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How to Fix Karate (Volume Two)!

Zowie! Volume 2 of how to Fix Karate is out!

The whole book is over 400 pages,

around a thousand graphics,

over 50,000 words.

So I had to cut it in two. Amazon has a lot of trouble

with a book that size.

And, the cost for a book that size becomes exorbitant.


volume one is at

And volume two is at…

I will be coming out with hard cover versions.

And thanks to all who have purchased volume one.

Any five star reviews would be appreciated.


let’s talk.

Got an email the other day,

and we were talking about force and flow.

And the concept of flow as more than just motion came up.


let me explain.

Flow is motion

force is no motion.

This is not quite right,

of course.

force is going to be when two flows collide

and create other motion.

But it all becomes martial pertinent when you say

‘If the force is greater flow it,

if the flow is greater force it.’

Then you can consider force as no motion,

but it is really the moment when flow changes.

But this is all complicated when you take the mind into account.

flow is motion

emotion is motion inside the head.

read that again.

Make sure you understand it.

The point is that you need to rid your head of emotion

if you want to perceive motion correctly.

Emotion can slant your perception of motion.

But now things get interesting.

The body is a motor.

It can have motion.

But the mind just sits in the head,

or thereabout,

and it can create emotion outside the body.

(Actually, it’s not the mind,

it is the spirit, 

the mind is just a bunch of memory)

Let me explain.

Joe Blow gets emotion,

there’s all this anger running around inside his head.

With most humans the anger can get a little outside the head.

You can feel when somebody is angry.

It’s just…’in the air.’

But once somebody can control emotion,

he becomes more able to project emotion.

Mind you,

he doesn’t project willy nilly,

like a person out of control,

he projects with intention,

and you can fill the air with emotion.

You can stop people coming at you with emotion,

and you can control people with this kind of emotion.

When you are strong enough,

in control enough,

to project emotion,

it doesn’t feel like emotion.

It feels like…flow.

It is like an actual swirling in the air.

This is because it is not anger.

It is not out of control baby emotion,

it is full grown emotion moved around by…intention.

Your will.

Your desire to make things happen 

on a much higher level

than normal people are aware of.

So this is what is in my mind

when I speak of force, flow, emotion, and that sort of thing.

If you practice karate

or other classical arts

long and hard enough,

this all becomes second nature.


of course,

will speed up your growth of these abilities.

It is just logical and makes sense,

and the concepts of the martial arts are easier to understand.

Here’s the links for the two volumes of

How to Fix Karate!

volume one is at

And volume two is at…



And don’t forget to check out the interview


I’ve got nothing but five star reviews on 

The Science of Government.

It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Matrixing + Politics = Sanity

I told you matrixing works with anything.

Here’s the link…

The Right Way of Making Chi in the Martial Arts

I should probably call this the ‘Al Case’ way
of making chi in the martial arts
I haven’t seen anybody else talk about this,
which is one of the great mysteries.
What I do is that simple.

The body is a machine.
A machine has to be attached to the ground.
Then the machine must have a dynamo of sorts.
Think windmill,
then translate that to the body
and you have it.

Of course,
there is more to it.

When you do Tai Chi this is what you are doing,
the Chinese didn’t have such things as logic and physics,
so we get ‘mystical’ terms
which are really just rooted in the science of their day.
Instead of talking about ‘grounding’ your energy
as you would in electricity,
you get ‘rooting’
as you would for a society that is more agrarian.

I know,
and probably a bit misleading,
but accurate,
especially if you do understand something of physics,
and are willing to apply it to the body.

So your stance becomes the ‘grounding’ mechanism.
You sink your weight,
shift between stances,
and the energy goes up one leg and down the other.
passing through the tan tien,
and out to the arms,
and when you ‘windmill your arms,
make circles,
and make ‘energetical connections,’
the chi starts to build.

But here’s a better way to understand it.
Make a circle with your thumb and forefinger.
Have somebody pull it apart.
They do it easily.
Now draw a circle on your hand,
making a circle of the thumb and forefinger.
Suddenly your hand is strong enough to resist great force.
You’ve just used energy.
Not muscles,
which are up in your forearm,
but the idea of energy running around and around your hand.

now imagine that for your whole body.
When you do a move
you imagine energy running through your whole body.
Maybe you make a circle of your arms,
easy to do in,
the first move of Pinan Two,
or Pinan Four.
Now imagine the energy running in a circle
around your arms.

you have to change that concept for different moves.
My favorite is to add a circle to the move,
and pretend I am drawing circles in the air,
and making my arms into a dynamo.

While I don’t talk about this energy,
this way of making energy,
in the Chiang Nan book and course,
that is the place where
I probably best demonstrate the concept.
Monkey Boxing is probably the art I use it the most
and specifically for combat.
But Chiang Nan is more concise for the concept.

