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How to be Empty in the Martial Arts

Truth About Emptiness, the Soul, and the Martial Arts

Let’s talk about emptiness.

Karate is ‘Empty Hands.’
Tai Chi they talk about ‘doing nothing.’
So what does it really all mean?

Being empty,
on the first level,
means appreciating space.
Making sure that you have adjusted your distances
evaluated your timing
so that you can make the technique work
with the least fanfare.
of course, fanfare is required.
Many a fight has been stopped with a magnificent technqiue
that just blew everybody away.
talking about true art,
on the first level,
you just appreciate distance,
and time yourself
so your distance is always perfect.

On the second level we are talking about the mind.
Empty you mind
and then your hands will be empty.
This means don’t get stuck in memories.
The mind is nothing but memories.
Nothing else.
All other mental abilities
have nothing to do with the mind,
but rather with the human being,
the soul,
running the body.
To do this you practice intensively,
focusing on one thing
until memories no longer intrude.
Not training drills,
not bushwah advice,
certainly not emotion.

On the third level
we are talking about the human soul.
what is the soul?
So you must become aware.
how do you become aware?
i could just say something pithy,
open your eyes.

I want you to consider something.
The universe is mostly space.
There is actually not a lot of matter,
especially compared to space,
in this universe.

I want you to consider one question,
which is brighter?
the sun at noon?
or a candle in a coal mine.

When you have the answer to that one
then you will have the answer to how to become
a better martial artist,
how to become more aware.

You don’t create power…
you create awareness,
or become aware of the space around you.

This makes the third level the most important.
The universe can fool you,
make you unappreciate distances.
Watch a little sleight of hand
and you will know what I mean.

Now you know what the old monks
are doing when they sit in the zen position.
Extending awareness.

to look is not enough.
To be aware without moving is fine,
but one tends to lose it,
or certainly lose options,
if they cannot continue to be aware
while in motion.

You’ve heard it before,
being motionless while in motion…
that’s what we’re talking about,
and it is what elevates the martial arts
above all other forms of self discovery.

I’ve given you a bit to think about,
and I don’t envy you the task
of making this work in your forms and techniques.
the hint I’ve given you here
will certainly move you a long way down the path.
So hold to it.

Master space,
and you master yourself.

the best way to get started on this matter
of space and emptiness and who you really are,
is Matrix Tai Chi.
It is the logical way to look for the ‘emptiness,’
the awareness,’
that makes up the human soul.

So here’s the link.

Think about it,
learn how to manipulate nothing,
learn the emptiness
that becomes true perception
and do it all…
With no mysticism,
no missed steps,
no bushwah from people
who don’t understand the simple concpet
I have detailed here.

there isn’t another course like this one…

Have a great work out,
and a super fun weekend!



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Breathless Martial Arts…Empty Karate…Silent Kung Fu

The Value of Silence in the Martial Arts

Karate, Gung Fu, Taekwondo…no matter what martial art…they need silence to grow.

My first hint of this was the ‘empty’ in Empty Hands, which is the literal translation of Karate.

Empty hands, and empty mind. A zen thing.

martial arts

Be silent, my friend, and hear yourself think…

Not how many tournaments you can win, not how ‘bad’ you are, but how silent you can be.

A light bulb depends on space to create the spark that lightens society. Is not space emptiness? Silence?

The human being is a light bulb, a machine through which sparks energy. But he blathers so much that there is no silence, thus, he never turns on those extra sensory perception tools like telepathy.

He is left with the sound of his body, a noisy thing that obscures his real thoughts.

A human being must create silence, and then the light bulb can go on.

When there is no sound he can create silence.

When there is no sound he can listen…and hear.

Hear what?

Hear his own thoughts.

Hear the thoughts of others.

When I was in the city I found it difficult to work out. I had done martial arts in such a way, and for so long, that I wasn’t interested in speaking, and the speaking of others disturbed the silence.

Humans are a loud variety.

