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Food and oil prices have been on the rise in many parts of the world. Has the economic climate affected you?

Martial Arts Action Hero Jackie Chan!

Ha! I laugh in the face of economy!
The world is my oyster, and I crack it open the cheap way.
Mush for breakfast, ten cents.
Vegetables and hamburger patty for punch, cheap.
More vegetables, or maybe chili or some cheap but tasty put together. Dinner has to last all night, you know.
And, I work out. Martial Arts.
My food bill is maybe $20 a week, my fun bill is non existent, because my fun consists of using my body, disciplining my mind, and practicing the martial arts so that I can struggle through the coming food riots, the starvation and the hordes of zombies!
Ha! The world should live like me. Fun.
Check out Monster Martial Arts, have some fun, and get ready!