Here’s the link…

Chiang Nan

I hope you have fun with this concept,
it is a wonderful way to start to understand
all those mystical Chinese arts.

guys and gals,
Have a superpendous summer of martial arts!

And don’t forget to check out the interview

I wrote a whomper stomper of a novel called

The Bomber’s Story

It’s all about who owns the United States,
filled with conspiracy and shootings and riots and…
there’s even some martial arts woven into the plot!


Understanding Focus and Chi Power in the Martial Arts

The Direction of Energy in Your Arm in Karate

I was standing outside the other day,
the wind picked up,
really howled.
The sky got REALLY dark,
and the rain came.
here is the weird thing,
the rain was so light,
but more than a mist,
and it was striking me,
but it was so hot,
and the wind was so powerful
that i was standing there,
getting wet,
and drying off as fast as i got wet.
After five minutes of this being rained on
I wasn’t wet.
I’m having a good time in Florida.

I’m going to talk about energy,
and it might get weird
but that’s good…
if you can handle it.
after a lifetime of martial arts
I’ve sort of exhausted the normal,
I’ve seen and experienced all the stuff
people normally see and experience,
and so,
I tend to look a little deeper.
I don’t see the muscle and blood,
I see the angles and dimensions,
and now I don’t see the angles and dimensions
I see the direction of…stuff.

you’re warned.
Let’s rock.

In the beginning I was told to tighten my whole body on impact.
I read a bunch of books
and the concept was called ‘focus.’
But, the interesting thing,
while focus was described by tightening the whole body,
the stuff I was reading said focus was not physical,
but mental.
it was energy.
Over the decades I realized a few things.

My instructor didn’t say ‘focus,’
he never used the word ‘focus.’
He said…


So what is the difference between focus and loose tight?
I didn’t know for the longest time,
but I did remember that my instructor moved like a whip.
Even with full power,
he delivered it in ‘whip’ fashion.
easy enough to figure that out.

But he didn’t tighten his whole body on impact,
he only tightened his fist.
Which was weird,
and sort of went against the concept of focus,
as I understood it.
at least was different.
Sort of.

I’m a writer guy.
My best friend is a dictionary,
so I started looking up things like ‘focus,’
and ‘energy,’
and ‘power,’
and things like that,
and I found out something interesting.
Nobody understands what energy is.

There’s different fields of physics,
electricity and hydraulics and nuclear and so on
and each has their own way of expressing energy.
in electricity we have
watts and amps and volts and…
and every field has that ‘precise’ confusion of terms.
Drives you crazy sorting through them.
I mean,
when a car has 500 ‘horsepower.’
what does that really mean?
If a 500 horsepower car can go 200 MPH
does that equate to horses pulling a cart?

So I was dreadfully confused
by the concept of energy,
until I looked at the dictionary
and read a simple phrase.


Zingo Bingo,
that made sense.
It allowed me to grok all types of energy,
to appreciate them from different fields
and from different viewpoints.

what was energy in the martial arts?
we can measure it through weight.
The amount of weight moved,
in cases,
or resisted.
But that’s the definition physicists use,
and they are curiously blind
when it comes to the idea of chi,
which would be a type of energy
delivered by the mind.

Over the years,
following my instructor’s example,
I practiced loose-tight.
This was actually re-enforced
when I began tightening my whole body too much,
and causing myself pain.
Too much energy for the fleshy vessel to contain
and the result was ,
in my case,

And the realization,
flesh is temporary,
spirit is immortal.

on the heels,
because of that realization,
muscles that deliver weight are temporary,
energy delivered by the mind (actually the spirit)
is forever.

are we weird enough yet?
Well, stick with me,
go back and read this stuff again,
get yourself a dictionary and go crazy,
if you’re smart,
here we go.

I began hitting people without tightening anything.
I would just sort of…
get out of my head,
have my awareness a little bit behind my body,
and I would throw the body,
like a child would throw a rock,
the spirit,
would throw my body.

it was all structured,
and I wouldn’t have been able to do that
without the discipline,
and this means forms,
of the martial arts.

It was like poking a watermelon with a stick.
Bodies flew away,
I could feel it,
they were in danger of puncturing,
and I began hitting lighter and lighter,
now that I was on the right track,
the lighter I hit,
the more damage I was capable of.
And now you know why
I am a bug on the subject of


But striking people is not what the martial arts are about.
You’ve heard me say

There is an art to destruction,
but the true art is in control.

That is a true and absolute statement.

now that I was capable of using energy,
I began to explore different ways to use energy.
I made massive gains,
which were,
in the context of chi power,
incredibly small.

An incredibly vain man,
found he was but an insect
in the ways of the universe.

over the past couple of years
I have been encountering arthritis.
The good news is that I didn’t believe in arthritis,
so I was able to handle it.

