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Monkeyland is the Place for the Martial Arts!

Monkeyland is Now Open!

I’m here! At Monkeyland! The Church of Martial Arts has actual physical presence and location!

I’m sitting in a small cabin, the wind is howling hard enough to blow monkeys out of the trees, if there were any monkeys in the trees. Heh.

martial arts retreat

Do you know the truth of the martial arts?

And, I have no clue what is going to happen.

I just knew I had to get here, had to have a perfect place to work out. Had to have a place where there weren’t any low grade human beings, and only the faithful to train.

I know what Mas Oyama felt like when he disappeared into the mountains for two years to train himself.

I know what people who removed themselves from the world to pursue the ideal of perfection felt.

But, enough about me. I’m not one of those ‘me, me, me,’ personalities. This is about you.

Do you want perfection? Do you want the real martial arts? Do you want…Monkeyland?

So what’s stopping you?

Heck, hop a plane for a couple of hundred, live cheap, work hard, and dedicate yourself to training.

You know, I don’t want to just turn out martial artists…I want to turn out people who can train martial artists.

There’s one of me and millions of martial artists. I need help if I am going to spread the true arts, fix the corrupt arts, and elevate the martial arts to the highest level on this planet ever.

Heck, if you live in California you could come for a weekend.

If you’re out of California you could fly/drive/swim in over the weekend, spend a week in heaven, and leave the following weekend.

Seriously, this is the best deal, monetarily and martial arts wise, you could ever find.

How much does it cost you to live for a month? $1000? So spend half as much and live here!

I’ll work you, I’ll train you, and you will walk out a matrixed human being. You will walk out with a complete system or two, totally jazzed, and wide awake!

So, seriously…what is stopping you?

Here’s a series of articles that will tell you about the Martial Belief system at the Church of Martial Arts.

Church of Martial Arts Offers Black Belt Program

New Method for Getting Your Matrix Karate Black Belt

Okay, so I’m going to Monkeyland, and top of my priorities is getting people to their Matrix Karate Black Belt.

Now, this is going to be fierce, so hold on to your undies and get ready to make a decision. Here is the first, official program being offered to live in students at the Church of Martial Arts.

Black Belt Karate

Emblem of the Church of Martial Arts

To set this up, let me explain something.

Currently it takes about 4 years to get to Black Belt. This time frame has resulted because:

people have added on to workable systems, and thus confused them.
karate has been geared towards tournaments.
karate has been dumbed down for teaching children.
karate has been slanted for behavior modification.
karate has lost control by using protective pads.
karate has been…changed, altered, modified and…corrupted.

But…people like Mike Stone and Chuck Norris were getting to black belt in a year to a year and a half. This was back before Karate became such a financial success, and self destructed.

Now, it is no secret that I was getting people to Black Belt in one year. I detailed the system I used in the ‘Outlaw Karate’ course.

Then I started Matrixing, and things got REAL fast.

Let’s consider the time involved.

Most people take 2 – 4 hours of instruction a week. It they work out an hour a day that is considered a lot.

In a year, the, you are getting some 300 hours of work out.
But how much actual instruction are you getting?
Most people get five minutes of instruction a day, and the rest is sweat with no explanation because ‘the form will teach you.’

But the idea that the forms will teach you is a lousy one. Because the forms have been corrupted.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Practice makes perfect?’

It’s a lie.

The real truth here is that ‘perfect practice makes perfect.’

Simply, if you practice a corrupted system, and virtually all martial arts these days are corrupted, then you will simply monkey see monkey do (memorize) a corrupt system.

No wonder Karate sometimes gets a bad rap!

Now, I have brought a person to Black Belt in three months. This is 120 lessons, which was actually maybe forty hours of instruction. Maybe less.

But the instruction was perfect, because it was based on The Master Instructor Course!’

Yes, I had the student do the Master Instructor Course, and I backed it up with my instruction. So he was getting perfect karate…perfectly!

So…30 – 40 hours? Something like that?

So, here comes the Monkeyland deal.

