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Martial Arts Equipment Needs to Be Eliminated

Martial Arts Equipment To Be Tossed in Trash

I was there when the first martial arts equipment appeared in the dojos of America. I strapped on the brand new protective pads the Martial Arts gear pushers had brought over, and I experienced the difference between reality and martial arts protective gear.

The first thing we students noted was that the stuff didn’t work. In fact, the karate pads we strapped to our shins and forearms and feet and hands and bodies caused heavier impact. In actual fact, we began to accumulate more injuries. Guys were bruising heavily, and there were even a couple of breaks.

martial arts equipment

Martial Arts gear that hurts, doesn’t help, should be tossed out!

The reason for this is simple, when you hit a guy with Karate pads on his forearms or rib cage you think it isn’t going to hurt, so you hit harder. This offsets the pad effect, and the result is heavier impact and injuries.

In addition, there is a false sense of security, and the person being hit doesn’t make his body as tight upon impact. This undercuts the whole effect of having Martial Arts gear, but, more important, it undercuts the purpose of the martial arts!

The martial arts, you see, teach one control. But once you put on martial arts equipment that is protective in nature, you are taking away the need for control, or at least lessening it.

The point to be made here is that Martial Arts equipment, including shin pads and forearm pads and all the other martial arts gear that is protective in nature, should be eliminated. People should be made to understand what a block or punch feels like, how it has the potential for hurt, and then they will immediately begin to learn control.

I know that what I have said here goes against the common belief, and I know there will be parents and martial arts supply house that take objection to this. Parents, however, are ill informed and need to be educated. The martial arts equipment pushers are making money, so their objections should be ignored.

Now, to be sure, I realize that there may be certain exceptions to this. Wrapping an injury may be useful to protecting that injury from further trauma. And I know that a fellow with injured knees, or some such, should possibly wear something to shore up the knees. And when it comes to Martial Arts weapons, real ones should not be employed and full martial arts gear should be implemented.

The few exceptions are rare, however, and the best martial arts instructors are going to be helping students with exercises that will strengthen weaknesses before they put that student out on the dojo floor for a little karate kumite, or whatever your brand of martial arts freestyle.

The point of this article is simple: if we eliminate martial arts equipment, and demand better instruction, we will have less injuries, and not more, and the Martial Arts will be pushed to higher levels.

Don’t like what I said here? Feel free to come to Monster Martial Arts and give me a piece of your mind!