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Congrats to a New Martial Arts Master Instructor!

New Master Instructor!

Congrats to Master Instructor Doug Adkins!

Doug is a long time martial artist,

and he has experience in a variety of arts such as…

Shotokan, Kyokushinkaikan,

White Crane, JKD, Wing Chun, and so on,

and he has done much research in combatives.

Here is his win…

Dear Master Founder,

Thank you so much for sharing this great course, I consider it to be an excellent continuing education course for anyone involved in the arts.

Your course has brought back many memories of experiences I have had throughout the years, it has reminded me of things I had long forgotten, and has given me many new tools which I can use right now.

Many of us seek answers to questions we have by training in various arts but by utilizing the 4 principles, 4 powers, 6 secrets, the physics and mechanics you have shared we can look deeper into our own art and answer many of those questions. These points along with the listen and learn approach can be used in our daily lives as well as ‘be polite, be polite, and be polite’.

This course has been a great win for me as it has reminded me that we are all students and that it is important to keep an open mind, ask questions and analyze the things we don’t understand and even the things that we think we understand.

I have hit many different plateaus on my journey since I first stepped onto the mat in 1973 and I have needed a boost (or kick in the pants) now and then in order to keep going. This course was definitely the boost that I needed to enable me to climb that next mountain.

 Thank you,

Doug Adkins

Thank you Doug,

and well done!


for all you fellers and gals out there,

the Master Instructor Course

It is the simple truth about the body and how we use it.

It is how to matrix the body,

and the simple things you learn

can be applied to anything.

It will change the way you lift weights,

the way you run,

every physical thing you do.


It’s true.


that all said.

Let me explain one, little thing

about the Master instructor Course

One of the first things I started doing

back in the sixth grade,

when I saw my first anatomy chart,

after I got over the shock of genitals,

was to start going over the muscles.

I would look at a muscle on the chart

look at my own real muscle,

and consider what the potentials of motion were.

This muscle moves this limb this way,

and that muscle moves that limb that way.

This muscle pulls on that bone,

which counterbalances that muscle

pulling from the other direction.

And so on,

through all the muscles.

This actually helped me out

in physical education

once I got over my initial confusion.

My confusion resulted from

trying to focus on each muscle

while doing a complex movement.

I found out that understanding the muscles


but I still had to coordinate them all


And it was sort of weird

to learn all this stuff

and then shove it into the background.

It was a great lesson,

and I wish I had known some martial arts or yoga

back then.


in the Master Instructor Course

I don’t talk about that.

I delve into energy potential,

and outline how you discover the energy potential for your body

and the only way you can use your body,

and it is the truth.

I know,

it sounds almost mystical,

but when you see how I define motion

and the trick I use for discovering the energy potentials

for the body,

you’ll sort of slap your head

and go…


Maybe you’ll even wonder

why nobody ever thought of that before.


I don’t know.

But they didn’t,

and I did,

and the fact of the matter is this…

once you understand what I am doing

the things I am saying

about how to figure out the energy potentials of your body,

how to use your body

in an energetical sense,

it will change the way you move your body.

I mean,

you can’t go back to the silly old

pull the muscle move the bone

kind of thing.

It’s just so…



time to go.

You have to work out,

and they have to lock me in a closet

until the next newsletter.


don’t worry,

it’s not lonely in there,

I’ve got me,


Happy grin.


have yourselves a most wondrous week.

Drive fast

get lotsa money,





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