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Karate Punch Off the Back Leg to Make More Chi Energy

Build Karate Punch Power Right Now!

Karate Punch is famous for its power. Mas Oyama breaks bricks and kills bulls, Okinawan masters break rocks and disarm samurai, and so on. Good examples of Karate power.

And, to be truthful, many of these techniques are done by moving the weight forward, from shifting from the back stance to the front stance. There is a lot of power in the karate technique when you put your weight into it.

karate punch

Use the whole body when you do a Karate punch.

But what if you are backing up, or otherwise don’t have the room? Well, you could use an elbow strike, nothing wrong with that, but what if, for whatever reason, you prefer a punch. Maybe you don’t want to get that close to a grappler, and a punch will kepp him back? In that case you want to sink your weight down the back leg and punch with the rear hand.

This is frowned upon by many classical martial artists, but it is a strong punch, and it has the added value of developing chi.

When you go to the front stance you tend to work on muscle and weight, and you are not afforded the chi power that you are really capable of.

When you Karate punch off the back leg you make the rear leg work harder, which makes the tan tien work harder (the tan tien is the energy generator just below the navel), which causes chi power to manifest and build.

Simply, doing a karate punch in this manner tends to cause one to be more aware of the body structure and what is happening, and awareness builds more chi power.

Interestingly, while I can punch hard with a front stance punch, I can’t do things like put out a candle from over a foot away. In the back stance I can. I’ll give you the link below if you want to see this.

While I can karate punch harder when shifting from a back stance to a front stance, I can punch harder with less effort out of the back stance. To punch harder with less effort is the real martial art here.

For people who don’t understand the value of punching harder with less effort, I recommend you find the video of Bruce Lee doing the one inch punch.

And that is the reason one would karate punch off the back leg when doing the martial arts.

Here’s how to put a candle out with a karate punch from over foot away, and here are some free martial arts books.

The Secret of Sacred Sweat

Good evening!
And a happy, hot, muggy work out to you.
I remember working out way back in the seventies.
San Jose dripping with sweat.
The gi became utterly and totally soaked.

Now here’s the odd thing.
It didn’t smell.
I don’t mean to gross you out here,
talking about body odor,
but there’s an interesting phenomena here,
and I want to explain it.

ki energy

Martial Arts Chi Power!

The first few years,
when I was doing Kenpo…
the karate gi smelled.
I would work out,
and it would need heavy washing and drying.
Even then,
there was an odor that built up over a year.

Then I went to the Kang Duk Won,
and the gi stopped smelling.
I was working harder,
sweating more,
and this was the time I would work out
and the gi would be as if dipped in a pool of water,
dripping with my perspiration.

But it stopped smelling!

Now how could that be?

I didn’t have the time nor funds
to explore the odor saturation points
of a Karate uniform.
So I just kept working out.

A decade or two later,
(time flies when you’re having fun!)
I was working out in Los Angeles,
and I was doing Pa Kua Chang.
And my perspiration was silvery.
I would look at my arm,
not water,
but silver water.
It was absolutely fascinating.

These days
I don’t sweat much.
I sweat a little,
I don’t work as hard.
My body is not tense,
I don’t use the muscles,
I use energy,
and that is the trick.

When you are first starting the martial arts
you think it is all muscle.
You pump iron
and cross train
and do body weight calisthenics,
and you work hard!

After a while,
the muscles are in tune
and the body is doing what it is supposed to,
and you’re getting a little older,
and you figure out the easier way of doing things.
You use energy.

what does it take to use energy?
Less effort.
The less effort you do
the more energy you have.
Isn’t that an interesting equation?

< e = + E

If you read the old Taoist texts
you’ll come across this phenomena.
My favorite saying
is from the Tao.

‘Do nothing
until nothing is left undone.’

Can you see how Laotse is talking about energy?

Use less energy,
and less energy,
until you are using no energy.

How fascinating.

Of course,
it was a mystery
until I had plumbed it,
done enough martial arts,
but now I am what he is talking about.