Come live at Monkeyland for a month.

I will do my best to get you to Black Belt in that month.

Mind you, we are talking about maybe 4 hours of instruction a day. This is variable, because there is a lot of stuff that has to be done up there to make it self sufficient.

But, 4 hours a day for 20 days is…80 hours! I say 20 days because I will run classes intensively for three weeks, then I have to gear down and see to other things that are going to be happening.

Do you think I can get you to your Black Belt in Matrix Karate within 80 hours?

I sure do.

Heck, most of you have martial arts experience, and the learning curve is going to be astonishing!

But even if you don’t have martial arts experience, I think I can get you there.

Mind you, I don’t guarantee, but you know that my reputation is on the line, and the reputation of Monkeyland itself!

Simply, I have to make a certificate from Monkeyland mean something.

There are three requirements to being accepted as a live in student.

1) Write a letter (email) to me listing your experiences and why you think I should accept you as a student. Make sure you tell me about your life experiences, jobs you have held, any injuries you may have incurred during the course of your martial arts training.

2) Get and do the Matrix Karate course before you get here.

Get and do the Master Instructor Course before you get here.

And, here’s the BONUS…enough students make it to Black Belt I will run a Matrix Aikido Seminar!

This will be a complete seminar, a course based on the curriculum listed in the Matrix Aikido Course. This means grab arts, punches, weapons. If you want to be considered for this course, then you have to get and do the Matrix Aikido course before you get here, and you have to get promoted to Black Belt in Matrix Karate.

Now, this is a tough game I’ve outlined here, and it is for tough people. People who aren’t afraid of work, and who can get the job done.

Here are a couple of things to think about.

If you lie or misrepresent yourself in any way you will be asked to leave Monkeyland.
If you don’t follow the rules here you will be asked to leave. And there won’t be many rules. I’ll write them out in a later blog.
Heck, if you have bad character I’ll probably pick up on that in your letter, and you simply won’t get invited.

And, here’s another thing to think about…

How much does it cost to live for a month?

Let’s see, rent, food, clothes…whatever…can you live for $500?

Heck, $500 might cover your food, if you don’t eat too much.

But you could live here for a month for $500.

Out of work and got a couple of thou saved up?

Why the heck aren’t you at Monkeyland?

Think about it.

Living for cheap, doing martial arts hours a day, and you walk away with a certificate, an official Church of Martial Arts certificate, enabling you to teach Matrix Karate anywhere.

Even if you don’t intend to become a teacher, that is an incredible and fantastic thing.

Now, I am doing this for a very short while, prices will go up, but this will enable me to prove that Monkeyland works. And it will give me a bunch of wins that I can use to get more people up here.

And, let me be plain about it, there is an ASTONISHING amount of work that needs to be done up here.

There isn’t much water, so we need to set up a water catchment system. That means leveling off a mountain top and setting up drainage so we can catch the rain.

The mountain needs to be cooled down. We need to plant rows of shady trees, not to mention fruit trees, and irrigate them (with water that we don’t have because the catchment system isn’t in place yet!) and so on and so on.

The road needs leveling, with a side drain so it won’t wash away.

We need to chip granite off some of the rocks and use it to make the road passable in wet weather.

Simply, you’re going to be getting martial arts up the wazoo, but you’re also going to get worked until you are exhausted.

And you’ll be sleeping where you can, so bring a sleeping bag and a tent.

Sound like fun?

No. It’s more than fun. It’s actually growing up and being a pioneer, and learning a way of life that will change you forever!

And, every once in a while, there will be somebody who will be selected to stay on for free.

Somebody who thrives on the load.

Let’s be honest. Many people will be worn to the bone by the time a month is over. Even with the lessening of the load at the end of the month. It will be soul satisfying to the max…but many people will be ready to return to the work a day world.

But there is going to be that odd duck who says, ‘Gee, chipping granite and running it uphill three miles to make the road passable was fun. I liked it!’ Or, ‘Can we terrace the mountain top and make the water catchment system bigger?’ Or, ‘I like making adobe bricks and stacking them to make a house!’

