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Bruce Lee Workout Increases Strength and Power

Bruce Lee Work Out for More Power!

The Bruce Lee Workout I am describing comes from studies of about Bruce Lee, but is combined with research from other sources. There is data from bodybuilding exercises, weightlifting workouts, and so on.

Mind you, I call it the Bruce Lee Workout, but it comes from a variety of sources. many of which cropped up after his death, or were studies of his workout routines.

bruce lee workout

Bruce Lee used weight training, diet, and other factors to get this physique

There are three component parts to a Bruce Lee Workout.

The first deals with Bruce Lee Strength training. This is that weightlifting is the third best way of increasing strength. This is because when you weight lift you isolate the muscles. Yes, the muscles get bigger, but since the whole body is not being used, one will not get the tremendous speed of Bruce Lee.

The second principle associated with a Bruce Lee Workout deals with dynamic strength training, sometimes referred to as dynamic tension. This is when muscle works against muscle. This is a type of workout Bruce Lee liked, but didn’t always talk about. There are, however, Wing Chun exercises in which dynamic tension is present, or can easily be put in. The glory in these exercise routines is that the muscles, though they work against each other, do not isolate. They stay in a ‘group mode,’ and so one is able to use these exercises to achieve Bruce’s speed.

bruce lee quote martial arts classical mess

Bruce Lee believed in simple Body Weight exercises!

The third Bruce Lee workout principle holds that body calisthenics are the best method for increasing personal strength and power. While the Little Dragon did weights and dynamic tension, he also did Yoga and other body calisthenic exercises.

Tying all of the above together, of course, are things like the Bruce Lee diet, and other fitness concepts.
Thus, to make your own Bruce Lee Workout, one should do a lot of stretching, especially Yoga style. Then do light weight training. Light as one doesn’t want mass so much as definition and efficiency. Finally, the heavy stuff, body weight calisthenics.

bruce lee wing chun exercises

Bruce did do weights, but his lack of mass puts them lower on his priorities

And, though many people may object, especially in light of certain Bruce Lee quotes regarding classical martial arts, this author prefers classical martial arts for his body weight calisthenics. It is just more fun to do than simply lifting heavy metal plates, or other similar types of weight training. And, finally, more yoga to cool down and make sure the muscles relax after the work out.

So consider these points when you analyze your own body, what you want to get out of your training, what you think is fun, and then create your own Bruce Lee Workout.

The Bruce Lee Workout was originally posted at MonsterMArtialArts.com.

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The Unbelievable Bruce Lee Workout Routine (Part One)

The Bruce Lee Work out Routine was an amazing accomplishment, and it resulted in Bruce being able to do superhuman feats of strength. (See part two of this article for a list of these accomplishments.) That Bruce Lee did it day after day, month after month, year after year, describes a human toughness that is amazing.

bruce lee work outBefore one even thinks about doing a Bruce Lee work out, one should understand that the Bruce Lee Workout Routine depended upon one simple principle. The mind is stronger than the body, and can make the body go through anything. In spite of doctor’s words, Bruce pushed himself through his regular work outs with beyond human intensity.

From seven to nine every morning Bruce would work in abdominal exercises, flexibility, and running. From eleven to twelve he would do weight lifting and cycling. This was the core of his physical training, and he would spend odd times throughout the day working in specialized techniques.

In the progress of his weight lifting Bruce would practice things like squats, push ups, reverse curls, concentration curls, reverse wrist curls, wrist curls and French presses. He would regularly focus on fast twitch and slow twitch muscle movement. Interestingly, in the beginning Bruce believed that bigger muscles were stronger muscles, but later on, towards Bruce Lee’s death, he came to believe that this wasn’t so.

He was a true believer of the highest order when it came to doing abdominal exercises. He worked the abs every work out, but he also did them at odd times through the day and into the night. He believed in sit Roman Chair exercises, ups, crunches, V ups and leg raises.

Another favorite exercise with Bruce was running and cycling. He would regularly run two to five miles, usually in fifteen to forty-five minutes. He would also ride a standing bike for 45 minutes, usually putting in 10 miles.

Some of Bruce Lee’s secondary exercises were totally beyond belief. He loved jump roping, and after doing the stationary bike he would do as many as 800 jumps. He also loved to thrust his bare mitts into buckets of sand, and he would do as many as 500 repetitions of this ancient toughening drill.

In conclusion, one should be careful when trying to do a work out such as described here. Remember that even Bruce Lee worked up to a level, he didn’t just blast it and put his body at risk. Once you have worked up to a high level of the Bruce Lee Workout Routine, however, you should be capable of superhuman feats, too.

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