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Putting Chi in the Nooks and Crannies!

what did I do on vacation?
I worked out at Tai Chi twice a day.
I love to throw myself into an art,
totally immerse myself,
and Tai Chi is great for this,
because it is the healing art.
It’s also the most deadly art I know,
Each work out would take an hour minimum,
and I would do the form for each work out.
I tale several seconds to go through each posture,
and I loop certain of the moves,
making sure I put chi into all the nook and crannies.

When I do Tai Chi I concentrate on
synchronizing the CBM (Coordinated Body Motion)
 and the breathing.
I can feel the energy swell through the body.
I don’t bother with following little electrical circuits,
I just swell and push.

I do put the mass of energy that I have created
into any body part that has my attention.
I once lowered my blood sugar over 150 counts
in three days,
by concentrating on the pancreas.
It was high,
it ain’t high no longer.

When you create a mass of energy,
what people usually call Chi,
it is the result of concentrated awareness.
You do the form,
create the energy,
and push it through the body
where it will do the most good,
or set it up for combat.

I wrote most of the details on how to create Chi in the Matrixing Chi book,
and used Sanchin.
It just seemed easier to jumpstart the chi
with Sanchin.
Once jumpstarted,
once you have the basic swell and push down,
I prefer the Tai Chi.
But you should prefer what works for you.
Though it is a science,
bodies are different,
awareness are different,
people start at different places,
and what works for you
works for you.

here is the weird chi exercise of the day.
I was reading Dune once,
and the hero of the story,
Paul Maud’Dib,
was learning how to fight.
One of the things he did
was learn how to control every single muscle in his body.
An exercise that truly taxes.
this is handy in martial arts,
but I never got into it.
I got into controlling muscles,
but not searching out each and every muscle,
and being able to activate it solely.
What I did get into was creating chi in the extremities.

Be aware of the right little toe.
Be aware of the left little toe.
Be aware of the right second toe.
Be aware of the left second toe.
Be aware of the right middle toe.
Be aware of the left middle toe.
And so on through all the toes.
Then I do the same thing for my fingers.

in the beginning you are just thinking of the toe,
not much there.
as you CBM,
you start to be able to look inside your toes.
You actually look through the leg and into the hollow
of the designated toe.
It’s like looking down a garden hose,
and you start to see more and more.
You are not looking with your eyes,
you are looking with your perceptions,
you are growing your awareness.

The trick is to CBM.
Coordinated Body Motion
is in a lot of my courses.
I almost always include a section on CBMing.
The rules,
generally speaking,
are very simple.
Start all body motion at the same time.
Finish all body motion at the same time.
Adjust relative to muscle size and mass and configuration,
in between start and stop.
Doing this
through all your forms,
should give you a healthy does of CBM,
and start to turn on your awareness,
and enable you to look ‘without your eyes.’

More on this later,
you should be pretty well tweaked out figuring this method out,
so let me just say,
get the Matrixing Chi book
it’s on the Monster Martial Arts
 if you want to learn more about 
the ‘swell and push’ method for controlling chi.
If you are past that,
you might want to take a look at Tai Chi,
here’s the URL.


When you visit the Monster Martial Arts website, make sure you pick up the free book on Matrixing. It’s at the top of the home page.

Building Martial Arts Chi Power By Degrees Of Relaxation

Martial Arts Chi Power!

That you can increase your martial arts chi energy by relaxing is zenlike, but can be frustrating. Oddly, it doesn’t have to be frustrating, you just have to know the tricks. Key to understanding this is knowing what degree of relaxation is necessary for each art to make chi power.

Before we go into this by individual art, one item needs to be known. Relaxation is the key to making chi power. It would be pretty accurate to say that the body is a machine, and the mind is a radio transmitter. This means that the machine, and the transmitter, need to be free of all distractions if they are to operate at maximum efficiency.

I prefer teaching the art of Karate first, as this is a simple art that can generate massive amounts of chi. It deals with pure explosion from the tan tien, though, the sad truth, most people treat it like a calisthenic. One needs to stop doing exercises without thought and invest their awareness if they are going to create the intrinsic power of the martial arts.

Breath to the tan tien and learn to relax the body and tighten only the fist. The body might be a little tight in the beginning, as one learns how to align it correctly and connect it to the ground, but this tenseness should give way to a relaxation that can withstand the introduction of force to the structure. The fist does not have to be excessively tight, just tight enough to emphasize the space surrounding the moment of the strike.