How weird.
It’s worse than old age,
and quite a bit better.

to go on,
when I put out that candle
on the Matrixing Chi page,
how much energy do you think I am using?

I am actually using less energy
than I have used
for anything in my life.

It’s true.
I use the motions of the body,
to stir the energy,
but I use the mind
to project it.

I wrote all about this procedure
in Matrixing Chi,
and I threw in the Candle book
to help out.

I wanted to make sure that everybody knew that it was easy.
That they would get it.

Projecting Chi is the easiest thing I have ever done,
but I had to go through a lot of sweat and discipline
to still my mind,
so that I could actually project a thought.

here’s the link…


have a GREAT fourth of July!
Extra work outs all around!
And don’t forgot to hoist a suds
(or soda if you’re under age)
to freedom,
and the ability to be the best you
that ever practiced a Martial Art!



Building Ki Energy with the Body in Martial Arts

Builds Lotsa Ki Energy!

Ki Energy in the Martial Arts is always considered one of those mysterious magician’s gimmicks. Nobody knows how to do it, let alone explain it, yet ki Energy, or chi power or qigong or whatever you want to call it, has grabbed the public imagination.

What is fascinating is that using the body martial arts style, there is an automatic input of energy. Unfortunately, most people never understand it, and thus the effects are unappreciated.

ki energy

Martial Arts Ki Energy!


In this piece of writing I’m going to set forth a couple of rules which should help you generate more ki energy. You’ll find that understanding what you are doing is going to really help your martial arts practice.

When you sink into a martial arts stance you are attaching your body to the earth. To hold the ground or to launch the body through space matters not, there is an attachment of the body to the planet, and from this you build your martial arts power.

When you sink into stance you need to analyze the geometry of the body. The geometry should be based upon a simple triangle. The tan tien (the ‘one point’ located a couple of inches below the belly button) is the top of the triangle, the line between the feet provide the base.

Doesn’t matter what martial arts stance you take – horse stance, back stance, whatever – just examine the triangle and make sure the angles of the triangle are functioning.

Functioning means that you are doing two things.

First, breath to the tan tien.

Second, lower the stance, so that you feel more weight, and thus create more energy.

Do these two things for a while, breathing and grounding, and you will find the function in your stance, and ki energy will start to build in your body and manifest in your martial art.

Karate vs Kung Fu vs Aikido…or whatever the fighting discipline…it doesn’t matter. The stance is the item. The art is a stylistic build upon the stance…and the techniques you do will all be mounted upon the stances.

Now, a couple of things to be wary of.

Don’t turn the feet too far to the sides, or turn them too far inwards, seek an alignment of the feet that supports the intention (direction) of the stance, and therefore the technique. This can be confusing until you realize the simplicity of how everything works.

Keep the tan then inside the base of the feet, lest your triangle topple.


Breath rhythmically with your motion. Breath in when the body contracts, breath out when the body expands.

Do you see how basic these martial arts instructions for generating ki energy are? The difficulty lies only in thinking that the stances, which is to say the various postures, are complex, and then having to resolve them by inspection until they are simple and make sense.

Read that last sentence again, it is important, it tells you one of the reasons people make the martial arts such a lo-o-ong subject to study.

The truth of the matter is that the body can be rebuilt in as little as three months, and this includes making real and usable ki power. Watch the US army boot camp, or even one of the PX 90 infomercial ads on late night television.

Whether you change the body, and start manufacturing ki power depends not on years of rare exercises  and drills that you don’t understand, but simply resolving the simple stances and techniques and martial arts kata to the principles explained here.

For more data, check out this bit of writing on Martial Arts Chi Power. Or, if you want, all the principles that I’ve hinted at in this article on ki power are actually given in the Master Instructor Online Course at Monster Martial Arts.

Chi Power Permeates Martial Artists Whether They Know It or Not!

Chi Power Has You!

Chi power is a quite real thing. The problem is that it is undefined. I mean…REALLY undefined.

