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A New Master Instructor!

And a new video!

Good morning!

And congratulations to 

Master Instructor Craig Palenzuela

Here’s part of Craig’s win from doing the course…

-Thank you for writing this! I found this easy to follow and understand. I’m very happy I took a chance this.

-This course was a win! The biggest win I had in this course is it solidified for me that I have been right all along in my methods than others “more experienced” because of a “rank.”

-The reality is, a lot of the material I already knew. However I never had anyone explain it in a technical and mechanical way. The examples of the 4 powers and the 6 tools to me were damn near mind blowing. It was the smack on the forehead “oh yeah that’s right” moment.

It cleaned up a lot of the “clutter”. Now, as I mentioned a lot of this material I knew. I was very fortunate to train with Master John Wesley Shepherd who was trained by the late GM Sherman Harrell who was directly trained by GM Tatsuo Shimabukuru, the founder of Isshinryu. He used to explain things in a similar fashion. Sadly, he was never around enough and we were mostly taught by his big brother Billy who is an excellent practitioner but as a teacher………. you get the idea.

We spent a lot of the times teaching ourselves. Because of this, maybe we ourselves stumbled onto these lessons when you combined grown men from different occupations and backgrounds. Fast forward years later after our school closed down, I begin training in Escrima de Cuerdas, an art founded by a simple carpenter the late GM Liborio Heyrosa who couldn’t read or write. He was subsequently trained directly by the late GM Venancio Anciong Bacon (founder of Balintawak) and Nene Rosales a famous Filipino fencer.

– It (this course) helped me tremendously because regardless that the Philippines is a former U.S. Commonwealth, sometimes there is a bit of a language barrier. Some of these lessons did not translate. Your lessons created the bridge. Now everything made sense. The part that also helped tremendously was as we were all taught that it should be one continuous motion or no wasted motion but you explained it and demonstrated in a way that made sense…

The other thing that opened my eyes the most was the body testing. In Isshinryu for us this is common…….when performing Sanchin. I’ve never seen this done while throwing a basic straight punch. Heck, I never even thought of it myself. This to me is the highlight of the read/videos. I’m sure some will say I’m nuts but that’s what it was to me. I can’t wait to try this on everything but it also helped to perfect every technique within a kata. I now see each movement as unique.

Can’t wait to download the Matrix Karate Course! And also, thank you!

Thank you, Craig.

And well done.


Craig says he knew a lot of the material before,

he is exactly the SECOND person who has said this about the course.

This is after me selling the course for 15 years.

what is of interest is that Craig says

they ‘spent a lot of time teaching ourselves.’

This is actually one of the reasons I figured this out.

My instructor hardly ever said anything,

and in the silence I had to figure things out.

My father was an engineer

and I was raised with an eye towards physics and mechanics,

and that is probably my secret.

You see the martial arts have been handed down

mostly through oral tradition,

and that is a fine way to build up mysticism.

The result is teachers use examples that are unique to their culture,

and fail to impart the actual mechanics and physics of the art.



congrats to Craig,

and well done.


thank you to those who have purchased the book courses on Amazon.

I’ve got two of them up right now,

How to Fix Karate


The Shaolin Butterfly.

These are books,

but with links to the videos from the actual courses included.

This is a real step forward for saving money,

and for getting the full course.


I’ve included a video this week.

I’ve got hundreds of these snippets. 

I once sold them as a course which six whole people purchased.

So I’ll probably pop them into the newsletter,

won’t be any order,

but they’re a lot of fun,

and pretty educational.

So have fun and enjoy,

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Here you go…



And don’t forget to check out the interview


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The Science of Government.

It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

I told you matrixing works with anything.

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Martial Arts and Self Defense Against Weapons

Self Defense Martial Arts

This is a piece on how to use martial arts against weapons.

Put That Gun Down or I’ll Kill You!

Don’t you just love that sort of movie dialogue? The problem is…it reminds me of a lot of things that are happening in that other fantasy land…Washington.

Right now, as we speak, there are bills about guns, magazines, triggers, registration, and so on. Heck, congress would ban David from the bible if they knew he used a sling shot! Fortunately, congress doesn’t read the bible. (Did I really just say that?)

Okay, good times aside, let’s talk about the specifics of weapons.

If you can, comply. Just give him your money. He’ll get caught. And you should go on living.

If you can’t, then you’d better learn how to fight. Some guy pulls out the duc tape, smiles at the young girl and says, ‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.’

