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Nastiest Knife Fighter of All Time! (Monster Newsletter)

Good morning!
The sun is shining,
everybody is getting smarter!
What a great day!

let’s face it…
you get get to work out.
People who don’t know the martial arts
don’t get to experience what you do,
they don’t get to feel what you do.
They don’t get to be
You lucky dog.

newsletter this time,
journal next time.
I’ve got a question for you.
I have lost a piece of research.
The research is odd,

Let me build into my request,
by telling you
about the nastiest knife fighter
of all time.

What do you think is nasty in a knife fight?
I mean,
you cut,
across the belly and the guts fall out.
You slice the neck and the computer
runs out of blood.
You cut off his…stuff,
that’s all mean and nasty,
let’s face it,
you already knew that.
to get to true and nasty,
and my missing research,
think about the quality of the blade.
If the blade is cheap, bumper metal,
it breaks.
on the same track,
if the blade is too thin,
it will break.
and that brings us to nasty.

Al Capone,
old scarface,
had a lieutenant.
The guy was supposed to be weasel thin
and had the disposition
of a snake in labor.

the story goes,
one time Al Capone tells this guy
go kill so and so.
So the guy,
who happened to be a knife fighter,
grabbed a pair of his cheapest, thinnest knives.
He goes over to the guy he was supposed to kill,
who towers over him,
raises his hands
and stabs two knives to the chest.
Being thin,
the blades went deep,
right to the hilt.
Being thin and cheap,
the knife fighter dropped his weight
and snapped the handles off.

the victim is running around,
with blades stuck in his chest,
I guess the stabs weren’t to instant kill spots
like the heart,
and the guy is bleeding,
and trying to get the knives out,
but he can’t.
The handles are gone,
the blood is obscuring whatever little bitty piece of metal
is still sticking out,
and he can’t get ahold of this slick metal,
can’t pull it out of his body,
the body sucks on the metal,

the knife fighting lieutenant,
went back to Al Capone,
and presented him with the broken off hilts.

Al Capone,
being a jolly fellow
is supposed to have mounted the broken handles
over his fireplace,
laughed at them,
and shared the story behind them
whenever he had the chance.

that is nasty.

my missing research is
I remember reading this on the web
and now I can’t find it.
I need to find the source,
be able to quote sources,
research it further,
that sort of thing.

The first person to find the source on this
gets a free
Master Books. (Find it at MonsterMartialArts(dot)com

hope you enjoyed the tale,
hope one of you guys can help me out.
(I had no luck on my own search…so good luck…it might be a toughie!)

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it really is good stuff.

next newsletter I’ll probably have a journal ready.
Until then
have a great week,
have a great work out,
and I’ll talk to you later!