There’s a lot of mysticism out there, so let’s define it perfectly right here.

chi power

Your body is a motor

Chi Power is when you shovel food into the body. It starts the chemical transformation into mechanical energy. You don’t see it, except that your body is warm. It is giving off heat. That is the lowest, grossest form of chi power.

Chi Power, on the second level, is when you become aware of the energy in your body. This includes things like reaiki healing, and other forms of spiritual healing, acupuncture, meditation healing, chakras, and so on. A lot of people experience this, but because they are experiencing this from different arenas, they describe it differently, and so people get confused. These are definitions specialized according to the various fields they are in.

The third level of chi power, and the most important, is when you manifest it outside your body. This includes such things as personal charm and charisma, moving objects, telepathy, and so on.

This third level of chi power is the big bugaboo, as it is so wildly differing in causes and effects hardly anybody can nail it down. But, it can be nailed down.

The ultimate definition for Chi Power is that it is intention. This can be seen on each of the levels of existence that we are discussing here.

You decide to have a better body, so you start eating proper, non-GMO foods, and you get healthier.

You decide to become a more aware human being, so you take classes in yoga, healing, martial arts…ah, Martial Arts. Be it Karate or Kung Fu, Shaolin or Tai Chi Chuan, this is the best field for becoming aware of the chi power energy flow inside your body. This is because it deals not just with the imagination necessary to become aware of and manipulate chi power energy, but because it has the added reality of dealing with the actions of the universe. Mind you, this is only if you find a martial arts instructor who truly understands this.

You decide to be a magnanimous personality, and you back it up with charitable acts, and the next thing you know, you have charisma. And, you decide to give energy to others, to think and have that thought picked up by another, to move something without touching it.

It is all in the decision…and the intention to make that decision work, that we come to the final and ultimate proof, a proof which IS the definition, of chi power.

If you liked this article on Chi Energy, there is a larger, more detailed chi power description at MonsterMartialArts.com. There is also a book on how to develop Chi Power.

Neutronic Tai Chi Training Drills

Advanced Tai Chi Training Drills

So let’s talk about Tai Chi training

and let’s talk about Neutronics.

In Neutronics

one of the things you do

is figure out whether a motion is positive or negative

(whether it is coming towards you or going away)

and you do the opposite motion

until a balance is achieved,

until one goes neutronic,

until there is harmony,

until there is no threat

from either positive or negative.

In Tai Chi

this relates to

if they push…pull.

If they pull…push.

Simple dimple, eh?

My problem

was that I was figuring this stuff out

without anybody to work out with.


how does one go Neutronic

while doing the form?

It’s easy if you have somebody to attack you,

you just keep doing it,

keep thinking about how to work those principles

make your mistakes,


zingo bingo

you find the perfect balance


without anybody to play with,

how do you do it?

Probably one of the most impactful drills

I ever did,

was just do the form

and imagine in my head

that I was fifty feet above.

After doing this for an hour

I got in the car to go to a store

and found that I was so disconnected

(in a good way)

that I couldn’t operate the car.


where are my hands?


my depth perception is totally F.

Is this my body sitting in the seat…


if it’s not my body…

whose is it?

And the feeling of total and utter joy

just permeated my beingness,

and my body felt lighter than a feather.

At one point I was actually holding on to the steering wheel

as if to keep myself from floating.


I make no guarantees,

I won’t ever say

‘this drill is guaranteed to work this way,’

because everybody is so different.


that’s what happened to me

from doing a tai chi form

and imagining myself

fifty feet above my body

watching from afar,

giving commands to my body from afar.

Another drill I did

when doing the Tai Chi form

was to imagine balls (bubbles?) attached to my palms.

And I had to imagine myself

sucking with my hands

to keep the balls in place.

Sometimes the balls would be small,

sometimes they would join into a big ball,

and the ball would expand until it was the size of a room.

Sometimes I had my hand palm up

and had to balance the ball(s).

Sometimes I had my palm face down

and I had to imagine extra suction power in my palms

to keep them from falling.

