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Argument to the Resistance to The Creation of Energy in the Martial Arts

Energy in the Martial Arts. Most interesting, and a sought after concept. The fascination with Chi Energy and things of that ilk, you know.
Now, I had an interesting fellow write in and quote physics at me. He said you can’t create energy.
Uh, he’s wrong.
There are two types of physics, you see.
There is the Newtonian physics, which is the physics of the universe.
Then there is the other physics, which is ‘hidden,’ which we ‘hide from,’ and so on.
One could lump all sorts of thing into that arena, but we shant.
Instead, we use the Newtonian Physics to reach the other physics, which I shall call Neutronic Physics from here on out.
The first physics is a jealous God, and would be the only one. An argument that the universe is insane if ever there was one.
But, consider, the universe does not move, except as in cause and effect. This object rolls into that object which falls on that object which…very Rube Goldberg.
Then consider that you move the universe. That is to say, the universe is moved off its cause and effect platform by any motion initiated by you.
Now, I know a lot of people are blinking, maybe even crying, so let me make it simple.
Check out the following video.

My force isn’t great, there is distance involved, yet the candle goes out.
A force that cannot be measured.
Or, a force that is a flow of chi power.
This is proof that there is energy beyond energy, or Neutronics beyond Newton.
Empiricists of the universal sort will try to explain this, or explain it away, with Newtonian physics.
But, they are wrong. They are limited by what schools have taught them, and are no longer able to put aside physics for reality.
Look, there is the reality of the universe…Newton.
Then there is the reality of the individual…Neutronics.
Currently, Newtonian physics attempts to quell even a mention of Neutronic style physics, explain the paranormal, and that sort of thing.
Yet, to avoid being a cause and effect dog, one must ascend to a higher physics.
One must put aside the catechism of the universe, and realize that they are capable of imagination and a power beyond physics…a power which, once the individual becomes of sufficient magnitude, can use that Newtonian physics like a child uses a yoyo.
Now, I know there will be people who go crazy on my words concerning physics and the creation of emergy in the martial arts. I invite you to put aside words, examine the candle trick I do above, then, if you want to know how I did it, head over to Monster Martial Arts and check out the books I have written on this subject.

In True Martial Arts Fight or Flight is to be a Victim!

Martial Arts WeaponOne of my friends wrote me recently, was excited about transforming reaction to’towards,’ instead of ‘away.’

This is an old method of controlling the ‘fight or flight’ response to what you want.

It’s a neat idea, however, as I observed to my friend, reaction time is reaction time, and the real key to the martial arts is to get rid of reaction time.

Thus, instad of pretending your a bird on the wing, or a tiger ready to pounce, you should practice being a ware, like a human being.

Extend your awareness so that you can see what is coming, and thus never be surprised, and never had reaction time.

You don’t want to react, because that is acting after,and it means you’ve already gone victim.

Instead, you want to act, based on a plan you made when you saw the future coming.

This type of thought, of philosophy, is what matrixing is all about. Increasing awareness so you can make a real plan. No other martial art does it. They are all reacting, being the victim, fight or flight with no real choice.

Monster Martial Arts, if the idea of becoming aware sounds better than becoming reactive like an animal.

Where Matrix Martial Arts came From

I was living in a house in Mt. View at the time. It was shaped like a horse shoe and in the center of the horseshoe was a patio.
At the time I had spent seven years studying the martial arts. Kenpo for a couple of years, Kang Duk Won for about five, Sticky Hands from Wing Chun, and I believe a smattering of Aikido.
Anyway, I was sitting on a cinder block on the patio. and tapping a piece of rebar on the cement. I wasn’t drunk, hadn’t taken any drugs, was just sitting there tapping the rebar and listening to music. I believe it was The Horse with No Name, although it could have been anything from the album that contained that song.
So I’m tapping the rebar, not in time with anything, dunk…dunk…dunk. Bob my head in time with the music. Dunk…dunk…dunk. Feel pretty good. Dunk…dunk…DONG-G-G-G-g-g-g…
Everything was golden. The sky, the air, the trees, everything, and I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from. The music wasn’t coming the speakers, it existed everywhere, was omnidirectional, was…omnipresent.
I was forever, and I knew one thought.
‘For something to be true the opposite must also be true.’
That was the beginning of Matrixing.
That was where Monster Martial Arts had its beginnings.

