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The Secret of Tai Chi Pulsing Power

I was doing Tai Chi this morning, up on Mulholland, and I was struk by how simple the concept of pulsing is.

And I was struck by how obtuse some descriptions of the practice are.

From foot push through the leg, turn the hips, extend the arms barely.

Or, push/turn/(small) wave of the arms.

You start by doing the motion, investing awareness, and trusting that you will see results.

Awareness becomes a physical sensation, and, voila, you have pulse.

It’s like a dream becomes reality.

The more weight you imagine you feel, the more effetive will become your technique.

Now, I have described this concept from several viewpoints, so you can enter into it from several viewpoints, understand it from several viewpoints, and experience success.

That all said, the interesting thing is that when I wrote my Matrixing Chi book I didn’t use Tai Chi as the model. I used a simpler form, from a different art, with simpler movements.

And, that said, the book is sometimes difficult to understand. With all the graphics and such, I was trying to use a more automatic writing approach to the thing. So, it succeeds, but it also leads….if you are erudite and have a lofty vocab.

Anyway, try using what I wrote here, and check out the book, and have a Tai Chi day.

Or, to put that in English, have a Grand Ultimate day.

Oh, and here’s a snip of me using chi to put out a candle. Later.

A Floating Mote of Chi!

What a great day/week/month…
had a bunch of Master Instructors,
another one to be announced next newsletter.
Life is worth living,
you know?

Back in 73
I was working out with a guy name of Bruce.
We sometimes got together over the weekend,
bashed each other around a good bit,
then laughed hysterically.
Good times.
We were young,
you know?

we were doing Sticky Hands
And I had been coming across matrixing concepts,
and I was trying to align my form perfectly,
and balance my form perfectly,
and I didn’t really know what I was doing,
just trying to be perfect,
you know?

we’re sitting there,
twining arms,
searching for weakness,
and suddenly
I sank my breath,
sank my weight,
balanced my arms,
focused on Bruce and…

I was a mote of awareness.

I mean,
I wasn’t my body,
I was just a point in space
working my body.

about a million things happened.

Number one,
I was unlimited.
I could see in all directions equally.
I was the basic ‘I am’ that motivates bodies,
and I was so vast
that the whole planet earth
was nothing but a cork
in the bottle of my awareness.

Number two,
there was just too much stuff happening.
I was used to perceiving through the eyes and ears and such,
and I didn’t know what to do,
all these other senses,
a world I hadn’t known slamming into me,
and I was almost instantly overwhelmed
by what I was.

Number three,
I became terrified.

Bruce’s eyes opened in shock.
He was like a bug caught.
He was just a little body
and I was everything,
a vast light of awareness
washing over him,
fixing him in place.

But I was terrified,
I had never heard of anything like this,
read of anything
(except the Lensman series)
and I was so Fn terrified
and I had to break the perfect balance that I had become.
So I hit Bruce.
But I didn’t just hit him,
the whole universe just sort of came together
like a beam of light ,
and slammed him in the chest.

Bruce flew back like a fly caught in the blast of an Abrams tank.
He hit the wall
and the way he rubbed his chest
I could see that he was wondering whether he was alive,
and his eyes were dazed,
and he looked at me and asked

“What’d you do?”

What did I do?
I had no clue.
I knew that I had experienced the truth of me.
And I knew that I had experienced the truth
of every single person on earth.
I had experienced…
I am.

A floating mote of awareness that is in charge of everything.
That moves everything.
that is everything.

I wasn’t everything inside my skin,
I was everything outside my skin.
The universe was my true body.

the exact thing that I did.
I stood with feet slightly in
in the hourglass stance.
I had a straight but relaxed back.
My arms were balanced,
equal awareness in each,
And I tried to be exactly in between my arms.
and I was.

I could be between my fingertips,
or in my spine,
but I was in between
and balanced.
Perfectly balanced.

So try it,
let me know of any wins.
I’m a glutton for wins.
I love to share them,
they encourage people.

the reason I am telling you this.
I’m a seeker.
Most people are,
but they don’t know it,
but what are you seeking?
I tell you this,
that which has interested you
and fascinated you
your whole life,
which you can do 16 hours a day straight,
seven days a week,
and not call it work,
that is key to you,
your purpose,
your reason for being,
what you are seeking,
and it is likely tied up with this thing called…
I am.

They feed you pablum
and want you to work in factories.
Real learning starts
when you put aside the books
and start living.
And where that learning takes you…
that’s the key,
you know?

I’m working on a new book.
Gonna put it out on Monkeyland.
Monkeyland is down for a while,
because I’m cogitating.
I had some stuff up there
which I think was freaking people out.