I quickly grew a sensation in my palms that was beyond warm.

Another drill I did

was to do the form in a dark room,

no light at all

and even my eyes closed,

and imagine the arcs of energy I am describing

with my hands,

with shoulders,




I mean

what geometric form

does each body part create

in space

as I do the form?


this next one,

I vacillate,

sometimes do it one way,

and sometimes the other.

It has to do with the legs.


I feel the power and push against the earth.


I take all weight out of my body

and pretend my legs have no power

and that there is no sensation…

I don’t ‘push legs’ from stance to stance,

I just move the body

and the legs are empty things

that just come along for the ride.


there are lots of other things I do.

Sometime I should write

a book of exercises

that I do

like the ones I am telling you of here.

And it would have to be a book,

a long one.


I’ve been reading and researching for near fifty years,

and as I grow

the list of exercises I find

to make myself grow

grows longer and longer.


I have to tell you,

some of these exercises will work with other arts,

and some other arts

have their own unique exercises.

The trick is

you have to understand the geometry

of each individual art

and how that geometry fits

with the arts on the whole.

That’s why I sell so many arts,

each one of them showed me things

about how to manifest energy,

chi power, if you wish.

And the thing is,

even with a book of chi exercises

(should I get around to writing such a thing)

I always feel that I am just scratching the surface.


to be honest,

I am.


I would be remiss

if I did not tell you

that the exercises I describe here

and a lot more

that you will encounter and discover for yourselves

as you progress

I used while I was doing

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.

Here’s the URL



and remember,

you should feel a distinct difference

in the way you do your push hands or freestyle

or other practical applications

when you do Tai Chi

after doing some of these exercises.

You should feel more sensitivity,

more energy,

even better see the intention of your partner.

I mean,

these Neutronic drills

should make something happen,


keep doing them.

Be willing to spend a few hours on each one

before progressing to the next.

Make sure you have gotten everything you can

out of each drill

before moving on.

Oinky doinky

Time for me to move on.

Don’t forget to visit the Tai Chi page,

and I’ll talk to you next time.

Have a great work out.


zen martial arts

This has been a page about Neutronic Tai chi Chuan Training Drills.

Becoming the Center of the Universe with Martial Arts and Yoga

Making the Body the Center of the Universe!

HanaKwanMass is three holidays in one. Every day of your life should be three holidays in one. The way to make it so is to do a work out every day. It’s true.

Here’s the Martial Arts/Yoga exercise!

One of the more interesting exercises I have ever given you is to stare at a finger. This fits well with the basic palm position of such arts as Kung Fu, and specifically Pa Kua Chang. Simply hold the palm, with the index finger extended upward. In Pa Kua, stare at the finger and walk the circle.

yoga picHold the finger, go around it, make it the center of your universe. The more still you hold the finger, in spite of any body motion, the more pure your universe becomes.

Isolate and make special your universe, and you isolate and make special…you. The I am. The awareness that operates your body.

Now, I could do the obligatory ad here, and point you towards Pa Kua, but I shant. Instead, I want to ask you a question: have you ever been injured?

Well, of course. Who among us hasn’t stubbed a toe, broken a wrist, had a debilitating illness that knocked us flat on our back. Eh?

If you are not a martial artist, you get sick or injured, you go through it, and then you go on with your life. Running into more accidents, encountering more illness.

If you are a martial artist, driven, then you come to understand a simple fact: you learn a lot from being injured.

You have a sore ankle, so how do you set up your stance, so you can still work out? And you look at your ankle, and the angles, and the pressures, and the structure of the bones…and you invest your awareness into that body part. And you learn things about your body that you normally wouldn’t have learned.

And (rueful grin), then you can go out and run into another accident, encounter another illness.

Except, you are a little smarter, and maybe you learn how to avoid those unfortunate incidents. Or, at least make them into better and ever better learning experiences.

One of the truths of neutronics is that if it doesn’t kill you, you learn from it. And sometimes…even if it kills you. Grin.

