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On Creating Your Own Martial Art

You Have to Create Your Own Martial Art…

or you don’t really know the martial arts.

A True Martial Art is an act of creation. A simple statement with far reaching effects.

Art is the break down and synthesis of the old into the new.

The funny thing is that most instructors frown on the act of creating anything new. The most popular method of teaching is to have the student copycat, exactly and without deviation, what the teacher says and does. But a fight is always new and original, and requires creativity to win.

medical thriller with nasty consequences

When are you going to fight back? When have you had enough? Maybe soon, if you read this frightening novel.

creation of martial artThus, if you are going to win a fight, it behooves you to learn how to be creative. Interestingly, nobody has ever written a course or book on how to be creative. Isn’t that interesting, a whole art that has no creativity in it?

To be creative one has to break apart the current method of teaching one is engaged in. Thus, one method for being creative would be to simply take the moves of the forms and interchange them. Take a sequence from classical karate, say the first set of specific movements in pinan three, and then do the second specific set of movements from pinan four, then the third set of specific movements from pinan five…and so on.

The first thing you will learn is that these things don’t fit together. So, how can you make them fit together? How can you adjust the footwork, and the geometry of the arms, so that the movements fit together and even make sense?

Another thing you are going to learn is that things don’t always work. Doing the blocks in this order would never fit a normal attack. So, explore not normal attacks, and, tweak your movements until they do fit a normal attack.

Another thing you will find is the impulse to do different things. Simply, you are going to start to create. Your mind is going to start exploring channels that normally would have been closed to you.

As I said in the first paragraph, art is the fact of creation. Honestly, people should drill you to death, help you make every movement your own, instill art in you. But, even more honestly, if you don’t start taking the movements apart and reconfiguring them, all that drilling is going to be about as good as a death knell, so you’d best seriously consider this concept of Creating your own Martial Art.

You can find the Create Your Own Martial Art Course at MonsterMartialArts.com.

Create Your Own Martial Art

Creating Your Own Martial Art!

I want to talk about the progression of martial arts.

Whether you are studying karate or kung fu, aikido or kenpo,
the progression goes like this…

Learn the basics

Become a Black Belt (expert)

Learn to teach,

Become a master.

Create your own art.

That’s five simple steps

beginning to end

in the martial arts.


most people think it takes 3-4 years to get the basics down,

it takes 12-15 years to become a master,

and outside of myself,

nobody in the arts even talks about creating your own art.

Do you know how many emails I get from people who want to create their own art?

A lot.

In many cases,

these people have paid their dues,

put in the years,

learned lots of arts,

and then don’t know what to do.


as I said,

nobody in the arts

teaches you how to create your own art.

They teach you how to support their organization,

offer high ranks,

put out terms like hanshi and so on,

and if you do create your own art,

you are expected to go in front of a board of directors,

and prove the validity of your creation.

Holy blankety blank!

If that was the method in any other field of knowledge

nothing in the world

would have ever been invented!

And the thing I want to scream in your ear is this:

it is an Art!

Art is self expression!

When you do art you don’t prove it,

you express it

and the heck with what the world thinks.

I know,

it is a martial art

and one is expected to have a certain degree of workability.

I know that.

But you can’t convince me that a bunch of old guys

who have never created an art

can sit in judgment

on anybody who actually does create their own art.

The simple fact is that those who haven’t created an art,

can’t judge those who have.

So one of the last of the pure matrixing courses I have is

How to Create Your Own Art.

A warning here,

the video is blurry and the audio is bad.

I filmed it back in the last century,

and the technology was not good.

But it is the only course of its kind.

Go on,

do some googling,

you’ll find some opinions,

but you won’t find any books or courses,

outside of mine.

I’m the only person on the planet to ever write a book on how to create your own art.

This is a pretty sure guarantee

that you have never seen the material of the course,

in any form.

Google algebra,

you’ll find hundreds of books.

thousands of books.

Google how to create your own martial art…

there is only one.



I recommend you have some art before you consider my course.

It’s not that it is hard or mystical,

it is that you need a certain degree of discipline.

You don’t want to skip to the head of the class

and not have sufficient basics

before you create your own art.


that said,

there is no reason on earth

you can’t learn how to create art,

even as you learn a specific art or arts.

In fact,

it should help you.

It will help your mind

absorb concepts

a lot faster.

There are things in this course

that make other arts understandable

from a pure geometrical standpoint.



I warn you.

The video is blurry.

It is still understandable,

but you’re going to have to accept it

as an historical document.


the other caution I have is this:

be prepared to spot my mistakes.