A Fool and his Martial Art

Once I was fooling around, came up behind a coworker who I knew knew martial arts, and I placed both hands around his neck.
He stepped, spun, whirled his arms, and did a perfect technique, which, I knew, as I watched him, wouldn’t work.
Not only was the technique slow, it was the kind that would never be fast, and nobody would ever do the kind of attack, except in fooling around, that I was offering.
Still, I knew he would go back to his school and humble but certain tones, tell how hi art worked that day.
From those experiences I realized that I was a fool.
But I knew there was a real art out there, and I wanted it.
That was the kind of thinking that led me to create Monster Martial Arts.

What if You Could Learn Real Kung Fu in a Couple of Months?

Interesting idea, eh? Sounds like one of those old Kung Fu movies, but is it possible? Could it be true that you actually have unlimited potential, and could learn a complete Kung Fu system within a couple of months?

The mind is unlimited, you know, and that means that you are unlimited. The trick of course, is to figure out a Kung Fu program that downloads into your mind with perfect sense and ease. The trick is to find a software program that really works, and that is actually designed to match your mind.

Most Martial Arts programs take a long time to learn, and there is a reason for this. Actually, there are several reasons. They all have to do with incorrect data, illogical data, missing data, and that sort of thing that crashes a computer.

First, you must realize that the martial arts are taught using ancient oral traditions. They are passed along by the use of songs and poetry. This is incredibly inefficient, and there is no telling how much data has been lost over the millennium.

Second, you must realize that the martial arts are taught by ‘monkey see monkey do.’ This is mimicry, which is the simplest form of communication in the world. It works, but does not allow for the interchange of concepts, which makes it totally inadequate for teaching Kung fu, Hapkido, Krav maga, or any art you may wish to mention.

Third, you must realize that the martial arts are taught by having students memorize random strings of data. Memorization is totally inadequate, and often has nothing to do with learning. A tape recorder can’t think, it’s as simple as that.

So to learn a complete kung fu system, or to straighten out any martial art you might know, you must change the way you look at the martial arts, and especially their training methods. You must have mimicry and memorization, but the subject has to be arranged in the correct order. This is difficult to do, for people have been enraptured, and convinced, that the old ways of learning are the best ways.

The human mind, you see, is a perfect computer, but it is prone to ‘garbage in garbage out.’ You don’t have to fix your mind to learn more, you just have to fix the programs that go into it. Doesn’t matter what Martial Arts you know, doesn’t even matter if you don’t know the martial arts, you can learn a kung fu system, or any martial art, within a couple of months, all you have to do is change your method of training.

Kung Fu Masters and Entering the Cosmic Mind!

There is an old martial arts saying, when the student is ready the master will appear. Sounds neat, eh? You get so good that some ancient master pops out of the woodwork and gives you the sacred teaching!

The truth of the matter, however is a wee bit different. In fact, the truth of the matter is downright bizarre. Let me tell you how it really works.

In 1974 I was sitting on a cinder block in my backyard, tapping a piece of rebar on the patio and listening to music. Ding, ding…and the world turned golden and I couldn’t tell where the music was coming from. Everything I knew suddenly turned upside down, and I realized that I had had a moment of enlightenment.

And, about that time, my instructor retired. So, here I was, an enlightened being, and I didn’t know where to go to get my lesson. Hey, the student was ready, so where was the master?

Then an odd thing happened. People started telling me what to do. Whenever I was in a quandary, some fellow, not necessarily a martial artist, would come up out of the blue and tell me the exact thing I needed to know to understand my next step.

I was teaching a karate class one day, and I looked out the window, and there was a guy doing kung fu. I went out, introduced myself, and he turned out to be a kung fu master, and he taught me his system. And, in a bizarre oddity, it turned out that what he taught me was the exact thing that had been next to learn in my original system before my instructor retired.

And this thing, of people telling me what to do entered all aspects of my life, giving me a life that was entirely different, bizarre but golden, from the rest of humanity. I would go to a buy a car, know that the salesman was full of dung sticks, and suddenly some other customer would draw my attention to another car, or tell me about another dealer, and, suddenly, everything in the universe seemed balanced and right. The master had appeared, and he was people, and he never led me wrong.

So this thing of when the student is ready the master will appear works, but not the way you expect it. People, as a race, are a more pure and magnitudious rendition of consciousness, and, when taken together, and a person who has been enlightened will tend to take them, they are the master. All of us, we are connected by a consciousness that we do not usually understand, and even reject outright, and yet this is the secret of where we are going, We are part of a Cosmic Mind, a Godlike consciousness, and when the martial arts are done right, and this can be ascertained by whether they lead to enlightenment, humanity knows what you need, and when, and it delivers.

I Used Karate to have the Strongest Mind in the World

Zowie! The Strongest Mind in the Whole World! Able to get any girl and beat up any villain, and…sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Oddly, what I did worked, but not in the way I thought it would. So let me tell you what I did, no charge, and see how you do. Are you ready?