So, that all said, the best thing you can do if you are injured or ill is Yogata. It is better than a pill or a knife.

Take a pill and the body is suppressed so that you don’t feel misery while the body heals itself.

Do Yogata and you invest awareness in the body, and help it heal.

Now, I could tell you all sorts of things about when to do Yogata and what it does, but I don’t feel like going into a commercial. Education is better than a commercial any day. So let me tell you this:

You walk the circle in Pa Kua, and hold your finger steady, and make it the center of a universe.

In Yogata you hold the whole body still, and you don’t create a universe, you ARE the universe.

And, if that leg hurts, by holding it still in a posture, by looking at it, by investing awareness and telling it to relax, to stop trembling, to shush up and listen…you allow it to heal; you encourage it to heal faster and more effectively.

If that headache is bugging you, by sitting in posture and looking at the universe, you come to realize that pain is not real, and that you have been entertaining an illusion.

Let me share a win with you:


I had to share this with you. My friend Tracey has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for several years. After some stresses and tragedies in her life she started to decline a bit losing her balance and leg strength. Well I have been practicing Yogata and experiencing great gains in flexibility and strength. Well I had taught her some qigong and other stuff so I decided what the hell and showed her the first sections prayer and tree in the Kata. Well within a day her gait and movement had improved dramatically. She feels better emotionally and physically and I will continue teaching her the rest of the form. Thank you so much for this wonderful exercise system. Tracey said: “Wherever Al is I hope he is surrounded by things he loves because this is amazing!”

Justin H

Thanks Justin. And thanks Tracey.

A win like this…this is what life is all about…all the people of planet earth healthy and happy!

So the point here is this. If you want a well rounded exercises, good for warm up or cool down, good for rehabbing injury or getting over illness… if you want a kata that taps into the spirit and strength of a spiritual calisthenic that has lasted (grown) for thousands of years…if you want something that will gently massage your whole body, from every angle, through every muscle,

into total heath…if you want to learn how to invest awareness, and grow chi power, and make your body strong enough to last through a hundred years of martial arts…then my obligatory advertisement is for Yogata.


Heck, it’s instant download, and the price is so reasonable…So treat yourself, and all your students, and students to be, to a real HanaKwanMass.


Finding the Spirit of the Real Martial Arts!

The Real Martial Arts Spirit!

If you have been following Neutronics at all,
you know what spirit is.
Spirit is awareness.
It is the only thing in the universe
that can’t be measured,
it is the only thing in the universe
that is bigger than the universe.

You have awareness,
and you are part of the bigger awareness
that people have given the name ‘god,’
and so on.

there is an energy in this universe.
This energy is created by every motor in the universe.
Everything in this universe is a motor,
(two terminals between which there is tension pull)
and the energy given off,
this tension,
is something to be aware of.

rocks put off a unique energy peculiar to rocks.
Humans put off energy peculiar to humans.
Planets give off unique energy,
and so on.

Simply everything that exists,
exists because it is a motor,
and emits energy,
which we can be aware of.

there is low level energy,
and so on.
We live in this mess,
and it is sort of fun.

there is a higher manifestation of energy.
For instance,
there is a unique energy given off by the thought pattern of doctors.
The unique energy pattern given off by the awareness of politicians,
and so on.

A martial artist gives off a unique energy.
His thought is unique,
and he emits certain wavelengths.
So where does this energy go?

It collects
and provides a stratum of energy and awareness
that is not visible to the normal human being.

It is a very high level energy.
It is creation and violence and peace and everything
all wrapped up in a unique ‘feeling’ of energy.

The point here
is that you can tap into this energy.

You are walking down the street
and you get this bad feeling,
and you stop,
and a meteorite plows a hole in the earth
right where you would have been walking.
But you stopped,
because you knew it.

the awareness,
tapped into the martial arts energy fields of the universe,
and felt that meteorite coming.

I know,
sounds new age and mystical,
but it ain’t.

