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Turn Up the Heat on Chi Development

Newsletter 740
Turning Up the Chi Heat

here’s a bit of data that not many people know,
and don’t understand if they do.

The word tan tien,
the hieroglyphics that make that word,
have to do with a fire giving off heat.
Some linguist can take me to task,
but that’s my understanding.
The tan tien is an oven giving off heat.

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New Gung Fu book!
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here’s the funny thing,
most forms of martial arts
do not cause the tan tien
to generate heat.

It’s true.

a little heat.
But there is so much emphasis on correct posture
that people miss the ‘incorrect posture’
that is necessary for giving off heat.

I know Karate is that way,
most Kung Fu styles are that way,
and I know that even I
sometimes misrepresent it.

But the reason I misrepresent this fact
of the tan tien giving off heat
is because learning proper alignment
is more important.
At least,
in the beginning.

So let’s assume you aren’t a beginner,
and want to learn about
the real alignment necessary
for your tan tien to give off heat.

Be subtle when you do what I am about to tell you.

Tuck the hips,
and round the back.

In pa kua I refer to this as
‘turtle backing.’

you will find this posture
in arts such as pa kua and using i.
Not so much Tai Chi,
though some instructors will note it,
but not normally the Yang instructors.

do your form with tucked hips
and rounded back.
Make sure your body is relaxed,
and you tighten only your fists.
Make sure you are properly grounded with your feet.

After doing a half dozen forms,
or repetition of a form,
go sit down somewhere and wait.

Sure enough,
if you’ve done it right,
you will feel a sensation of heat
rising up through your body.

the sensation can get QUITE strong.

what do we do with this?

heat is a manifestation of energy,
so if you are generating heat,
you are generating energy.
Simple dimple.

Now all you have to do is think of your fists
when you strike from that ‘back rounded’ position,
and the energy will start to go into your fists.

a note,
proper body alignment,
taking into account
that it is now okay to round the back
and learn how to line energy through it,
will increase energy to all parts of your body.


Want more?

Check out
Matrixing Chi
on the Monster website.


a good bet is the book on
The Punch.


Okely dokely.
I’ll try to get in some kind of groove here,
I’ve been late and missing on putting out the newsletter,
but I can only get better,

have a great work out!



How to Punch Harder and Faster with Martial Arts Strength Training Exercise

Old Muscle Building Method Makes for a Super Hard Punch!

I mean that literally, you can have a hard punch in days. The old body building method is called Dynamic Tension, and it was used by the old comic book guys like Charles Atlas and Joe Weider. It is actually still sold today.

karate kung fu pa kua chang martial arts book

From hard style martial arts to soft style, this is how to build your chi power…

dynamic tension muscle building for martial arts

How does this compare to modern strength building martial arts exercises?

Interestingly, Chuck Atlas made his millions in the pages of comic books. He had ads that ran for years, and he even beat the Great Depression. His most famous ad, a bully kicking sand in a lads face at the beach, actually happened to him when he was a youth, and inspired him to create his world famous method for building muscles.

I was acutely aware of the comic book ads, liking comics and being a skinny weakling when I was young. I suppose, in some way, I answered the comic book ad when I took up the study of the martial arts. And, serendipity, amongst the forms I learned was one which dealt with Mr. Atlas’ form of shaping the body.

The pattern was supposedly a variation of a Wing Chun form. I don’t recall what we called it, but I do recall the hours spent on one specific movement in the form. That one movement made my punch get stronger and stronger and stronger.

When you do the move, take a back stance and cross the wrists in front of you. Press wrist against wrist, and slowly slide the wrists past each other. Let the power build, then let the hands snap off each other and execute a punch.

It’s best to punch with the rear hand, and let the front hand come back across the chest. It is also good to simultaneously press your feet against one another in the back stance. Then, when you release the hands, you can release the stance and really cover ground.

The muscles tend to build fast, and you’ll notice an increase in strength I would say within seven days. Over time you will notice the working parts of your arms and legs are getting denser and better shaped. And, in conjunction with the thrusting forward of the whole body, you are going to have some kind of powerful strike.

Obviously, you can tailor this exercise for other body parts, other types of strikes and blocks, and your body should get in fantastic shape. I’ll tell you this, one look at your chiseled physique and nobody is going to try to kick sand in your face. And that is how an old body building method can give you a hard punch in literally days.

About the Author: Al Case began martial arts in 1967. He studied such arts as Kenpo, Karate, Wing Chun, Aikido, Norther Shaolin Kung Fu, Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Ku Chang and various weapons. He became a writer for the martial arts magazines in 1981, and had his own column in Inside Karate. Check out his course on increasing Chi Power.

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Generating Martial Arts Chi Power Through the Circular Flux of Energy

I keep forgetting, when I talk about Martial Arts Chi Power and such things, that I am over here, and everybody else is over there. I just wrote an article having to do with the liberation of energy through circular flux, and my emails and requests for the free matrixing ebook went viral. This is one of those things…’You mean everybody doesn’t know that?”
Look, let me set things up a little better for this article. The body is a machine, north and south pole, and the ability to spin energy within it, and this is the chi phenomena. Unfortunately, there is so much confusion, and people are locked into certain ways of thinking concerning their bodies, that they miss this simplicity.
This concept, though misunderstood, is spread throughout the martial arts, and accounts for a variety of other phenomena, too. In karate chi development depends upon fixing a strong stance–you must bolt the motor down, you see–and figure out how to use circular motion in the snap of the hips, the turn of the wrist, and so on. The problem is that people keep insisting that Karate is linear when it isn’t.
Karate is linear like a cam; a cam is a rotating part which slides a linear extension in a machine. In karate the hips rotate and drive the arm, which, because the elbow, is not truly linear anyway, creates a complex of turning, rotating, spinning parts to make a punch (or block or kick or whatever) with. Look at an illustration of a cam and see how it resembles an arm or leg.
This concept of straight lines being delivered through circularity becomes more apparent through kung fu chi based systems. Classic shaolin has jumps and whirls and locks onto the earth which perfectly illustrate the concept. Unfortunately, the basics in kung fu aren’t sufficient to raise but a rare person to a more evolved level, and Karate doesn’t develop itself as a circular system…the love of power (as false as it is) corrupts, you see.
The easiest art to see this circular flux of energy as the manifestation of proper machine theory is Tai Chi. Unfortunately, people have latched on to doing Tai Chi for the health and sensation reasoning, and people end up asking is Tai Chi a martial art, and missing the point of reality that is necessary to a proper martial art, and which changes a martial art into a machine based energy flux creator. I know, it sounds significant, but I am just trying to get my point across with enough specific verbiage.
Now, the best art for power internal martial arts style, is pa kua. The whole darn thing is an energy flux, though one must realize that the purpose of walking is to ground your each and every step, and to keep the machine running even while in motion. Get that concept, and even the mysteries of pa kua chang should resolve fairly easily.
Okay, that’s about it…you sink the weight and fix the body/machine and swirl the energy inside the body, much the same as you would swirl water inside a glass. This has been done in virtually every martial art, though it has been made mystical and confusing. It really isn’t difficult, however, though if you really want to understand the concept of martial arts chi power you need to matrix your art, and matrix your body, then the stuff happens without me having to say much.

You can find out more about Martial Arts Chi Power and Matrixing at Monster Martial Arts. Pick up a free ebook while you’re at Monster Martial Arts.