Their heads actually make enormous noises, but the noises are beneath the human band of hearing. Thus, he is guilty of noise pollution, a machine trundling through life making squeaking gurgling sounds that are deafening to animals, but nothing to himself. He has made sure he can’t hear his own noise.

A polluter.

When you create enough silence the world speaks to you.

You can hear the animals look at you.

Animals are silent. They know how to listen. They never bothered to learn how to speak. Their ‘speech’ is more in action, pose, posture, grin.

Humans are so miserable.

They talk and they talk and they talk, and the world never listens.

Try the martial arts.

Try them blindfolded in a room without lights late at night.

Move by using your imagination.

Do your karate or kenpo or aikido in silence, lessening even the slither of bare foot over carpet, doing without noise.

Until not even your breath can be heard.

Breathless Martial Arts.

When you finally succeed in making perfect silence, then will you hear the true martial arts.

Then will you hear the world.

Then will you hear yourself.

Al Case has been studying the Martial Arts since 1967. Tai Chi Chuan is perfect for creating silence in the Martial Arts.

The Plan Behind Matrix Aikido

The Truth Behind Aikido

I love Aikido.
I have been dwelling on it since 1975.
I have made a practice of figuring out
how to translate any art into Aikido.
Somebody can attack me
and I can use most any art to defend,
and then change the last movement into an aikido throw.
whether I use ‘empty hands,’
or ‘skill attained over time,’
or anything else,
I can translate those concepts and actions
into spiritual harmony.

I remember being in class
I had been there a couple of weeks,
and they had realized that I was already a black belt in Karate
and they asked me to step into the multiman freeestyle.
So I did,
and it ruined the exercise.
I locked my punch and stance and whole body,
the flow stopped,
and Aikido became unworkable.
So they asked me ‘out’ of the multiman freestyle.
Ah, well.
I had been so excited, and…
and suddenly this upper black belt came up to me.

The others had gone on with their freestyle,
but Paul had opted out.
He was interested in why they hadn’t been able to throw me.
So i described Karate,
and we tried a few things,
and we nodded in agreement
and saw that it would take a VERY advanced aikidoist to throw me
without my cooperation.
Then I had a thought.
‘Have you ever done Sticky Hands?’
Paul said no.

So I taught him sticky hands.
He was VERY accomplished with concepts of flow,
and he took to it like a duck to water.
he had trouble with.
he enjoyed.

the most interesting thing,
he found he could now apply his Aikido
and throw me.

Of course!
I wasn’t locking down as much,
there was more flow for him to absorb.
An advanced exercise
became the connector
between karate and aikido.

I have to stay,
it was the most intense Aikido lesson I ever had.
He would throw me,
or lock me,
or whatever,
and then,
being not just an advanced Aikidoka,
but a heck of an instructor,
he would turn around and have me do the throw.
it was tough,
but I’m a quick study,
and I managed to keep up with him.

When you think about it,
I received advanced instruction in three arts.
Man, the things I figured out!
Totally mind boggling.

That all said,
let me ask a question.
Just how pure is Aikido?
not very pure.
The same thing that infects other arts
infects Aikido.
It is a put together of systems.
It is tied together with the notion of spiritual harmony,
of agreeing with the motion of an attack,
and that elevates it,
while the ends are pure in a spiritual sense,
the method of getting there is not.
The method is flawed.

The proof that the method is flawed
is that the art is not very workable in combat.
The proof is that it takes too long.

what is the alternative?
when you learn Matrix Aikido
there is a central concept that is not usually mentioned in classical studies,
and if it is,
then only briefly.
This central concept is illustrated in the arrangement of techniques.
the techniques are arranged in logical order,
making it VERY fast for the mind to absorb.
All of the techniques,
especially when the central concept is held in place,
makes the art work.
as I said,
work off any other art.

if you have experience in any other art,
you will be able to apply matrix aikido
after watching the video and reading the instruction manual.

If you don’t have experience,
but you have a bunch of friends
and are willing to go through the book
exactly as it is written,
maybe six months to black belt.
Maybe 2 years to complete mastery.
Might be shorter.
I’m giving you the long estimate.
Might be shorter.

