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Congrats to Latest Student to Become a Tai Chi Chuan Expert!

Newsletter 616

New Tai Chi Expert!

Sigh of relief…
I get to work out!
How about you?
Every day this week,
a work out,
all right?

got a great win from Kurt Nelle’
on the Five Army Tai Chi Chuan course.

tai chi chuan expertI have been practicing Yang style Tai chi, both 88 form and 24 form for many years. So when I started your Five Army Program I skipped right to the Push Hands and applications, thinking I knew it all. Boy was I wrong. When I went back to Five Army, with my new found understanding and appreciation of Matrixing it was very easy to learn. The postures are as in Yang with the exception of the Butterfly Palm and Phoenix type fist you use in Butterfly Pakua. The difference is that Five Army translates better and easier to combat. …I treated every section as if it was it’s own short form and within two weeks the whole sequence (was) committed to memory. The applications are easy as they are prevalent in all your other programs including the Monkey Boxing which I call the Chi Na of your Five Army and Pakua Programs. The Push Hands section of the program is consistent with all my previous Taichi training.

…I do not have any credentials in Taichi but now, when I teach, or should I say share Taichi with my students and others, I do so with the authority that comes with greater knowledge of the subject. Again, thanks for all your hard work and practice as well as your willingness to share. Your programs have greatly enhanced my understanding of and ability in the martial arts.                                                                                                                 ~ Respectfully, Kurt

Thanks Kurt,
and well done!
And it looks like you’ve got credentials now.
Kurt is a Master Instructor,
has completed other programs,
so he is also getting certified as a higher ranking black belt.

While other systems give you more of the same old forms
to get higher ranked in a system,
I give you more arts.
This not only provides the polish,
but provides greater viewpoint,
larger perspective,
let’s you see how the arts work together.

So well done and thanks
to Master Instructor Fourth Degree Expert in Tai Chi Chuan Kurt Nelle’

let’s talk about matrixing.
Here are some numbers…
3, 5, , t, 4, 9, watermelon…
please count to ten.

Huh? What?
But all the numbers aren’t there!
And some of them aren’t even numbers?
How do you expect me to count to ten?

let me get personal…
would you send your child to a school
that larnt ‘em how to count to ten with these numbers?

Heck, no!
That would be crazy!
I would NEVER send my kid to a school
that teaches how to count like that!

So why are you teaching yourself the martial arts
in the same manner?

You have been learning,
it’s fun,
it makes sense,
but when you start to REALLY learn
then you suddenly realize,
those first three moves make sense,
but the fourth one is on the wrong side,
and that move in the form,
it’s a throw,
what’s a throw doing in this art for?
And at that place?

wait a minute!
Those are simultaneous moves,
there was no lead in!
How did we get to simultaneous moves?
let’s do stick hands.
With what?

This exercise isn’t in any of the forms!
Freestyle is totally disassociated from the forms!
What am I studying here?

You’re studying how to count with
3, 5, , t, 4, 9, watermelon…

here’s the cruel trick.
There is enough logic in what you are doing,
and it is so much fun doing it,
that you don’t see the illogic.
believe me,
you will.
One day you’re going to get tired of doing the martial arts.
Go on,
read through some of the wins on my websites,
there’s a lot of people who thank me
and say that it is like starting all over again,
that it finally makes sense.

People who quit.
Not because they were weak or stupid,
or even old!
But because the accumulation of what didn’t make sense
finally buried them.

you don’t even have to buy anything.
Read the newsletter.
See if it makes sense.
just pop over to the blog,
do a search on your martial art
see what turns up.
See if it makes sense.
See if I’ve dealt with your art fairly.

Oinkey doinkey.
I’ve said enough,
some will believe,
some will look,
and some won’t.
Way of the world.

But either way,
remember to have a GREAT work out,
and a lot of fun!