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about Pa Kua Chang and Making It Easy to Learn

A Few Things I learned About Pa Kua Chang

I received a letter the other day, about pa kua chang, and that martial art is really as easy to learn it as I claim. I’ll probably write a newsletter on this, but I wanted to sort of frame my thoughts first, so let me just speak out.

People who think that mysterious hand movements are going to result in secret abilties and massive chi in twenty years are…sort of foolish. Yes, it can happen, but why take so long, and why lose students over the spreading of myteries, which the normal intelligent human being doesnt’ adhere to.

The normal, intelligent human being adheres to knowledge, he likes to understand, the mind likes to absorb that which is sensible and logical, and it likes to refuse arcane, esoteric bushwah. The proof is in that memorizing arcane, esoteric bushwah is very difficult…there is no frame of reference in the mind for it to adhere to.

I spent some time trying to memorize all the wild movements, but, in the end, the most worthwhile practice was just sticking to basic moves, and walking the circle for a couple of hours a day for two years. I became competent within a couple of months, and by the end of two years i was experiencing all the surges of power through my body, and I was able to use the ‘chi power’ in my movements.

But it worked because I kept it simple, and didn’t become one of these mystical finger boys with all there carefully crafted secrets that impress the heck out of everybody but don’t really work too well.

Honestly, what some people spread about Pa Kua Chang ends up taking the student longer to learn. Much longer.

So the basics are…walk the circle…breath deep…feel the energy going up and down the legs and across the tan tien…let the energy in the tan tien build, and relax and let it emit out the arms. It’s easy, and that’s the truth about Pa Kua chang.

about pa kua chang

On Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu!

On the Shaolin Butterfly!

Let me start this article on the Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu
by telling you that
my introduction to energy was through
the classical karate forms.
and I recommend to all.
I know that not everybody is a karate enthusiast.
Karate has been pretty corrupted,
there is more mystique to Kung Fu,
and I was actually thinking about this
when I put together the Shaolin Butterfly.
The Shaolin martial art I used
to develop the Butterfly
was Fut Ga.
Fut Ga is hard core Shaolin,
similar to Hung Gar and Choy Lee Fut,
and that style of art.
karate ki power

What Can You Really Do with Martial Arts Chi Power?

I had learned a lot of forms,

spent some intense time going over them,
looking for applications,
and that sort of thing.
I didn’t get the same type of power from Fut Ga
that I got from Karate.
I got power,
but it was more healthy power,
not explosive power.
So I ransacked Fut Ga,
found the basic footwork pattern I wanted to matrix,
and set about arranging the concepts I learned
in a more powerful and cohesive fashion.
The end result of this,
the benefit of Shaolin butterfly,
is that the power comes faster and harder,
yet the healthy body aspect remains.
I could condense the concepts
and make them easier to learn.
I could adapt it to freestyle better.
I was a little shocked at how Fut Ga
did not approach freestyle
in a more concentrated fashion.
I guess I watched
a little too much David Carradine.
I have had absolutely tremendous wins
from people who have done the Shaolin Butterfly.
One of my first big wins
was from a fellow who was
totally discouraged with the martial arts,
and the Shaolin Butterfly ‘revived’ him.
He bought the original book,
and it changed his life.
Made me very glad.
So I have a win for you.
it is more of an analysis of the Butterfly.
Here it is.
Thought I would give some feedback on the course:
1.  Liked how each move in the form is demonstrated.
2.  Like how each move is progressed into a take-down.  It seems you are very interested in that.
3.  Like the variety of concepts involved here.
4.  Don’t understand why neither you or your assistant never have your hands up.  It’s so basic.  Seeing your assistant’s arm just droop like that is hard to look at.
5.  Having hands up would affect timing and the ability to commit on some strikes and take-downs. So I have to be selective.  However, I viewed dvds from respected lineage instructors and felt the same way.
6.  Like how forms have a focus and each form is a different focus.
7.  Like the concept of forms being launch points.
8.  Like the variety of moves.  Found the dragon form most interesting.
9.  The book adds very little to the dvds.  I thought this would cover a more theoretical discussion.
This is part of a project to survey some different martial arts and see what I can take from each and use what I’m happy with.  My hopes is that this can replace some of the workout time spent in the gym, but be grounded in reality at the same time.   I value your course because it covers a lot for $30.   I’ll probably order a few more courses as a part of my study.
Thanks Jim,
I appreciate your analysis.
Jim had a lot of good stuff to say,
and a few points which he considered weaknesses.
the book was written first,
the DVDs were done later,
just to illustrate the book,
show how to translate the art into freestyle,
and so on.
the hands down.
Tell the truth,
I have thought about the hands down thing
much over the years.
I remember my instructor doing it,
and I watch people on the tube and various other places
when they do it.
Jim is right,
it is a weakness,
it is something some people do
when they are done.
Technique done,
all done,
no need for the arms to be up.
Lower arms.
no excuse,
remember his point when you do the course.
And make sure you send me your wins,
or your analysis,
or whatever.
Maybe I can share,
and what somebody says
might be what somebody else needs.
here is the URL
Check it out
and I’ll talk to you later.
Help support the Great Matrixing Tour!
Order a course now!
your help is appreciated.
Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.
Alexander the Great 

