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New Kwon Bup Karate Book

Karate Encyclopedia Going Great Guns!

Got a new martial arts book out.
it was available in Evolution of an Art,
but I couldn’t get it on Kindle,
and I finally managed to get a real, live paperback version!
click on the side bar cover image on the Monster, or just go to


a few words about what Kwon Bup is.

When I went to the Kang Duk Won
it was pretty unique.
The owner,
Bob Babich,
had walked on on tournaments,
caused a ruckus that did,
everybody wanted to push the tournament,
a lot of community spirit,
and Bob just stood up and walked out,
and all his students followed him.
Because it was bogus.
Not real.
Decisions made by favoritism,
decisions made by people
who wouldn’t know a real technique if they saw it.

because of this and other things,
such as the fact that Bob taught outlaw bikers,
gave him a ‘bad’ rep.

And outlaw school.
a rogue school.
Only bad people go there.
on any good day,
you would see people from other martial arts schools
come down to see the class.
I was shocked,
one day,
when Ralphie Vallederez (sp, sorry)
the guy who had won the California Karate Tournament one year,
and who happened to be the big gun at my Kenpo school,
showed up to watch a class.

for those who think we were crazies,
unwashed and disrespectful,
Bob studied with Don Buck,
who happened to be Mas Oyama’s favorite American student.
And when you walked into the dojo,
you bowed,
you were polite,
and you never lost your temper,

It was quite the sight,
to see all these Hell’s Angeles,
standing so polite,
talking to Bob.

Not because he was a brutal a-hole who would knock the crap out of you.
But because when he started getting more polite,
you perked up,
something was wrong.
When Bob was upset
(almost never)
he would speak softer and softer,
almost whispering,
could’t hear him,
but you suddenly felt like your bowels were going to loose.

I remember one time
I was on the left side of Bob
during a class,
and Mud Car was ont he right.
Mud Car was our resident crazy.
He was just loopy,
looney tunes.
I’ll tell you about what a wacko he was some time,
during that class,
Bob really into it,
and every feeling the push,
getting the pure art
worked into their bones,
really in heaven,
and suddenly Mud Car says,
“Hey Bob,
I have a pain right here,
on my shin.
Doesn’t hurt a lot,
but it comes and goes,
Do you know what I can do about that?”

The magic evaporated,
everything went.
The plug was pulled and the intensity disappeared.

believe me,
this really was a spiritual moment crushed.

And Bob turns to me and snarls,
“You could hit it with a lead pipe!”

He didn’t say it to Mud Car,
because it would have been wasted,
and maybe because Mud Car deserved to be knocked down,
and Bob wasn’t that kind of guy.

But I,
feeling the rage of that moment,
was absolutely frozen.
Couldn’t move.
Not terrified,
just so stunned I was incapable.

Bob continued,
and I managed to somehow move,
after everybody,
not even knowing what I was doing,
just copying somebody,
stunned and brain dead.

I never wanted to see him mad,

that was the only time I ever saw the tip of that iceberg.
I saw him talk soft,
and that wasn’t so bad.

One time I used poor control,
after class he came up and spoke softly to me,
“Your control wasn’t good.”

I turned into a blithering idiot,
I could feel the weight of the world on me.
“I’m sorry,
I got excited, I–”
He stopped me with,
“Don’t worry. Just watch yourself.”

I have watched myself for forty years because of that whisper.

I could go on and on,
really golden times,

After I left the Kang Duk Won
I started a project
of recording the art.
after teaching for a while,
and realizing certain things,
and coming across variations of the Kang Duk Won,
I realized that I had been learning two arts.
One was the Kang Duk Won.
The other I called Kwon Bup.
It was the art practiced by Bob,
developed by Bob,
and put into the Kang Duk Won.

it is said that only a person with several decades experience
can hope to make an art.
And then,
that person has to be of rare quality.