It is just a field of energy
put off by the martial artists of the ages,
and it is there,
whether you sense it or not,
and it works to protect you.

Every field of endeavor has their own unique energy,
but the energy of a martial artist
is very high level,
and it watches over you,
and protects you,
and you can tap into it
and use it.

I use this energy.
It uses me.
It uses me to help create more energy.

Why do you think you bow when you get on the mat?
To say hi to the energy of the martial artists who have gone before,
who have sweated this energy into the mats and dojos,
and created a unique forcefield
that permeates through the universe,
and works for martial artists everywhere.

I know there are going to be a couple of people out there
who are thinking they have tasted something sour,
that I am talking looney tunes.
That’s okay.
Whether you subscribe to this theory of a unique energy
available to martial artists or not,
you are martial artists,
and you are contributing your energy,
and helping us all.

go ahead and MMA,
knock that guy out if you wish,
but don’t stop hitting and kicking
and making yourself better and better and better.

And now you know why the world needs you.
It ain’t the violence,
it’s that unique sensation
that pops into you,
and makes you try harder,
helps you suddenly get that weird popping kick,
makes you aware that the world is more than the physical eyes see.

The universe is energy,
it is our energy,
and we tap into it
according to the degree of awareness you have sweated into it.
So thanks for being martial artists,
thanks for that energy field you have provided.
It sure does make life worthwhile.

Okey donkey,
that’s all I have to say,
except that if you have a win
concerning using this type of energy,
feeling this type of energy,
send it in.
Maybe I can put it in the wins column,
maybe we can inspire somebody else,
make them aware
of the truly unique magnitude of awareness
that they really are.

obligatory advertisement,
check out the Five Army Tai Chi Chuan.
Tai Chi is VERY good
at helping people sense martial arts energy.
Here is the URL…


And be aware that the second four matrixing courses,
the Shaolin and Pa Kua and Tai Chi courses on the monster,
will not be going down in price.
By next week they will be raised in prices.
Download for the same price,
but the disk price will be going up ten bucks.

So you’ve got a couple of days in which to get these courses,
before they go up.

that said,

HanaKwanMass to all!
And to all…martial arts.



Neutronic Breathing Methods to Create Martial Arts Ki Power

Martial Arts Chi Power

This is a classic case of starving to create plenty, and it will result in more martial arts ki power.

The technique itself is borrowed from other practices, but, i have to say, these other practices were doing it for other reasons, or simply didn’t understand why they were doing it.

Stand in a neutral stance and breath in and out slowly. Lengthen the breathing until you are breathing in for 3 counts and out for 6. As time progresses you can alter your breathing times to fit what you are doing, but try to keep close to the idea of doubling the length of time used for breathing out.

Make sure you breath to and from the tan tien (the energy center about two inches below the navel).

When you are relaxed and breathing is easy, choose a form and do the first movement. Though the advanced forms are going to provide more fun, you should start with a simple form and do it for a week and then move to a slightly more advanced form. A good idea would be to travel through the Karate Heian forms (also called pinan) one at a time.

Do a move as you breath out for six seconds, breath in for three seconds, and move into the  next move as you breath out for six seconds, and so on through the form.

You don’t do the form hard, merely focus on breathing to the tan tien, and something interesting will happen. You will start feeling a surge of energy coming out of the tan tien. When you feel this surge, mentally direct the energy down the legs and out the arms.

This is not a work out, but a mental exercise in creating and controlling energy.

The trick is to know that the body is a machine, and that it responds to mental commands.

One could actually work out a variation of this neutronic breathing technique and apply it to two man forms. The problem, of course, is that one is going to want to use force, and then the drill tends to degrade into a muscle making thing.

But it shouldn’t be muscle making, it should be directed at understanding and developing the energy that courses through the body, underlies the muscles, and is the source of a much higher strength. It should be directed at creating and using martial arts ki power.


zen martial arts

The Hardest Punch in Karate is the Easiest Punch

The Secret of the HardestPunch in Karate!