I was young and full of myself,

I can be forgiven that,

after all,

I was doing something that nobody

in the entire history of martial arts

had ever done.

Nobody had ever written a book or course

on how to create martial arts.

Lots of people had created their own martial art,

but no one had ever described the exact procedure

for actually creating a martial art.


if I was into such things,

I would have to say

that this was my doctorial thesis,




Fun to think about,

but the point is this…

I recommend you do Matrix Karate

and the Master Instructor course,

and maybe a few others of the Matrixing courses,

but keep in mind the pot of gold.

This is the only course

to encompass the concepts

at the highest end

of the martial arts.

But you have to put up with blurry video,

and young fellow who was a little antsy,

and be able to spot a couple of mistakes.

Do that

and you’re going to have information

that nobody else in the world has.

All right

guys and gals,

paint a pair of apples

on the bottom of your kicking bag

and kick it till it pops.

It’s the only way to be sure,



Have yourselves some awesome workouts!

zen martial artsThis has been a page on how to create your own martial art.

Create Your Own Martial Art Win

A  Martial Art Win!

 Time to work out!
Whenever or wherever you read this…
it’s time to work out!
martial arts strong

Put up your mitts and...GRIN!

Got a great win for you.

This one is on the Create Your Own Art Course.
Mr Case-

I am writing this in response to the Create Your Own Art course.…

…I came to a realization of the whats, hows, & wherefores of my past “Art Creation” missteps. I figured out that I had “borrowed” too heavily, tried to include too many diversified ‘Traditional’ techniques. The whole of it quickly became frustrating & over-complicated!

–Sorry, got ahead of myself there–Maybe you’ll recall I mentioned briefly, a while back, that in ’97-98, I attempted to dissect 3 different Karate styles, my admittedly limited knowledge of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, & Judo, then re-assemble them into a cohesive whole. Tried to compile a comprehensive list or a “Matrix” of similar &/or overlapping Basics, techniques, forms, etc..
That attempt was a very limited success. I’ve learned, realized, figured out since, it was ignorance & inexperience that was my ultimate downfall/undoing. What I did find & combine was a mish mash of moves & sequences that were ‘almost’ or ‘not quite’ workable. It was too bulky, or top heavy. The ‘Hard’ Beginner & Intermediate levels were fairly solid, but the Advanced Levels were too cumbersome, too eclectic, too diverse. I tried/wanted to include some (rather ineffectual) showy & flashy stuff- cause it looked good. The “Advanced” stuff desperately needed paring down. The ‘Softer’ side was in actuality  scattered, sparse, inconsistent, & was weak because of that. It was pretty much a hot twitching mess!
In the interim since, I’ve determined it to be a failure & all but forgot about it- until I stumbled across you & Matrixing. Over the past 11-12 months since discovering your courses, I have more or less, been sampling, perusing, wading through, absorbing, & sometimes nearly drowning, in the massive amounts of Data!
I believe I’ve gotten a relatively fuzzy  Mosiac, or at least a general “feel” for your approach to the Martial Sciences/Arts. Now I believe it time for me to continue by focusing in on 1 Art at a time, & do a comprehensive linear study of each.
So, when the day comes, that I do decide to build my own style- I have the necessary info, & guideline, I WILL have all the Martial Data that could possibly require, in abundance.
I have the confidence that when I construct my own Art, it will be based on a workable & proven program. My next attempt will not be an attempt at all, but a foregone conclusion. If for some reason I am unsatisfied, the fault will lie in my architecture, not the building blocks or raw materials.

Thank You for this opportunity once again to learn, re-build, & then be able to properly instruct, to teach, to share my Vision w/ others.