So I have to make a few changes,
figure things out.
but things are coming together.
I’ll let you know.

In the meantime,
Matrixing Chi is going good,
got a postscript from a fellow…


You know,
a simple win,
tacked onto the end
of an email,
just makes me glow.

I really want
for everybody to win at the martial arts
to find what they want,
be it the ‘I am,’
or whatever.

Done right,
the martial arts
are nothing but a huge win.
And that’s what matrixing is all about…
doing the martial arts right.

Here’s the Matrixing Chi URL

Matrixing Chi

Take advantage quick,
because the next couple of books are going further and faster,
and you want to be ready.

have a great work out
and make your life fantastic.


A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth.
Maurice Chevalier
A healthy old age is the reward of a youth spent doing martial arts.–Al Case

Experience is the teacher of all things.
Julius Caesar
The martial arts are the teacher of all things. –Al Case

Any healthy man can go without food for two days – but not without poetry.
Charles Baudelaire
Any healthy man can go without food for two days – but not without the martial arts. –Al Case

Send me your wins!

Energy Flux Concept Can Be Used in Kung Fu Self Defense Techniques

This is a very easy and intuitive way to weaken your opponent simply by using an energy flux concept. This concept can be used before you use any of the kung fu self defense techniques, or before karate kumite. You can use it when any confrontation happenswhich is going to require you to use physical force on somebody.

Now, it won’t knock somebody out, I can’t guarantee  that you will win a fight, that is going to depend on the degree of dedication you apply to your normal martial arts training. But it may weaken him in a subtle way, and give you the edge in launching the first strike. I don’t know about you, but even a slight edge is something I want to bring with me to a kung fu fight, or any kind of martial arts fight.

Now, to set this concept up, you need to know something about the body, and about the energy of the body. There is a main pathway for energy which runs right up the front of the body and down the back. This pathway is a main meridian, or channel, for major energy flow in the body.

What we want to do is disrupt this energy for just an instant, and cause the opponent’s body to move more slowly. We are going to do this by reversing the energy flow in the central meridian. This is very easy to do, and will slow the opponent’s body down.

To make sure you knowhow this technique works, have a partner stand with his feet shoulder width apart and his arms straight out to the sides. Now, press down on his hands gently, and you will notice how much force you have to apply. Second, place your finger on his neck and trace a line down the center of his body to the belly button, and now press on his hands.

You should notice that he gets noticably weaker. Now ‘zip’ your finger from the belly button to the neck, and you will notice he is stronger. This quick (1 to 2 seconds) motion slows his energy down, or returns it to normal speed (depending on which way you go), and the result is weaker or stronger.

Practice this with many different people. Don’t tell them what you are doing (until after), just practice zipping and unzipping energy. After a while you will actually be able to stand back and trace the path with your moving eyes, and cause weakness or strength.

Now, depending on you and your dedication to the martial art, this may or may not take a while to accomplish. It will happen sooner if you are a dedicated martial arts fanatic, and you practice your kung fu techniques religiously, and, especially if you have matrixed your martial art and understand how energy flux theory works. That understood, that is how you use the energy flux in any kung fu self defense techniques.

If you want to know more about energy flux theory, matrixing, or the best Shaolin Kung Fu in the world, check out the courses at Monster Martial Arts.

The Secret Of Making Chi The Right Way

There is actually a good definition for Chi, one which explains away all the mysticism. The problem is that intrinsic energy has been a catch basket for anything and everything that people didn’t understand. The truth is that Chi responds very well to simple physics definitions.

When one considers internal energy they must understand that there are several layers of it. These layers actually exist in stages, and they follow certain rules. To understand this consider that water is first ice, then water, then steam.

On the first level Chi is solid, it is the material which makes up bodies. That chair you are sitting in, it is made of frozen chi. So is the refrigerator and the TV.

On the second level, the one most people are most familiar with, intrinsic energy is a liquid like type of energy. Root your stance, move your body in a way that promotes generation and circulation, and you can feel the chi moving through your body. Interestingly, this chi actually moves through the solidity of your body.

The body is solid, but there are degrees of solid. Consider the body a stove, and the arms pipes, and it is easy to follow, and even create, the rules of how to move Chi energy. The real trick, of course, lies with understanding the third level of internal energy.

The third level of chi is thought, and this is the stuff by which you move the energetical substance through your body. Thought is interesting stuff, because people believe it is sentences and words and such. Thought, however, is not words, it is the urge behind the words.

What grunt of thought causes motion? What momentary impulse is behind all the sentences that try to describe internal energy in a thousand ways? What notion moves us, from bug to nation?