Is This the Most Powerful Punch in the Whole World?

Actually, the headline shouldn’t read ‘most powerful punch,’ it should read most powerful strike, or slap, because it is not a punch. But the question still remains…did this really happen?

most powerful punch

Is this real?

The first thing I think of, when I see this martial arts photo, is WOW! This guy has martial arts chi power, he has the secret dim mak, poison hand, touch death down! Then I start looking at the photo.

The one on the left looks like it was shot early in the morning, and the one on the left later in the day. Hmm.

Or, perhaps it was getting darker in the right one, so the flash turned on. Grin.

One of the things that bothers me is the size of the crack running down the bricks. Everything is in order, I follow the line of power being done, but would bricks separate that much if they were stacked like that? I’d have to do some tests, but I don’t think so.

And, I wonder why some of the bricks don’t show more damage. That much power should pulverize and turn to literal dust some of the bricks. And that leads me to wonder whether the bricks were cooked. Cooking the bricks makes them brittle so that a whole stack could be slaughtered without much problem. Hmm.

Mind you, I am a fan of this stuff, and I have seen martial arts techniques and tricks that would blow the mind. I’ve seen photos from sources that I trusted of some incredible ‘chi breaks,’ and there are even some good things on Youtube. Heck, I’ve got my own ‘put a candle out from over a foot away’ video uploaded.

So I do believe in incredible feats of chi. I would just like to see this done live, or find witnesses that I trust, or something like that.

I think the golden age of the martial arts is just opening up. I think that Kung Fu tricks and Karate ki power tricks are going to start popping up all over the place.

That said, if you want to start the ball rolling, by developing the most powerful punch in the whole world, you should probably just check out my book called ‘The Punch.’

powerful punch

Tai Chi Chuan: Notes on the Classical v the New Age

Tai Chi Chuan…Pleasure or Function?

Watching Tai Chi Chuan on the youtube this morning, and it was interesting, very interesting. Young chinese gal swung into a modern Tai Chi New Age version, and my mind began to dissect the bits and pieces, the rights and wrongs. Of course, one could argue that there is no right and wrong, there is only interpretation.

tai chi chuanBut, in this matter of Tai Chi Chuan, should there be interpretation? The young gal flowed like a sparkler in molasses, whirling chi energy, wielding chi power, and was as beautiful as a constellation in the summer sky. But…shouldn’t function define the mess?

The original Tai Chi was low, powerful, thrusting poppings of power that would slay a dragon or four. Her new age Tai Chi Chi was low and slow, and there were circles in her movements, but the arms were not arranged in the unbendable circle. Rather, they were bendable and wonderful to see…and useless in a fight.

Standing on one leg executing Open Kick…but borrowing from Shaolin for the length and the flair and the dazzling impression. But a kick done that way can easily be seen, and easily prevented…often at cost to the kicker. Shouldn’t the kick be light and fleeting, non-balletic, in and out and defeating the attacker on the proper level?

Still, she rippled and writhed, and one could see the energy pulsating up the form and out the limbs. But–I am beginning to hate that word ‘but’–the energy was contained in body, not brought forth as it would be in combat function. A form done within oneself, without manifesting in the outer, is a form that stifles in nature (in spirit), no matter how pleasing to the eye.

The crowd, of course, loved what she was doing; she enraptured the eye with her grace. But what does a crowd know? Is this not just a titallation of the group mind, a playing to the politics of the moment and the group think and the base desire?

