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The Most Deadly Weapon!

The simple towel has got to be considered as one of the deadliest weapons in the martial arts. This weapon should be banned…it is that deadly. The deepest, darkest prison is where anybody caught with a towel should be thrown!

It is common knowledge that a towel moves at a fantastic speed. The end of a towel can move at faster than one hundred miles an hour when snapped by the capable hand. Split skin and huge welts are the result of the speeding tip of a towel!

If one dips the tip of a towel into water, it can become even more deadly. Dipping the tip into water can cause the towel to become even more cutting, and multiple greatly the pain inflicted. The force of the strike, you see, is multiplied greatly when the tip is dipped.

The towel is also one weapon that can be easily ‘hidden.’ Wrapped around the hips, it is hidden from plain sight! I mean, who is going to be scared of a naked body wrapped in towel?

One should consider that the times one wears a towel are the times that one is most easily attacked. After all, you have no means of defending yourself it would seem! People simply don’t want to attack somebody who is holding some sort of martial arts weapon.

If you are standing dripping wet, maybe from a shower, or a simple swim in the lake, people aren’t going to be scared of you. It should be pointed out, to be truthful, that in such undressed state is when people are most likely to attack you!  Muggers are going to want to attack you when you have the appearance of being unarmed.

If you are wearing nothing a towel, and you are attacked, you don’t need to look around for some means to defend yourself. All you have to do is give a severe jolt to the attacker by dropping your towel! Then you start dancing around, snapping and flicking with great abandon, and your attacker will shortly be running, screaming, down the street!

The funny thing is that you think I am just joking with this article. Miyamoto Musashi, that most phenomenal swordsman, was once attacked by a dozen sword wielding thugs in a  bathhouse! Using nothing but a towel and his, uh, prodigious hands, ran the thugs out of the bathhouse and chased them down the street!

You can learn more about Deadly Weapons by going to monstermartialarts.com.


How I Fixed the Martial Arts!

There is a question in the martial arts that has never been asked. Nobody has ever come up with the notion that the martial arts are a puzzle. That means that no one, in the history of the martial arts, has ever solved the puzzle.

When I began to consider the martial arts as a puzzle, I discovered something truly unique. I came across the actual True Art that has always intrigued people, but which has never been realized. I also came into the knowledge of why nobody has ever really discovered the True Art.

At the heart of the True Art is a science. All motion in this universe, you see, can be measured by physics. Physics, therefore, is the one subject that one must understand if they are to reach the True Art.

At first, like every other person, I availed myself of magazines and books, and I studied every art I came in contact with. I saw movies, ordered libraries of video tapes, and I had deep discussions with every martial artist I came in contact with. The digital age made my activities even larger, and i began sample and study arts  across the whole planet.

One day I decided to make a record of all the techniques I had learned over the years. These were on the backs of business cards, and I spread them across the living room of my house. The cards numbered in the thousands, and they covered every art and style I had studied.

Then came the job of putting them in some kind of order. I tired categorizing them by attack, by the fist or foot or whatever that was used. I tried to sort them conceptually, by whether they were from soft arts, or hard. One of the things I even tried was to lump them by what geographical region they came from.

Duplicate techniques became easy to see, and I began discarding them. Poser techniques, those that require the attacker to wait for the defender to execute the technique, were the next to be thrown away. The stacks of cards became smaller, and became more easily managed. Forty was the number of cards, and specific techniques, that I wound up with.

40 techniques is all there are in the martial arts. All of the other techniques in all of the other arts are nothing more than variations or deviations from those forty techniques. The most important thing about all this, however, wasn’t just that I had come up with the source of all martial arts techniques, the most important thing was what I was seeing the patterns and logics underneath the forty techniques.

The Martial Arts have been solved, the puzzle has been put together, now everyone
can see it. That puzzle, once viewed is an incredible doorway into the True Art. The Golden Age of the martial arts has now begun.

You can learn more about The True Art at Monster Martial Arts.

Monster Newsletter #303–The Fence of My Skin and the True Spiritual You!

Hey! Hey! Good morning!
It’s drizzly and misty here in LA,
and that leads to the obvious conclusion…
the sun won’t come out
until I work out.

It’s true.
I control the sun,
and the moon and the stars
merely by the strength of my work out.

Don’t believe it?
Take my attitude
and clean up your own weather.
You’ll find out.

Let me tell you something loopy about this,
and then offer an example of proof
about this work out thing.

