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The Evolution from Martial to Art

How the Martial Arts Change…

Man, end of the week coming up,
getting ready,
did two work outs yesterday,
Felt S-O-O-O good.
And it’s just from working out.

martial arts novel

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here’s how it happens.
Somebody learns how to kill somebody.
This is using his bare hands.
Maybe it is to fight against bandits,
or as part of a military mission,
or whatever.
he practices,
and he lives,
maybe he survives,
and maybe he teaches.

Interested in the killing ways,
this fellow keeps his eyes open,
learns all manner of techniques,
and he practices.
And practices and practices.
he accumulates enough data
to realize a truth about himself.
By accumulating pieces of art,
he puts the arts together,
in the process
puts himself together.
At this point the killing techniques
become an art.
A matter of self expression.

As this fellow passes his art down,
maybe to his sons,
maybe to paying students,
the things he learned and taught
become quite methodical
and more and more people
realize the things he did.

His system becomes a CCS
a Closed Combat System.

It has sufficient breadth and depth,
to always work
if people do it as prescribed.

It is a matter of evolution.
It is a matter of generation after generation
honing the material,
figuring out more and more things
to make that system work.

it is a matter of students
not changing the system,
except in ways that bolster the system.

The few students who don’t complete the art,
or leave with improper understanding,
end up without a complete system,
and they are at risk of adding things to that system
that don’t belong.

That brings us to the modern age.
And students who hoped on a plane in Japan as green belts,
and got off the plane in America
as black belts.

That brings us to students who quit their system
because they didn’t have enough to teach,
started adding things indiscriminately.

That brings us to people who destroyed
the evolutionary accumulation
that is what we call a Closed Combat System.

That brings us to an age
where there are so many systems,
the glut of information is so much,
and well meaning instructors try to include everything,
swelling their systems
without regard for how everything fits together.

Go on,
learn Aikido,
then introduce a front punch in the middle of every technique.
There goes the concept of harmony.
There goes Aikido,
no longer a CCS.

how about taking a system of jujitsu,
and altering every technique for tournament play.
There goes jujitsu.

There are actually very few Closed Combat Systems left.
There are actually very few teachers
who understand what has been done to their art.

Think of it like software.
You are learning algebra through a software program,
7th lesson,
you are handed all sorts of material
having to do with growing watermelons.

would you shake your head or what?

You might obsess on watermelons,
or you might give up algebra,
or you might start teaching people
the necessary algebra
that you just made up
to grow watermelons.

Weird, eh?

Here’s the thing.
There is martial,
which is war,
which is how to kill somebody.

if a person learns enough,
if he learns enough stuff
so that the whole thing makes sense,
then it becomes an art.

If you know a single art,
you only know one viewpoint,
and you have little chance of learning the whole.

If you learn an art that is corrupted,
bereft of unified concepts,
then you will degrade the art to martial.
You will go from learning to express yourself as a human being
and devolve to espousing tricks to kill people.

So what is the value of being a human being?
if you are learning tricks to kill,
then you don’t know,
and all I can say is…
learning to express yourself
is higher on the evolutionary chain
than killing people.

Interesting concepts, eh?

here is my page…


So here’s my page,
got most of my stuff on it,
It’s the largest accumulation
of pure martial arts knowledge
in the history of the world.

Oh, there are larger collections,
I’m sure,
but they are going to be collections of systems
that are not CCS.
Massive put togethers
without regard for concept
where the ‘software’ is corrupted,
and the student doesn’t come together,
but falls apart.


Okey dokey,
have yourself a great week end.
Party hearty,
and workout like you mean it.


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How Long Does It Take to Learn To Do the Martial Arts the Right Way?