Yes, there will be those kinds of ducks, and I will search them out, and I will enlist them. They are born monks, and they NEED to be at Monkeyland.

But, whether you are on vacation to make yourself the best martial artist in the world, or whether you are looking for a low paying career that fits your soul, Monkeyland is the place to be.

So, think about it. If it sounds like something you’d like to experience, then make a decision. Write me an email. It’s only a month, but it could be the most important life changing month in your entire life!

Write me at aganzul@gmail.com, subject line: I want to Come to Monkeyland because…

Here’s the link for Matrix Karate and the Master Instructor Course.

Vision of a Church of Martial Arts

This post is from Monster Martial Arts Newsletter 624.
Visit Monster Martial arts if you wish to subscribe…

Good morning and a great work out!
Or good evening and a great work out,
or…get the idea?
Anytime is time for a great work out!

I’m back in town,
working like crazy to get caught up,
and my apologies for any late orders,
missed emails,
or whatever.

I should have everything done by Monday,
including sending a couple of courses I ran out of
during my trip across America.

Let me know if I didn’t answer an email,
or anything else.

word has it that Monkeyland may be as little as a month away.
What a long journey,
but it is going to be well worth it.

I know that others have constructed temples
for the martial arts in America,
but I really think this is going to be a first.

I am working on putting all arts on checklist format.
Will make it easier to study,
and easier to teach.

I am thinking of how to construct the area
so that it is not just a couple of houses and a dojo,
but a terraced and organized Garden of Eden for the martial arts.

did you know that there are actually seven arts that I have put together?
This makes for seven chunks of knowledge,
or seven steps to complete martial mastery,
in the most fanatical sense of the word!

So instead of working through belts,
although that will occur,
and must occur for people who don’t want religion in their martial arts,
there will be an alternative route.

For instance,
a fellow who is a postulant,
is a fellow who is seeking (admission to a religious order)
So a postulant would follow a specific checklist,
which might include the first four courses on Monster,
and certain works from churchofmartialarts.com,
for instance ‘prologue,’ and so on.

And I would put together some sort of package to save money,
and a forum where people can actually discuss what is going on.

I have had a lot of requests for a forum,
and I think I see how I could structure it
so people could trade knowledge and wins,
ask questions and such,
and yet stick to specific courses.

First level might be postulant,
second level might be novitiate (novice)
and there would be a separate forum for each level.

Mind you,
I am just thinking my way through this,
outlining a structure,
and things may change drastically
before we come up with something that works.

I say we.
I thank every one of you that has offered ideas,
sent me heads up on links and courses and whatevers.

You see,
monkeyland isn’t me.
It’s martial arts.

So how much time do I have left to teach?
And that question leads us to one fact,
can I – we – establish a structure,
physical and spiritual,
that will last past our mortal flesh?

That is the real question here.

Let me share a little something with you about this.

I have had lots of opportunities.
People have offered me this and that
over the course of the years.

One fellow offered to make me a Hollywood producer.
And he was one,
and could do it.
But I said no to him,
and to all other opportunities
and for one reason.

They had to be martial arts compatible.
If the opportunity wasn’t about martial arts,
I wasn’t interested.

over the years I have also had a lot of people
try to button me down.
‘Get rich, Al!’
‘Here’s a job that…’
‘We could make so much money…’
of course,
there is the fact that I kept the price of courses down,
instead of going internet crazy,
and gouging people.


Because in the back of my mind is the question…
‘will people remember what I did in a thousand years?’

Even if they don’t know my name…
‘will the effects of what I have done be influencing the world in a thousand years?’

Not because I am glory hungry,
I don’t care if people know who I am,
I’m actually sort of a recluse.
I hide in corners at get togethers,
and don’t even like to go to parties.

I just want to do something that is big and good and will have lasting effect for thousands of years.

What is the purpose of my life?

Do you understand?

It’s not to get rich,
or to be famous.
I could have done that!

But can I actually contribute something of worth
that will help my fellow man,
raise his awareness,
make the world a better place.