I think of the real power available to the practitioner, should they restrict themselves to function, and eschew the clap of hand and intake of breath. I think of the power that ripples unseen, which is what good Tai Chi Chuan should be…invisible to the eye and pleasing to the Gods. Not the masses nor even the muse, not the gold and the glory, but the inner reality of the soul in emptiness, an emptiness that is manipulated beyond the ken of man.

That is the human soul: an expanding of an Awareness that is beyond the eye and the ear…and shouldn’t that be the thrust of Tai Chi? Shouldn’t the true power be wielded in the spaces of the soul, and used only to enhance the quality of life in this universe? Shouldn’t, when we practice our Tai Chi, play to the Gods first, ourselves second, and the people last?
tai chi chuan

I Got in Trouble for Telling People this About Martial Arts Chi Power

This is a kick, but I had a couple of people incredibly upset when I told them this little item about the Martial Arts. Sort of funny, because it’s just words on paper, right? Well, digital on screen, I guess. But, if somebody doesn’t like something I know I’m on the right track, so I just go ahead and repeat it. They’ll either get unupset, or go away. There choice. But it’s only information about how the body works.
Energy goes up and down the legs, the tan tien is an energy generator. and zingo bingo, here comes the crux of the matter, the only difference between tai chi and karate is one of converting chi power to the speeds involved.
I guess these fellows got upset because they wanted it all to be mysterious. But, look, the body is a machine. It’s a flesh, blood, biomechanical…machine.
There are ways to create energy, call it chi power if you will, without the machine, but if you use the machine, you have to have connectors to the ground and a generator.
Look, this is basic one on virtually all my courses.
And, no, the chakras are switchboards, they are not generators.
Oh, boo hoo. No mystery. Cry me a river.
Well, I’m not one for going a round thinking that something I don’t understand is glorious; I donb’t believe in running my life in search of a msytery. Much more fun to get things done. So here’s where I get things done, here is the proof. In the following video I am using the legs, generating chi, and throwing it a foot. Not mysterious. Anybody can do it. I even wrote the directions on how to do this in a book, and everybody who has read the book has been able to do it.

Now, the sad thing is that some people are going to read this and feel let down. They wanted something mysterious. But life isn’t mysterious, it’s just what it is, and you get what you want by understanding what you are doing and then applying yourself to whatever you want.
Anyway, check out my site, Monster Martial Arts, and make sure you pick up a free book while you’re there.

Where Does Chi Energy Come From In Karate, Taekwondo, Kenpo, Or Any Other Martial Art?

Most people don’t have a clue where the chi Energy comes from comes from in Taekwondo, Kenpo, Kung Fu, or any other martial art. That there is chi is plain to see, one just need take note of a real martial artist move to know that he is doing something beyond simple muscles. The problem is that most teachers don’t take the time to explain the exact growth of chi in the martial artist. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you more.

A fellow walks into the martial arts training hall, and the first thing he must do is start conditioning his body. Any art, from Jujitsu to Tai Chi Chuan is going to require a body in first class condition. Thus, there are exercises at the start of every training session, and the training itself makes the body stronger.

This is the place, sad to report, where many people step off the path of the true art. Too many people think that muscles are the everything, and they start weightlifting, focusing their training on building muscles, and they miss the real dynamite. The real dynamite is the Tan Tien, or the ‘One Point.’

Before I explain about the One Point, let me put forth something about all this. You need muscles, not going to argue that, but you don’t need huge muscles…you just need coordinated muscles. You need to make your muscles work together in any martial arts technique you do.

If the muscles work at the same time, you are able to use the weight and energy of the whole body. This is much more efficient than if you use the muscles of the body in pieces, which is what training with weights, or other methods, often result in. I call this method of using all the muscles of the body at the same time by the name of ‘Coordinated Body Motion,’ or CBM.

The One Point is located just below the belly button, and it is the body energy center. When one uses this body energy center they must breath from it. No, oxygen doesn’t go to the center, but the deep breathing sets up waves of energy which do, and which translate into the explosive power the tan tien is capable of manifesting.

Now, it is sometimes difficult to locate the tan tien, or learn how to use it in the beginning. A good trick is to place one foot waist high on a wall, then simply swap feet. Within a short time you will feel the necessity to breath deep, to settle the energy down, and use the One Point.

There are other methods of exploring this power, but this is one of the simplest. The good news is that once you start feeling the energy center for the body explode, you will start using it for everything you do; punches, kicks, martial arts blocks, all moves will start to emit from the body center. Try this, and it will only be a short time before you are using that awesome chi power in Karate, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, or any other Martial Art.

