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The Revenge Of The Five Incredibly Deadly Kung Fu Styles

I watch Kung Fu Movies, so a title like Five Incredibly Deadly Kung Fu Styles is right up my alley. When you speak of these arts, however, you aren’t talking movies. You are talking about incredibly potent disciplines that are the most dangerous martial arts in the world.

You are talking about specific body disciplines which steel the body and make sharp the mind. People who study these arts have gone beyond the flesh, and are describing a realm towards which mankind hastens with appreciation. Let us list the five deadly Kung Fu styles.

No particular order, let’s start off with Shaolin Gung Fu. Inspired by Bodhidharma, it has become the single, most powerful influence in all the martial arts world. Talk Shaolin and you are talking about the absolute protection of the iron body through Golden Bell Training, and the steel fingers that eventually result in Dim Mak (death touch).

Many styles claim ancestry in the Shaolin Temple, and Wing Chun Gung Fu has a definite right to the claim. Sometimes called a ‘girly art’ because it was founded by a ‘Lady Monk,’ this art shows that being sensitive to an attack allows one to lay waste to an opponent. Learn the Sticky Hands (Chi Sau) drill and you can see what is coming long before an opponent offers the attack.

Another sensitive art, definitely not a girly art, is the Praying Mantis (Tang Lang Ch’uan). Again, the arms intertwine, but the attack and defense is delivered from a more Shaolin based stance. Shaolin Powerful with Wing Chun sensitivity, that is the secret of the Praying Mantis Style.

Stepping outside the Shaolin influence, one comes to Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Quan), which is a Wudan based art. This art practices whole body sensitivity, and is considered by many to be the peak of martial arts expression in the world. By ’emptying’ the body one enables the body to generate massive amounts of ‘Chi Energy,’ and this energy is far beyond simple muscle and sinew.

Here’s a vid snip of Tai Chi, enjoy, then we’ll list the last art in this article…

A more rare form of Wudan Mountain Art is the style known as Pa Kua Chang (Baguazhang). This is a circular art designed to undulate and slither, and leave an attacker in a state of confusion. As in Tai Chi, Chi Energy are generated, but by the unique training method called ‘Walking the Circle.’

Five arts, each of which is deadly in its own right, has its unique lineage, and has been proven over the centuries. And, there are offshoots and variations which are rich and powerful in their own right. Indeed, to know even one of the Five Incredibly Deadly Kung Fu Styles is to transform your life, and many people specialize in more than one, linking the arts together in the ultimate self expression.

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