The real key to advanced martial arts is to cycle energy through the body while the body is in motion. This can be done in Shaolin style arts easily; the more the circular movement, and the more attention to proper alignment, the easier it is. Again, breath and relax even while handling the introduction of great weight to your frame.

The highest martial arts are such as Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. The reason for this is that the slower you go the more you look, the more you look the more you know. This is the concept of investing awareness brought to its peak.

Myself, I have done walking the circle and the Tai Chi form to the point of one move a minute. If I stop totally, this is called pile stancing, and it is very effective. I usually do stoppage merely to take the time to assess the form and make sure everything is in the right place.

In conclusion, no martial art is better than any other, they are just different pieces of the same picture; there are no superior fighting disciplines, merely superior martial arts students. Learn to relax, even if your muscles are empty, and you will find that there is no fatigue, only a path to more energy.

Find out the truth about Martial Arts Chi. Get the free martial arts book on the home page. Head over to Monster Martial Arts.

The Martial Glow of Good Health!

Martial Arts Awareness Turns on the Body!

A Phantastic Phun summer to you!
a work out a day…
It’s giving me some great ideas.
Have you ever noticed that?
That when you work out regular
you get ideas?
I mean,
you just get calm,
get the chatter out of your thoughts,
and suddenly you see things,
make connections.
the more you work out
the better it gets.
I tell ya,
a work out a day is better than what the doctor ordered.

speaking of doctors,
let me share my own personal get well method.
There are a couple of things you need to do to make this work,
but when you can do it,
things really happen.

I got my black belt in 74.
a few years later,
people started calling m a master.
I never said anything,
I just kept working out
and people started calling me a master.
It was weird.
tell the truth,
I was too busy to really pay much attention.
The martial arts were just pulling me along.

when I hit Black Belt I was pretty well CBMed.
(Coordinated Body Motion)
by the time I hit mastery
I was pretty well matrixed.
I still had a lot of work to do,
but my arts were making sense,
fitting together.

when I CBMed
I experienced a bunch of stuff.
When I hit mastery I started to glow.
It sounds mystical,
but it’s not,
it’s just that a well tuned body,
not stop by a mind full of chatter
will glow.
Like a machine turned on.

what do you do with a glow.
whenever I am injured,
or sick,
I just glow into that body part.
Let’s say I break a toe,
I close my eyes
become aware of my toe,
and feed my awareness into it,
and there is a sensation like glowing
in my toe.
Like pleasurable pins and needles,
but much finer,
like a balloon filling up with warmth.

I do other things,
I do a lot of things,
but that is my mainstay.
It is directly a result
of martial arts practice,
and it grows stronger.

Anybody can do it.
it gets better with CBMing,
and it is massive when you’re matrixed.
CBM is to arrange your own body
so it moves logically and in order
and matrixing is when you arrange your art(s)
logically and in order
so they all fit together

I talk out in a lot of books.
I say it quick and concise,
usually in formula,
and then I move on.
CBMing is to use the body as one unit,
do an art long enough
and it might happen.

without my data
will not happen.
Hasn’t happened ever
on this planet
before I figured it out.

I know you know a lot,
I know you’re smart and can figure things out,
but if you want a leg up,
Matrix Karate is the main course,
it gives the basics of Matrixing,
and you can apply that matrixing
to any art you study.

You want to matrix Tai Chi?
Krav maga?
Simply do the Matrix Karate Course,
and apply it all to your art.
Plug in the forms and techniques and concepts.
Do the actual matrixing applications drill
watch your mind slow down
watch all the inner chatter stop,
and start to see life as it really is.

there’s my pitch,
and if you have any health problems,
try my glowing method,
and keep trying it,
because the more martial arts you do,
and the more you try it,
the better it will work.
It is a cumulative thing.

Got to go now,
but you guys and gals remember,
a work out a day
keeps you in play.

Have a great and healthy summer!




“A man who has attained mastery of an art reveals it in his every action.”

How to Flux People through Perfect Martial Arts Training

When it comes to Perfect Martial Arts Training, CBM is the tip of the iceberg. That tip, however, is one of the most important things you’ll ever learn. It sets the stage for Matrixing, and without CBM Matrixing wouldn’t work half so well. And without Matrixing one wouldn’t be able to Flux people. Check out the vid, and then I’ll tell you what fluxing is and how to do it to people.

