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Master Founder Reveals the Death Touch!

Teaching Kids Karate Death Touch

I don’t teach kids much.
I think kids should learn martial arts,
but I don’t want to play games
or entertain little Johnny.

Mind you,
I think that people who teach kids
are superior.
They have more patience,
and more power to them.

good karate punchI had a couple of kids.
They grew up,
but when they were young
I taught them martial arts.
One day
I was feeling kinda clever,
and I was sort of curious,
so I decided to teach them a special lesson.

“Now look.
You punch very lightly here,
on the side,
right here.
If you can punch them soft enough,
that opens up this pressure point here.
you have to be fast,
but a quick, light punch,
a half second later you touch here with your right index finger,
and zingo bingo,
that guy is gonna die.

My kids,
who were like 9 and 11 at the time,
practiced the move,
being very careful,
and they were like…
wide eyes.

An honest to goodness,
killing technique.

the last thing I told them,
I made them swear,
word of honor,
that they would never tell anybody about this technique,
most important,
that they would NEVER use it on each other.
I then called the lesson
and went in for lunch.

it took about twenty minutes.
I hear sounds of a struggle,
screams and cries,
and I saunter out
and they are wrestling,
trying to hit each other
and touch the secret spot.

“I hit you first…
you should be dead!”
“You missed!
I got you!”
“You must have hit too hard,
and now I’m going to get you!”

With a straight face
I asked them what was going on.
They both said it was the others fault.
I asked them if they had been using the secret death touch.
Not even trying to look embarrassed,
they both righteously claimed that they had.
The other, you see,
deserved it.

I nodded,
and observed that they were both alive,
that got their attention,
and they came out of their anger a bit
and asked why.
I told them it was a delayed death touch thing,
that it would take effect in about eight hours.

They suddenly looked at each other,
and the look was indescribable.
master founder that I am,
kept a straight face.

Of course,
I murmured,
there might be one cure.

They both wanted to know it.

If you build up enough karma you might live,
might not even get sick.

“What’s karma?”
Sort of hard to explain,
but it is good energy you build up by being nice to people,
especially people you don’t like.

The rest of the day was a marvel.
They outdid each other,
trying to wait on each other,
clean each others room up,
get food for each other,
give things to each other.

when the wife got home,
and found out what was going on,
she got mad at me.
Is that weird?
I mean,
I had just created world peace!
I wonder what would happen if I showed her the
secret death touch.

Ah, well.
There is a death touch,
you know.
I think it was John Gilbey
who recored an actual instance
of seeing it at work,
in one of his books.
Been a long time,
so you would have to do some googling
to find out which book.
Might have been
Secret Fighting Arts,
or something like that.

And then
there is the secret death touch,
where the assassin wears a ring
with a sticker on it,
and the sticker is coated with poison.
Got to be careful not to close your hands too tightly
and to shake just right
so the victim doesn’t feel the scratch.

And then,
my favorite,
there is supposed to be a ninja death touch.
You coat your hands with some sort of waxlike substance,
then put a poison on the wax,
a simple handshake
and the poison is in the victim’s system.
I think there is more to it than that,
but you get the idea.

my favorite death touch,
is when you practice punching for twenty years,
pounding on rocks and things,
and make your hand so
immune to pounding,
that when you pound on some poor fool’s skull,
it shatters pretty easy.

I think of all of them,
that is the most sure.
Just overwhelming
sheer power,
backed up by discipline
and twenty years worth of work out fun.

take a gander at
The Punch.


It’s the fastest easiest way
to get a rhino busting,
elephant deflating,
hippo popping

It’s knowledge,
you see,
and when you know what you are supposed to do
before you do it,
then you get where you are going
ten times faster.

All righty,
Let me know how it is going out there,
All wins appreciated,
and if I screwed up,
I really want to know what and how
so I can fix it.
that said,
you guys and gals
have an incredible day
and a fantastic work out!

death touch

Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

Actually, the headline shouldn’t read ‘most powerful punch,’ it should read most powerful strike, or slap, because it is not a punch. But the question still remains…did this really happen?

most powerful punch

Is this real?

The first thing I think of, when I see this martial arts photo, is WOW! This guy has martial arts chi power, he has the secret dim mak, poison hand, touch death down! Then I start looking at the photo.

The one on the left looks like it was shot early in the morning, and the one on the left later in the day. Hmm.

Or, perhaps it was getting darker in the right one, so the flash turned on. Grin.

One of the things that bothers me is the size of the crack running down the bricks. Everything is in order, I follow the line of power being done, but would bricks separate that much if they were stacked like that? I’d have to do some tests, but I don’t think so.

And, I wonder why some of the bricks don’t show more damage. That much power should pulverize and turn to literal dust some of the bricks. And that leads me to wonder whether the bricks were cooked. Cooking the bricks makes them brittle so that a whole stack could be slaughtered without much problem. Hmm.