Bingo and bingo.
Aside from a politeness
that made gentlemen out of Hell’s Angels,
Bob had the most immaculate technique I have ever seen
and I have seen a lot in nearly fifty years of studying
every martial art I could.

So I wrote the Kwon Bup book.
It is the forms and techniques
of the best martial artist I have ever seen.
This is a guy who could thrust his finger through a board,
and not break it,
but leave a hole.

Very few people have ever done that,
and I don’t know of any in America.

now you know what I am pushing,
higher abilities,
a very rarified realm of Martial Arts.

I’ve got a few more books coming out
in the next couple of months.
The ones I’m working on right now,
are in the vein of evolution of an art.

Pan Gai Noon for the china to Okinawan connection
Kang Duk Won for the pure Karate pre-Funakoshi
Kwon Bup for the American translation
Outlaw Karate for work I did on synthesizing KDW and KB,
and Buddha Crane for the Matrixing breakthrough.

A complete history,
not in talk,
but in technique.
An encyclopedia for the faithful.

Okily donkey,
there you go,
hope you like it…


while you’re looking at that,
I’m getting back to work.
Have a great work out!


Trying to Shut Down a Karate School..and Getting Shut Down Yourself!

The Black Belt Who Tried to Shut Down Kang Duk Won Karate School

Speaking of Black Belts, I once met one who had actually walked into the Kang Duk Won and tried to shut that Karate School down.

I met him at the place I worked, a plastics factory in Sunnyvale, when I discovered that he knew Karate.

Kang Duk Won karate

The Man who couldn’t be shut down.

We talked, and he told me that he had been made a 3rd degree black belt because he could ‘fight so good.’

I know he knew one form, the horse stance form, but I don’t think he knew any others.

He claimed that he knew the Mu Duk Kwon, or the Oo Duk Kwon, or something like that. It’s been a long time, and we only talked about it briefly.

So he had a black belt, and he said that he and his teacher used to go to karate schools, sign up for a free, introductory class, and then pick a fight with the instructor and beat him up.


He named several karate schools, one of which I knew had gone out of business.

Then he told me about the time he walked into the Kang Duk Won to get a free class and shut it down.

This interested me, because this was my school.

He and his teacher walked in, and were greeted politely. They talked for a few minutes, but the teacher, Bob Babich, didn’t say much, and his eyes started squinting, and he started staring at them.

That’s it, just getting intense. No warning, ‘no howdie do what art ya study,’ just…a look. A look that penetrated right through the two fellows.

The two fellows began to feel uneasy, then downright queasy.

This had never happened to them before, and suddenly, the teacher decided they should leave.

After hearing the story I decided to do some checking of my own, so I went to the top black belt, who had actually been described as present at the time of the confrontation. His name was Ron, and he described the incident, without prompting, exactly as the black belts had.

He said that Bob Babich (the owner of the karate school) had suddenly gotten real tight. Just looked at those two fellows so intently that even Ron wanted to back away. And he was just an onlooker, off to the side.

Now, interestingly, I always remembered that story, and years later I had my own karate school.

One day this fellow came in, walked up to my partner and started talking.

I saw it a mile away. I saw it in the way the guy was twisting himself for the punch. The way he was mentally setting himself. The way he was edging the conversation.

He fully intended to cold cock my partner.

I moved in from the side and took a position. When he punched I was going to hit him. And I could feel this manic glee, and I had a vision of this fellow flying through the wall and into the accounting office next door.

I was about to tap into my art big time.

He started to move, and I shifted.

He looked at me.

Back to my partner, he started to move, and I started to move.

And this happened a couple more times, and the guy gave it up.

I had split his intention, and destroyed his purpose, simply by understanding it, and moving into it.

Not as good as Bob, but it certainly stopped a fight and saved my partner.

Interesting people, these fake black belts, they think it is about fighting, when it is not about fighting at all.

Have you looked into studying the Kang Duk Won yourself? This is simply the best online Karate course in the world, filled with videos, rare books, and some pretty darn amazing instruction.