I asked a doctor…
‘what are all injuries,’
she hemmed and hawed,
and I finally had to focus my question a bit better.

‘Are all injuries inflammation?’
The doctor brightened up.
(Whew! She wipes her forehead!)

You get a cut, a bruise, there is swelling.
You get disease and there is swelling.

Wait a minute!
What if you get a disease and there is no swelling?
There is swelling where you can’t see it.
For instance,
if an organ goes bad,
and can’t swell,
it might get…
I know,
but think about it,
an organ swelling
without being able to expand,
and the result is compaction,
and this can actually be perceivable
as a sort of dark massiness.

So I was getting arthritis,
and I was feeling this incredible pain,
and dark mass,
in my arms,
and around my body.

As I said,
I don’t believe in arthritis,
which enabled me to throw a punch,
and dissipate the black mass
that was the compaction of energy in my body.

the type of punch I do
is a bit different than tightening,
or evening loosening.
The type of punch I do these days,
is to open my hand
and flick it
like I am trying to flick water off a towel.
And the result is that I ‘flick’ condensed energy
out of my arms,
and out of my body,
and the arthritis disappears.

this has resulted in me doing the martial arts totally differently.
I only do the five pinans these days,
plus explore my own stuff,
I do the nine square,
and monkey boxing,
and all that,
but I also hold to the classics.
My stuff is good for exploring potentials of body motion.
but I find that the classics have a slight edge
when it comes to moving energy around
inside and outside of the body.

Mind you,
I wouldn’t have understood the classics,
if I hadn’t gone through my matrixing,
and matrixed arts,

So I do the Pinans,
oh, and Sanchin and,
every once in a while,
But I do them making myself as loose as possible,
making my body so empty
that the flow of energy in my arms,
and I am talking about sensation
and which direction ‘tactile feeling’ goes.
Then I ‘flick,’
and energy is expelled.

And sometimes,
to make sure I am not wacky,
I close my fists.

But closing your fists stops the flow of energy,
Or at least isn’t efficient
in the ‘flicking’ I am describing.
So I invariably,
and usually pretty quickly,
go back to the open hand ‘flicking’ of the energy of the body.

doing the arms this way
has totally changed
the way I do applications,
what some people call Bunkai.
here’s the weird thing,
I have found a few moves
that are now totally understandable.
They weren’t before,
I was ‘monkey seeing monkey doing’
my way through the form,
in a certain sense,
but now am no longer being so blind.

I guess we’re about done.
only one other thought,
I wonder how many people
have stayed with this essay this long?
My experience has been that a lot of people
hitting concepts they don’t understand,
go away,
even sneer and call me an idiot.

I’m up there in the clouds
with my stupid mysticism and all that,
you see.

But here’s the thing,
I speak from the 73 year old viewpoint,
from the over 50 years in the martial arts viewpoint.
And I understand what it is to get frustrated,
and especially to not have enough change,
as created by the martial arts discipline,
in your person,
to not understand something.
Believe me,
there’s more I don’t understand now,
than I ever dreamed possible.

But i do my best to describe it all to you,
and hope that you at least try to envision what I am saying.
After all,
you’re going to be 73 one day,
and you’re probably going to be having arthritis,
and other things happening,
if i can say something here,
describe the martial arts in a way
that your journey is easier and more successful,
then it’s okay that I lost a few of the fellows
who aren’t ready for this stuff.

I’m sorry for them,
I wish I could reach everybody,
but you can’t teach quantum physics to a first grader.

thanks for listening (reading)
and I hope that I’ve niggled an ‘on-off’ switch or two
inside your skull.

don’t forget to check out
Dale Gilliland’s great interview with me….

by the way,
obligatory ad…
you might try this book


Doing Yoga helped me understand a lot of this stuff,
and to work it out.
After all,
to be motionless will help you understand motion.
To just sit and look at the energy within
will help you understand the energy on the outside.
Here’s the link


it’s time for you to close this page
and go explore the things I’ve been telling you.

Have a SUPER work out!

Have you checked out my novel?
It’s on Amazon,
but you’ll probably have to look for it.
Amazon tends to hide the good stuff.

Teaching the Secret of the Martial Arts Universe

Newsletter 944

The Higher Martial Art

I had an interesting class the other day,
one of the students is always late,
always lazy,
and wastes his and other student’s time.
So I sat him down,
along with the whole class,
and I chewed him up a little bit.
I said,

five years from now
you’re going to have a job,
a wife,
a kid on the way,
are you going to give people a hard time then?

Blank look back at me.

Martial Arts are about control.
Fighting is part of it,
but you have to get past fighting
and learn how to control.
Life is nothing but people
and how you control them,
or how you are controlled by them.

He cocks his head quizzically.