Walking the Circle

Harry Hsu Walks the Circle

Now that’s an interesting martial arts question. People have so many different standards and values and ways of looking at things. Most people think it takes somewhere between three to five years to earn a black belt. And, some 15 to 20 years to achieve mastery. But those are arbitraries. There aren’t set standards, and people pretty much do what they want, and most instructors would get in serious argument if they tried to define their standards.
You see, the point isn’t how long it takes to become expert or master, the point is what is a correct form.
Let me explain something. Most people are put in a class, and they punch and kick a few thousand times over a few years, and they gain a certain level of coordination, and then they are awarded their belt.
It has become accepted that you do something long enough and you will know it.
Well, maybe.
But if you do the martial arts the right way, you have changes in the mind. Here’s a rule for you: correct body equals correct mind. The discipline it takes to align the body correctly has mirror effect in the mind.
But, if people don’t do the form correctly, there is no change in mind, and you have false black belts.
So how many black belts do you know that have no reaction time? Who manifest chi in their techniques. Heck, most people don’;t even know what chi is in a technique, let alone how to manifest, or how to even see it.
Then the terrible tragedy happens. A guy or gal gets a black belt, assumes he is an authority, and is no longer able to be taught. They know it all, you see.
That is why the true art takes so long to grow: attrition of students; instructors who don’t really know.
That’s why I put the truth of the martial arts in the Master Instructor course.
There are seven rules which pertain directly to perfect form. Follow those seven rules and you can’t fail. You don’t even need an instructor.
And, there are six rules which enable one to make all techniques work. And not after years of practice, but upon understanding what the rules mean.
You can’t argue with the physics of the universe.
And the glorious truth is that once somebody understands and does those 13 rules in all their martial arts, then they master the martial arts.
Sure, it still takes time. One has to accumulate a certain amount of data, but it doesn’t take long.
What takes long is standing in a class and punching endlessly, with nobody to tell you what is wrong with your punch, and how it can be fixed.
You could take a child of six and have him take a car, motor and all, apart and put it back together. You could have him do this for twenty years, but he still wouldn’t be able to fix a car, let alone drive it.
Well, it’s the same for the martial arts, and the sad thing is that those children of five, because they put in the time, have been given the keys to the car, and they think they know it all, but they have really just succeeded in putting blinders on.
Drop by Monster Martial Arts and check out the Master Instructor Course. Pick up the free martial arts book on the home page. Read some more and see if what I say makes sense. You have nothing to lose, and who knows, the blinders might come off.

Martial Arts for the End of the World!

I’ve been reading up on the end of the world, and man is it great stuff. And, it points up the need for hard core martial arts training right now!
First off, immigrants are invading the United States, taking all our medicine, and leaving us with high insurance payments. So, you study the martial arts so you stay healthy, and the hell with the insurance.
Second, China is going to stop lending us money, so we are going to need to go back to work ourselves. We need to be in top physical condition for this so, you guessed it, time to study Shaolin Kung Fu.
Third, because of diseases that are striking crops around the world (we are supposed to get ‘wheat rust’ in two years) there are going to be massive food shortages, which will result in riots. Now, I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to be in a riot I’m going to want to know some Pa Kua Chang, be able to walk through and around those silly rioters.
Four, zombies. You might laugh, but word has it that the international bankers, through the drug companies, are researching ways to starve us into being nothing more than drug consuming zombies, and that hordes of these ‘new citizens’ are going to be walking the streets, eating brains, and listening to Justin Beiber. Hey! It might happen! And if it does, you better know lots of good, old fashionged, knock ’em down Karate.
Now look, there’s some tongue in cheek here, but you also know the world is getting to be a pretty rough place.We’ll survive, we always do, but the people who actually know martial arts will be stronger, be able to last longer, and will be so healthy they laugh at health care. It’s a lifestyle, man, and it works. Anyway, go to Monster Martial Arts and pick up an absolutely free Martial Arts Book telling about the most scientific method of martial arts in the world. Here’s a video of the author ‘playing’ with some friends.

The Yin Yang Viewpoint of Karate, Kung Fu, and Other Martial Arts

The Yin Yang of the martial arts, as in Karate and Kung Fu and so on, is basically saying that the universe comes in halves, and that these halves vie for dominance, and that this creates a wave form.
All true. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you more.