Get a free Martial Arts book, head on over over to Monster Martial Arts. If you are interested in the science behind Martial Arts Chi Power, check out the Matrixing Chi book.

Putting Chi in the Nooks and Crannies!

what did I do on vacation?
I worked out at Tai Chi twice a day.
I love to throw myself into an art,
totally immerse myself,
and Tai Chi is great for this,
because it is the healing art.
It’s also the most deadly art I know,
Each work out would take an hour minimum,
and I would do the form for each work out.
I tale several seconds to go through each posture,
and I loop certain of the moves,
making sure I put chi into all the nook and crannies.

When I do Tai Chi I concentrate on
synchronizing the CBM (Coordinated Body Motion)
 and the breathing.
I can feel the energy swell through the body.
I don’t bother with following little electrical circuits,
I just swell and push.

I do put the mass of energy that I have created
into any body part that has my attention.
I once lowered my blood sugar over 150 counts
in three days,
by concentrating on the pancreas.
It was high,
it ain’t high no longer.

When you create a mass of energy,
what people usually call Chi,
it is the result of concentrated awareness.
You do the form,
create the energy,
and push it through the body
where it will do the most good,
or set it up for combat.

I wrote most of the details on how to create Chi in the Matrixing Chi book,
and used Sanchin.
It just seemed easier to jumpstart the chi
with Sanchin.
Once jumpstarted,
once you have the basic swell and push down,
I prefer the Tai Chi.
But you should prefer what works for you.
Though it is a science,
bodies are different,
awareness are different,
people start at different places,
and what works for you
works for you.

here is the weird chi exercise of the day.
I was reading Dune once,
and the hero of the story,
Paul Maud’Dib,
was learning how to fight.
One of the things he did
was learn how to control every single muscle in his body.
An exercise that truly taxes.
this is handy in martial arts,
but I never got into it.
I got into controlling muscles,
but not searching out each and every muscle,
and being able to activate it solely.
What I did get into was creating chi in the extremities.

Be aware of the right little toe.
Be aware of the left little toe.
Be aware of the right second toe.
Be aware of the left second toe.
Be aware of the right middle toe.
Be aware of the left middle toe.
And so on through all the toes.
Then I do the same thing for my fingers.

in the beginning you are just thinking of the toe,
not much there.
as you CBM,
you start to be able to look inside your toes.
You actually look through the leg and into the hollow
of the designated toe.
It’s like looking down a garden hose,
and you start to see more and more.
You are not looking with your eyes,
you are looking with your perceptions,
you are growing your awareness.

The trick is to CBM.
Coordinated Body Motion
is in a lot of my courses.
I almost always include a section on CBMing.
The rules,
generally speaking,
are very simple.
Start all body motion at the same time.
Finish all body motion at the same time.
Adjust relative to muscle size and mass and configuration,
in between start and stop.
Doing this
through all your forms,
should give you a healthy does of CBM,
and start to turn on your awareness,
and enable you to look ‘without your eyes.’

More on this later,
you should be pretty well tweaked out figuring this method out,
so let me just say,
get the Matrixing Chi book
it’s on the Monster Martial Arts
 if you want to learn more about 
the ‘swell and push’ method for controlling chi.
If you are past that,
you might want to take a look at Tai Chi,
here’s the URL.


When you visit the Monster Martial Arts website, make sure you pick up the free book on Matrixing. It’s at the top of the home page.

Building Martial Arts Chi Power By Degrees Of Relaxation

Martial Arts Chi Power!

That you can increase your martial arts chi energy by relaxing is zenlike, but can be frustrating. Oddly, it doesn’t have to be frustrating, you just have to know the tricks. Key to understanding this is knowing what degree of relaxation is necessary for each art to make chi power.

Before we go into this by individual art, one item needs to be known. Relaxation is the key to making chi power. It would be pretty accurate to say that the body is a machine, and the mind is a radio transmitter. This means that the machine, and the transmitter, need to be free of all distractions if they are to operate at maximum efficiency.

I prefer teaching the art of Karate first, as this is a simple art that can generate massive amounts of chi. It deals with pure explosion from the tan tien, though, the sad truth, most people treat it like a calisthenic. One needs to stop doing exercises without thought and invest their awareness if they are going to create the intrinsic power of the martial arts.