I’m the boss here,
can you control me?

He shakes his head no.

So you won’t be able to control your boss
when you get a job.
You won’t be able to move ahead,
you won’t be able to choose what to do,
you won’t be able to work your own hours,
you won’t be able to make the money you want to make.

Now he’s blinking.
I’m starting to make sense to him.

Martial arts is about control.
If you don’t learn control here,
you may not have a chance later.
The boss in five years
doesn’t care about you learning control,
he just wants to get the job done,
and he is going to go with the people
who can best control what they do.

My voice is raised now,
and the class is staring.
There are times when I want them to think,
now is not one of those times.
Now I want them to get it.
Shut up and get it:
the world belongs to those who can control it.

I finished with:
If you’re an idiot now,
if you’re going to waste your time
by being lazy and foolish,
then you’re going to be an idiot in five years.
So I suggest you practice these forms
so you can learn to control your body.
And practice those applications,
so you can learn to control your opponent.
And practice freestyle drills and methods,
so you can control the chaos that life can be.

the student in question improved slightly.
So I will have to repeat it tomorrow,
maybe in altered form,
maybe in connection with some other dojo lesson.
And I will repeat it again and again.
Because that’s what teaching really is.

Here’s a link on how to translate chaos to control,
force to flow,
the world to your pleasure.


Have a great work out!


Following is a great win that shows one thing…you aren’t going to get the answers, you are going to get the questions, the questions that lead you to understanding your own martial art. Do you have the kind of mind that can do this?


Al, the reason I finely decided to order these DVD’s (Five Army Tai Chi Chuan) was that after one of my classes, which I am continuing to teach at the park, I was invited by a fellow name John to learn Tai Chi with him and some of his students. I found the art to be fun, but when the class ended I inquired about the martial application and to my surprise John told me that there where none, that it was only to be used for relaxation.
Bull, I then showed him how I could turn just the few moves that I had just learned into a usable defense (only because I read the Master Instructor manual.) This got me thinking about this art and I know the best place for me to learn it was from you.
Have a great week

Using Martial Arts to Boil Water with your Bare Hands

Chi Power and Boiling Water with your hands

I was watching the news,
murder and stabbings
crime and politics,
at risk of becoming sad,
which is,
after all,
the intent of most news programs,
I turned the tube off,
cursing myself for turning it on,
and go work out.

boiling chi with your tan tien

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

lop sau rolling fists freestyle drill

Complete scientific analysis of Kenpo Karate

Silence greets me,
I listen to the complaints and reliefs of my body,
and all becomes sacred.

Don’t you see it?
The world goes away,
and I am left with me,
and that knowledge that I am alive,
life becomes great.

here’s something you might not know,
the old classics
concerning the martial arts,
actually say some of the things
I say in Matrixing.
They just say it in words from another time,
another place,
a time and place without a science to accurately describe
what the martial artists are going through.

I get a kick out of the old classics,
read them every once in a while
and change the language into English and physics,
and it all makes sense.

Here’s one,
the tan tien boils the chi…

the body is a motor,
the legs are leads,
and the tan tien is actually an energy generator.
Shift and twist back and forth
through the stances,
make energy go up and down the legs,
and you excite the generator.

Don’t my words make more sense?
And yet they are nothing than an accurate interpretation
of ancient writing.

Writing by the uneducated who were doing their best
to describe the experiences they were going through
and what they had discovered.

to move into the future a bit,
try this exercise,

Close your eyes
stand in a horse stance,
start shifting side to side,
front stance to back,
twisting the energy up and down the legs.
After a while you become aware only of your legs,
having reached that stage, do this:
imagine the space between the top of the legs as a table top.
Place a cup on the table top,
imagine your motion as an intent
to swirl the liquid
within the cup.

Do this for a while and you can boil water with your hands.
Of course,
it depends upon how unlimited you can imagine yourself,
which means,
it depends upon the strength of your visualization,
it depends on the strength of your discipline.
Have you done your forms enough to control your form?
Unloose your imagination?
Be you?

I know a lot of people,
upon reading these instructions
will nod their heads and say,
uh huh,
and go on about their lives.

And there is the tragedy of those who set up a work out time,
practice as I have indicated,
do it for a while,
and get bored and stop.

I know a few of you are going to go somewhere with this.

I encourage you all,
and even if you don’t go all the way,
even if you just nod your head and move on,
what I have said will be good for you.

for those few who make it all the way
and boil water in their hands,
I want to say something to you…
I know that only people who can make water boil in their hands
will understand these words…

be redactive in your elementalizing

I could hear somebody a hundred years from now,
sighing in relief.
You’re welcome.

pop over here if you want to see my system,

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan!

Not only do you get a system,
you get data on how to set up drills,
the matrix theory of push hands,
and 90 minutes of hard core applications.