To move chi through the body one must learn to consider the universe on progressively lighter levels. One must move the objects of reality with muscle at first, and then progress to less effort and more intention, and finally enrich perceptions to the point where one can actually perceive the grunt or whim that actuates all motion in this universe. In the end, it is the effortless non-energy of perception that enables us to comprehend and understand chi, and to move it by whim and notion, and this effortless, light method is the secret of Tai Chi Chuan.

The Third Evolutionary Step Of The Martial Arts

There are actually three steps when it comes to the evolution of man. These steps are cut and dried, but are unrecognizable in todays martial arts. When you Matrix the martial arts, however, even specific arts, like karate or kung fu, then your evolutionary path opens up before you.

The first step is nothing more than the struggle for survival. We are born, and our parents try to protect us and educate us, but at some point we all must enter into the struggle for survival. Making a living, finding out what we really want to do, day to day survival.

Interestingly, many of these early struggles have to do with our fellow man. It is not just the struggle for body survival, but how to get along with society which, lets face it, is not always sane. If we survive this early struggle, if we do not jump off a cliff or hang ourselves, then we become sane, though this is a relative state.

Sanity is the second step, and it is marked by the fact that we realize that we are not alone. Mankind is not necessarily something to struggle against, but a force that can enhance ourselves and the fact of survival. But, as I said, there is relative sanity.

Some people, upon learning that they are not alone, resist this state and try to destroy it. People build machines of war, corporations dedicated to slavery, governments of intolerance and…insanity. This is the stage where martial arts is most crucial, for it not only aids survival, it offers opportunities to step out of the increased insanity sometimes offered by humanity, and to find and develop the unique abilities that make individuals what they are.

This third step, finding our true worth, is what the martial arts are all about; this is where the human being rises to his full magnitude, or dwindles into a cinder. And, at this point, let me tell you the exact method one needs to pursue to discover the truth of self that is our true birthright. Here is where Matrixing and Neutronics establish themselves.

Matrixing provides the discipline, and Neutronics offers the actual how and why for discipline and survival. The secret is to do your martial art form, and rid yourself of surface thought. Do this by aligning your form with matrixing, and understanding why you need to align it with Neutronics.

Surface thoughts are nothing more than bland sentences, and have little to do with what is under the surface of our beingness. By dedicating oneself to a form until one is only doing the form, and not thinking about anything else at all, one finds and develops a Great Space of Awareness. It is this Great Space of Awareness that is the point of it all, and it can be developed through any art, be it kung fu, karate or whatever, if a person merely applies Matrixing, and understands what they are doing through Neutronics.

The Effectiveness Of Communist Kung Fu Strategy!

I’m just finishing a book by Clay Blair, entitled The Forgotten War, which is about the Korean War. It is an eye opener, and extremely interesting. It is of particular interest to martial artists.

The Korean War consisted of a charge by the North Korean People’s Army, which pushed the US almost off the peninsula. A push back by the United States to the Yalu river. And a push back to the 38th parallel by the Chinese Communist Forces which almost worked, but which was countered by the US, expanded by UN, forces.

The Chinese combat strategy consisted of three principles. Charge if the enemy flees, and retreat if they attack. If the enemy is doing nothing, probe for weakness.

This is a wonderful strategy…for single soldiers. For millions of men, it doesn’t work. This strategy doesn’t hold up to the complexities of modern warfare.

The communists, you see, in embracing this strategy, were willing to trade bodies for bullets. They would charge, hundreds of thousands of men, and trust that they had more bodies than the US had bullets. They didn’t.

While the communist strategy is a wonderful one for man on man combat, it falls all apart on a modern battlefield. When the NKPA, and later the CCF, charged down the Korean Peninsula, they did so with no thought for supply lines. They couldn’t feed their soldiers, rearm them, or even get the wounded out.

What I find most interesting, in light of these lacks, is to apply the strategy of Matrixing to the battlefield. Getting an overview of national geography, specific terrain, freezing winters, muddy springs, and boiling hot summers, it is fascinating to consider whether the Chinese Communist Forces could have won if they had been a little less exuberant and a little more thoughtful in their planning. What if the CCF had established methods of resupply, applied their millions of men in manners that didn’t waste them, had taken the time to think their way through the terrain and opposition?

I recommend this book, it’s a lot of fun, and a real thought provoker, if you have a mind for combat strategies, the martial arts, and that sort of thing. I especially recommend looking into the matrixing strategies of Matrix Martial Arts, and seeing if you could win, at least on paper, one of the great undecided wars of this last century. For myself, it offers a terrific method for exercising martial arts strategies on a grand level.