Consider your body,
your skin is the fence.
Your awareness sits inside the fence,
And your eyes and ears are like searchlights
watching beyond the fence.

the real key is awareness.

You watch outside the fence of your skin
to feed your awareness.
Do you know how little awareness you are using?

one day you take up martial arts
and you realize that there is more to this awareness thing.
So you work out,
run some energy around the area
inside the fence,
through the arms and legs,
around the organs, and so on.
You punch and kick and throw,
and energy moves around inside your fence
more efficiently
the odd thing,
you become more aware.
Pushing that energy,
you watch the energy,
and you become more aware.
Anybody who has done martial arts
knows this is true.

And you reach the point where
you start to realize
that there is more than
eyes and ears and blood and bone.

There is this awareness coursing through your body,
and you start to ‘sense’ things,
which means you are aware of things
without using the eyes and ears.

you work out long enough
you suddenly are aware of something outside the fence,
beyond your skin,
without using the ears and eyes.
you are breaking the fence of your skin,
opening the doors of perception
realizing that there is more to life
than just a body.
There is you.
And you are awareness.
The big ’I am.’

one day I was working,
I haven’t spoken of this for probably a hundred or so newsletters,
so most of you haven’t heard it,
but I was working,
big door factory,
and during the lunch hour
one of the guys asked me about the martial arts.
So we went into the back room.
The light was very dim,
there was a lot of noise,
and we had to really concentrate on each other
to hear and be heard.

I was showing him suburito,
which is a basic sword strike exercise
from Aikido.
And I was showing him how to hold the sword upright,
preparatory to the strike,
and suddenly,
this huge force,
like the hand of a 100 foot giant
grabbed my body
and made the sword slash downwards behind me.
I was virtually helpless,
couldn’t stop the force,
but I had just enough awareness
to know that I had to do something,
and I pushed,
with every single ounce of my fiber,
to make the sword leave its path.
I pushed,
and it felt like I was lifting a thousand pounds.
My very bones made cracking noises.
The ‘sword’ did leaves its path
made a slight little blip
in an otherwise perfect
downward arc.

There was a guy behind me,
name of Eddie,
who had seen us working out
and decided to jump me.
He was only going to grab me,
but he was one of these fellows
with a little extra bit of nasty in his soul.

The sword
it was a actually a piece of track
used for closet doors,
cut down and slashed open his chest.
It was a mean,
nasty cut,
blood all over the place.
He staggers back
against a stack of pallets,
and he’s messed up.

So we got the first aid going,
he was going to have to go to the hospital
and get his chest sewed back together,
here’s the odd thing,
he wasn’t mad at me.
He was too messed up to be mad,
he was looking at his own mortal blood,
he was beyond anger and into surviving.
And I took advantage of the moment
and asked him what he had been doing.

He told me he was going to get me,
grab me for a joke,
have some fun with me.
Picking up on his words,
and some of the underlying meanings,
I asked him what he had been thinking
right before I cut him open.
I remember his exact words.
He looked up at me,
one hand clamped over the wound,
blood seeping through the fingers,
and he said,
“It’s funny,
I was right behind you,
just starting to jump,
and I thought,
‘Aha, got him!’
Then you cut me!”

the skin is a fence,
and there is a world outside the fence
that the martial arts illuminate,
and it doesn’t always use the eyes and the ears,
and it builds up the senses
of more than the eyes and ears.
it can take a lifetime,
if you matrix your martial art
then it becomes efficient
and you get those abilities a lot faster.
Get me,
it’s not matrixing that gives you the abilities,
it is your art that gives you those abilities,
matrixing just makes the process faster,
more efficient,
gets you there faster.
Without matrixing you go slow,
maybe don’t even get there.
With matrixing,
zingo bingo,
you’re there.

one last thing,
you remember how I said
I felt a huge force controlling my body?
Pulling my sword?
That was the real me,
and there is a similar force controlling you,
the real you.
Your body is a mere sliver of the real you.
Martial arts,
good martial arts,
especially if matrixed,
makes you aware of the real you.
The monstrous, huge, gigantic essence
that is the spiritual you
that controls that little thing
you call a body.

And when I pushed against my true spiritual force,
made the sword change its arc ever so slightly,
I saved Eddie’s face.
The cut would have gone right through his right temple,
taken out the eye,
and laid his skin to the bone.
Would have cut through the actual bone.