Form is useless without function,
and this puts the function back into Tai Chi.

Okey dokey, amigos,
now leave the TV alone,
and get back to working out.

Or maybe just boil up a little tea using my martial arts hands.



Ligaments and how I figured out CBM

Newsletter 706
Ligaments and how I figured out CBM

Good morning from Monkeyland!
Anther perfect day for working out!
Working out seven days after surgery?
How can that be?
You simply use visualization,
do your forms in your mind,
and you still get 80% of the benefit!

And, the surgery…
The exact procedure involved a four inch slit in my shoulder
and some very delicate handiwork.
Two screws to hold the shoulder bone down,
a coil around the bones to help keep everything in place,
and a brand new ligament.

My new ligament is VERY happy to have joined my body.
Instead of the fade to black of death
which usually happens to the parts of a cadaver,
it is now part of CBM machine,
where every muscle and cell is expected to
contribute to the work of the whole organism.
Not one muscle doing everything,
but all muscles doing something.

this was the original concept of CBM depressed, incidentally.
I don’t think I’ve talked about this before, So let me explain right now.
The original concept of Coordinated body motion was
One muscle doesn’t do all the work,
All muscles do a little work.
One arm doesn’t do all the work,
all the parts of the body do a little work

This thought was a drastic departure from how I was being trained.
I was being trained to use force, even in the kang duk won.
Eventually, as you get older, you get tired of doing all the work
And you start looking for easier ways to get the work done.
But this doesn’t lead to CBM.
It leads to chi power, it leads to better martial arts,
but inefficiently.
And it doesn’t lead to coordinated body motion.
And, to tell you the truth, I was going outside my art,
And I was coming across concepts where people talked about
Using the body as one unit.
But what I couldn’t find was a way to describe this method
Of using the body is one unit,
And still be true to the concept
Of one muscle doesn’t do all the work.

So I thunk it up in my head,
Move the hand at the same speed you move the foot.
Then, instead of stepping forward and punching
I was stepping forward while punching.
And the whole ‘use the body is one unit’ thing resolved,
And coordinated body motion was born.
Yeah, just thunk it up.
Figured it out.
Made it up.
But it worked.

And I got into all sorts of computations
The weight of the leg over the arc of the foot times the speed of the kick,
The muscle of the arm Times the speed of the fist from point a to point B,
The mass of the hips rotated between the distance of the legs times the speed of…
And so on and so on.
But I gave up the computations because the world is simple
And it has to be solved simple, And kept simple, if it is going to work.
So you can take my description of CBM, and you can run with it.
You can use it and tweak your art, And fix your forms,
And make your techniques work.
Not complex.
It’s simple.

So I explain this to my ligament and it was happy,
But I didn’t have to explain it,
I just had to use CBM,
To walk with the body as one unit,
and the ligament loved it.
And the whole body Loved it.
The body Loves to work,
But the body love to work simple more.

Anyway, that is the story of CBM,
Done right, keep it simple,
And your art becomes simple,
And everything changes.

oinkey Doggie
If you want to see what goes on after CBM,
If you want to check into the real truth of such things as
Correct body alignment,
Perfect body structure,
How to make any technique perfect,
And so on,
Check out this page…


Now have yourself a great workout,
And I’ll talk to you later.

Grounding Yourself in Martial Arts

The Martial Arts Connection

Good afternoon!

Perfect time for a work out!
Perfect time to make yourself perfect.
That’s what it is all about,
you know.
Perfection of character.
And what is perfection of character?
Doing the right thing.
Working without excuses.
Being honest.
Treating people the way you want to be treated,
and you get all that sort of stuff from a simple work out.
You simply work out,
and work the poisons out of yourself.
Sweat out the toxins,
and sweat out the mental toxins,
and get left with the beauty of you.

let’s talk about grounding.
Grounding means you are connected to something.
In the martial arts this means you are connected to the ground.
But here’s the interesting thing…
if you walk barefoot
there is interchange of electrons between your feet and the earth.
This makes for a healthier body.
Sounds sort of new age,
but it is just solid science,
and can be checked out with
a body voltage meter
which you can buy at Radio Shack.

The electronics are useful in conjunction with free radicals,
make your body healthy.

And here’s something to think about,
walking barefoot is best.
Walking with leather is probably next best,
because leather is organic.
but organic.
Walking with rubber souls is probably next best,
and finally,
walking with plastic,
which is most athletic shoes,
is worst.
many plastics are actually insulators,
designed to stop the interchange of electrons.

maybe you have heard me talk about the benefits of organic food
v synthetic food,
isn’t it interesting
to find out that this applies to footwear?

we don’t have to go crazy on this,
it is just something to think about.
A day at the beach is best served barefoot,
a day hike might be better with leather shoes,
and so on.
if a synthetic sole
from some synthetic
‘do it now’ company
feels best on a marathon,
then do it.

that said,
now you know why barefoot is best in the dojo.