I always thought, when first learning Karate, that you had to have huge muscles, you had to be able to do a thousand push ups, and that was the only way to have the hardest punch in the world.
My first teaches in Kenpo Karate abused me of that.
My first teacher was a slender fellow named Rex. No muscles on that boy at all, yet he snapped a half fist out so fast I could barely see it, and the brick he hit literally shattered. It didn’t break, but more exploded.
So I was convinced and converted, and devoted my training to speed, speed, speed. Unfortunately, my being rather large (6 foot two) and two hundred pounds, that was the wrong track for me. There was no way on earth I could get Rex’s speed and agility. I simply had a body suited to different modes of motion.
Then I came across a fellow name of Bob, who taught an art called Kang Duk Won Korean Karate. He was the same build as Rex, moved even faster, but there was a subtle difference. He was liquid, and he didn’t rely on speed, though he had it, he relied on something I would come to realize was ‘chi,’ or ‘ki,’ depending on what country you were pronouncing it from.
Now, the chi built up in the forms, we never talked about it, but we started to feel it. We could feel things moving inside our bodies.
And I started to feel inside my partner’s bodies. The end of my fist became imbued with radar, and I could feel their ribs, their muscles, even their organs.
And a funny thing happened.
The easier I struck, the less muscle I used, the more pain I caused. Simply, a form of ‘awareness’ was coming out of the end of my fist, and that form of awareness is called chi.
The body is a motor, and when you do the forms it turns the motor on. Unfortunately, most forms these days have been changed, their order changed, and they don’t do the job. This is why i use Matrixing to align the body, and to align the forms, and thus create this form of really usable energy.
And that is how I learned to strike easier to make the hardest punch in Karate.

zen martial arts

Combat Chi, Why It Disappears

Combat Chi refers to chi used in a fight.

Pretty simple, eh?

Now Chi is real. There has been too much written on it to dispute it. And, one can develop chi through certain martial arts…but not all martial arts.

karate ki power

What Can You Really Do with Martial Arts Chi Power?

Martial Arts like the MMA or jujitsu don’t develop chi. They aren’t interested in chi, but in muscles and reactions and taking down an opponent.

However, if one gets involved in a study of classical karate or Kung Fu, or Tai Chi Chuan or one of the other internal martial arts, then tales of Chi power abound.

Which brings us back to the question of Combat Chi…why does it work for some people in combat, and why does it abandon other people.

There can actually be several reasons, but the two main ones have to do with whether the system is sound, and whether the student has trained enough and in a realistic manner.

Many, maybe even most, of the martial arts systems these days have been altered over what they were some fifty years ago.

Arts like Kenpo and Taekwondo, though they may claim long lineage, are actually ‘put togethers.’ That is, they were created by individuals, and they don’t have the long line of workability backing them up. Simply, they haven’t been practiced long enough for the moves to become polished and logical enough to manifest Chi.

And, even if they do have a little chi, it is not combat chi. A good example of this would be the Tai Chi Chuan developed by the People’s Republic of China.

If one can find a relatively unchanged method of combat, one that has endured for generations, there is good potential for finding a system that will work to build chi, and in such a manner that it will not desert the practitioner in the middle of combat.

So you have to have a good system. The other necessity is a good student…one who practices diligently and in a realistic manner.

This means no padding or gloves or other protective gear. One has to be able to feel the full effects of the technique to gain control over the technique.

And, this means drills that hold to the classical chi power, yet arranged so that they are realistic for combat. Practicing 500 techniques that don’t have any relationship to combat, such as in most kenpo systems, is not realistic. Practicing the same basic move, focusing on the right tilt of the hip, the twist of the wrist, the body alignment and so on…that is realistic.

Mind you, it is not enough that the technique be simple, else boxing would develop chi. No, there has to be a logic to the movement of body that generates the chi.

If you want to learn more about Chi, check out The Punch, at Monster Martial Arts. Not a system, the material in this book will enable one to develop enough combat chi that it doesn’t desert them, if they are just willing to drill and drill and…drill!

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