Shaolin does that.

I want to do that.

And in America there is a relatively blank canvas to do that.

What an opportunity!

that being my personal motivation,
now you may understand that it is not about me.
It is about the people who help.
It is about people coming together
to overcome a rancid and unforgiving world.

While everybody waves a flag and goes to war,
we nibble at the edges of the heart…and go to peace.

It’s about you.

What do you want?

Do you want to be part of something big?
That will change the world?
Will make the martial arts a force for peace…instead of corruption and tournaments and making money and dominating people and beating people up and…

Do you get the idea?

forgive me.
I rant.
But it’s a good thing.
So cross your fingers,
that everything goes through as planned,
no burps or farts,
but an actual place to come and study the purest martial arts in the universe,
a martial arts that doesn’t just make the most honorable and glorious fighters in the universe,
but raises people from monkey to human being to…an Awareness of who they are,
what they are about,
and gives them a chance to really do something this lifetime.
And all through martial arts.

Oinkey ka doinkey…
got to go,
you guys and gals have a most glorious day
and wonderful workout!
And I’ll talk to you later…


Here’s the first book
that will probably be offered
on the first checklist…


If you can’t afford a package,
or even a course,
then at least get this one
and be ahead of the curve.

The First Martial Arts Monk of Monkeyland


Congrats to The First Monk!

You could teach somebody

the secret of the universe

by slamming his head into a pole

for a couple hundred hours.

At first he’d say ouch.

He might despair,

he might rage,

he might fight back,

but eventually he’d get it.

The pole is part of the universe,

the universe can hurt,

but it doesn’t have to.

You could just go ahead

and enjoy your head

being slammed against a pole.


this is the universe,

this is what it feels like.



You see,

people are asleep

dreaming that they are awake.


to be more concise,

people are asleep,

and caught in a nightmare.

The most powerful man on earth

is a shadow of what he could be

and deep inside,

he knows it,

knows that he is the pain of ignorance,

and hates it.

That’s why great leaders

lead us into war.

They hurt,

and they want to share their hurt,

they want to manifest their hurt

hoping to get rid of it.

But it doesn’t get rid of the hurt,

it just spreads it,

and makes it worse.


that is the current state of affairs

for our good friend mankind.


the point of everything is to wake up,

to stop the pain of ignorance and forgetting,

to become what you really are.

For me it happened back in 1974.

Bolt out of the blue,

I saw what the universe really was,

and became enlightened.


the flip side to manifesting pain,

how can I wake other people up,

how can I get them to stop hurting?

The martial arts worked for me.


it was too slow.

People would choose the martial arts,

and run into bullying instructors,

systems that were a crock,

and generally be waylaid

by the facts of life.

So how can I do it faster?

How can I wake people up faster?

And I came up with Matrixing.

And Matrixing led me to Neutronics.

Mind you,

I am speaking with twenty twenty hindsight,

I didn’t always know what I was doing,

my mistakes are too numerous to count,

and so on.

But the job was done.

Matrixing works.

And now the task is how to spread it.

How to encourage people.

How to wake up people on a fast track,

streamline, never say die,


Enter Monkeyland.

That all said,

I want to offer congrats to Alex Harrison.

He is one of my students,

been teaching him for a while,

and here is his win.

Over the last few months I’ve really been thinking a lot about being the glove to the universe, being nothing allows you to be infinite, and being flow to the universes force. Occasionally during an application or form I would feel a split second moment of intense energy, but it would always slip away and never could get it to repeat. In the last few weeks I’ve really tried to relax, not resist, and be nothing. Slowly but surely I noticed the more I was nothing, the more I could change things without effort, the more my universe and entire world started to balance out and run smoothly, and boy did my martial arts feel great. I really noticed on the butterfly and praying mantis forms a sense of understanding being nothing and being infinite. I could now go from standing still doing nothing to, in a flash, blocking while inserting a finger into someones neck with such intention they would back up just from intention alone. I felt my awareness and emptiness start to grow and expand over the last couple weeks. Simple things like dodging speeding car a second before it started to cut me off, to bigger things like sensing the arrival of an ex-girlfriend to a public event 30 seconds before it happened. It feels like the universe is a great ocean, one I stopped trying to swim against the current and the tides and just accept it and be nothing in the ocean, the waves calmed and the waters became very smooth.