My instructor had trained his body to be a machine,
and when he stepped on the mat
you could feel the electricity.
we are talking REAL electricity here.
Not just new age mumbo jumbo,
or mystical ‘chi power,’
but an actual,
scientifically proven…

The planet to your body,
your body to the planet.
Your body to another body,
as in a kick (or punch).

real karate,
not tournament stuff,
not commercial stuff,
but the real stuff,
relies heavily upon
grounding the body.
You sink the weight
to make a better connection with the planet,
make health with electrons,
charge up with ‘chi power,’
and so on.

when you do your stances,
you are looking for the best way,
the most efficient way,
at the very least,
the most ‘describable’ way
to charge up your body.

When I was at the Kang Duk Won
we would stand in a front stance,
then we would pivot in place,
and make the other foot the front foot,
snapping the hips,
grounding one way,
then the other,
then the other,
and so on.
And we would then do it with punches,
learning how to use an electrical concept
with the motor of our bodies.

Alternating current,
don’t you know.

And here’s the thing.
When I put matrixing together,
one of the things underneath it
was to clear up all misunderstandings,
get rid of all the stuff you didn’t know,
by simply arranging the thing logically
so there were no gaps in your knowledge.
No missed techniques.
It won’t to make you ground,
or give you mystical power.

here is the point of it all.
If you do classical Karate,
chances are it has been passed down through tournaments,
altered for commercialism,
and slanted this way and that for political purposes,
and so on.
That means that you could do your classical karate,
or classical ANY martial art,
and not get the juice.
The juice was simply left out.
Feet are turned wrong,
stances are misaligned,
and so on.
And techniques are often totally messed up.
by doing matrixing,
and getting rid of the things
that you were not told,
that oftentimes couldn’t be told,
the art can work,
and then the classical arts,
the ones aimed at the so called ‘mystical’ powers,
the ones that made chi,
could then function the way they were supposed to,
the way they were designed to
through an evolution over the ages.

Matrixing is a key.
It opens the door
by opening up the classical forms,
and then you get the real stuff.

the three specific courses on this are,
Matrix Karate,
because it shows you how to Matrix.
The Master Instructor Course,
because it shows you proper body alignment,
how to check your effortless energy,
and so on.
Temple Karate,
because it is classical karate
that I have been doing
under the influence of Matrixing
for nearly fifty years.
These three courses.

I missed wishing all a Happy July Fourth.
Totally missed it.
And I shouldn’t have,
And especially because
I think martial arts
such as I am talking about here
can fix the country,
hold off the effects of GMO
and idiot politicians.
Buy two courses,
Matrix Karate and The Master Instructor Course,
in download form,
and email me with a happy 4th of July,
and i will send you the downloads for Temple Karate.

That’s buy two,
get one free,
that ought to free your radicals,
connect your electricals,
and get you grounded
the way you should be.
Fix up your art perfect,
put you on the road to perfection of character.

So go to MonsterMartialArts.com
and check it out.

beyond that,
all I can say is a belated…
have a great Fourth of July!

And a heck of a great work out!

How Build Martial Arts Super Powers!

Achieving the supernatural in kung fu

Supernatural in kung fu, refers to such things as reading minds, intuition, seeing when things are going to happen before they happen, And so on.

The reason people have such trouble in gaming this high level of martial arts is because of a basic misunderstanding of who and what they are.

sci fi horror story

New sci fi horror novel…click on the cover!

The body is an envelope for the spirit.

The mind is just a bunch of memory.

The spirit is the source of all supernatural ability in the martial arts.

The misunderstanding comes when people attribute their abilities to mental powers.

Memory has no powers, memory obscures he human being, which obscures a being’s natural power. Natural ability, what a human being can do once memories are put aside is actually what we call supernatural kung fu.

Thus to say Power comes from mental abilities is completely the opposite of what they should be thinking.

Think of it this way, A person trains his body and this creates discipline in the soul. In effect it bypasses the mind, which is to say the memories, which come between a person and his true power and ability.

Understanding this one must apply this to the martial arts.

One memorizes movements, Which creates a short-term memory. One practices the movements until the memory disappears and intuition remains. The bonus is at the long-term memory tends to disappear to, Or at least to get out-of-the-way of the martial artist.

So you memorize to give up memory and what is left is the awareness, the Spirit, the human being, the ‘I am.’

When you give up memory, your own abilities come to the fore. These abilities, Based in such things as intuition, actually frighten normal people. That is why so many people give up the martial arts at the brown belt level, for that is the level at which a person breaks through to intuition.

Unfortunately, most systems no longer bring a person to the edge of intuition, or push him through to intuition.

