. That is the fastest way to kill an online mag, and even website, that I know.

Be prepared to spend a few months building up lists and customers, and, it goes without saying, make sure that you are selling a quality product in your pages, what you sell, and even in any ads you put in for other people. People will know you by your quality. Think about it this way…crappy magazine equals crappy art, most excellent magazine reflects thought and consideration and a quality martial art.

Now, to understand what I’m saying here, it takes me 4 – 6 hours to write a mag, and you should check it out to see how closely I follow my own advice. It is free, and you can read it on the website, or download it and read it on your own computer. Here’s the link. Free Martial Arts Journal!

If you love to write, research, and talk to martial artists around the country, then you should definitely consider writing a free online martial arts magazine.

Fantastic Opportunity for Martial Artists (Newsletter)

You can get an absolutely free online magazine. Watch the vid, read the newsletter, and I’ll tell you how!

All righty!
It is a great day…
it is a special day…
do you feel good or what!

Now, before I get into this weeks journal,
let me say something.

All week long
I have been subjected to…
War in the mid east,
oil prices rising
unions protesting…
Doom, Defeat, Despair!
I tell ya,
it’s enough to make a guy
turn off the TV!

But let me tell you the truth about this.

Tragedy is opportunity.
Write it in gold on your forehead,
and let me explain.

times might get a little tough for a while,
but we’re a resilient bunch,
and there is a bright side
to all the doom and gloom.

Lost your job?
Then you have the time to start that internet biz you’ve been thinking about.

Don’t have gas?
That pedal bike is going to put you in good shape!

Don’t have money?
Swap meet, penny saver,
start a martial arts class in your garage!

Don’t know how?
You know everything you need to know,
you just have to be willing to go out and make a few mistakes.

I know it’s tough,
but you are tougher.
The martial arts have made you tougher.

time to talk about the journal.
My original plan was to write a journal every couple of weeks,
do a newsletter in between.
It’s a good plan,
and once I have everything rolling
I’ll go to it.
Right now,
I have to make enough mistakes
to make sure this thing works.
And just when I think I have made
every possible mistake I can,
another one pops up and hits me in the eye.
it’s starting to come around.

This issue
we have a cover!
it looks sweet!
we have a couple of extra pages of
punch ‘em down, beat ‘em up good, old fashioned slobberknockery!
One piece in particular,
is a shameless bit advertising,
in the vein of ‘kick sand in his face and see what happens!’
Good stuff.

I did try a different format.
I sized the pages smaller
so you won’t have to toggle the switch up and down
when you go from column to column.
I write about this in the journal,
so let me know how it works.

I published it for two pages at a time on the screen,
but my computer only opens one.
doesn’t really matter,
until you reach the last graphic.

Okey dokey,
that’s it for the journal,
I have some great stuff lined up.

I’ve got a nifty weapon designed
excellent for urban combat,
something to help you survive those so called food riots,
My problem is
I don’t think I can sell it.
Might be illegal.
there’s always ways around that.
Maybe putting it up for donations,
Let me look at the law
and see what I can do.
I mean,
there’s always a way to make
the second amendment work,
if you get my drift.

I’m working on a course
that will blow the lid
off the martial arts planet.

got a few other things up my
and power filled
gi sleeves.

But that’s it for now,
so here are your instructions.
follow them to the letter
if you want to reach nirvana.

Head over to Monster,
Here’s a link to the Master Instructor page,

From the Master Instructor page,
go to the main page,
then go to the freebie box in the upper right corner,
click on the box and go to the journal page.
Read or download the Third Journal,
find a good ad,
read it,
and then buy.
Do that,
and we’ll all be in good shape.
Especially you!

So have a great week,
work out hard
and I’ll talk to you later!

Free Online Martial Arts Magazine at Monster Martial Arts!

bruce leeThere are a few free online martial arts magazines out there. A google search will show up some great deals. Monster Martial Arts, however, is a pretty bright light.

One, you can download it or read it on the site.

Two, it deals with classical martial arts techniques.

Three, it showcases Matrixing and Neutronics, which is good because not a lot of people know what these subjects are.

Four, the caption contest is a hoot! The pic for this issue is pretty unbelievable.

And there’s a five, six, seven and eight to it all.

It’s short, being the introductory issues, but that’s sometimes good.

Anyway, drop by, check it out, come up with a caption if you can~ grin~ see ya there.

I firmly believe it is the best and ultimate free online Martial Arts Magazine.