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It’s not Brutality…it’s Teaching Martial Arts

Newsletter 848

Monkey Boxing Workability

Here’s one of the Monkey Boxing newsletters,
there’s a video clip link half way down.

More vids up.

The thing one has to remember
is that the martial arts are founded on workability.
Not how pretty you look.
Not how many forms you can sail through.
how quickly and efficiently
you can take somebody out.

I remember doing Kenpo forms,
back in the 1960s,
and it was how graceful we could make the form look.
Then classical karate in the 1970s,
and how powerful we could look.
But it wasn’t ‘looks’ that were important.
It wasn’t looking graceful,
or looking powerful.

As time went on I kept trying to find
the shortest distance,
the least effort.

I needed to take people out before they took me out,
I needed to do it effortlessly.

I always remember telling a class
about fighting ten people.

If you fight ten people,
are you going to fight ten times as hard?
You’re going to run out of energy real quick.
the solution is to fight one tenth as hard.

I started working on effortless takedowns.

Mind you,
I had very violent and efficient takedowns from Karate.
I had amazing technical data on takedowns from Aikido.
So I was blending.
How do I put the technical into the violent?

If you look at the Head Catcher vid,
Monkey Boxing Video 37,
you will see a vast economy.
you will see an efficiency in the grab.

There is nothing wrong with a rear choke,
hands locked,
forearm under the chin,
like they do on TV.
these are pros,
and do you want to go to the street
and struggle looking for that perfect choke?

When I do it in the vid,
I just grab the whole body by the head,
and I tweak.

This is much more efficient.
You can look for the beautiful choke later,
nothing wrong with it.
But for Jihad’s sake,
close the distance,
grab the whole body,

Fast as you can.

What I run into,
the problem with teaching this technique,
is that you have to warn students,
drill students,
to be gentle,
it is that strong.

students are afraid to grab other students
in so impolite a manner.

It is that political correctness thing,
you know.
People have been trained to respect others.
You actually have to overcome that bull stuff,
that ‘be nice’ crap
that parents and teachers hand out.

So I grab a student,
throw him half to the floor,
let him feel the total loss of his body,
how helpless he is…
I tell him that his body is now mine…
then I lay him out.
I just grab him like a gorilla,
and lay him down like a baby.

And if he doesn’t grab his partner like a gorilla,
then I show him how again and again.

‘Your partner is here to learn
how to fight
how to survive,
and if you don’t show him the truth of brutality
you are cheating him.’

I grab him like a gorilla,
spin him down so he knows I could slap him on the floor
like a fly on a windshield…
than I lay him down gentle.

Again and again,
until he does it.

No more political correctness.
brutality with a gentle ending,
until the student understands.

Survival doesn’t come with a pillow.
And neither does effortlessness.

I hope I have ranted and raved enough.
Be gentle with those guys,
but make sure they know what reality is.

Enjoy the vids.
We’re starting to get into
the real stuff now,
the basics are pretty much laid out,
make sure you practice them enough
so you can absorb the real meat.

Any questions or clarifications
send them to:



Do Martial Arts to Get Rid of the Monkey Mind!

 Martial Arts and the Revenge of the Monkey Mind!

Took a break from martial arts and went on a trip last week,

went to inspect some property
to see if it was a possible place
for a Martial Arts temple.

The fellow driving
happened to be one of the first people
I ever taught how to matrix the martial arts.
Way back in the early 80s
we locked ourselves in the dojo
and did nothing but martial arts.

he came down to Los Angeles,
walked into a classical Shotokan school,
and was promoted to third black belt.
True story.

we were talking,
discussing the price of beans,
whether mankind should be treated like a crop,
and how to retain awareness after death,
and stuff like that.

At one point
he made reference to
the ‘Monkey Mind.’

Now I knew the Monkey Mind by a term term.
I call it surface thoughts.
A surface thought is when you think
‘got to go to the movies,’
‘what’s for lunch,’
‘drive car to store,’
and so on.