Breath to the tan tien and learn to relax the body and tighten only the fist. The body might be a little tight in the beginning, as one learns how to align it correctly and connect it to the ground, but this tenseness should give way to a relaxation that can withstand the introduction of force to the structure. The fist does not have to be excessively tight, just tight enough to emphasize the space surrounding the moment of the strike.

The real key to advanced martial arts is to cycle energy through the body while the body is in motion. This can be done in Shaolin style arts easily; the more the circular movement, and the more attention to proper alignment, the easier it is. Again, breath and relax even while handling the introduction of great weight to your frame.

The highest martial arts are such as Pa Kua Chang and Tai Chi Chuan. The reason for this is that the slower you go the more you look, the more you look the more you know. This is the concept of investing awareness brought to its peak.

Myself, I have done walking the circle and the Tai Chi form to the point of one move a minute. If I stop totally, this is called pile stancing, and it is very effective. I usually do stoppage merely to take the time to assess the form and make sure everything is in the right place.

In conclusion, no martial art is better than any other, they are just different pieces of the same picture; there are no superior fighting disciplines, merely superior martial arts students. Learn to relax, even if your muscles are empty, and you will find that there is no fatigue, only a path to more energy.

Find out the truth about Martial Arts Chi. Get the free martial arts book on the home page. Head over to Monster Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts Legends are Coming!

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

Good morning!
Work out!
Need I say more?

you talked me into it,
blabbermouth that I am.
Let’s talk about
Closed Combat Systems.

This is something near and dear
to the heart of the Martial Arts,
but which not many people understand,
especially if they have studied the martial arts
the last decade or so.

So people live in a village,
and the robbers come and plunder
little bit or rape going on,
lots of beatings up,
but not a lot of murder.
an example here and there,
but not a lot.
Why not a lot?
Because the village needs farmers
to raise the crops
to feed the robbers.
Kill too many peasants
and nobody is there to plant the crops
to feed the robbers.

everybody gets tired
of being somebody’s bi…uh, whipping boy.
So the peasants go to the king
agree to trade their food for protection
instead of having it taken outright.
They still lose the same food,
but not as much beatings up,
and not as many rapes.
a few.
Thugs will be thugs,
whether they belong to a robber band in the hills
or the government.

some of the peasants don’t want to tend crops,
they go to the big city,
become soldiers
learn techniques to beat up robbers,
and then return home.
being broke and having nothing to do,
they teach the kids
some of the things they learned.
kids being kids,
they collect these techniques like playing cards
and one or two of them
practice more than is normal,
you have a martial arts system.

Oh, it probably isn’t very good,
bits and pieces of war,
that sort of thing,
but practice over time
yields interesting results.
They come up with more techniques,
figure out which techniques work best,
which techniques work best with which other techniques
and so on.
over time,
the martial arts system becomes condensed,
is pruned for usefulness,
the techniques that don’t work are kicked out,
here is something freaky,
a form of enlightenment results.
peasants open their eyes,
realize they are human beings,
realize that they are spirit!

This is what we call a Closed Combat System.

A tight, tidy
conglomeration of techniques,
that works in combat,
and elevates the student
physically, mentally and spiritually.

Now comes the bad part.
A hundred years ago
almost every martial art
was a Closed Combat System.
They weren’t advertised,
and only the truly obsessed
would study them,
and stick with them
long enough to make them work.

Then the modern age dawned.
People began having spending cash,
were enthralled by these martial arts systems.
there was money to be made.
So the martial arts systems were taught,
and for a while
they remained pure.
Joe Blow saw Jim Blim working out
and they got together
and they started combining techniques.
They figured it would be great!
They were both good,
and if they put all that wealth together
they would be twice as good!

What they didn’t understand
was that they were taking apart
Closed Combat Systems.
In making the two arts fit together,
they had twice the techniques,
but they had undone
the carefully evolved
over generations
arrangements of workability
that the martial arts were.

So Karate became nine Kwans in Korea,
Karate became mushed with Kung Fu in Kenpo,
Aikido is actually a distillation of Daito ryuAiki jujitsu,
none of these things are bad,
and can even be good,
but the alterations have
disjointed and discombobulated
Closed Combat Systems.
And the current systems
need to be diluted of extraneous material,
plied with logic,
returned to original workability,
and so on.

legends have it
that you can kill somebody with a slap.
Not a punch,
but a simple slap.
But we can’t do this anymore.