I had enough martial arts
that the true me could act,
because of the martial arts
I had enough presence of mind
to effect the true me,
and save somebody’s life.

I don’t know how good a guy I am,
I make a lot of mistakes,
I don’t always say or do the right thing,
no matter how hard I try.
But I’ve got a method that makes sense,
and it works,
and it works for everybody
and is even logical.
But it is going to take some sweat,
it’s going to take some work,
and it’s going to take a dedication of work outs,
even fully matrixed work outs,
but it is there,
and the proof is in you.
Can you work out hard enough,
efficiently enough
to bring out the truth of you?

I think so.
Here’s the link to help.

Monster Martial Arts

If you don’t feel like Karate,
look around for the art
that is closest to what you really want,
what will really help you find
the true spiritual giant
that you are.

Have a great work out.



Here’s something about the beginnings of my base art, the Kang Duk Won.
How A One Armed Student Studies Martial Arts
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It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God.
Mary Daly

Make Your Body Into The Body You Want With Matrix Kung Fu

I want to be as fast as Jet Li, as acrobatic as Jackie Chan, and as humble as myself. Now, I’ve seen all the ads, I know all I have to do is engage in a bone breaking sweat for a few years, and I will achieve my peak potential. Either that or join the Green Berets.

Well, maybe I have gone a bit overboard, but there is good news in the mix here. The good news is that your body, even as it is, is capable of incredible speed and power and athleticism. The trick is not changing it, but letting it unchange into what it was meant to be.

First, you need to change your diet. Nothing extreme here, just cancel ALL fast foods, and start eating lots of veggies. When you get the sweet urge, go get a watermelon or a smoothie or something like that. I don’t recommend giving up meat, just eating more moderate portions, and that goes especially for red meat.

Now the fun starts. A basic get in shape regimen starts with simple calisthenics, like walking, jumping jacks, a little rope jumping, and that sort of thing, and then progresses into deep squats, dive bomber push ups, and that sort of thing. Actually, I have come to believe in yoga as a very viable and gentle (at least in the beginning) way of putting the body in shape.

Now, the best calisthenic you can do is the martial arts. The martial arts offer a complete variety of motion, jumping, skipping, stepping…twisting, ducking, leaping…and so on. Furthermore, they make you use energy, as well as muscle, and this elevates the game to whole new levels.

The message that I am passing on here is that it takes very little work to make your body function, it just takes common sense and a modicum of gentle discipline. As you follow the advices I have given you here, you will realize that you don’t need bulging muscles to get the job done, you just need to streamline your body and make it work the right way. This concept–using the body the right way–is what it is all about.

The physical education classes in school do not tell you how to use your body, they just get you to throw the ball to your friends, they acclimate you socially. When you start to Matrix your body, which is usually through the principle of learning how the muscles are arranged, what direction they are supposed to function in, and, most important, how to make them work together, that is when true efficiency begins, That is when you are going to realize that your body is just a tool, and you can make that tool work any way you see fit.

The key, of course, whether you are studying Kung Fu, Aikido, or any other art, is to apply Matrixing to it. Matrixing is nothing more than the analysis and handling of force and direction…physics. And, when you break down the motions of people like Bruce Lee or Tonny Jaa, you are going to find that they are consummate students of physics, which is nothing more than rudimentary Matrixing.

How Speed Relates to the Overall Picture of Good and Rare Martial Arts

Whether you study Karate, Kung Fu, or that rare martial art from Faroutistan, speed is vitally important to the martial arts. If you are going to be successful in freestyle, you must be faster than your opponent. Even in the doing of your forms, speed gives a certain efficiency that is necessary to the successful martial artist.

That said, there is another side to speed, a side which embraces the entire martial arts and is the mark of your progress over the decades. This is a side which relates to the speed of the art you are practicing, and the speed of what is happening inside your head and in your life. I am talking about the speed at which you do your art.

The beginner is blown out by the fun of the martial arts, and he races breakneck through his forms. He spends hours tweaking his form, studying the angles of his limb so as to maximize speed of launch. Usually, this process takes about three years, but it can take longer, or lesser, depending on the individual and the art he is studying.

Remember what I remarked about spending hours going over your form? This is the start of the intermediate student, this is where he first starts to learn that the art is more than just exuberance and gotcha, but a real live window into the soul and potentials of humanity that were hitherto undreamed of. This is the start of growing awareness, and this is where the student first starts slowing himself down and starts looking at what he is actually doing.

