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How to Find the Deadliest Martial Art in the World!

How many times have you heard of somebody claiming they know the most deadliest martial art in the world? And it is always claimed with piercing eyes and a significantly deep and ominous voice. In this article I am going to tell you the truth about that claim, and this will enable you to find the deadliest, most potent art you can find.

When somebody says they know combat jujitsu, and it is the most deadliest martial arts style in the world, they are saying it is their favorite art! When somebody says their karate is the deadliest form of karate, they are saying that it is the best martial art for them! I don’t care what they are studying, or if it is the most extreme martial arts imaginable, it will be limited by themselves.

People invest their time in something and they have to believe in it. And this is understandable because do you expect them to say, I study this art because it is weak and doesn’t work? I understand this, and that’s the way people are, and it just tells me that when somebody has outlandish claims, it is time to look a little deeper.

So what makes a martial art deadly? There are several factors to be considered here, all of which must be considered if you are to choose an art which will really work for you. Mind you, if you want to study the most effective martial art you can, these are the things that you need to consider.

Do the instructor’s students look good? This is crucial, because no matter if that instructor is billed as the best martial arts instructor, or the deadliest man on earth, if he can’t get others to do what he does, then his claims are useless to you.

Does the art have a full range of deadly martial arts techniques? Can the instructor take down attackers whether they hold weapons, kick, punch, or try to grapple? You have to be able to fight anywhere, and in any terrain, and against any number of people, holding any variety of deadly weapons.

So, good instructor, good system, and now we come to the crux, do those deadly techniques have genuine chi power? Do they have that jing power that erupts from tan tien, pushes against the floor, and comes out of their fists and feet like lightening! Don’t be fooled by mysterious explanations of intrinsic chi power, just observe whether the instructor has an explosive power that is sudden and overwhelming to the attacker.

Okey doke, I think that’s about it. Just remember that whether your art works or not depends on not just your instructor or the system, but on you. How much you study, how deeply you commit yourself, that is what is going to make the art you study the deadliest martial art in the world!

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