The Inside And The Outside of Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

It takes three lifetimes to learn Karate. I heard that one when I first began the martial arts, and it takes on new meaning when you consider Tai Chi Chuan. I mean, you do Tai Chi slow, so it’s got to take longer to get there than something like karate, so to learn Tai Chi has got to take something like thirty lifetimes, right?

Okay, I’m having fun with you. We all know that Tai Chi, because it concentrates awareness, should be faster and easier to learn than one of the faster arts. Right?

The truth of the matter actually hinges on something rather interesting. To get to this interesting something we have to consider that there are two viewpoints when it comes to Tai Chi Chuan. There is the inside viewpoint and the outside viewpoint.

Inside, like inside your body. The viewpoint from inside your skull, as if you had to use your eyeballs, as if you were a meat body. Like you are not an immortal spirit taking residence inside a body.

Outside, like outside your body. The viewpoint from slight, or more than slightly, outside your body, as if you were a spirit and didn’t really need those eyeball things. Like you are immortal and merely renting that meaty thing with all its sweaty urges.

One does the martial arts and immerses themselves in the day to day operations of the thing. How do you peel an apple or teach a kid or…these fingers and toes…how do they really work? And as you learn to operate each unique and individual part of the body something strange and wondrous occurs.

Strange and wondrous if you learn through the martial arts, for the martial arts impart the second viewpoint, the outside viewpoint. People doing other arts, like ballet and gymnastics, don’t really get this viewpoint, for those skills do not force one outside his body. Or, perhaps they do, but there is no measuring stick so they don’t really know that they are getting outside their body.

But you do get outside your body by practicing the martial arts, and especially Tai Chi, but mostly by studying enough martial arts to learn all the viewpoints to pop you slightly out of that meaty runaround you are in. Then you stop aging as drastically as the artistically challenged, and you lose this weird thing called reaction time, and you start picking up on other people’s thoughts, and all sort of other sixth sense types of abilities. And if you don’t get all these abilities, maybe you are stuck in a slow version of the art, that really does take three lifetimes, and if that is the case, Matrix Tai Chi Chuan takes about three months, or so it is rumored.

Matrixing to Find the True Martial Art

To Matrix is to scientifically correct your body motion.
Look, you have a car, don’t you have to tune it up every once in a while?
Of course you do.
So why not the body?
The thing about the body is that if you learn the exact right ways to use it, the tune up process becomes part of your life. Simply, every motion becomes a tune up. Every motion becomes simple and efficient, and you do not fight your body.
When you learn the martial arts the instructor comes around, tells you to turn your wrist, maybe straighten it out, but that’s about all.
You never learn how to move the energy in your body and put it into the strike; you are left with the instruction that if you do forms for a couple of decades that you will suddenly get this mystical energy called chi and people will fall down if you flick a finger at them.
But when you matrix you learn what energy is, how to use it,and your education becomes complete.
The education merely consists of learning the right way to use your body. It consists of the real reasons, all the reasons, behind the martial arts.
The martial arts are a problem, and Matrixing is the solution, and through matrixing all the mystical things disappear, and you are left with a cold, hard science, a science which manifests such thigns as Chi easily and quickly. That’s the truth of Matrix Martial Arts.

200 Years of Martial Arts!

Looking around the bar, I counted over 200 years of martial arts experience. Ten guys averaging 20 years apiece.
I had left the Kang Duk Won some years before, and i had just dropped by to say hi, and, somehow, we had ended up at a bar, sipping our brewskis and talking over battles long past.
“I saw your video,” Gil said. He owned a gas station, and I had known him for 25 years. He was speaking of one of the earliest videos I ever advertised in the magazines. The others gave their attention.
“What’d you think?” I asked.
“Interesting.” 200 years of martial arts experiences nodded their heads in agreement.
Hmm. Interesting. That curious word that people want to say when they don’t want to say anything. And that meant that my video was a flop.
That was 20 years ago, and I don’t make flops anymore. One bad review from the people who mattered made all the difference. That one flop, and the way I felt after it, skyrocketed the quality of the courses offered at Monster Martial Arts.

The Craziest Self Defense Technique in the World!

I taught my son Karate. Taught him well, and he knew what good karate was. One day he came home laughing. I asked him what was up.
“I just learned the craziest self defense technique in the world!”
I asked him what it was.
“You jump high in the air, and come down and punch the other guy on the foot.”
Now, he was laughing, I was laughing, and you’ve probably got a chuckle ready to go as you read this.
Jump high to punch low? The foot?
What was wrong with the guy who told my son this technique?
Interestingly, I heard a coach on the Ultimate Fighting Championship recommend this technique.
Fortunately, I avoid those techniques. Jumping high in the air just to get low enough to hit a foot is not one of the techniques you’ll learn in the Shaolin Butterfly.