But, how do you make this happen in the martial arts?
First, you understand that the body is in two halves, and you practice all your techniques, forms, and whatever else on both sides. There should be no difference between your right side and your left side doing a technique.
Second, you explore the hard soft concept.
Mind you, one is not better than the other, it is only by understanding both that you make true progress. After all, there is a time to strike, and there is a time to harmonize. I call this force and flow, and now we are down to the heart of the matter.
The universe consists of objects that fly through space; every single object in the universe falls to this definition.
Force is when you go against the flow, flow is when you go with the flow.
Do you understand? It is a simple ‘on off’ switch, and it makes the entire universe a binary code.
Oh, if Neo had only known that he wouldn’t have had to suffer so much. He would have known how to deal with the decision he had already made.
Now, put that together with your ability to handle a person. Simply go against him, or go with him, and you have all the potentials of the universe open up to you.
That’s the skinny, but only the slight skinny, on what the Yin Yang really means. Come on over to Monster Martial Arts and get the rest of the story. Pick up a free martial arts book on the home page.

The Mixed Up Progression of Empty in the Various Martial Arts Systems

I learned Karate, and emptiness was inherent in the very name: Empty Hands.Not understanding this concept at all, it was still the first signpost on the road of Empty in the various martial arts systems I studied.
Check out the video, then I’ll tell you how the martial arts have mixed up the progression of emptiness.

I came to realize that Emptying the hands resulted in an Empty Mind, or, Empty Hands = Empty Mind. This was very zenlike, but incredibly important when it came to understanding that I wasn’t a flesh and bone body, but a creature of vast emptiness. It really made me a citizen of the universe, and not just planet earth.’
The essence of emptiness in Karate is before and after the technique. By emptying the frame I could generate and run power through it. Though this was done by explosion, very inefficient, it still worked, and opened the door.
I studied Sticky Hands from Wing Chun Kung Fu, and this proved to be an enlightenment. Sink your energy, ground, connect your body to the earth, then empty just the hands. This required better timing, I actually had to react before the attack, and not after.
I studied Aikido, and the whole body emptied, but their was no connection with the ground. Well, there was, but the method to getting their was different. I already understood the karate method, and I understood emptiness, so I selected my own route. I didn’t have to unlearn anything, and I got where I was going faster.
I studied Tai Chi Chuan and Pushing Hands. This was emptying the whole body while rooted (grounded). This was more akin to my Karate training, and a better progression. Actually, I came to realize something here: the progression of martial arts was a little mixed up. More on that in a second.
I studied Pa Kua Chang, and realized that I could be rooted in motion. That was the thing that Aikido had skipped until later, and now we are back at the mixed up progression of emptying in the martial arts. It should look like this.
Karate = grounding and Emptying.
Wing Chun = grounding and emptying just the hands.
Tai Chi Chuan = grounding and emptying the whole body.
Pa Kua Chang = grounding and emptying the body while in motion.
Aikido = emptying the body in motion.
You can see that there are still some problems with this progression, but at least it makes sense. The confusions come from artisitc evolutions that occurred, and which are unique to this planet (gravity, you know).
Anyway, that is the skinny on the Progression of Empty in the various Martial Arts styles. Hope you can use it, hope it helps you align your arts, and if you wish to see more, this is the sort of thing I get into at Monster Martial Arts. Drop by and pick up a free martial arts book (top left of the home page).

Martial Arts Action Star Jackie Chan Stars in Adult Film!

Martial Arts Action Hero Jackie Chan!

Who woulda thunk, but Martial Arts Action Star Jackie Chan has actually appeared in an adult film! This is one of those little facts that virtually no one knows about, and it happened early in his career.
To understand the why of it all, one should understand that Jackie, same as any movie star, had a rough time breaking into the business.
He was trained in the Peking Opera Company, can sing, dance, do kung fu like nobody’s business, write, direct, and so on and so on and so on.
Anyway, his first real film was called Little Tiger of Canton. It was a commercial flop, and nothing else he did at the time seemed to be working, so, just like a Hollywood newie, he was featured in a movie called ‘All in the Family.’
All int he Family, probably a knock off on the American comedy series, but one can only wonder what perversions were performed. Sisterly love? Motherly love? Huh!
And one can only cringe when thinking of how he might put his talents to use, doing flips and somersaults in bed, flying through windows, breaking glass and all, into the beds of…you know.
At any rate, fortunately for the kung fu fans of the world, he gave up his chance to be a Chinese adult star and managed to make it as a kung fu hero. And that is the story concerning martial arts action star Jackie Chan and adult films. Pick up a free martial arts book at Monster Martial Arts. Monster has the best martial arts courses on DVD in the world.

