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The True Legend of Drunken Kung Fu has Great Martial Arts Fighting!

I saw True Legend yesterday, and it is supposed the story of Drunken Fist Kung Fu, and it has some great fighting scenes! And, tell the truth, the characters are pretty cool. The plot seems to be a bit weird, it can’t make up it’s mind if it is 12th century warlords, 18th century remake of Five Venoms, or 19th century battle against the westerners. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about the movie…

Mind you, it doesn’t matter to me which time period the movie was in, but they should make up their mind!
That said, the hero, Su Qi-Er (Su) is a bad ass general who arranges for his best friend and half brother to take the post of governor. Unfortunately, the half brother is studying Five Venoms. And, the hero’s father killed the half brothers father. And, can you smell the revenge simmering?
So Five Venoms kicks ass on Su, and Su is tossed in a river to drown, but, love of family, his wife saves him…but has to leave her son behind.
So Su ends up going insane in the wilderness, and his wife goes insane, then Su goes sane, but his wife has decided to screw up the affair by rescuing their son without him. I can hear you now, what a mess!
Actually, no. This is the rich part of the movie. It is filled with training sequences and character development and it is the meaty part of the movie.
Now, there is a showdown, and it is great with a capital GRRR. But I wpn’t ruin the movie and tell you about it, suffice to say it is wicked and violent and there is a plot twist in there that…opens the door to another movie.
I suppose they were being true to the legend, uh, I guess, but what do you do when you have a great movie that should end? You go to Shanghai to beat up the westerners!
This is such an old hack that i would almost recommend walking out. Almost. The martial arts are still good, however, and that’s why you went to see the darned thing in the first place, right?
Anyway, get rid of that sop to the Chinese inferiority complex, and you have a heroic movie that presents the true grandeur, minus BS inferiority complexes.
Anyway, i loved the movie, even the second beat the westerner crap at the end, and, as the title of this piece says, the true legend of drunken Kung fu has great martial arts fighting, and it is a blast to watch!
Check out Monster Martial Arts and butterfly Shaolin Kung Fu, it may not be drunken fighting, but it sure is a good, fast way to learn some excellent Kung Fu!