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The Different Chi Power Manifestations of the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

Flux Theory is a growing thing, lot of fun, but I’ve been using it to compile a list of various chi power, or energy flows, in the martial arts. I’m just playing around here, so this list won’t be comprehensive by any means.
Karate explodes.
Kung Fu turns.
Pa Kua spirals.
Tai Chi inflows.
Aikido circles.
These are obvious ones.
There is pulsing energy, and waving energy, these are different, though waving is sometimes used to start pulsing, and there is sometimes a timing difference between the two.
Really, it’s going to break down to geometric planes, then the time crunch sets in, and that will result in the transformation to 3 dimensional, such as triangles to cones, circles to toruses, and so on. This, of course, comes from extrapolation of individual techniques, usually through time and motion, though not necessarily.
Of prime interest is the energy wave up the legs. This feeds the tan tien, and while there are three major schools of thought, the door is so obviously open for more it is downright ridiculous. The three would be:
straight up and down, as in Karate (a falseness, but you wouldhave to start somewhere.
spiral as in Pa Kua Chang, but this is a circular motion to 3d the wave form.
The wave, as in Tai Chi Chuan.
Odd that the wave wouldbe the result of slowing down the Karate straight up and down, but…there’s the rub, eh?
Anyway, this is obviously just brushing the surface, and the deeps are where we are looking. Get into something like projecting energy outside of the body and the wave pulses, which causes almost infinitesimal explosion, which can be thrown, like a baseball and with the resulting sensation of loss.
I recommend passing algebra and geometry, and even calculus, and then reading some great science fiction dealing with vortex blasters, maybe even doing a little research into theories ofpeople such as Viktor Schauberger.
It probably wouldn’t do any harm to study the Matrixing Chi theories of Al Case, either.