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Martial Arts Newsletter!

I just started a short series of  martial arts newsletters to explain about Matrixing. This series follows the recommended curriculum listed on the home page of Monster Martial Arts.

Every other newsletter I am going to be making a special deal, giving something away, and generally encouraging people to study Matrix Martial Arts.

Matrixing is a martial science.

People can save money and learn entire arts within a few months.

Anybody wanting to get in on this, the next series of special newsletters is going to start up in about a month, so sign on now! Go to Monster Martial Arts, write aganzul@gmail.com and tell him you want the Free Matrixing Book. You’ll get signed up for the newsletter at the same time.

If you’re following Matrix Martial Arts through wordpress, go sign up for the newsletter.

Or, here’s a good one, go to freemartialartsonline.com…in the black menu find ‘freebies’ and click on it. You’ll find a page offering SEVEN martial arts books for free.

What? Are you still here?

The Five Realms that are the Home of the True Martial Artist

Master instructor

Zen Martial Arts!

The following words have extreme importance for a True Martial Artist. “There are five trees in paradise and they do not change, summer nor winter, and their leaves don’t fall. Whoever knows these trees will not taste death.”

Now, you may be wondering what these words have to do with the martial arts, so let me explain. They were written by a fellow named Thomas some two thousand years ago. They stand for the five concentric circles of man’s experience of the universe, and they are follows.

Physical refers to the practice of controlling the body. Mind you, in the martial arts this is not fighting, but controlling. While there is an art to destruction, the true art is in control.

Emotional refers to controlling the emotions. Practice real martial arts for any length of time and you begin to control your emotion. Emotions, defined in Neutronics, are ‘motion inside the head.’

Mental refers to the thinking process, and learning to think logically and rationally. This is where Matrixing comes in, as it presents a method for analyzing and handling all potentials of motion, and that’s all there is in the universe. Unfortunately, anybody who doesn’t understand matrixing is not on the road to mastering the ability to think.

Spiritual deals with a person understanding that they are a mote of awareness emitting light, and that creates the universe. This Spiritual Awakening must be experienced, not talked about. This is the thrust of Neutronics.

Awareness of All deals with understanding the universe from the viewpoints of all the individual ‘I ams’ that are individual man/woman. This is the God factor, or the omnipotent power that creates and pervades the universe(s). With Matrixing this is not mysterious, but a logical step on the path begun when one first steps into a dojo.
If you haven’t, then you may be interested in the Neutronic translation of the writings of Thomas, which will be coming out on August 19,2011, and should change the world of the martial arts forever. Click over to Monster Martial Arts to get all the data. Make sure you get the free book and sign up for the newsletter, it’s the best way to stay on top of the only real breakthroughs in the martial arts in history!

Make a Caption for Karate Humor Win Ten Free Martial Arts Books!

Got a new karate Humor pic in my free online journal. Give me the best caption and you can win Ten Free Martial Arts Books.
Just go to Monster Martial Arts, go to the menu at the top of the page and click on Monster Journal. You can read the journal online or download it, and it is absolutely free. And, if the contest is over, don’t worry, I run one usually every other issue. And, I tel you, the pic is funny. You’ll blink when you see it.
Anyway, I believe in humor, es[ecially in the marital arts. Everybody gets so darned serious, wants to train to kill, trash talk, bad mouth…what a waste. Come on over and see what the real martial arts are about. Heck, it’s chance to win Ten Free Martial Arts Books!