This intermediate stage is practiced by all of the hard artists, they spend hours doing their forms and studying how to be efficient in motion, and it eventually slows down to a study of Tai Chi Chuan. Whether the student engages in actual Tai Chi, or just slows his forms down so he can best examine, analyze and correct them, is moot. What is important is that the student is looking, not just doing mindlessly and blindly.

Awareness you see is an oddity. One can become aware through the simple act of looking. Thus, looking is free, and awareness is free, and it is the point to all life.

Without awareness there would be no life. Or, one could say that life is according to the degree of awareness that the looker develops. Thus, the value of the martial arts, as they proceed slower and slower and thus create more and more opportunity for looking, is incalculable.

That all said, I do not wish you to curtail your studies of speed until you, personally, have reached a point which is satisfactory and obvious to you. Live, go fast, exuberate luxuriously, for you should give full throttle to all stages of learning to fight, even and not matter if you are studying a rare martial art. One should not sacrifice youth to old age.

The Secret Of Fighting From Outside The Body With Karate

This is one of those secrets that the old masters knew, but didn’t know how to talk about. The secret concerns how to fight from outside the body, and though I learned it through Karate, it can be learned through any art. The secret won’t work, of course, unless your art is perfectly aligned.

One of the first things one learns in Karate is how to explode from the tan tien. This is part of the forms, and it becomes obvious by continued practice of the forms. Too many students think the secret of the forms is in the techniques, but they are totally wrong.

The secret of the forms has to do with the proper generation of energy, and, again, one has to have a completely aligned, totally matrixed form for the energy generation to work. Unfortunately, most students think their form is just fine, and so they never look into what alignment actually is, let alone what matrixing is. That their forms are not aligned, and that their systems are not matrixed is proven by the one simple fact that people are generally not getting out of their bodies to fight through the practice of the martial arts.

The second thing one learns in Karate happens after about three years. One will be freestyling, or doing forms, and suddenly they are a couple of feet behind their head. Or maybe slightly above, or anywhere but inside their heads.

One stops being aware of eyeballs and starts being aware only of the opponent. It is a very interesting and heady sensation, but one is actually not looking with the eyeballs. Perception is a golden tunnel, a tunnel which can be brought to a focus on an opponent.

At this point movement stops being the constriction of muscles, and it feels, and is, like one is shoving the body forward as a single unit. This is a quite unique, and totally devastating, as there is not much a person who is still using his eyeballs can do to fend off the attack. Reaction time has disappeared, there is no ‘leaning’ or telegraphic intent to move the body, it just moves, and the opponent is sheep before the onslaught.

The third thing is one of confusion, for what does one work on when one is working from outside the body? One doesn’t bother with muscles, and must become accustomed to the potential energies of the body. One uses less effort, and more intention, and becomes intimate with such concepts as ‘moving without moving.’

This is the secret of the ancient martial arts, an aligned body, a matrixed art, and intense practice that literally drives a student out of his body. It is a secret that is ignored in todays body driven, muscle enhanced, physique toting society, and it is sad. For if you align your body the proper way, and align your art, through concepts of Matrixing, then it is possible for anybody to reach a heightened state of existence. This can be done with Karate, or Kung fu, or any art.

The Truth About Power Kick Strategies In Karate

Kicking is one of the most misunderstood tools of the martial arts. You are potentially off balance, fighting at distance, and yet must adhere to certain basic strategies of combat. This article, however, should enable you to offset the disadvantages and develop an excellent fighting strategy, and even develop some pretty potent and powerful kicking.

Interestingly, kicks were not always a big thing, they didn’t even impact on the American martial arts until the sixties. Watch the kicks in movies earlier than that and you don’t see much, not even in the old kung fu chop sockies. The reason for this lack of adequate kicking had to do with clothing and basic strategy.

Soldiers in older times often wore armor in combat. This meant that they were carrying more weight, and their balances were often at risk if they wanted to deliver some sort of leg attack. Ask a modern day solder to kick while wearing body armor, a back pack, a rifle, while wearing combat boots, and you will easily see my point.

Another reason was that soldiers carried weapons. Why on earth would you deliver a kick, which is slower than punching, and larger and easier to see, to a fellow who was holding a sword? Or, with today’s modern warfare, a rifle?

Thus, before the advent of such arts as Tae Kwon Do, with that art’s spinning kicks and head hunters and ax kicks, martial arts foot techniques were quite a bit different. Instead of lifting the foot high and poking it straight in, which could often be easily defended against, the leg was chambered with the foot cupping the standing knee, and then flicked out. Thus, the kick was actually more of a slap with the outside of the foot.