Mind you, I am a fan of this stuff, and I have seen martial arts techniques and tricks that would blow the mind. I’ve seen photos from sources that I trusted of some incredible ‘chi breaks,’ and there are even some good things on Youtube. Heck, I’ve got my own ‘put a candle out from over a foot away’ video uploaded.

So I do believe in incredible feats of chi. I would just like to see this done live, or find witnesses that I trust, or something like that.

I think the golden age of the martial arts is just opening up. I think that Kung Fu tricks and Karate ki power tricks are going to start popping up all over the place.

That said, if you want to start the ball rolling, by developing the most powerful punch in the whole world, you should probably just check out my book called ‘The Punch.’

powerful punch

Secret Kung Fu Styles That Will Kill You!

Secret of Secret Kung Fu Styles: The Real and Actual Truth!

Secret kung Fu Styles, or maybe Ninjitsu, or that death touch dim muk style where you touch the inside of a guys pinkie and he dies of kidney failure at precisely 3:22:45 Tuesday the 16th.

free karate book

For something to be true the opposite must also be true

I have always loved a good comic book, and I don’t deny that there are secret martial arts styles, but the truth of it all is something else. You see, where you gonna go to learn this super secret agent kill ’em with a look secret kung fu? I know they are advertised on every strip mall, but then you sign a contract and go to tournaments and you never really learn this super secret practice only on a full moon style of ninjitsu death touch.

The fact of the matter is that it is a selling gimmick. Learn good solid martial arts, none of this secret kung fu system or ninjitsu poison hand bushwah, and you’ll understand.

Solid muscles, good reaction time, a clean mind whereby you can see things the way they are. That is the key to it all.

I measure progress not by how many people I have killed…but by the number of times I have gone to class, done my forms, worked out with solid friends.

You see, the real truth is not in some rare knowledge that was never written down in a book but rather passed form father to son for 14 generations is that when you do those forms, again and again, your mind calms down. It likes the repetition. And in the repetition it stops being so wild and crazy, and it even gets out of the way.

Get rid of your mind, be you, see things the way they are, get an appreciation for good, solid work and wonderful friends. That’s the real mystical and secret kung fu that you’ll find in the ancient temple. Not a secret, but a common sense.

Of course, you don’t have to believe me, you can order that secret kung fu, that death dealing ninjitsu on the back of that comic book cover over there, the one about superheroes and other things that have actually happened and are real.

deadly kung fu

Could UFC Stand Up to the Dim Mak Martial Arts Death Touch?

The Martial Arts Death touch, a lot of people wonder if it really even exists. Well, of course it does, but you aren’t going to find it at your corner McDojo. Truth, you’re going to have to find somebody who knows somebody, and then get an introduction, and then study for ten MORE years. And then, do you really think somebody who knows Dim Mak will be found in the Octagon?
dim mak death touchThat said, let me tell you a few things about the death touch.
Ninjas have a version of the death touch: they wear a ring with a very small, hard to see spike on it. They coat the spike with deadly poison, and there is your death touch.
There is another one like this, which involves coating the fingers with wax, then placing the poison on the wax, so that the mere touch of skin, a handshake, for instance, will kill.
Now, these are actually easily figured out, all you have to do is figure the proper mix of snake venom, bug bite, and whatever that will result in a poison that paralyzes the innards.
Now, the gimmicks out of the way, what is the real death touch?
The real thing involves an extensive knowledge of meridians and organs and how the chi flows through the body.
Heck, if it was easy to find, people would have been dying all over the place, and just by accidental touch.
So you study how to generate chi with your own body, then you strike somebody in a meridian at the right time of day, and the result is organ failure.
This is not so hard to understand. Overload a wall socket and you can cause power failure in a house. So why should the body be different?
Of course, what does it take to map out a body, when most people don’t even believe in Chi?
And, that said, how often do you think there is going to be a call to use a dim mak strike?
And, there is the other sort of interesting question: why would you want somebody to die of kidney failure a week after he mugs you?
Well, this last comment is sort of a joke, because if somebody knows enough to know dim mak, they will definitely know enough martial arts to defend themselves on the spot.
Well, that’s about it, except that I recommend that if you are interested in such things you study hard, and prepare for that onece in alifetime possibility that you might actually come across a dim mak master and be able to learn a real Martial Arts Death Touch. Try Matrixing Chi for your start, it is available at Monster Martial Arts.

The Real Secret of the Dim Mak Kung Fu Death Touch

Let’s be honest, in my telling you The Real Secret of the Dim Mak Kung Fu Death Touch, there’s going to some people who like what I say, and there’s going to be people who don’t like what I say. Well, illusions die hard, but the truth is always better. The truth, when it comes to using fingers to kill people, is not all it is knocked up to be.

In the first place, this art exists, but it is extremely difficult to find a teacher. And, to be accepted as a student is incredibly difficult. You have to actually know a few kung fu styles, you have to have an introduction from a Kung Fu Master. And that is no guarantee that you will be accepted.