CBM (Coordinated Body Motion) is matrixing the body, you see.
Since Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction, CBM is the handling of force and direction inside the body.
This means you align intention within your body, you align flow (flux) inside your body, and your body becomes a well oiled machine capable of matrixing the martial arts.
In the past, instructors could teach you to use the body as one unit, but it would take too long. They didn’t have my CBM definition, you see. And then, even if they were CBMed, they didn’t have Matrixing theory, and so couldn’t move quickly and easily to the peaks of the martial arts.
CBM is when all parts of the body start at the same time, and when they step at the same time, and when all motion inbetween is regulated to the proper amount of effort (non-effort…or effortless), proportionate to the limb, the muscle, the whatever is moving.
Sounds like a lot, but if you just move the hand at the same time as the foot, and make sure they start together and end together, and have no jerkiness of motion in between, then you’ve got it.
Of course, it feels awkward at first, and some people call it unnatural, but it is really just unfamiliar. It is the way your body prefers to move.
The way your body prefers to move, isn’t that interesting? And it is efficient, so efficient that, when properly done, massive intention can begin to move through the body.
When massive intention starts to move through the body interesting things can start to occur.
Long ago I read a book on selling. The thrust of one of the chapters was simple: duplicate the body motion of your client, and he will like you, and once he likes you, you can sell him things.
My, how devious. Sort of opens up that whole stupid advertising and manipulation thing, or at least makes me resistant to advertising. After all, why would I ant to UBM (Uncoordinated Body motion) my body just to buy stuff and gimcracks?
But the interesting thing was that I tried it a few times, and it worked, and then, me not being devious and manipulating, I forgot about it.
Years later I was teaching a martial arts class, and I could see in the mirror that when I did forms with the class they were better.
Well, of course. I know the form, they get confidence and duplicate my motion better, and…hmmm. I could see that there was more to it.
But I didn’t think about it, I was too busy teaching.
Years later I noticed that my path would effect other people’s path. Something as simple as walking through a train station and watching how people moved in response to my motion, and I realized that I wasn’t the one duplicating motion, they were. Everybody was trying to duplicate my motion. And I could see that I was the only one actually aware. Everybody else was on reaction and response and track the path and…I was causing paths to track and unravel and to reform. The motion of my CBMed body was doing that.
So I started projecting my path. I would just imagine my path, and I would watch people shift their paths in response to my projection. How interesting.
Then I noticed something freaky, people were CBMing when I came near them.
I would approach somebody and their body motion would become smoother, more liquid. Their eyes got a little brighter, they got more cheerful.
My presence? Nah. I’m a clunk, man. I couldn’t be doing that!
But, as time passed, I realized that I was doing that.
Simply, I had CBMed my body so thoroughly that it was giving off flux energy (call it smooth chi, that’s about as close as I can describe it, more like a motor than anything else), and the other body units around me were tapping into it, duplicating it, and people liked the way their bodies were moving.
Well shucks and gee whillickers, am I a national treasure or what?
Probably the or what, but the point is made.
CBM your body, Matrix your art, and sit back and watch what happens.
People align around you.
They tap into your flow, and here is where it gets weird: the more they tap into your flow, the more flow you have. It’s just an exchange thing, the motor turning on, except that now we aren’t just talking about one body unit, we are talking about hooking up multiple body units, making motors into a machine, and then turning that machine on.
CBMing makes your body into a tuned up motor. Matrixing hooks you into the other motors, and when the chi starts to flow, it is going to be odd, weird, unpreditcable, and the greatest joyousness you can imagine.
And that’s how you Flux People through Perfect Martial Arts Training. If you want more data on chi power and gigong and all that, check out Matrixng Chi at Monster Martial Arts.

In True Martial Arts Fight or Flight is to be a Victim!

Martial Arts WeaponOne of my friends wrote me recently, was excited about transforming reaction to’towards,’ instead of ‘away.’

This is an old method of controlling the ‘fight or flight’ response to what you want.

It’s a neat idea, however, as I observed to my friend, reaction time is reaction time, and the real key to the martial arts is to get rid of reaction time.

Thus, instad of pretending your a bird on the wing, or a tiger ready to pounce, you should practice being a ware, like a human being.

Extend your awareness so that you can see what is coming, and thus never be surprised, and never had reaction time.

You don’t want to react, because that is acting after,and it means you’ve already gone victim.

Instead, you want to act, based on a plan you made when you saw the future coming.

This type of thought, of philosophy, is what matrixing is all about. Increasing awareness so you can make a real plan. No other martial art does it. They are all reacting, being the victim, fight or flight with no real choice.

Monster Martial Arts, if the idea of becoming aware sounds better than becoming reactive like an animal.

Mind Power, Chi Energy and Neutronic Martial Arts

chi powerOne of the things that fascinate people is Mind Power, sometimes referred to as Chi Energy. Let me tell you about how you get this through Neutronic Martial Arts.