A lot of power could be delivered with this kick, and one didn’t have to risk being off balance, and it wasn’t out long enough to be chopped with a sword. Actually, it was designed for close in work, not the long ranges appropriate to today’s kicks. And, speaking of long range kicks, we now come face to face with the reasons for today’s modern kicks.

Long, spinning, jumping kicks came into vogue with the Tae Kwon Do influence of the 60s. Long kicks took more energy, were great for conditioning, and were so different that they worked, at least in the beginning. Now, however, while they are good for a change up, most people understand and see the long kicks, and so they treat them as a part of strategy, and not the end all to strategy.

It is doubtful that we will ever go back to short range, slapping kicks at knee level. And, there is good reason for practicing the long, high kicks, for they give range, a type of strength, and are pretty darn good for shifting strategies in combat. And, the good news, one can, through proper dedication and diligence and heaps of sweat, develop powerful kicks in any art, be it Karate, Kung Fu, or whatever.

The Effectiveness Of Communist Kung Fu Strategy!

I’m just finishing a book by Clay Blair, entitled The Forgotten War, which is about the Korean War. It is an eye opener, and extremely interesting. It is of particular interest to martial artists.

The Korean War consisted of a charge by the North Korean People’s Army, which pushed the US almost off the peninsula. A push back by the United States to the Yalu river. And a push back to the 38th parallel by the Chinese Communist Forces which almost worked, but which was countered by the US, expanded by UN, forces.

The Chinese combat strategy consisted of three principles. Charge if the enemy flees, and retreat if they attack. If the enemy is doing nothing, probe for weakness.

This is a wonderful strategy…for single soldiers. For millions of men, it doesn’t work. This strategy doesn’t hold up to the complexities of modern warfare.

The communists, you see, in embracing this strategy, were willing to trade bodies for bullets. They would charge, hundreds of thousands of men, and trust that they had more bodies than the US had bullets. They didn’t.

While the communist strategy is a wonderful one for man on man combat, it falls all apart on a modern battlefield. When the NKPA, and later the CCF, charged down the Korean Peninsula, they did so with no thought for supply lines. They couldn’t feed their soldiers, rearm them, or even get the wounded out.

What I find most interesting, in light of these lacks, is to apply the strategy of Matrixing to the battlefield. Getting an overview of national geography, specific terrain, freezing winters, muddy springs, and boiling hot summers, it is fascinating to consider whether the Chinese Communist Forces could have won if they had been a little less exuberant and a little more thoughtful in their planning. What if the CCF had established methods of resupply, applied their millions of men in manners that didn’t waste them, had taken the time to think their way through the terrain and opposition?

I recommend this book, it’s a lot of fun, and a real thought provoker, if you have a mind for combat strategies, the martial arts, and that sort of thing. I especially recommend looking into the matrixing strategies of Matrix Martial Arts, and seeing if you could win, at least on paper, one of the great undecided wars of this last century. For myself, it offers a terrific method for exercising martial arts strategies on a grand level.

Monster Newsletter #297–Bodies for Bullets!

Good Day!
And one heck of a work out!
I tell ya,
work outs is golden!
They just make you feel so good.
Especially when I have worries.
I just work out,
the worries leave,
and a solution comes in the door.
I love martial arts.

I’m reading a huge book
on the Korean War.
Fascinating stuff.
And the battlefield strategy
is phenomenal.

The communist strategy is summed up easily,
Charge if the enemy runs.
Flee if the enemy attacks,
Maintain contact and apply pressure
if they are neither charging nor fleeing.

That’s it!
That’s the whole strategy!
the key to this strategy is
you must be willing to trade bodies for bullets.
The communists believed that
if they charged with a million men
and the enemy only had 900,000 bullets,
then they would win.

So they used guerilla warfare,
and when they found a weakness,
they charged,
hundreds of thousands of men at a time.
The only problem was
the US didn’t run out of bullets.

What a waste, eh?
And for what?
Belief systems.
What a waste.

it’s a huge book,
1000 pages
of facts and figures
and absolutely fascinating,
and it gives me lots of ideas
for matrixing.

I mean,
I read the book,
get the overview of the overall geography,
an idea of the terrain,
an inkling of freezing/muddy/blood boiling weather.
I think about the kinds of weapons
that were used,
(The Chinese often had one gun for three men,
they would charge
and pick up weapons
as they could)
and I matrix the whole thing.

