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Martial Arts Injuries…How to Fix Them with ‘The Little Men’

Martial Arts Injuries Suck!

I have more martial arts injuries than you. After 45+ years, I have been hit more, blocked more, fallen down more, and this has given me a certain knowledge about the art of the ‘self cure.’

martial art injuryBefore I continue, let me recommend that you assess any martial arts injuries and see the correct medical practitioner if it is appropriate. This goes for a mixed martial arts injury, or an Aikido injury, or whatever.

Now, I wrote a book a short while ago, it is called ‘Neutronic Healing.’ In it I went quite a ways in describing curing the self and others using the ‘Motor Theory’ from Neutronics. This was all based on experiences from over four decades in the martial arts, studying such arts as Aikido and Karate and Tai Chi and so on. Interestingly, I totally forgot to put in that book one of my favorite and most effective methods for handling virtually any injury. So I’ll write about it here, and in articles, and pass it along, and hopefully encourage anybody interested into checking out ‘Neutronic Healing.’

I first discovered this many years ago. I had a fever, and it was probably the nastiest fever I have ever had. Both ends let go, my body burned, and I was semi comatose. Suddenly, into that dire scenario marched…The Little Men.

In the grips of this fever, not knowing up from down, I watched as these little men, moving quickly and efficiently, set up shop in my body. They walked through my veins carrying ladders and hammers and every sort of building device you could imagine. They were all laughing and joking, and they even noticed me and started me laughing and joking. Right in the middle of dying, I started laughing and joking.

They set up their ladders and plastered the walls of my veins with some sort of goo. They set up scaffolds around my bones and fixed up the cracks. They got into my muscles and began working on them, making them healthy and wakeful. They scooped up cups of my blood and measured them by some eternal light that was shining through me. In short, they cut and taped, sawed and pounded, coaxed and stroked, my whole body, by all of its pieces, back to health. And all while laughing and joking.

I woke, and the fever had broke, and I felt almost totally normal. A quick meal (I hadn’t been able to hold anything down for days), and I felt like working out.

Now, What I have told you here is absolutely and totally true. As bizarre and weird as it sounds, I have probably understated it.

Since that day, whenever I get ill, be it a bruise or a break, a pulled muscle or a stubbed toe, I lay down and close my eyes, and I imagine The Little Men. I imagine them walking through my body, looking like a bunch of workmen, and fixing me up as good as new.

Over the years I have gotten pretty good at this. They come quicker now, and they are more real to me. Seems like I am close to even recognizing some of their faces now.

The Little Men can be summoned by anybody with an imagination.

And, if you aren’t prone to little men, man them little women, or grandmothers, or whoever. Heck, make them friendly werewolves and have yourself a user friendly monster picture.

How you do it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you understand that your best friend and doctor is you, and you have an abundance of tools that you can use and shape to keep your body healthy.

At 63, I’m in such good health it is almost scary, and I owe it to a ‘self projected faith healing,’ The Little Men.

If you want to learn more about The Little Men, and other methods of Healing, I suggest you check out Neutronic Healing at Churchofmartialarts(dot)com>NeutronicHealing.

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