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How to Flux People through Perfect Martial Arts Training

When it comes to Perfect Martial Arts Training, CBM is the tip of the iceberg. That tip, however, is one of the most important things you’ll ever learn. It sets the stage for Matrixing, and without CBM Matrixing wouldn’t work half so well. And without Matrixing one wouldn’t be able to Flux people. Check out the vid, and then I’ll tell you what fluxing is and how to do it to people.

CBM (Coordinated Body Motion) is matrixing the body, you see.
Since Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction, CBM is the handling of force and direction inside the body.
This means you align intention within your body, you align flow (flux) inside your body, and your body becomes a well oiled machine capable of matrixing the martial arts.
In the past, instructors could teach you to use the body as one unit, but it would take too long. They didn’t have my CBM definition, you see. And then, even if they were CBMed, they didn’t have Matrixing theory, and so couldn’t move quickly and easily to the peaks of the martial arts.
CBM is when all parts of the body start at the same time, and when they step at the same time, and when all motion inbetween is regulated to the proper amount of effort (non-effort…or effortless), proportionate to the limb, the muscle, the whatever is moving.
Sounds like a lot, but if you just move the hand at the same time as the foot, and make sure they start together and end together, and have no jerkiness of motion in between, then you’ve got it.
Of course, it feels awkward at first, and some people call it unnatural, but it is really just unfamiliar. It is the way your body prefers to move.
The way your body prefers to move, isn’t that interesting? And it is efficient, so efficient that, when properly done, massive intention can begin to move through the body.
When massive intention starts to move through the body interesting things can start to occur.
Long ago I read a book on selling. The thrust of one of the chapters was simple: duplicate the body motion of your client, and he will like you, and once he likes you, you can sell him things.
My, how devious. Sort of opens up that whole stupid advertising and manipulation thing, or at least makes me resistant to advertising. After all, why would I ant to UBM (Uncoordinated Body motion) my body just to buy stuff and gimcracks?
But the interesting thing was that I tried it a few times, and it worked, and then, me not being devious and manipulating, I forgot about it.
Years later I was teaching a martial arts class, and I could see in the mirror that when I did forms with the class they were better.
Well, of course. I know the form, they get confidence and duplicate my motion better, and…hmmm. I could see that there was more to it.
But I didn’t think about it, I was too busy teaching.
Years later I noticed that my path would effect other people’s path. Something as simple as walking through a train station and watching how people moved in response to my motion, and I realized that I wasn’t the one duplicating motion, they were. Everybody was trying to duplicate my motion. And I could see that I was the only one actually aware. Everybody else was on reaction and response and track the path and…I was causing paths to track and unravel and to reform. The motion of my CBMed body was doing that.
So I started projecting my path. I would just imagine my path, and I would watch people shift their paths in response to my projection. How interesting.
Then I noticed something freaky, people were CBMing when I came near them.
I would approach somebody and their body motion would become smoother, more liquid. Their eyes got a little brighter, they got more cheerful.
My presence? Nah. I’m a clunk, man. I couldn’t be doing that!
But, as time passed, I realized that I was doing that.
Simply, I had CBMed my body so thoroughly that it was giving off flux energy (call it smooth chi, that’s about as close as I can describe it, more like a motor than anything else), and the other body units around me were tapping into it, duplicating it, and people liked the way their bodies were moving.
Well shucks and gee whillickers, am I a national treasure or what?
Probably the or what, but the point is made.
CBM your body, Matrix your art, and sit back and watch what happens.
People align around you.
They tap into your flow, and here is where it gets weird: the more they tap into your flow, the more flow you have. It’s just an exchange thing, the motor turning on, except that now we aren’t just talking about one body unit, we are talking about hooking up multiple body units, making motors into a machine, and then turning that machine on.
CBMing makes your body into a tuned up motor. Matrixing hooks you into the other motors, and when the chi starts to flow, it is going to be odd, weird, unpreditcable, and the greatest joyousness you can imagine.
And that’s how you Flux People through Perfect Martial Arts Training. If you want more data on chi power and gigong and all that, check out Matrixng Chi at Monster Martial Arts.

Energy Flux Concept Can Be Used in Kung Fu Self Defense Techniques

This is a very easy and intuitive way to weaken your opponent simply by using an energy flux concept. This concept can be used before you use any of the kung fu self defense techniques, or before karate kumite. You can use it when any confrontation happenswhich is going to require you to use physical force on somebody.

Now, it won’t knock somebody out, I can’t guarantee  that you will win a fight, that is going to depend on the degree of dedication you apply to your normal martial arts training. But it may weaken him in a subtle way, and give you the edge in launching the first strike. I don’t know about you, but even a slight edge is something I want to bring with me to a kung fu fight, or any kind of martial arts fight.

Now, to set this concept up, you need to know something about the body, and about the energy of the body. There is a main pathway for energy which runs right up the front of the body and down the back. This pathway is a main meridian, or channel, for major energy flow in the body.

What we want to do is disrupt this energy for just an instant, and cause the opponent’s body to move more slowly. We are going to do this by reversing the energy flow in the central meridian. This is very easy to do, and will slow the opponent’s body down.

To make sure you knowhow this technique works, have a partner stand with his feet shoulder width apart and his arms straight out to the sides. Now, press down on his hands gently, and you will notice how much force you have to apply. Second, place your finger on his neck and trace a line down the center of his body to the belly button, and now press on his hands.

You should notice that he gets noticably weaker. Now ‘zip’ your finger from the belly button to the neck, and you will notice he is stronger. This quick (1 to 2 seconds) motion slows his energy down, or returns it to normal speed (depending on which way you go), and the result is weaker or stronger.

Practice this with many different people. Don’t tell them what you are doing (until after), just practice zipping and unzipping energy. After a while you will actually be able to stand back and trace the path with your moving eyes, and cause weakness or strength.

Now, depending on you and your dedication to the martial art, this may or may not take a while to accomplish. It will happen sooner if you are a dedicated martial arts fanatic, and you practice your kung fu techniques religiously, and, especially if you have matrixed your martial art and understand how energy flux theory works. That understood, that is how you use the energy flux in any kung fu self defense techniques.

If you want to know more about energy flux theory, matrixing, or the best Shaolin Kung Fu in the world, check out the courses at Monster Martial Arts.