This has been a post about a Black Belt trying to shut down a Karate School.

Finding A Good Martial Arts Teacher

I can’t emphasize the value of finding a good martial arts teacher.

I began Chinese Kenpo Karate back in 1967. The instructors were good, there was a lot of awe for how deadly this guy was…we talked about it all the time. He was so quick and slick…then, through a series of odd incidents, I wound up at the Kang Duk won.

People didn’t talk about how deadly Bob Babich was, they just spoke softly and politely around him. The reason they spoke softly and politely was because he was soft and polite.

Kang Duk WonI noticed other martial artists come to visit, some of the big names in the area back then, and within moments they were standing like school boys, hands clasped in front of themselves, speaking softly. And there were always choppers out front because the Hell’s Angels had discovered him. Yet, when those burly bikers entered that dojo, they suddenly became soft and polite.

And when he did speak, he didn’t say much. Tell the truth, I only remember him saying a dozen things to me over the seven years I studied there. I only remember three of them. ‘There are many ways to the top of the Mountain,’ ‘A tight fist is a heavy fist,’ and ‘How’s work?’

But, here’s the odd thing, when he stepped onto the mat you felt it. It would be really bizarre, but I would be working with somebody on the far side of the mat, and I would feel a sharp tingle go up my legs, and my head would jerk around…Bob had just bowed and placed his foot on the mat.

And I did hear stories. The time somebody threw a shotgless at him, and he knocked the shotglass out of the air with his own shotglass. My friend presenting him with a square of particle board, and him striking it with one finger and leaving a hole in the board. And other stories.

But stories, even when they came from my best friends, are always suspect. Fortunately, I experienced events. That’s the only thing to call them, events.

Having him touch my arm and feeling it go numb. Being tossed around like a ragdoll. Most incredbly, however, was when he decided to point you in freestyle…he would just focus his eyes, shuffle forward, and it was like a buttered sword slipping through the karate you thought you knew.

The most important thing about all this, however, was that he wasn’t alone. By that I mean that his students didn’t just get soft and polite like him, they began to show his abilities. The higher black belts would work with you, show you, teach you, give of their all, but…when they focused their eyes and decided to point you in freestyle, it was like a buttered knife slipping through the karate you thought you knew.

And, importance of importance, the individual newbie could feel himself getting better. We could feel ourselves becoming like greased butter, we could see through attacker’s, and we could feel this ‘electricity’ growing within.

Now, why do I tell you this.

An old man thinking back to his youth? Ha. Because of Karate I may be old, but I am still a youth. So it’s not that.

It’s because I want you to have the ability to see through an opponent. I want you to ‘feel the electricity’ in the real martial arts. I don’t care about tournaments and all that foolishness. That is man beating man.

I care about you, and that’s what is at the bottom of the true art.

If you want to follow this path, you should check out Evolution of an Art and Temple Karate. They are at MonsterMartialArts.com.

learn martial arts

Man Knocks Himself Out with a Flying Side Kick!

This actually happened to my instructor, which is quite interesting because he was the best martial artist I have ever seen.

This was back in the late sixties, early seventies, and kicks were all the rage.

Truth, kicks were a new invention. Taekwondo was a word that people heard, and front, side and wheel kicks were the basic bread and butter of lower level martial arts.

Then Chuck Norris came along, people started discovering the taekwondo flying kicks, and, zingo bingo, Evolution of an Art.

Now, my instructor was actually trying to do a jumping, spinning kick. We barely had jumping kicks, and spinning kicks were just raising their ugly heads, and he was just putting it together.

So he jumped up, spun, extended the leg and…hit his head on a branch. That’s right, he chose to do the kick under a low flying tree, and he knocked himself out.

He was just getting up when one of the students found him, dazed, rubbing his head, and wondering what had happened.

Well, it happens to the best of us, and we all chuckled. What the heck, if the tree has your number…

Check out MonsterMartialArts.com. Got some new methods, and some old arts. And knock yourself out. Heh.