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Martial Arts Flux Theory and the Real Reality

it is beautiful out!
And that means it must be beautiful within.
Don’t you love it when life works?

When we fight
it is a procedure of setting up barriers.
Guy wants to hit you,
you angle your body,
set up a mental trigger for when he moves,
and that’s your barrier.

Nothing wrong with that,


what if the barrier to him
acts as a barrier to you?
I mean,
a fence works both ways.
Keeps things out,
keeps things in.

So that means while it might slow him down,
it might slow you down,
actually work against you.
After all,
if he has to get past the barrier,
then so do you.

what I’m about to tell you,
don’t get it wrong…
it is good,
perhaps even crucial
to know how to set up a barrier.
After all,
you can’t deal with them
if you don’t know how to make them.

here’s the question…

How do you get rid of barriers?

How do you get rid of the hair trigger response
so that it does not get in your way,
as well as his,
without opening yourself up
to the slaughter?

Interesting question, eh?
How do you fight without barriers.
I mean,
if you can figure this out
you have it all figured out.

To fight without barriers is to unleash the real you.

I’m going to go a little neutronic here,
but that’s okay.
Here’s the answer.

You are a being of awareness.
You look at stuff,
be aware of it,
and that is what life is.

Think about it.
You don’t know that the screen
you’re looking at is real,
you just know that your perception of it is real.
animal, vegetable or mineral,
they might not exist,
but your perception,
the fact that you are aware…
that perception is all you’ve got.
It is the real truth.

there are ‘real’ barriers,
fences, walls, a girl’s right to say no.

And then there are the unreal barriers,
the energy barriers
that we are all familiar with.
The hair trigger response
you build in anticipation of the attack,
that little voice in our skull that we always ignore (grin),
the hair on the back of our neck that goes up…

but what we are talking about,
the third level of this subject,
is the ability to look through, over, beyond a barrier,
and connect anyway.

you are riding in a car
and you look at somebody in the car in the next lane,
for a moment,
your eyes meet,
and you see each other.
That is the moment of real reality.
That is when you agree that you both exist.

You are playing soccer
running along next to somebody
and you look at him
and he looks at you
and you guys are suddenly in your own universe.
You are separate from the rest of the universe.

you still run on grass,
kick the ball,
past the stands,
but you are aware that
there is a connection between you.
You are immersed in the game
and yet you are beyond the game.
And you are now in the place where decisions are made.
You are in the real reality.

here is the key to it all,
can you..in the middle of freestyle…establish this reality?

If you can
you have transcended barriers,
and you’re at the peak of the martial arts.
If you can’t,
you just need to practice your forms,
your drills and exercises.
You need to practice controlling yourself
until you can control the other person,
find the real reality between you.

there is more,
of course.
Life opens up at that point,
and you are face to face with
‘now that the door is open,
what do I do?’
Seeing the other person is the start,
but how do you do something?
How do you create action within that moment?
Therein lies the real problem,
and the real solution
to everything in the universe.

not to put in a shameless ad,
but Matrixing will get you there faster.
I mean,
why take a lifetime
to experience this reality
when you can just speed the heck up?

that all said,
if you do understand this,
and can do it,
then you are at the top.
you don’t fight,
you merely grin a lot
and wait for the opponent,
no matter how hard he attacks,
to shake hands with your technique.
He is the fist,
and you are the glove,
and he is lying gently on the ground.

got a couple of URLs for you.
One is mine.

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after forty years.
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Have a great work out!