Martial Art Work Out in the Snow

Would Chuck Norris Use Gloves?

Martial Art Work Outs in different environments is a kick.
I used to read the accounts of Karate classes held in the snow, martial arts meditation under waterfalls, and all that sort of thing.
Now there wasn’t a waterfall near where I lived, and it snowed once every twenty years, so I figured I would have to wait to experience those things. Then, one year, it snowed!
Man, I was like shot. I was in the car and up in the hills in ten minutes. Unfortunately, so was the rest of California.
Oh, well.
So I was wearing gi bottoms, and I took off my shoes and socks, and began doing my karate forms in the snow.
Man, it was a kick.
But I figured I was going to have to figure out some esoteric, weird thing to do with my mind.
In actuality, all I had to do was get the blood pumping and keep it pumping. So I pumped and sweated, and all these mothers bundled their children up and took them away from my area.
And, the worst thing was I had broken a toe a few years previous, and I felt the break. Man, it was an irritant. Made my foot feet fragile, when it wasn’t.
Other than that, the main thing was to keep the enthusiasm up.
You see, it is easy to sweat, but after you see that there really isn’t much of a challenge, you run into the challenge, how do you keep your excitement high enough to keep working out. You have to maintain a level of excitement, you see, and that’s where the exercise becomes more than body, and a mind thing.
In the end, it was valuable, showed me some things about myself, and I recommend it. In fact, I recommend doing this type of martial arts training often. It’s different, it pumps you up, it’s invigorating, and it’s fun.
Of course all martial art work outs are fun, but this is just a little extra fun, and good for you.
Pick up a free ebook at Monster Martial Arts. That’s right, free!

The First Day of Kenpo Karate Instruction and What It Meant!

I had tied my pants and pulled my Karate gi across my chest and the instructor was showing me how to tie my belt. It was my first day of Kenpo Karate Instruction, and can you believe it? Proud because I learned how to tie a belt. That was in Nov of 1967. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you what happened to me.

I went through many belts, changed arts, got my black belt, studied many different art, wrote about what I had studied and became a writer and columnist for the magazines.
I’ve written near two million martial arts related words now.
And I don’t wear a gi. I wear the Karate pants and a tee shrit, and I stop during the day and work out wherever I am. Under trees, in meadows,on the beach…on building tops in basements in garages.
Wherever I am a work out, my life is nothing but a work out, and a sheer joy because of it. 1967. Hunh! Who would’ve thought? Yet it was all so worth it, so very worth it. If you want to know some of the things I’ve picked up over the last almost forty-five years, drop by Monster Martial Arts. A free martial arts book is available there.

Lots of Stuff Happening!

this new year is starting off with a bang.
I’m actually trying to organize my time because so much is happening.

we have a new Master Instructor,
A European affiliate is going to be opening site across the pond pretty quick,
and I’ve been working on the website.
Let’s take it all in order.

Congrats to Master Instructor John Newport.
Here is his win…

Master Case,

I have received many of your courses and must say that they have improved my martial arts immeasurably. Future orders for other courses will be coming.

I just completed fully reviewing the Aikido Course and had to send you something to let you know how it impacted my martial arts.

I have designed my own martial art and own a school, Taihei Tatsu Martial Arts. I ran into the problem of content to teach. I knew what I wanted to teach, but did not know in what order to teach it so that students could understand. Your courses solved that problem for me.

Most schools in which I was an assistant taught the same thing. The basic punch, kick, block and a form. Then mixed it up a little. The problem for me was that students did not understand the application so it was monkey see, monkey do karate. I did not want the same format for my system of martial arts.