These aren’t real thoughts,
they are surface thoughts.
And I have been calling them surface thoughts for years,
or just mental chatter.
But his phrase,
‘Monkey Mind,’
really stuck.

a real thought is when you make the decision
to launch the body,
a real decision is when you finally


Not figure out whether you want a number 2 or a number 3 at MickeyD.
That’s surface thought.

A real thought is that whim,
that moment,
that urge
that makes it all happen.

As martial artists
we are one of the few peoples on earth
that can understand that.

We do our forms,
concentrating on one thing
and we ignore the surface thoughts.
In doing this we create space,
and we come to the point
where we can recognize a real thought.
Where we can generate a thought ourselves,
or see another person generate a thought.

This is the blessing of our discipline,
this is the true benefit of the martial arts.
Focusing on what we are doing,
putting aside the Monkey Mind,
creating space,
see our own or others actual thoughts.

is why people get better doing forms
with a little freestyle,
and they don’t get better just doing the freestyle.

Freestyle doesn’t eliminate the Monkey Mind.
The disciplined doing of forms does.

that all said,
my conversation in the car
impacted upon me.

I always push Matrix Karate
as the point at where people should start.
And I realized the real reason I do this.
The quality of the Create Your Own Art Course.
It is blurry and the sound is fuzzy.
It is the victim of ancient technology.

quality of recording notwithstanding…
the CYOA course
is the actual original material.
I’ve been treating it like history.

But it has the actual graphs
the original matrixes
for the footwork and handwork
of the martial arts.

to tell the truth,
I should really redo the thing.
Film it clear and crisp,
polish up talking points,
go into the actual doing of the thing.
one of these days I will do that.
I get to Monkeyland,
get my shoulder fixed,
and that will be one of the first things I do.
And, at that point the CYOA course will become history.
Still valuable,
but history.

right now it isn’t history.

if you feel like braving the grainy video
and the crackling sound,
that is the original material.
It is what led to Matrix Karate,
and all the other matrixing courses,
and to Neutronics,
and will lead to Monkeyland.

you have been warned about the quality,
so let me soften things up
and throw something else into the pot.

Anybody who orders in May will get a free copy of

‘Surviving the Mobs!’

This is a prepper manual.
It is 80 pages long,
and it is a checksheet
for how to prep
from the ground up.
It covers…

The kind of events we might face (a bomb, terrorist attack, bio/chem/whatever, etc.)
The choices you will face for each type of incident.
Basic preparations (basic stockpiling of prepper gear)
Potential for Martial Law and what to do about it.
Bugging out or staying home.
Potential for Civil unrest (mobs) and what to do.
How to fort your house.
Getting fresh water.
Waste treatment.
and so on and so on.

As I said,
it is written simply,
like a checklist,
so you can just go through the book and do it.

the reasons I offer this as a freebie
(I think it was selling for $20?)
are several.

the country is at a weird spot,
I believe that if you prepare for something it won’t happen.

If something does happen,
Martial Artists,
people who can keep their cool
in the middle of the alligator pond
are the ones who are going to keep this society together.

Think about it.
People who stay cool,
and who can grin and laugh
when the bad guys are dropping bombs
and screaming for us to pick up our weapons
are our best defense.

I want the guys,
the martial artists among us
to survive.
I think it is imperative.

I want everybody to check out the new site.
It is looking good,
but I am still madly fixing links.
One of the links was the free books for newsletter sign ups.
which you can find here…


it’s almost my birthday.
my sincere apology
for anything I’ve done,
didn’t address you right in an email,
didn’t get back to you,
your order arrived in a ripped package.
that I can take responsibility for,
I do.
I do apologize,
and if you need more than apology,
please let me know.

Allowing me to do this
keeps my world clean,
allows me to function
without the chatter of the universal monkey mind.
No bad things holding me back.
You know.

order anything,
and especially the CYOA course,
and get the

‘Surviving the Mobs’ book.
if I forget to send it to you in me thank you email,
immediately write and remind me.

Oinkey doinkey,
time to go,
Monkeyland is around the corner,
got to get ready!


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