Brad W

thank you Brad.
I love wins of all kinds,
and this one reminded me of my own frustrations
in solving the martial arts.
the truth of the matter is that there is a glut of information.
You can really lose yourself in all the intricacies,
and lose sight of the whole picture.
I was talking to a guy just yesterday,
he had over twenty years experience,
was heavy into Karate,
and now Gracie Jujitsu,
and he kept going on and on
explaining things,
and he was a lawyer
and knew how to talk!
he was missing the whole picture.
You do this and then that happens,
you do this and then that happens,
but he had no clue that there were a set of principles
which renders endless explanations rather silly.
Why tell a guy how to unscrew a nut,
then tell him how to unscrew another nut,
and then tell him how to unscrew…
you get the idea,
when you could just tell him:
Righty tighty…lefty loosey
You could tell him how to unscrew all nuts
and turn him loose
on the machines of the world!
The sad thing is that he is paying some $250 a month
for these endless lessons,
and he is so excited
he can’t understand me
when I ask him a simple question
that if he just thought about
he would be the creator of all the answers,
and not the victim of all the questions.
Do you see it?
I was thrilled at Brad’s win.
for those of you who remember,
he is a certified Master Instructor.
So he gets a certificate as having passed
the Create Your Own Art Course.
I have actually not thought about that offer of a certificate for years.
Many of my books were written a while ago,
and most offers of certificates
were upgraded to the need for videos.
But not on the Create Your Own Art Course.
you should know that
the quality of the videos on the Create Your Own Art Course
is not good.
It’s fuzzy,
it was recorded a couple of decades ago,
when video devices were just borning.
I apologize,
but the data is just as cutting edge now
as it was then.
After all,
have you ever even heard of another course that can show you
the exact method for Creating Your Own Martial Art?
thanks again Brad,
and for those of you who wish to enter the frustration
who wish to really step up your game,
here’s the URL…
Have a great work out.
Who Said It?~Ultimately, you must forget about technique. The further you progress, the fewer teachings there are. The Great Path is really No Path.
martial arts win

The Problem With How Martial Arts Systems Are Put Together

The odd thing is, when we figure out martial arts styles and systems, we are repeating, and even compounding the errors of those who went before. This is sort of an inarguable fact that nobody seems to understand. It is this fact that is at the heart of the construction of most Martial Arts systems.

The people of yesterday had no technology to draw upon. They didn’t have logical methods of thought, or, many times, even any formal education. Thus, their look at martial arts was based on mysticism, and the resulting arts are born of that mysticism.

When some fellow began his study of the martial arts it would be based upon the spirit techniques his father learned in the army of (enter an historical name). His father would be old and crippled, maybe even a little addled, but he would give his son what he remembered. There would be a family bonding, and a secret system of ninjitsu, or kung fu, or whatever, would be born.

As time went on, these systems would eventually become known to greater or lesser degree. Consider the plight of the fellow interested in martial arts, and he has a version of Shaolin Gung Fu to draw on, half a system of Emei Wudan, and the stuff the kids at the playground were playing with. Out of this gobbledegook, which is the result of previous gobbledegook, he tries to make a system.

The real miracle is that this stuff worked! And, miracle of miracles, it sometimes worked awesome! But this is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity and perspiration and perception of humankind.

I was stuck in that phase once. I had half a system of derived Chinese Kenpo Karate, and a system of one style of Karate, a system that had roots in Okinawa, Japan, and even Korea. I also had an Americanized Karate, a bastardized version of the second form (Chum Kiu) Wing Chin, a few months of aikido, a version of Ton Toi (Springy Legs) Northern Shaolin, and a few other bits and pieces. And I had some kind of fun trying to make sense out of it all.

I mean the concepts of some of these systems worked against one another! Even inside a specific national style of art, for instance ton toi and wing chun, there was vast discrepancy, and a disjointment of function that made it impossible to put them together, or even relate them. And, courtesy of the exploding learning potentials I was dealing with books, mags, videos, seminars, and dojos opening on every corner, and learning nothing about how it all fit together.

But it does fit together, and it fits together smooth and slick as if had been planned that way. And, truth, it has been planned that way. Once you get enough data, and a method for joining martial arts into one picture, you’ll find that even opposites such as Aikido and boxing, krav maga and tai chi, or whatever, can be joined in a martial arts structure that is easier, and even faster, to learn.

If you want to learnmore about how to put the different arts together into one martial arts style, home to Monster Martial Arts Pick up a free ebook about Matrixing.

Win #34–The Only Martial Arts Course Of Its Kind!

When I say the only and most unique Martial Arts Course of its kind, I’m referring to the Create Your Own Art Course, You’ve got courses about Shaolin and Wudan, MMA and ripping heads off, but this is the only course that goes to what it is all about. Here’s a quick win.

I purchased your course on “Create Your Own Martial Art” and absolutely love it. I believe that your matrixing system is very unique.–DW

Now, to be sure, the course is old. Technology was lacking back then, the picture is grainy and the sound is scratchy, but the material on the course is unique. I take Pa Kua Chang, combine it with some basic but overlooked concepts, and create an entirely new art, complete with forms, twoman forms, and an amazing potential for applications. The real joy, however, is that I tell you exactly how to do it, thus opening an incredible door into advanced martial arts research and study.

And here is the point. Art is about creating something. If you are doing the Monkey see monkey do, robotic training of same old same old, then are you making art? The weird thing is that so many people think that memorizing what somebody else has done makes them an artist. That’s like saying working on an assembly line makes somebody invent a car!