I do not have a style of martial arts, I have a system. I prefer to regard it as a technology as it adapts to presented situations. Systems create the same result. Styles have flaws. Technology adapts to it’s environment.

Because of matrixing I was able to take my school to a whole new level. Students see how every technique makes sense. The removal of the mystic secrets of martial arts has opened the eyes of students and parents as to what is possible through martial arts.

My students…are able to see the holes in other systems and adapt to exploit those holes. My students understand the positioning of their body and what techniques are effective or ineffective in that position.

Even better I now have the ability to explain and show my students the “why.” I have studied martial arts for just over 33 years. I am a good practitioner and was an average teacher. Because of your courses I am now a great teacher with six year olds as students who can explain the intricate details of techniques.

Next month I will be introducing your Aikido course to my students. I must first clear my own Aikido knowledge of moves that do not work or are ineffective.

Thank you Master Case for making your knowledge available. It is truly an invaluable resource for martial artists. I cannot praise your work enough.

John Newport
Taihei Tatsu “Tranquil Dragon” Martial Arts

Thank you, John.
And well done.

A couple of things I want people to take note of…
John knew there were problems before he started,
knowing that there is a problem is what makes a man wise,
for it is this knowledge that leads him to a solution.

he has focused on the problem of style v system,
very smart.
A style tries to take in too much.
A system has specific steps with concrete results.
The term I use for this is ‘Closed Combat System,’
or CCS.
Sounds like John has nailed it.

Most important,
no mysticism.
he has reasons,
real reasons for everything he does,
which makes it a science.

I have nothing but admiration for these Master Instructors.
They are a bright bunch of fellows who get the job done.
The future of the martial arts is in great and capable hands.
I’d like to take advantage of this moment to say
that John is Master Instructor number 50!
Is that a great number,
or what?

Thanks John,
really made my day.

speaking of which,
let me move along
and admit that
I woke up today grumpy.
And after snarling and snapping a bit,
looking around for a dog to bite,
I began reading my wins.
Instant high.

The cure,
for whenever you feel a touch of the grump
is look at the good things.
Don’t obsess on the bad things,
they are temporary and go away.
The good things last forever.
Just thought I’d toss that in.
Not that anybody out there ever gets grumpy.

second thing,
got a fellow name of Peter
working on a website for the United Kingdom.
I tell ya,
There is a tremendous amount of interest in Matrixing over there,
and Peter is sitting on the cusp of Europe.
There is amazing potential over there,
a whole bunch of countries just waiting.
So I will let you know when this happens.
Gonna be great.

Third thing,
been working on the website.
Home page is different,
tweaking it a bit,
and I redid Matrix Karate page.
Cleaned it up,
Put in a bunch of wins
raised the price.
Got to.
I need to do the Great Matrixing Tour,
need to make it happen.
the price was ridiculous low.
It is still low,
but not ridiculous low.
speaking of the low price,
I’ll give anybody on the newsletter
one week grace.
Order this week,
paypal me $19.95,
and I’ll send you Matrix Karate.
One week only,
then the shock of it all is over,
and you’re on your own,
gonna have to pay full price.

that’s about it,
except that because of Martin King holiday
post offices are closed,
orders go out tomorrow.

have a great day,
practice till you sweat
and love every bit of life.

Have a great work out!





Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein

Before doing Martial Arts we are all equally foolish.
Al Case

The Martial Arts are a Puzzle

The odd thing is that I’ve never heard anybody thinking of the martial arts as a puzzle. People just follow along, do what they’re told, and they get somewhere…but, man, they could have gone so much further and fast. Here’s a win.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed quite how they (combat exercises) fit together, and how they provide a step-by-step progress to a level of martial arts that is far beyond anything witnessed in recent history (save by a few exceptional masters.) And that this high level is obviously attainable if I were to just follow this road.

So weird that I would be the one to come up with this. One simple question, and the martial arts are changed forever.

I’ve got a book on Matrixing that explains all this. It’s at Monster Martial Arts.

win #42