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Argument to the Resistance to The Creation of Energy in the Martial Arts

Energy in the Martial Arts. Most interesting, and a sought after concept. The fascination with Chi Energy and things of that ilk, you know.
Now, I had an interesting fellow write in and quote physics at me. He said you can’t create energy.
Uh, he’s wrong.
There are two types of physics, you see.
There is the Newtonian physics, which is the physics of the universe.
Then there is the other physics, which is ‘hidden,’ which we ‘hide from,’ and so on.
One could lump all sorts of thing into that arena, but we shant.
Instead, we use the Newtonian Physics to reach the other physics, which I shall call Neutronic Physics from here on out.
The first physics is a jealous God, and would be the only one. An argument that the universe is insane if ever there was one.
But, consider, the universe does not move, except as in cause and effect. This object rolls into that object which falls on that object which…very Rube Goldberg.
Then consider that you move the universe. That is to say, the universe is moved off its cause and effect platform by any motion initiated by you.
Now, I know a lot of people are blinking, maybe even crying, so let me make it simple.
Check out the following video.

My force isn’t great, there is distance involved, yet the candle goes out.
A force that cannot be measured.
Or, a force that is a flow of chi power.
This is proof that there is energy beyond energy, or Neutronics beyond Newton.
Empiricists of the universal sort will try to explain this, or explain it away, with Newtonian physics.
But, they are wrong. They are limited by what schools have taught them, and are no longer able to put aside physics for reality.
Look, there is the reality of the universe…Newton.
Then there is the reality of the individual…Neutronics.
Currently, Newtonian physics attempts to quell even a mention of Neutronic style physics, explain the paranormal, and that sort of thing.
Yet, to avoid being a cause and effect dog, one must ascend to a higher physics.
One must put aside the catechism of the universe, and realize that they are capable of imagination and a power beyond physics…a power which, once the individual becomes of sufficient magnitude, can use that Newtonian physics like a child uses a yoyo.
Now, I know there will be people who go crazy on my words concerning physics and the creation of emergy in the martial arts. I invite you to put aside words, examine the candle trick I do above, then, if you want to know how I did it, head over to Monster Martial Arts and check out the books I have written on this subject.

Five Killer Books that Lead to Martial Arts Internal Power

I always talk about these books separately, but there is a distinct thread to them. The commonality is that they teach, in actual steps, how to create martial arts internal power. At the bottom of this page you’ll find a video of me projecting chi outside my body. HEre are the five books…

Yogata deals with the overall condition of the body, rehabilitates the body, creates the context for chi development, and promotes chi generation directly.

The Punch is a virtual doctoral dissertation on how to punch, and leads, should one do all the exercises in order, to massive and usable internal power.

The Kick is a companion to The Punch, puts the theories presented in The Punch to work for the legs and kicks.

The Candle is a little gem which describes in exact and understandable terminology how to project chi outside your body. There is no mysticism, only science, and the theory can be used throughout all martial arts.

Matrixing Chi is a short tome on how to generate chi power through martial arts forms. Again, this is science. That said, I do advise that this book is a little difficult to understand. Not because it is mystical, but because I wrote it stream of consciousness, tried to make it like an actual lesson. The lesson is long, but I cover all the points, go into a lot of the what ifs, and all that sort of thing. It is, like all my works, hard core science.

Those are the five books, and they do present an actual step by step (but quick and easy) journey to martial arts internal power. You can check them out at Monster Martial Arts. Sign up for the newsletter while you’re there, because the few times I do give deals that is where you find out about them.