This is why I created matrixing. It makes the martial arts faster, it makes the jump to intuition easier.

Instead of spending years trying to figure out the confusion created by a laborious memorization procedure, the student learns logical moves, builds up no internal resistance to the memorization procedure, and slides smoothly into intuition.

Check out monstermartialarts.com, and especially the matrix karate course there. Even if you have done martial arts for years, even if you know dozens of martial arts systems, once you experience the logic of matrixing, all those systems Will start to make sense and come together in a manner which you didn’t envision.

Great Martial Arts Chi Cultivation Win!

How to Cultivate Chi Like You Mean It!

Welcome to today!
Welcome to another work out!
Welcome to a better you!

got a great win here,
but I have to explain something,
When I had the great computer crash of ’13,
I lost so-o-o much.
Not just my computer, but the external hard drive.
I lost all data concerning my promotions.
All the records about who I had promoted and when…gone.
That’s the one that makes me cry.

Will Stockinger has completed the Matrix Black Belt course.
Congrats to Will!
I don’t know what number he is
I had about 75 master instructors
and some black belts in various arts,
so I think I’ll just start everything over from the number 101
So congrats to Will as promotion 101.
I am on the road for Xmas,
and I don’t have access to his win,
but he writes the greatest wins,
so let me give you another one I’ve got of his
and I‘ll share his Black Belt win on another newsletter.
Here go…

Hi sensei Al
Thank you very much. I was already worried you fell off the mountain…
Sorry, I forgot you lost your records..yes, I have done the master instructor course in may already, was my first course. My wife is taking it right now, she finished it and is going to send her win within days now. . I use it as my bible to refer to. Actually I crystalized everything I do so far from the different books and hints you gave me. Trying to get a better understanding of it all. I must say, the matrix tai chi course is par excellence, believe it or not, to string the line together took me one hour, the moves seem so logical… but…the amount of chi raised in my body was phenomenal. I never experienced such a surge of energy and joy like that. but it only worked with the right CBM. I felt a whirl in my Dan Tian and later a pole of energy in my chakras from top to bottom. It is awesome, seriously. Thank you. Pushing on….have a great workout and thank you again for everything, happy

Thanks, Will,
you really make my day.

a couple of things.
His wife is ready to send a win in on the Master Instructor Course.
if you have family members,
or somebody who is testing with you,
you can slide them right on in,
no charge.
I am appreciative that people help other people,
so it’s a good thing.

I am really impressed with Will’s experience
with energy.

everybody studies different martial arts,
everybody is going to have different experiences,
This specific win
went right into energy.

Matrixing works that way!

Matrixing aligns the body!
If you pay attention to the seven principles
in the Master Instructor course,
and just do other courses
and watch how the body is aligned,
there is no limit on what you are going to get out of it.
So Will has done the Master Instructor Course,
and he has done the Matrix Tai Chi Chuan Course,
and other courses,
and you can see the shape of his wins.

So what do you want out of the martial arts?
Do you want to go in a certain direction?
Self defense?
Chi cultivation?
Something else?

Do you just want to learn a new system
that will augment your training?

So go for it!

It’s Christmas!
It’s Hanakwanmass!
The best thing you can do is give yourself a gift
that will change you,
make your martial arts explode!

if you happen to be a significant other
and you know your hubby or wifey does martial arts,
can there be a better gift?
A gift that actually keeps giving?
Doesn’t end up in a drawer,
but is used every single work out!

Here’s the URL for courses mentioned here…
Matrix Karate
Matrix Tai Chi Chuan
Master Instructor

time to go work out.
and thanks for the great wins,
I’ll put your BB win in
as soon as I get back to my home computer.

And for everybody…
HanaKwanMass and…


Mental Martial Arts

A Silent Mind and Monkeyland…

Good morning
and a GREAT work out to you!

Is it better to feel up or down?
up, right?
And a work out causes you to go up,
to feel better,
I repeat…
a GREAT workout to you!

the big news is Monkeyland.
I’ll talk about it in a minute,
but first,
I wanted to share a thought
on what happens to your mind when you matrix.

there is relief.
All the jumbled up techniques suddenly fit together.
You can see the blank spaces, where techniques were missing,
you stop hesitating and intuition starts to kick in.
the techniques you have been memorizing suddenly make sense,
and become accessible without thought.

This thing of doing without thinking is incredibly interesting.
A baseball player takes off at the crack of the bat.
He’s all the way out in centerfield,
how did he know how to run at the crack of the bat?
He hasn’t had time to study the trajectory of the ball,
yet…he knows where the ball is going.
That is a zen moment.
That is a moment of intuition.
And the question here,
is how do we make our entire lives into a zen moment?
Why do we have to leave the zen moment and return
to the old knock on wood world?
Why do we have to go back to thinking?