In the second place, one must question the value of studying such a rare and difficult art. It will take years to gain the knowledge and to be able to actually use it in a fight. Quite honestly, the time spent learning the death touch you could spend learning other arts.

And, what is more valuable? The ability to touch somebody and have him go off and die three days later at the appointed hour? Or to get so good at other arts that nobody could get close enough to you to even try a dim mak?

To learn the Dim Mak one will be studying acupuncture, but not the normal science. You will not learn to alleviate disease, but rather to cause the body to go into disharmony. This means that you will have the double study of learning the right way to do things, and the wrong way.

You will also have to learn certain things about the time of using the death touch. You could strike (touch) somebody with a finger, but if it is the wrong time of the day, your touch is wasted. This means you are going to have to learn all sorts of things about the time cycle of the internal organs of the body, and how this translates to the trigger points on the outside of the body.

Look, I’ve actually made my case here, and you’re free to do what you want, but let me tell you one little tale of a real death touch. Certain ninja are skilled in wearing ring needles (and other types of gimcracks) on their body. They coat the needle with a deadly poison, then coat the thing with wax.

They can poison anybody, but they are safe and protective around themselves and their associates. Now this is a real art, but one that doesn’t take decades to perfect. And that is the skinny on the real secret of the kung fu dim mak death touch.

If you want some really great tricks and techniques, check out my site, Monster Martial Arts.

Putting Out a Candle from Over a Foot Away!

Happy life to you!
Forever and ever.
Just work out every single day
multiple times,
and it will be so.
Strong body,
clear mind,
robust spirit…
work out.

got a great win from
the wonderful Lee B.

Hey Al, Hows it goin?

I ordered and read your candle manual. Good reading. I decided to try it and was successful most of the times I tried. I added a few tweaks and became more consistent with it. I finally heard in my head “EARTH EXTINGUISHES FIRE”. I applied a crossing form and the thought of earth. That fist extinguished the flame without fail every time. I was amazed at the simplicity. It is not due to wind. I tried over and over to make it go out with wind alone and was unsuccessful. But when coupled with earth intent, it never failed once. Just wanted to share my experiences with you. It was my first attempt. Worked every time.

Small clip. Check it out here:

Lee B

Isn’t that interesting?
I wouldn’t have thought of that.
I think in terms of empty full,
flowing energy,
and here Lee puts a simple tweak
that moves him right past me.
I mean,
it looks like he’s able to put it out more consistently that I.
I think that is great.
and that moves me into the thought
of why I don’t believe in masters.

Interesting statement,
And it’s half true.
Let me explain.

A master is somebody with power or authority over another.
I don’t like that.

A master is somebody
who has perfected abilities in a field of…whatever.
I like that.

I like competence,
but I don’t like people being over people.

a teacher has to have authority over the class,
but he should gain that authority by what he knows,
by what he can do,
and that authority doesn’t make him better than somebody else.

He might know more,
if he’s a good teacher,
some day he’ll know less.
His students will bypass him,
leave him in the dust.

When I hear tales of the immortals,
or legendary sword persons,
that kind of thing,
I always chuckle.

people could do great things back then.
to be honest,
mankind is at a sort of a low point.
We don’t have those kinds of magnitudious people these days.
We have people trying to make a buck,
trying to be a celluloid god,
that sort of thing,
but we don’t have many people
who can do the martial arts
and show the skill
of those old legends.

Is it possible?
Put aside the drugs,
fix the educational system,
get rid of a government that tramples people,
of course,
put in your matrixing,
and you will have people becoming larger.

And it is going to happen.
One person at a time.
One form at a time.
One kick at a time.

You know,
I really believe in people.
I mean,
they are just great.

I really just want them to hurry up.
These dark ages have to end,
because the real golden age of mankind
is on the threshold.

I mean,
it’s here!
We just have to open our eyes
and step into the light.
One person at a time,
One form at a…
you get the idea.

if you’re interested in the candle thing,
it’s a freebie on the Matrixing Chi book.

Matrixing Chi and The Candle

a freebie!
Can you believe it?

I’m going to be in Las Vegas
the next couple of days,
so orders I receive from about 6 in the morning tomorrow
will go out on Monday.

but even the worst of us need a day off.

stay tuned,
got another Master Instructor to announce,
next newsletter or so.

get out there and work out!

Happy forever,



Design is a revelation to me. It’s like taking something that is not alive and giving it form, shape, substance, and life.
Geoffrey Beene
Martial Arts are a revelation to me. It’s like taking something that is not alive and giving it form, shape, substance, and life.–Al Case

Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.
Oscar Wilde
Always forgive your enemies – it’s the best revenge. Heh!–Al Case

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.
Tammy Faye Bakker
I always say martial arts are cheaper than a psychiatrist.-Al Case

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