What if the US army used guerrilla tactics a bit more?
What if the North Koreans and Chinese
used ideas of modern warfare a bit more?
What if the UN forces fought at night?
What if the communist forces
paid attention to establishing supply lines,
and tried a little more slow but sure tactics?
What if they went around hills,
dug tunnels there,
cut off retreats there…
So many things to think about.

But the weakness here,
the thing to understand about all this,
is that the communist strategy is fine
for individual combat.
It does not work
for modern warfare.

think about it,
it is a martial arts strategy
taken to an unworkable extreme,
unless you are willing to spend
bodies for bullets.

the funniest thing about all this,
if anything about it can be considered funny,
is the Communist general.
His name was Lin Paio
I believe,
was considered a huge hero,
he had just pushed Chang Kai Sheks armies
out of China proper.
Fought all sorts of wars,
always won,
and then he lost in Korea
(or, at least, didn’t win)
so they sacked him.

But what was his strategy?
Follow orders.
Charge waves of humanity to their deaths
without even the benefit of weapons.
And this was their great strategist?
If it wasn’t so incredibly and untterably sad
I’d be LMAO!

it’s a hell of a read,
The Forgotten War
by John Costello.

That all said,
let me leave you with a poem I once wrote,
which sums up my true feelings about war
and suffering
and man’s inhumanity to man.


We built a trebuchet
in class today
and risked the parents’ ire

talk of the cow
flung over the wall
caused us to laugh without tire

then we grew grim
remembering then
as plagues piled bodies ever higher

Thank God we can laugh
at war in class
not smelling the rot and the pyre

okey dokey,
and amigettes.
I put Temple Karate back on the website.
it’s at the bottom of the home page,
and it is a real deal.
Eleven forms,
including finger takedowns
intention throws,
and all sorts of stuff.
It’s the kind of classical you can believe in.

Temple Karate Link

Have a great week,
and may you go home with bruises,
wake up stiff and sore
and know that
the art has been writ upon your bones.



This is a really nifty article that will make you think!
How To Have Sixth Sense Abilities In The Martial Arts
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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.
Marcus Aurelius

The Secret Of Achieving Sixth Sense Abilities In The Martial Arts

All of my life I wanted to achieve fantastical sixth sense abilities. I wanted to be able to see inside minds, always be in the right spot at the right time, know what was going to happen before it happened. I discovered that the martial arts are the perfect way to develop these abilities.

Unfortunately, not all martial arts work in this manner. There are some arts that are incredible, and they open the spirit up and enhance abilities like nobody’s business. But then there are arts that are just thuggish cockfights, backroom brawls so low they make animals look high.

This difference, the difference between low and high martial arts, can easily be understood. It is very simple to discern why some arts excel when it comes to creating magnitude and finery in the human soul, and some don’t. This is actually not just a matter of philosophy, but a mechanistic condition relating to the nature of a human being.

Imagine the human spirit as a light bulb. There is the grungy, dingy one, maybe made of red glass, that hangs in some dungeon. Then there is the light that is sharp and shiny, a laser, able to illuminate anything it is shined upon.

A dirty light bulb stops the light, and we are talking about dirt as in anger and rage and the desire to hurt people. A laser light is not covered with filth, and the very waves of light have been aligned to make that light brilliant and infinite. So the first thing in this matter of gaining heightened sixth senses is to clean off the light bulb that you are, get rid of the rage and anger, and make all the parts of the body work together.

To coordinate the parts of the body so they work together, and are not possessed and filtered by anger, is something the human being does. The spirit, the real person, the actual being, must endeavor to accomplish this. Thus, to be a spirit, to ‘use’ the soul, in the simple act of coordinating the body parts, will cause the human being to shine brightly and put him on the road of increased abilities.

The second thing is to matrix the martial arts one is learning. This, again, is the act of alignment, but now one coordinates the pieces of the arts, and makes the arts into one functioning unit. Again, the spirit must be clean, unfettered, and diligent in creating this alignment of art.

Interestingly, alignment is nothing more than the fact of organizing, and it cleans the soul. In aligning body and art, one organizes the very spirit that one is, and when the soul is coordinated the sixth sense abilities will blossom. Coordination of body and alignment of art, this is how you Matrix Martial Arts and achieve greatness and magnitude and abilities of the sixth sense.