Legends have it
that a fellow slapped the back of a horse with a palm,
and killed the horse.
in the MMA
warriors bludgeon each other mercilessly,
and often without effect.

Legends have it
that people could disappear
from under a strike,
hold a bird on the palm
just by Chi,
could shout down a crowd
and make that crowd flee,
with a spirit shout.

I know,
the legends are just tales of the old guys
trying to impress us young guys…
are you sure?

I knew a fellow who could stick his finger into a board
and leave a hole.
I have pictures
of people breaking bamboo poles with a chop
when the bamboo poles were balanced
on slices of watermelon!
I have direct first hand accounts
of people who could ‘grab’
an opponent’s punch
with their belly,
and hold that fist
as long as they wanted,
and even transmit energy
up the arm
and cause great pain.

But they came from somewhere,
and they aren ot all hot air,
and the question is…
will they be again?

I say only if we can configure our martial arts systems
into Closed Combat Systems,

considering that we have that much more information
our Closed Combat Systems,
will be that much better.

I can put out a candle
from over a foot away.
I don’t use force,
I just flick my fingers,
a light, little poke
Karate with a tai chi flavor looking thing.
tell the truth,
while not many people can do that sort of thing,
and while some people think it is pretty cool,
I don’t think it is much.
It proves my theories,
but it is only the tip of the iceberg.
I feel like a child,
and I wonder what the adults to come
are going to be able to do.

Shoot that chi across the room.
Aim it and direct it,
darken it to cause life taking harm.
Use it to heal,
point a little chi to the right pressure point,
and you fix that internal organ.
Maybe just move big blocks of stone
and build a few gnarly looking pyramids.

To be honest,
I think that we have just lived through some dark ages
and we are about to enter
the age of power and glory
of the martial arts.

I truly believe that.

you can hunt around the website
and find the vid of me putting out the candle,
I think it’s on the Matrixing Chi page,
and you can start building your own personal power,
doing your own research,
having some real fun.

I’ll tell you the truth,
the systems that I put out are Closed Combat Systems.
It is the logic of Matrixing that make them so.
Once you have studied one of my systems,
say Matrix Karate,
you can study classical Karate,
and the whole thing becomes
a Closed Combat System.
The whole art!
So you can study my systems
and put them together
into the whole pie,
or you can study the thing that interests you
and then study that art entire
using my courses or not,
and the effect will be the same,
that of a Closed Combat System.

read the wins
if you want proof.

whatever you decide to do,
I am with you.
The future looks so bright…


PS~Here’s the Matrixing Chi page. Pick up a free book while you’re there.

The Different Chi Power Manifestations of the Martial Arts

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

Flux Theory is a growing thing, lot of fun, but I’ve been using it to compile a list of various chi power, or energy flows, in the martial arts. I’m just playing around here, so this list won’t be comprehensive by any means.
Karate explodes.
Kung Fu turns.
Pa Kua spirals.
Tai Chi inflows.
Aikido circles.
These are obvious ones.
There is pulsing energy, and waving energy, these are different, though waving is sometimes used to start pulsing, and there is sometimes a timing difference between the two.
Really, it’s going to break down to geometric planes, then the time crunch sets in, and that will result in the transformation to 3 dimensional, such as triangles to cones, circles to toruses, and so on. This, of course, comes from extrapolation of individual techniques, usually through time and motion, though not necessarily.
Of prime interest is the energy wave up the legs. This feeds the tan tien, and while there are three major schools of thought, the door is so obviously open for more it is downright ridiculous. The three would be:
straight up and down, as in Karate (a falseness, but you wouldhave to start somewhere.
spiral as in Pa Kua Chang, but this is a circular motion to 3d the wave form.
The wave, as in Tai Chi Chuan.
Odd that the wave wouldbe the result of slowing down the Karate straight up and down, but…there’s the rub, eh?
Anyway, this is obviously just brushing the surface, and the deeps are where we are looking. Get into something like projecting energy outside of the body and the wave pulses, which causes almost infinitesimal explosion, which can be thrown, like a baseball and with the resulting sensation of loss.
I recommend passing algebra and geometry, and even calculus, and then reading some great science fiction dealing with vortex blasters, maybe even doing a little research into theories ofpeople such as Viktor Schauberger.
It probably wouldn’t do any harm to study the Matrixing Chi theories of Al Case, either.