I once read that a man who can concentrate on one thing for three minutes can rule the world. The point was that to stay focused on one thing, to put it simply, blows up the brain power. Having read this, and wanting to have the most fully functional brain allowed, I decided to do it.

I was doing doing Karate at the time, and exploring side avenues of Sticky Hands from Wing Chun Gung Fu, and various other martial things, and I really thought that I had the mental horsepower to pull anything off. I did my forms, I could remain calm during combat, and I had the discipline. Now all I had to do was apply that discipline to seeking enlightenment, pursuing Nirvana, or whatever you want to call it.

I decided to use a rock as my vehicle for the ultimate concentration and the resulting explosion of pure mentality which, I hoped, wouldn’t shatter the universe too badly. A rock, after all, was what the planet was, and the shape was round, like the universe, and it seemed so appropriate. So I went into a nearby orchard and selected a well shaped but ordinary rock, and prepared to enter Nirvana.

I sat down under a tree, placed the rock before me, and focused on it. I tried not to think, I tried to just be aware of the rock, and to ignore all those silly little surface thoughts, like what was for lunch and what the latest movie was, or what I was going to do that weekend. I was, after all, going to shatter down the doors to heaven, so what use could such mundane thoughts have for me, right?

After three minutes I tossed the rock away, stood up, and started walking away, totally disgusted with how boring the whole thing was. I mean, to think that I was going to enter the ultimate paradise just through being able to think at a rock, how stupid, how boring! Suddenly, I was jerked to a stop as a sudden thought washed over me.

It wasn’t the rock that was boring, it was me. All that boredom was being generated by me, and I realized something…I would never be bored again. And I suddenly realized, in this moment of self revelation, the thing had worked, but not at all how I thought it would.

Monster Newsletter #279–Why Every Form is a Prayer!

Hello to everyone!
I feel your joy
and am humbled.
Thank you for working out.

You’ve heard me say
that every form is a prayer.

When you do a form,
you are following a pattern,
within the pattern is awareness.
You seek the awareness
and you have silence.

The comfort of knowing something.

it could even be done wrong,
and you would receive something,
and that is why
the martial arts have lasted
so darn long.

with matrixing,
the form strives for perfection.

Straighten out the odd angles,
put in the grounding,
fine tune your motions,
apply CBM
(Coordinated Body Motion)
the form resembles the perfection
even manufactures the perfection,
that exists within you,
that is you.

Do you understand
how the form
done over and over
is merely a vehicle for finding you?

Being in a body is like being in a prison.
You lurch back and forth
within the body,
and the body starts to move,
back and forth,
the prison bursts,
and you step forth.

That is what happens when you do a form.

If only people could see what you have done.
But they can’t.
They can’t even see the shards of your prison.
And the only proof you have to offer
is an added zest for life,
a grin that is true and open
and reveals the spirit that is you.

it starts with you trying to move your body
like your instructor.
duplicate his motions,
and not understanding,
there is such a good feeling
about taking your body
and making it do things.

It’s not like physical education
which is social conditioning,
but a real,
moving your body.

So you move it,
again and again,
and energy starts to shoot
through your limbs.
Others are doing push ups,
you are doing…
something different.

You are using the body
the way it is supposed to be used.
As a real,
energy shooting machine
where imagination unlimits,
and the universe becomes yours.

You know,
one of my fondest memories
is from back at
the Kang Duk Won.

During the summer,
the heat of the bay area
would be pushed back into San Jose.
San Jose would be like
the mouth of a funnel,
the heat building,
unable to get through,
in the dojo,
a 100 degree day
would turn into 120 degrees.
And we would sweat.
Pushing through the heat,
becoming immune to the heat,
treating the heat
as an accomplice.

Such joy.

after class,
we walked a block to a hamburger stand.
We would still be sweating,
caked with perspiration,
exhausted and bruised and beaten,
We all ordered big orange drinks.
We didn’t care about the sugar in the thing,
we were rulers of the world,
immune to mortality,
secure in ourselves.
Made so by our art.

And we would guzzle that sweet stuff,
and the look in our eyes,
the sheer pleasure in our hearts and souls…
one cannot duplicate the feeling of heaven
that possessed us.
we had burst out of our prisons,
gone beyond
what people expected of us,
we had de-limited ourselves.

I know you know
exactly what I mean.

Maybe it wasn’t a big orange drink for you,
what ever it was,
it was sweet.
It was delicious.
And it was pure you.

The best darn thing in the whole MF universe.

that is what a work out brings.
That is why
every form is a prayer.

the experience is that much sweeter,
when you matrix your form.