The first step is to learn a Martial Art. Classical is best, simple is best, although many classical are not simple.

Then you matrix your martial art. This is a method for logically aligning and arranging your martial art. Your art will suddenly make ten times the sense, be incredibly functional, and it will tend to become simple.

Third, as Matrixing takes hold, you will start to go Neutronic. This means that life will become simple. Choices will become easy and plain. Complexities will disappear.

Now, here is what it all means.

Your body is a machine, a bunch of motors put together for a common purpose. As you realize your purpose, and as you put a perfectly aligned software program (Matrixing) through it, the hardware (your mind) will start to align and make sense. It will cease getting in your way, and life will become simpler.

You should read this last paragraph a few times, and make sure you understand it. It is your key to life.

Now, I noticed bits and pieces of life going right for me over the years. The more martial arts I studied, and made logical, the easier life become.

It sort of came to a head when I noticed that when I was happy all the traffic lights were green, and when I wasn’t, all the traffic lights were red.

As weird as this sounds–I mean, there were other people on the road, but the lights were aligning with me–it kept happening.

And I realized that when I was happy the world was happy. Sort of a self centered thing, but aren’t we all self centered anyway? Doesn’t the universe already revolve around us?

Only a fool would deny that they look from their own eyes first.

Anyway, I kept studying martial arts, figuring them out, matrixing them, and then something interesting happened.

So one day I was working on my computer, and I was sitting back and thinking about this thing that I had written, and suddenly the figures on the screen changed.

No, they didn’t make a sentence in alignment with my thoughts, but everything changed.

I had seen a glitch.

Nothing had been done to the computer, no key had been pressed, yet the computer had changed.

And, I realized that it had changed at the precise moment I had had a thought.

It couldn’t do my thoughts, but it could do something, so it did.

This type of thing is observable in life.

Somebody drives your car and brings it back, and it suddenly drives differently.

It has changed in accordance with their thoughts.

And you can explain all sorts of phenomena in regards to this.

People you haven’t seen for years suddenly appearing.

A phone call arrives just as you think about a person.

And so on.

Honestly, we are at the start of it all.

And, what can we do to help the process; what can we do to tap into our bigger abilities?

Well, my method works.

Do the Martial Arts, matrix them, go neutronic.

Or, to put in earthlingspeak: learn how to fight until you are calm and competent, make sense out of all the martial arts through a scientific method, let the perfection of the software (martial arts matrixing program) create effect in the hardware (the mind).

If you wish to learn more you could check out Monster Martial Arts for Matrixing, and ChurchofMartialArts.com for Neutronics.


Static Stances Increase Inner Energy Tenfold!

I have received good comments on a recent newsletter concerning static stances and generating energy, here’s one that goes to the heart of it all. It’s right after the snippet where I put out a candle from over a foot away.

Here’s the win…

Al, I really liked the article on static postures you wrote.

I got involved in Chi kung about 8 years ago after some health issues arose. The methods resolved my issue (and still do!) and got the chi flowing to a great degree. Mental alertness, strength, vitality, all of it came with practice. Then about 3 years ago, I found a book on yichuan and began doing the standing postures.

WOW! Instant energy! Even 10 minutes in the beginning was challenging. Now standard practice is 30-45 minutes depending on time allotment and desire. This single practice of ‘standing still’, taught me more about movement than moving ever did! The energy builds up to such a degree that the body begins to move by itself.

When I first felt this I finally had an understanding of what was meant by “from wuji comes tai chi”. Form NO Thing, Comes Some thing. I did nothing, and got something…something great!!

Another eye opener was that this could be applied to any style. All styles have some forms of sorts, so why not hold them for long periods? I see a lot of karate guys do forms fast and thats it. They miss a piece of the puzzle… They could make their good art great. Chi kung (moving chi kung) increased my energy significantly, but standing still built a gyroscope in my dan tien. It spins crazy! Movements come from every direction.

When the body is aligned as in tai chi, the dan tien moves everything! Its simple and AWESOME! I know a lot of martial artists and fighters who I give this to freely, but they just laugh mostly. Their fault. Thanks for the great newsletters Al.

Take care.

Lee Bracey

Too often I sit on wins, and I should be handing them out like candy. So thanks to Lee, and thanks to you guys who get it.

Want more good stuff? Check out Monster Martial Arts, and especially the page on Matrixing Chi. And get the FREE ebook in the upper left hand corner of the home page.

The Secret of Tai Chi Pulsing Power

I was doing Tai Chi this morning, up on Mulholland, and I was struk by how simple the concept of pulsing is.

