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Conceal and Carry an Instant Martial Arts Weapon!

It’s pretty hard to conceal and carry a Martial Arts Weapon, right?

It’s actually pretty darned easy, and that is important in this dawning age of violence.

We’ve got a government that is borrowing too much, the headlines are filled with, if not crimes by criminals, then crimes by police, and there is the constant push to send people over to welfare.

So, what kind of a martial arts weapon can you conceal and carry?

You’re going to like this…a nail.

Think about it, you can actually insert a long nail into your cell phone holster. It is quick and easy to get out, hold it in your fist, and you do damage.

First, if the end of the nail extends a half inch out the bottom of your fist, then you can slash at somebody with a hammerfist, and cut a half inch swatch in their skin. Good lard! The blood is going to flow! And, the skin will be separated, perhaps even flapping.

Nothing stops a fight like somebody seeing their blood flow!

And, it goes without saying, that the end of the nail should be sharpened.

Now, if the police stop you, you just say that you needed a nail. What for? to put up a picture, prop a door, hang a pot…there is no end to the use of nails! Heck, your house is held together by nails!

And, if trouble develops, you can get that nail out and hold it so that nobody sees it. No trouble develops, you put the nail away, no harm no foul.

Now, it is important that you practice, if you are going to use a nail as a weapon. There are several things you can do.

First, set up a board, nail one to a fence or a garage wall. Then practice slashing that nail across the face of the board. It won’t be long until you know how hard to hit, how deep, so that the nail leaves a long groove, and doesn’t catch or geet stuck.

Second, set out a few bricks and practice hammering them. It won’t be long before you know how hard you can hit that brick to penetrate, and that without hurting your hand, or having the nail slide ineffectually out the other end of the fist.

And, you can wrap half the nail in duc tape, creating a small handle, but you have to be careful.

One, the nail may become difficult to draw.

Two, the nail may start looking like a weapon, and then you’ll have trouble with the police.

Now, it is my fond hope that you will never have to use a nail as a conceal and cary martial arts weapon, but if you do, you’ve got the knowledge, and all you’re going to need now is a little practice.

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