And thanks.

You’ve made my lifetime.


here is the significance.

You can see that he is well versed in matrixing,

and he understands neutronics.

In other words,

he knew that there was a truth inside

and he drove himself

and made it happen.


I have to tell you,

I started noticing the changes in him a couple of months ago.

He started talking about how energy suddenly turned on,

and how his forms were all different.

The way he talked and moved changed.

Became smoother,

more liquid.

The way he looked at the universe,

you could see his eyes appraising things differently.

And we’d talk about things like the green lights.

When I am happy,

feeling all liquid inside,

all the lights are green.

When I‘m feeling irritated

(not often)

the lights are all red.

Not a mixture of lights,

but all green,

or all red,

and no inbetween,

but mostly all green.

Now how can a state of mind change the stoplights of the universe?

But they do.

And Alex and I would be laughing

when we discussed this phenomena.


if I’m cranky,

they are red.

So I watch fro cranky in my head,

toss out the cranky,

and the lights turn green.

Zingo bingo and zowie

all wrapped up in one.

And there are so many other abilities

that turn on

when you realize how the universe works,

when you CBM your martial arts,

matrix them and go neutronic.

Green lights is just one of the funnier ones.

So Alex has studied all the matrixing materials,

we talk neutronics in class,

and he breaks through.

Starts talking about nothing.

I talk about nothing.

Perhaps you remember the phrase that became part of me

when I suffered enlightenment.

For something to be true

the opposite must also be true.

I talk about nothing

being nothing

as the secret to the universe,

and he does to.

So he got enough martial arts,

all matrixed and in order,

and then I banged his head against a neutronic pole for a while,


what is he?

He’s far beyond a black belt.

He’s had enough martial arts that he is a master.

So what is he?


he could be a monk.

Maybe won’t want to call himself one,

that is optional,

but he has described the product that I want

when I make a monk.



this is pretty much the same thing

for being a Master.

Those of you who have ordered the 24 Principles

available at the Church of Martial Arts

know what the program is.

In that book I describe the eight programs

that one should be doing

to understand all the martial arts,

from force to flow,

from hard to soft,

from karate to aikido to weapons to…

a complete understanding,

and I mean in a mechanical and physical sense,

of the martial arts.

This is a culmination of programs for me.

With people like Harry and Nehemiah and Rick I had to struggle,

and it is a mark of their greatness

that they were able to piece it all together

out of my inadequate teachings.

Alex was more direct,

a simple line,

an exact path brought to bear.

Mind you,

it still took a giant personality

to make the jump.

When somebody realizes the truth of the universe,

they are realizing something

that nobody else understands.

They are alone,

even apart,

from family and friends.

It is enlightenment of the spirit,

an awakening,

and it is far greater than the bindings of the flesh.

It is being part of humanity in the grandest sense.


Alex can call himself a monk or not,

and even call himself

The First Monk,

if he wishes.


he can just say that he is a Master of the Martial Arts.

Or he can eschew the ‘fame’ of titles completely.

Believe me,

I know,

when one does something like this,

anonymity can be your greatest blessing.


the point is this:

waking somebody up

is the greatest thing I have ever done.

I’ve done it several times,

but now The Way is tightly defined.

Quick to do.


It is going to get easier and easier

to travel The Way

to yourself.


you have to want it.

You have to work for it.

You have to educate yourself,

and learn how to change your mind

and realize that everything in the universe

comes out of the mind,

and therefore can be changed

by the mind.


to be proper,

by the spirit behind the mind.


I’ll write more later.

But for right now,

I encourage each and all,

get the 24 Principles,

find out what is required,

and start the journey.


things are only going to get

better and better.





zen martial arts