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Four Stages of Mind over Matter

Think and It Shall Happen…Through the Martial Arts!

May the force be with you. Did the Egyptians levitate those pyramidal building blocks with their minds? I wanna have the power of mind over matter!

if you don't have a mind it doesn't matterHey, who doesn’t. The problem is, you don’t see anybody else who has it, either. Even the bible, translated through seventy different special interest groups, is not entirely believable when it comes to matters of the mind over matter.

That said, the first stage in learning how to have powers of mind over matter is to learn that the body is a machine. This can be done through many different methods, but the best one I have found is good old martial arts. You have to translate a lot of stuff into physics, and there is a lot of bushwah out there, but if you stick to the empirical method you can actually isolate True Martial Arts.

The second stage is learning how to use the mind. The first stage, in teaching you that the body is a machine, opens up the mind, but most people misunderstand what has happened. They think they have to build their bodies more, when, at a certain point, they have to use their bodies less, and energy less, and let their mental powers transcend any desire for physicality.

The third stage, interesting enough, deals with an analysis of flow, such as in Aikido, or Pa Kua, or others of the soft arts. Once flow is mastered, the third stage starts to manifest, and this is a stage of imagination. Can you make people back away from you just by looking at them, can you fall somebody down with your intent, as opposed to actually touching them.

The fourth stage is going to be available after you have achieved the abilities I’ve just described. This is going to be where you make stones levitate. Can you take imagination and make the things of the world do what you want them to do?

Can you imagine a stone lifting, and it lifts solely through your imagination? This is not muscle, and is, in fact, in a direction opposite to muscle. Though, remember, it is necessary on the first stage.

The real key is in understanding, not in mysticism, for mysticism is the fact of words and concepts not really being understood and therefore not really usable. The real key is in running imagination through your body on the lower levels, and then being able to manifest that imagination outside your body. Of course, at this point, you should probably find a workable method for isolating the exact physics of The True Martial Arts.

But to start from scratch, go to MonsterMartialArts.com and find a course on good Kung Fu.

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Martial Arts, ESP, and Neutronics

Behind the Body ESP through Neutronic Martial Arts

The Sad fact is that your martial arts aren’t going to help you when the mugger hits you in the back of the head with his club. And, sad to say, muggers aren’t stand up fellows; chances are you will be attacked from the rear. Fortunately, you can apply neutronics to develop ESP – extra sensory perception – and live to fight another day.
By behind the body ESP I am referring to the radar you feel when people walk behind you. Everybody has felt it. It is a sensation of hair prickling on the back of the head, the ‘hackles’ raising, as you feel somebody invade your personal space from the rear.
The body, just like any machine, is surrounded by fields of electricity. Mostly, we can’t feel these fields, except under unusual circumstances. Proper martial arts training, especially if you matrix a system of classical karate or Kung Fu, will awaken these abilities.
To get the idea of what is happening here, take a magnet and find an old TV, one with a tube. Now place the magnet close to the screen, and you will see distortions as the electrical field reacts to the magnet. And, you may feel a sensation on your hand as you hold the magnet.
To do this martial arts exercise, stand three feet in front of your partner. Relax your mind by looking at something in front of you and forgetting about your partner. The more you forget about him, the better chance your ‘radar’ will turn on.
Now, if you feel nothing, then you simply need to discipline your mind and body. Do this by practicing your martial arts forms and techniques. If it still doesn’t work, you need to matrix your martial arts.
Matrixing is a method which will line up the energy of the body. It can be applied to the body specifically, through the Master Instructor Course at Monster Martial Arts, or it can be applied to whole systems through other courses at that site. You are going to want to apply this science to both your body and to the martial arts systems you study.
When you succeed in forgetting about the person behind you you will have an ’empty mind,’ and your radar will start to turn on. You will feel a sensation, as if somebody pushing on the hairs on the back of your head or neck or even back. This was actually a common perception through old martial arts practices, such as classical karate or kung fu, and with matrixing it can become common again.