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Neutronic Breathing Methods to Create Martial Arts Ki Power

Martial Arts Chi Power

This is a classic case of starving to create plenty, and it will result in more martial arts ki power.

The technique itself is borrowed from other practices, but, i have to say, these other practices were doing it for other reasons, or simply didn’t understand why they were doing it.

Stand in a neutral stance and breath in and out slowly. Lengthen the breathing until you are breathing in for 3 counts and out for 6. As time progresses you can alter your breathing times to fit what you are doing, but try to keep close to the idea of doubling the length of time used for breathing out.

Make sure you breath to and from the tan tien (the energy center about two inches below the navel).

When you are relaxed and breathing is easy, choose a form and do the first movement. Though the advanced forms are going to provide more fun, you should start with a simple form and do it for a week and then move to a slightly more advanced form. A good idea would be to travel through the Karate Heian forms (also called pinan) one at a time.

Do a move as you breath out for six seconds, breath in for three seconds, and move into the  next move as you breath out for six seconds, and so on through the form.

You don’t do the form hard, merely focus on breathing to the tan tien, and something interesting will happen. You will start feeling a surge of energy coming out of the tan tien. When you feel this surge, mentally direct the energy down the legs and out the arms.

This is not a work out, but a mental exercise in creating and controlling energy.

The trick is to know that the body is a machine, and that it responds to mental commands.

One could actually work out a variation of this neutronic breathing technique and apply it to two man forms. The problem, of course, is that one is going to want to use force, and then the drill tends to degrade into a muscle making thing.

But it shouldn’t be muscle making, it should be directed at understanding and developing the energy that courses through the body, underlies the muscles, and is the source of a much higher strength. It should be directed at creating and using martial arts ki power.


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