A form is not perfection,
unless you make it so.
And your work out is not perfection,
unless you make it so.

here’s the link.

Master Instructor Data!

This is the Master Instructor Course.
No matter whether you are a beginner,
or a high ranking dan,
the Master Instructor Course
has the data
which results in
perfection of form.

I could offer you a thousand dollars
to disprove it,
and you couldn’t.

The data is true.

You guys have a great work out now
and remember,
every form is a prayer.


PS–If you want a great article, try googling, Matrix Martial Arts Enables One to Read Minds!

God made everything out of nothing, but the nothingness shows through.
Paul Valery

Matrix Martial Arts Enables One to Read Minds!

We have all experienced those moments when it seems as if you have read someones mind. Maybe you just blurt out the same phrase, or have the same thought on a place to eat. Sometimes, however, it is as if you have looked into somebodys mind and know what they are thinking.

The martial arts enhance this procedure, and a good martial art does it fast. Indeed, if you aren’t effectively reading minds after a year or two, there is probably something wrong with your martial art. At the very least, you should look into applying some principles from Matrix Martial Arts and straightening it out.

The first time you realize that you can read minds is usually on the mat, usually during freestyle. You intuitively know what your opponent is going to do, and, as time goes on, you begin fitting intuitive responses to his attack. Many people think this is because of the freestyle, but it is really because of the forms.

Yes, freestyle provides the situation, but forms provides the energy and context for reading minds. Without forms, reading minds won’t happen in the martial art, except on the lowest level. Give up forms, and you only have fighting, and fighting does not lead to reading minds.

When doing a form one learns how to control their body, making it do things one couldn’t make it do before. Then, one learns that it is the control of the mind that is really enabling him to control the body. Lastly, one starts to understand that behind any action in this universe, there must be a thought.

The universe is nothing but a space filled with flying objects. The fact of reading minds, you see, is being able to predict the path of objects. Predicting the path of objects just means that you start looking further out.

What the matrixing procedure does, as practiced in Matrix Martial Arts, is organize the data so that one can see beyond the confusion. Matrixing analyzes and handles force and direction, and thus, one can take in more space, and analyze and handle more force and direction. Once one can do this through the practice of the martial arts, one can begin doing it to the rest of life.

Want to get a better deal when you buy or sell your car, or maybe get the girl of your dreams? You can do so if you use matrixing to analyze and handle force and direction. And whether you study a form of kung fu, be it hung gar or choy li fut or mantis, or whether you study karate, such as shotokan or uechi or whatever, you can use Matrix Martial Arts to align it, and to align life itself.

How to Achieve an Aikido Moment of Enlightenment

In 1925, Morihei Uyeshiba was 42 years old. He had many visitors, for everybody knew he was a phenomenal martial artist. One day a naval officer came to call, and their discussion became an argument.

The naval officer held that no one could dodge a sword, and O Sensei held that it was possible. The two squared off, argument became reality, and O Sensei proved that it was possible. After the match, Morihei stepped to a well and doused his head with a bucket of water, and had a moment of profound realization that was to shape the martial arts forever.

The essence of this realization was that men are brothers in spirit, and should all get along. Undoubtedly, other martial artists over the ages have experienced similar realizations, but Uyeshiba’s realization was crucial in history, and unique to the founding of a specific method. Aikido is a method which results in people realizing that they are brothers in the spirit.

The essence of this method is that one should duplicate the motion of an attacker, and join to it. The reality is that if you do this in the physical, the mind starts to go along with it, and you achieve a Uyeshiba Moment of Enlightenment. This has become a proven method, with Aikido spreading across the world and providing moments and levels of spiritual peace and harmony.

This universe is filled with objects that fly through space. Unfortunately, most people, and most arts, collide. Thus, Aikido allowed a method of no collision, but of control of trajectory to the benefit of all.

Ultimately, I realized that this method can be done more efficiently, logically, and I created Matrix Aikido towards that end. The idea behind Matrix Aikido is not a reduction of the analysis of the flow of objects, or bodies, in the universe, it is a concentration of the method through scientific intent.

In classical Aikido it takes years, decades, to achieve sufficient flow in one’s thought to enable one to have a Uyeshiba moment. This is because it takes time to learn the stylized movements of Aikido. To negate this I began teaching my method from concepts, and the result is that the student doesn’t memorize techniques, but rather creates them as he goes along.

The martial arts are taught through methods that are arrangements of random strings of data. Matrixing puts aside those stylistic arrangements in favor of scientific rendering. There is no disservice to O Sensei in a method that enables one to achieve what he achieved at a faster rate, there is only the call to teachers of the art to augment their teaching methods with my discoveries.