That said,
I DO NOT advocate
getting rid of the old style.
As I said,
Morihei was genius.
The system he devised goes a long way.

there are things you are going to learn
far beyond the logical concept of Matrix Aikido.
if you do Matrix Aikido first,
if you make the art work,
and work well,
and work with any other art,
any weapon,
The doors to another universe open.

You see,
I don’t argue with Aikido,
I merely want people to learn it faster.

if what I am saying here makes sense,
here’s the URL


got to go,
but check out Matrix Aikido
and have a funtastic work out!


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zen martial arts

How to Put the Empty in Emptiness!

Empty Hands Empty Mind, Empty Martial Arts

Let’s talk about empty.

Empty as in empty hands,
as in the empty mind
that is necessary for good martial arts.

there is the old zen saying
‘You must empty your cup,’
referring to the fact
that if your cup is full
(of your opinions and attitudes)
then you can’t put anything into it.
In other words,
you can’t learn.

We all agree with that.
we meet people every day
who can’t listen,
have to disagree,
are trying desparatel
to inflict their opinions on the world.

another saying would be
‘an empty vessel
makes the loudest noise.’
I only heard that one recently,
but it instantly struck a chord.
Physically, a glass filled with water
will make less noise
than an empty glass,
when you put it down.
Sound of impact,
stability of weight,
and noise isn’t dissipated
by traveling through water.
on the other hand,
the fellow who has no real knowledge
often insists on doing all the talking.
He is trying to hide his ignorance
by distracting with his mouth.
This is a real world example
of the old saying,
‘He who speaks does not know,
he who knows does not speak.’
Good stuff.

So we have a couple of kinds of empty
that aren’t desirable.
Then there is the other side of empty.
If you have an empty mind,
then it isn’t hollow and vacant,
it is just not bothering with distractions,
it is not being used much,
and the person is not filtering the world
through his mind,
but rather seeing the world as it is.
no distractions.

So what happens to all the knowledge in the mind
if one is existing in this ‘empty’ state?
Where does all the stuff in the head go?

Well, first off,
what is in the mind
is just memory.
So you ignore it,
you push it off to the side,
and it is as if it ceases to exist.
The memories are still there,
and you can tap them as you wish,
but you aren’t bothered by them,
as in distracted,
by them.

Now we come to something interesting,
what happens to the mind
when you matrix it?
What is going to happen is that the mind will be ordered,
logically arranged,
so you still have the same things going on,
it is easier to tuck the memories away
and ignore them.
Easier to tap into them,
because your powers of concentration are greater.
And the sensation is that you are bigger.
With everything properly slotted,
there is the apparency of more space,
(more emptiness!)
because the memories take less space,
so you feel bigger.

And what does this do for your martial arts?
they become more intuitive.
Logic becomes intuition quite easily.
you can access the martial arts faster.
Not much is faster than intuitive,
because intuitive is instant.
As it happens,
you respond appropriately.
And this leads us to three.
you choose the right technique
without mistakes or hesitations.
The mind is orderly,
it doesn’t get in the way,
and this frees up the martial arts program
so it is instant and in the moment.

You do’t react,
you act.
Big difference.

The trick is,
it is all data.
You can work your body until it drops,
and it will speed up the mind slowly,
as it has been done for thousands of years.
But when you matrix,
all the data in your mind aligns,
and the mind becomes easier to handle.
Quicker to handle,
stays out of the way
when you need it to stay out of the way.
So it doesn’t take years,
it can take as little as a few months.

there has never ben anything like matrixing.
the cost of the first course,
Matrix Karate,
is only $24.99.
That’s it.
Not even the price of a lunch and a movie.

think about it,
then realize that ‘thinking about it,’
in this fashion,
is nothing but a distraction,
it is your mind getting in your way.
It is your mind not trained,
not disciplined,
and allowed to slow you down,
able to distract you.

The Matrix Karate course is here…


Oinkey donkey,
it’s time to get stuff done.
So see ya at the monster,
and have a great work out!


zen martial arts