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Here’s Why People Suffer from Martial Arts Depression

Feeling depressed or down and you practice the martial arts?

Depression, especially in the martial arts, is one of those things that is so silly, yet it happens. The thing is, most people don’t recognize it.

Somebody gets their black belt in Karate, or Taekwondo, and the world is looking good, but that is the peak. After that they tend to slide down a bit.

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Well, they have reached a goal and need a new one, that is one thing that can happen. No big thing. The solution is to find another school, or avail yourself of the internet and start learning more martial arts.

To stop learning the martial arts because you reached your goal, got your black belt, is to go cold turkey on a major experience in your life.

Now, there is another type of depression that is much more serious, and will slowly steamroll you through the rest of your life.

Most people study the martial arts, they get a black belt, they learn an art, and, for lack of better description, nothing happens. Their art wasn’t true, and they will just go on, bouncing through life.

For a few people, however, the martial arts are an enlightenment. They are unique individuals, or maybe they happened across a true martial art taught by a superior instructor, and they undergo enlightenment.

Now, enlightenment is a funny thing.

One practices a true martial art, the forms align the body, which aligns the mind, which causes the spirit to wake up and say, ‘What? Who? What just happened?’

And then they are awake.

Confused, after a zillion years of sleeping and pretending they don’t really exist, but awake now, and WTF?

Then where do they go? Then what do they do? They are awake, and the rest of the world is asleep, and the frustration starts.

To their awareness the rest of mankind is slow and stupid, and…there is nobody intelligent to talk to. Nobody who understands this concept of being awake. Nobody who understands what they really are.

And, the solution is tougher on this one. After all, psychiatry is designed to shock the earthlings, not deal with people who have woken up. No relief in psychiatry, or any of those other earthling based ‘sciences.’

So what do you do?

You practice the martial arts. What got you there, what put you in the mess, what woke you up, is the solution.

In other words…wake other people up.

I tell you, there is no bigger pleasure in the whole universe than sitting around with a bunch of people who are awake and know what is going on. The rooms seems to glow, everybody is talking with ESP, grinning and laughing, and suddenly you know why you are alive.

I tell you, teaching people how to be enlightened in the martial arts is the most glorious experience in the universe.

And that’s how you deal with depression in the martial arts.

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