And I was struck by how obtuse some descriptions of the practice are.

From foot push through the leg, turn the hips, extend the arms barely.

Or, push/turn/(small) wave of the arms.

You start by doing the motion, investing awareness, and trusting that you will see results.

Awareness becomes a physical sensation, and, voila, you have pulse.

It’s like a dream becomes reality.

The more weight you imagine you feel, the more effetive will become your technique.

Now, I have described this concept from several viewpoints, so you can enter into it from several viewpoints, understand it from several viewpoints, and experience success.

That all said, the interesting thing is that when I wrote my Matrixing Chi book I didn’t use Tai Chi as the model. I used a simpler form, from a different art, with simpler movements.

And, that said, the book is sometimes difficult to understand. With all the graphics and such, I was trying to use a more automatic writing approach to the thing. So, it succeeds, but it also leads….if you are erudite and have a lofty vocab.

Anyway, try using what I wrote here, and check out the book, and have a Tai Chi day.

Or, to put that in English, have a Grand Ultimate day.

Oh, and here’s a snip of me using chi to put out a candle. Later.

Inventing a New Martial Art Based on Grass

I have often thought of making a martial art based on grass.

No, no! Not that kind of grass! I’m talking about the kind of grass that grows through the cracks in the sidewalk.

This is sort of funny, because, in essence, I’ve already done that.

You see, when you push on the body in the right way energy is created in the body. Student has no choice, must create energy, it’s a survival thing, you see.

So, like grass finds its way through the cracks in the sidewalk…chi fins its way through the frame of the body. Through the constitution and the inner workings. Permeating and worming and making the body incredibly healthy, fast when needed, lazy and happy when not needed.

I say it’s funny to want to create new art, because if you take the one element of body testing it does  create energy, and for and through any art you wish to study.

And, not to say funny three times running, but it’s funny that people have been pushing on bodies for a zillion years and have never figured this thing out.

And, after showing people bits and pieces, and even going over it with them, I have yet to meet anybody who has extrapolated the main theory and used it.

I meet people who have done it–these are really few and far between–but even then they haven’t stated what they are doing in concrete terms, and thus I know the knowledge will be lost as soon as they pass.

Ah, well. Maybe the world isn’t ready for a new martial art based on grass.

Anyway, I show Body Testing in The Master Instructor Course.

You guys have a great day.

Flux Theory And the Mystery Of Negative Tai Chi Chuan Power

There is much doubt when it comes to the tales of negative Tai Chi Chuan Chi Power. The old man who kept a bird from flying off his palm is one of the tales. Another one, more practical, is the Tai Chi Chuan Master who, when struck, grips his opponent’s fist with negative energy and holds his fist immobile against his belly.

Skepticism can be a healthy thing in many ways, but not when it comes to the reality of Chi Energy. After all, pretty much anybody can use explosive energy and what are we talking about but reversing that energy. There are three elements to this subject that, once mastered, will lead one further into the subject.

The first basic is figuring out how to get a ‘sucking energy’ feeling into the tan tien. First, it helps if you do this in conjunction with Roll Back, which I liken to ‘pulling a rope.’ As you pull the rope you don’t tense the abdomen, but rather get the sensation of relaxing.

You don’t exert effort to make this occur, and this is the crucial point where people usually have trouble. You hold the tension in place with your mind, and give a mental command to the muscles to reverse perception. You simply reverse your perception of what is happening in the tan tien, and this makes the tan tien look the other way…or start to ‘suck.’

The second basic has to do with the arms. As you move the arms you must not use muscle, but try to get that same sucking reversal of perception inside your arms. I find it very helpful to imagine arrows pointing at my arms from all directions, and visualize the arrows pointing the other way.

The third basic has to do with stance, and this may be the most important, as it enforces and substantiates the other things you are doing. Again, you try to reverse the perceptions of the legs. This means that you are going to attempt to feel no weight, no matter how much weight you feel in your legs.

This matter of having weight, but not feeling it, is what Flux Theory is all about in tai chi chuan. Weight, and your ideas of the direction of weight, is what you have to undo. The problem is you have to do it by giving mental commands and literally reverse the way your brain has been hardwired.

To use the muscles without using the muscles, to create force out of nothing. These are the odd concepts that are, once you focus on the Flux Theory, not so odd. But, even understanding this theory, it will take work and concentration to truly plumb your potentials for creating Negative Chi Power.

You can pick up a book which explains all about Chi at Monster Martial Arts. It is called Matrixing Chi.