BS. Fight back. Kick, scratch, claw, scream, don’t quit no matter what. He’s not interested in taking stuff, he’s interested in domination and death.

Biting is good. You don’t want to catch AIDs, but, grab some DNA the police can use in the event he wins. Yeah, I really did say that.

But, your best bet is to actually learn a martial arts weapon. Or, to learn how to use ANYTHING as a martial arts weapon.

A weapon is basically a straight line…with some curves or edges or hinges or whatever. How many things can you see in the room you are sitting in that qualify as a straight line?

A ruler, a pen, the edge of a book…and the list goes on. But remember this: a properly enraged attitude is a fine weapon.

I knew one fellow who fended off 5 guys on a stairwell with a plate. And he had no martial arts experience, didn’t know karate or kung fu or anything. He was just enraged, and the thugs couldn’t see the plate for the rage, and they reacted as if that plate was an electric sword!

Better than rage, however, is intelligence. Intelligence is your real tool, and it separates man from beast. The cool thing is that martial arts increases your intelligence.

And, even more important, it increases your awareness.

So if you study a martial art, you not only get smarter, but you become more aware. Which is to say you will become aware of a potential attack quicker, and have the intelligence to design techniques to help you survive that attack.

Do you see the vast benefit in studying martial arts? Specifically in conjunction with weapons?

Now, I recommend Blinding Steel as the ultimate weapons course. It is simple and designed to give understanding as quickly as possible. You can pick up ANYTHING and plug it into one of the Blinding Steel patterns (which can be learned in literally minutes), and be able to defend yourself.

Interestingly, I had one of the oddest and best testimonials to this course. A fellow wrote in and he said something to the effect of, ‘I like your course, but I like XYZ’s course better. I didn’t understand XYZ until I had done your course, but I like it better now.’

Do you understand how weird this is? He bought a course he didn’t understand. Then he bought my course, and he suddenly understood not just my stuff, but other stuff about weapons that he had not understood before!

Ah, out of the mouths of babes.

Anyway, check out the Blinding Steel at Monster Martial Arts. The good news is that while it is available as a martial arts DVD, it is also available as Instant Download…and it is VERY cheap!

zen martial arts

This has been a page about martial arts and self defense against weapons.

Death To The Marines And Killer Kung Fu Toys!

Death to the US marines, huh? Sounds like some pretty grisly stuff. Still, we have to wander over some unpleasant hijinks before we get to killer Kung Fu Toys. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you the good stuff.

What many people neglect to remember is that the United States was once in deadly struggle with the Philippines. Odd headline, as the Filipino people are among the most pleasant in the world, and they even helped us during World War Twice. Still, back in 1900 the Philippine people fought a war for independence against the evil Imperial Americkaners.

Now, the battles didn’t last long, the Americans had some mighty fine modern weapons, and the Islanders didn’t. Made for a sort of one sided series of battles. However, the ferocity of the Filipinos was truly unbelievable, and they caused the US military much grief, and even effected change in our army equipment.

First, these insane, little Filipinos would charge out of the thick undergrowth swinging these long and sharp Machetes. These fellows were tough from slicing paths through the jungle vines, they practiced martial arts like silat and escrima, and they just loved to use those machetes on the bare American throat. So the marines started wearing these leather collars on their necks to stop the ‘nicking effect’ and, you guessed it, that’s why marines are referred to as ‘Leathernecks.’

The second change in military procedures was just as dire. The US military was using a .38 long colt. This was a great pistol, lots of fun, looked cool, and did the job…until the Philippine War of Independence.

You see, these little, brown fellows, specifically the Moros, would come out of the jungle screaming like maniacs, and the soldiers would shoot them with those 38s, and the Moros would keep coming! So the army started searching for a handgun with more stopping power. The end result of that search was the 45 automatic, which is known not just for putting holes in bodies, but for blowing entire limbs off of bodies.

Now, last in our little list of odd things and fun, is the killer Kung Fu toy. I say Kung Fu, but I believe it originated on the Philippines, and it has widespread history, in other forms and other arts, as a weapon. I am talking about the yo yo.

Think about it, all those cool tricks can be used with a thicker string, and it that toy can be turned into a bonker of heads, or a nooser of necks. Makes you think twice about that Birthday present for little Johnny, eh? Chuckle.

Head on over over to Monster Martial Arts if you want a free martial arts ebook (on the home page), or to learn an Indonesian Martial Art guaranteed to slice and dice the hardest of bodies. Grin.