Anyway, come on by Monster Martial Arts and check the Create Your Own Art course out, and pick up a free book on this Matrix thing while you’re there.

Monster Newsletter #350–Creation and Matrixing!

November Fool’s Day!
A perfect day for a work out,
if you ask me.
But then what day isn’t?

Okey dokey,
I think everything is done,
if your order didn’t arrive just right,
if the download didn’t work,
if I didn’t send your cert,
or announce you as a Master Instructor,
or if you just have a question,
or anything else,
let me know.

I live to serve.

got an interesting note the other day,
here it is.

Dear Al,
Don’t know if you remember me, but I bought Matrix Karate and the Punching booklet about 6 weeks ago. It was kind of a mistake, since there is too much “meat” in both to really be sincere in your practice to both as a beginner. 
I’ve been going “Al Case, Al Case” I know that name but from where? In a moment of serendipity, I was going through some old moving boxes looking for a VHS tape on a kung-fu form. Guess what I found? Two old VHS tapes of “The Infinite Fist” and “Secrets of the Circle” by Al Case copyright 1986.
I was pretty into Secrets of the Circle back in the day but totally into Infinite Fist back in the late 80s. My kids, youngest 30 years old, still kid me – Remember Dad out in the kitchen with the cups and saucers, dancing around …. Course, being kids they knew their old man was crazy anyway.
Pulled those two tapes out, re-watched them for the first time in years. Talk about “meat.” Better than ever. Going to start again with those. Course the production values are crap but tremendous info.
My question/concern is you don’t seem to be advertising those concepts per se anymore. Can’t believe infinite Fist and Secrets of the Circle would drop out of the curriculum. Are they the “grandfather” of some of the DVDs you are now selling. I mean too good to disappear.
Thanks for your time & consideration,
David M. Rains

talk about a blast from the past.
Thanks to David for reminding me.
Of course,
I remembered him from six weeks ago,
but 24 years, 
I have to confess,
I didn’t remember him.
Course I only saw his name on a piece of paper,
put it on an envelope,
but you’d think my memory would be better,

when I did those two tapes,
I had broken apart the two systems of Karate I knew,
knew some Aikido,
and some Sticky Hands,
couple of things like that
and I figured out the basic matrix,
had tried to teach that matrix in the infamous one week black belt course,
failed miserably,
and was reworking what I knew
(trying to apply matrixing concepts to soft arts,
and combine the hard and soft
in some sort of logic)
and I came up with these three concepts,
pa  kua
infinite fist
and combining Pa kua and the Infinite Fist.
those three things
are the meat of the Create Your Own Art course.

The problem,
of course,
is that the production values are down in the sewer.
Blurry video
fuzzy audio
that’s me right in the middle
exactly square in the middle
of creating matrixing
ground zero 

Sometimes I talk to much,
sometimes I’m out in left field,
younger than a pup with a milk bone,
I’m matrixing.

Making logic out of body motion in two arts,
one classical and the other new,
and putting those two arts together.

The rest of the course is  the booklet
which explains exactly what I am doing.
and The Matrixing Dictionary.
a bonus,
a book of the Buddha Crane Karate,
which is a system I put together
a decade after I discovered matrixing.
I just felt I wanted
to put extra into the course,
not just show my all my youthful foibles,
but show where I went with it.

if you see where somebody goes
it gives you a hint
as to how you goes.

I don’t actually recommend Create Your Own Art
right out of the gate.
I was in the middle of some very confusing stuff.
So I recommend Matrix Karate.
Master Instructor.
when you want to know more about  where it comes from,
what kind of mental weirdness I had to travel through
to figure it all out…
that’s when you should get the 
Create Your Own Art Course.

As David says,
it’s meat.

it’s actually something
that nobody else
has ever done.
Not in the martial arts.

David sent me that letter,
which got me to thinking
about the creative process I went through,
in figuring out Matrixing,
so I thought I’d detail it for you.

Thanks David.
And here’s the URL,
for any of you who think you’re ready.

Create Your Own Art

And to everybody,
got to go now,
I’ll write a longer newsletter next time,
but right now,
got to see a man about a horse (stance).
Get it?
Horse Stance.
that’s good.

So talk to you later,
and have a super great work out.


All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.–Aristotle
Working out in the martial arts until you are absorbed upgrades the mind.–Al Case

A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.–Friedrich Nietzsche
A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows a bunch of people that didn’t do the martial arts.–Al Case

All great change in America begins at the dinner table.–Ronald Reagan
All great change in America begins in the dojo–Al Case

Send me your wins!