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Finding the Best Online Martial Arts Instruction

What to Look For in Online Martial Arts Instruction

For part one of this article, go to How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts.

online martial arts

When looking for the best online martial arts instruction you need to assess three things. Continue reading

Free Martial Arts Now Online Get Upgraded

The new site, Free Martial Arts Online, has got near 120 articles on it, the first batch of free videos (hot to do the basics), and is going great.
Today I stopped trying to rewrite the ad pages from Monster Martial Arts.
I just put blurbs in the resource section, and a link to monster. why rewrite what is perfect, eh?
Besides, it takes so long.
Besides, I’ve got other stuff I want to get up.
So, use FMAO for a funnel, let the freebie people have a ball, and the people who are a little moe serious in their approach to the martial arts can click a link and support the site.
I also switched the theme of the page. Nothing big, I just swapped the side column from the right to the left. I think it looks better, but if anybody has an opinion, let me know.
Well, I’m going to go do some more stuff there now. Put some boxes on the resource page, or something.
Eventually, I want all my work, even the Neutronics and novels, on that resource. Heck, I’m even going to put some clickbank in there. I really want this to be the top notch resource site in the history of the martial arts.
The Resource page is at Free Martial Arts Online.

Free Martial Arts Online Taking Off Like a Shot!

Pretty happy with this new website, Free Martial Arts Online. I’m getting as many visitors as I do on the blog, and that’s within just one month.
The reason for this is that I am loading it with articles. Lots of articles. I put in a couple every day.
matrix martial artsToday, for instance, I uploaded an article on the best kung fu movie ever made. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t made in the east, it was made in the west? And it was made in the 1950s!
And, I also uploaded an article on martial arts strength. Martial Arts is interesting enough, but the strength you can get form the martial arts is absolutely incredible.
I’m over sixty and I’m running up and down stairs, training for marathons (I kid you not!) and it is just because of the martial arts.
Anyway, I’ve also got lots of other free stuff on the new website.
I’ve got a bunch of free books. They include one on Super Karate Made Easy, which is probaby the most impactful martial arts book to ever hit the United States, and nobody even knows about it! But it was the first, and it sold millions. I say MILyuns!
And, I’ve started a ection on training, free videos for the basics. This will take some time to complete, takes time to render movies, upload them, all that stuff. But it has started, and the first few lessons are up.
And, I’ve got alot more planned.
It’s all a matter of time, you see, and I seem to have lots of extra time. While people my age are slowing down, getting walkers, toting oxygen tanks around, I’m getting younger, getting faster. Having a ton of fun!
Well, my plan for the the new site is to get all my articles up, make it a super resource. Past that, I hope it acts as a gateway so that people can find Monster Martial aRts, start ordering some of those matrixing courses.
So, hop over to Free Martial Arts Online and see how I’m doing!

How to Do the Three Month Black Belt course

Karate Black Belt
The Three Month Black Belt Course is really the ultimate in Online Martial Arts training.
The way to do it is to simply watch the videos and do the material on that belt level.
Each level has a form, two man form, applications, and the Matrix.
So you get a partner and do the basics each lesson. You watch a segment of the basics, see my student doing the basics, understand exactly what he is doing, and then do it yourself.
Then you do your two man form, making sure you work on it exactly as I tell you in the video. Check your partner out and have check you out, and make sure you have perfect form by using the drills I give, and by reading written material on the Matrix Karate course.
Do the Two man Forms, back and forth, until you can do them as easily as walking.
Then do the Matrix Forms. These Kata are simple, yet make the connection between form and fighting.
After the forms, do the Matrix. Make sure you don’t bang on the each other too hard in the beginning. Get to the point where you can do the full matrix in 15 minutes or less, and with good control. Sloppy control counts for nothing. Time for the mini-matrixes aren’t important…just make sure you understand the moves and can do them easily without thinking about them.
You have to stop thinking about what you are doing. This is not memorization work, but a logical format which will pull you along.
The important thing is to do it until you remember it without thinking. This should only take a half a dozen or ten times through.
And don’t use too much force, let the force grow.
Finally, do some freestyle. Make sure you do the level of freestyle you are supposed to do, and don’t get ahead and do full freestyle until you are supposed to. Remember, you arelearning, and to break the program will hold back your learning.
Finally, when you can do the material as good or better than my student does it on the last tape, you are there. This doesn’t mean you stop training. On the contrary, you have just started. You will be experiencing intuition and all sorts of things, and you must make sure you keep training, keep learning.
Remember, you have knowledge, but you don’t have experience…you must train hard and overcome this problem.
That’s how you do it, so write me and let me know of your successes.

If you want to know more about the ultimate in online martial arts training, the Three Month Black Belt Course, check out Monster Martial Arts.