This is the purpose of the martial arts,
this is what they are all about,
to take us out of the reaction time, apple falls on head world,
and to put us in a zen universe,
a world where our every action is instant and intuitive.

as I said,
when you matrix the martial arts you feel relief,
the more martial arts you know,
the greater the feeling of relief,
but the real cool stuff starts happening when your mind starts getting silent.

After you matrix your mind will relax and you will start to experience mental silence.

When you walk down the street
your mind is usually filled with junk.
Thoughts about what you’re going to do,
does he or she like me,
contemplations on work,
and all sorts of other things.
you are thinking ALL the time.
The mind just won’t stop…
it just won’t shut up.

After you matrix you feel relief,
but something else has started,
your mind has started to calm down.
It is talking because it is confused,
is one way to look at it.
any way you look at it,
calmed down,
the mind starts to go neutronic.
It starts to shut up,
and you start to look at the world
without having all this thinking crap going on in your mind.

It is a blessed silence.

So here are some things to think about
to help you come to grips with this silence,
and to make it happen quicker.
Mind you,
the things I say will work for martial arts that are not matrixed,
but they will take twenty or thirty years to happen.
With matrixed minds,
everything happens faster.
Logic always works faster.

have you ever engrossed yourself in a good book?
You put it down and suddenly wonder where the time went.
Your mind wasn’t thinking,
because it was busy generating a world
out of the words you read.

when you do a form,
you want to get that feeling,
of investing yourself in the form,
of creating emotion and movement so intently,
that you stop thinking.

you are so busy concentrating on one thing,
that you forget about the world.

Try standing and holding your arm out
with the index finger raised.
Stare at that finger.
Every time your thoughts start to wander,
every time you lose focus and start to think,
examine the finger.
Look at the sworls, the curves, the nail…
examine it,
lose yourself in examining your finger.

The point here is simply to learn how to focus your attention
so that your mind doesn’t generate a bunch of crap.
This is a simple exercise in how to remain focused and attentive,
but on what you want…
not on what your mind wants.

after a while you will experience the blessed silence.
You will be face to face with the world,
with no bushwah thoughts getting between you and the world.
It is a very special place,
it is a very zen place.

And it will happen faster if you matrix.

Here’s the first course…

You do Matrix Karate,
you learn Karate if you don’t know it,
or you finally understand Karate if you have already been studying it.
take whatever art you wish,
plug it into the matrix.

Take the high block in your rare and esoteric system of Golden Fu,
put it where the Matrix high block is.
Do the same for all the blocks.
Put your blocks into the Matrix forms, high for high, low for low, and so on.
Do the Matrix of blocks,
plugging your blocks into the thing.

Zingo bingo,
your art is matrixed.
You still have a complete classic art of your own,
but it suddenly becomes understandable.
Techniques that were hidden pop out at you.
Gaps in training routines become visible,
and you can fix them!

And your mind will start to become silence,
and you will finally see the world
that the chattering of your mind
has stopped you from seeing.

Oinkey donkey,

I’ve got a complete list of things to research…
garden boxes,
how to keep animals out of the garden boxes,
morphing them into green houses,
green houses into meditation rooms.
Interesting stuff,
with an overall aesthetic to it all.
A plan.

And, the thing I’m working on this week…how much is chicken feed?
How do I generate food for chickens without paying out money?
Because everything has to eventually be self sufficient.
Everything has to go natural as soon as possible.

I’ll be honest,
I’ve never done anything like this before,
so I am confused and dazed and…quite enthralled.

the real plans are in the martial arts programs.
I’m figuring out plans for seekers (postulants), novices (novitiates), monks, and so on.
How much art do I give for each level,
how do I tie it in with neutronics, and so on.

Monster has to stay afloat,
because there are going to be people who are more interested in martial arts
and don’t want any religious bushwah infringing upon them.
I understand and empathize.
They are the recruits from which I will draw
after they have had some matrixing,
and have realized that they can make the world into a zen universe.

So in addition to terracing the hilltops,
making work out places for every art,
I think about things like libraries,
and living quarters,
and everything.
And I am really concerned about making a curriculum
that really works.

that said,
as you might expect,
price of courses will be rising.
you all know I’ve been too low for too long,
and I’ve got a temple to build,
of course,
some happy millionaire out there
wants to donate a million bucks.
That would certainly help out.

you’ve got about a week,
then I’ve got to raise the prices,
so take advantage while you can.
And you might consider starting with Matrix Karate.
It’ll be the first course for Postulants (seekers),
and people will be expected to know it before they even get invited to Monkeyland.
Here’s that URL again…


I’ve spoken enough,
got to get to work,
got to make this thing happen.
And I thank everyone who sent in their well wishings and congrats to me.
I appreciate all of your thoughts
and will try to live up to them.
and have a great work out!