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Online Gung Fu Course a Real Breakthrough!

Gung Fu Video Course Totally Incredible!

The Shaolin Butterfly Gung Fu course has been a real breakthrough martial arts course.

It is inexpensive, and yet it covers concepts from over a half a dozen styles of Gung Fu.

It condenses these systems and makes the concepts much easier to learn and to apply than if one was to take the original courses, which might take YEARS to complete!

First, the footwork is logically thought out. Each form moves in a different manner, enabling the student to rapidly understand motion in any direction from emotionless beginning.

Second, concepts from Mantis kung Fu are explored, from Choy Lee Fut gung Fu, the tiger, the crane, the dragon, and more! These concepts are well thought out, and the student rapidly learns to combine them for the BEST gung fu he has ever experienced.

Probably the most exciting thing about this system is the method of freestyle. It covers basics to advanced motions and drills, but it focuses on the completed freestyle drill called ‘Rolling Fists,’ or Lop Sau. Up to this time Lop Sau has been taught in pieces, and nobody has ever understood how the whole exercise works. There are actually six moves, and when these moves are practiced the student becomes able to do incredibly efficient freestyle within an hour or two.

AN HOUR OR TWO! Here is a clip…

It only took a couple of hours for the student to freestyle on an intuitive level, and as time went on his blocks and strikes became only harder and more combat efficient.

There is NO other style of Gung Fu that can do that!

There is NO other freestyle training drill in the world that can do that!

So the Shaolin Butterfly truly is a breakthrough Gung fu course. Check it out at:


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Wing Chun Gung Fu, The Girly Martial Art That Will Kick Your Butt!

Good Trapping Hands Technique!

Every once in a while somebody will remark that ‘Isn’t Wing Chun Kung Fu that stuff invented by a girl?’ Inside that statement is a bias against ladies who can be pretty darned tough. The statement also reveals some fundamental ignorance.

Many years ago, the myth goes, a warlord was forcing his affections on a peasant girl. The girl escaped into the forest, where she was befriended by a Shaolin nun named Ng Mui. The nun taught the girl enough Gung Fu to take on, and beat, the warlord, and then the young girl was able to marry the man who really had her heart.

The man of her dreams, a fellow named Leung Bac-Chou, also knew some Gung Fu. During a little marital spat he decided to teach his bride a lesson, and wound up being taught a lesson of his own. Fortunately, wifey decided to share her style with hubbie, and the style was named after the wife: Wing Chun (beautiful springtime).

While one could find many plot inconsistencies with this myth, the fact remains that it is one of the more workable systems of the Chinese Martial Arts. This is because the martial system is concept based, but backed up by good, hard work. In other words, students of Wing Chun don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

The system is basically short range oriented. The central drill of the system is Chi Sau, or ‘Sticky Hands,’ a method by which practitioners twine the arms and learn to read and be sensitive to an opponent. People practicing Chi Sau for any length of time become able to virtually ‘read the mind’ of an opponent.

The system also has the famous wooden dummy training tool. This is a thick stand of hard wood outfitted with arms and legs. The student learns how to bash, guide and manipulate an opponent by fighting for endless hours with this wood dummy.

Close range combat is not the only feature of Ving Tsun, however. For middle range work one learns to wield the Butterfly swords. For long range work there is the long spear.

Wing Chun has proven itself over the centuries, and the most famous student was Bruce Lee. Currently, Wing Chun Kung Fu is being practiced around the globe, and is renowned for its combat effectiveness. Not too shabby for a ‘Girls Martial Art.’

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