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Earning a Black Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu

Black Belt Kung Fu

I often get people asking me about certification requirements for the Shaolin Butterfly. Since Monster Martial Arts is one of the few totally valid schools for promoting people in such arts as Karate and Kung Fu, and this through the internet, I thought I should take a moment and answer the question totally and utterly.

dan rankingFirst, as with any courses I offer certification in, and that is virtually all the courses offered at the monster website, one has to get the course they wish to test for, and the Master Instructor Course. They then have to do the material, including applications, and send in (upload to private channel on youtube) their test. I will grade the test, using the specific course they are testing and the master instructor course for all corrections.

Now, obviously, one needs the course they are going to test in, but the Master Instructor Course is necessary because it gives the exact data that one needs to know to have perfect form and technique. This is provable perfection, and once one has the data on this course, no matter which art they might study, they will be as perfect as they can apply the data on the Master instructor Course.

Now, that said, there are nine forms on the Shaolin Butterfly. The first five forms are shorter forms with two man applications. Thus, one can take a beginner and drill him mercilessly, and the beginner will be astounded at how fast he is picking up the material.

When I teach classes in Shaolin Butterfly I usually refer to these first five short forms as the prelude to Brown Belt. This means that once the student has finished these forms he is solid in basics, intuition is starting to rear his head, and he has built a solid base of technique.

And, I should say at this point that I know that a brown belt is a karate term, as is a black belt. The correct term would be brown sash, or black sash. I use these terms interchangeably, for they stand for about the same thing in the personal develop of a student when you compare the different arts, and especially when you compare the arts once they have been matrixed.

I use the remaining four forms, the longer ‘nine square’ forms, for the brown to black belt period. These are rich forms containing the wealth of kung fu. The difference is that the older, more traditional forms tend to be random collections of technique. They are wonderful, even phenomenal, but by categorizing techniques through use of matrixing, and by condensing them into more efficient patterns, one can learn much, much faster.

I should say that I don’t go into weapons. The reason for this is simple…once one has learned good kung fu, and I emphasize the word ‘good’ here, then one can simply pick up a weapon and plug it in. Thus, I give students weapons once they have completed the nine forms, and ask them to do their forms (including two man forms, with the weapons. this gives an amazing depth to the art, and the student begins an education beyond  education, for he must make many decisions as to what works and what doesn’t.

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I hope this article has helped the reader to understand more concerning the certification requirements for earning a black belt in Shaolin Butterfly.

How Long Does It Take To Become a Black Belt?

Students Ask, How Long Does it Take to Become a Black Belt?

The question, “How long does it take to become a black belt,’ is a good one. It is a valid question in any martial art, be it karate or aikido or taekwondo, or whatever. Here are some interesting facts I put together in answer to this question.

how long does it take to get a black beltThe United States army takes Joe Ordinary and makes him a soldier within two months. Two more months and Joe can be trained to be a technically trained specialist in a vast variety of fields. In addition to basic and rudimentary hand to hand combat training, the US military has extensive programs, applicable to the battlefield, and they don’t take decades to do.

The question of how long does it take to become a black belt apparently didn’t occur to Chuck Norris, and didn’t bother Korean Martial Arts Masters. While in the army he took Tang Soo Do classes in Korea. He earned his black belt in a year and a half.

One of the best tournament fighters ever, a fellow name of Mike Stone, didn’t bother asking this question either. He trained hard and long. He earned his black belt in six months.

One of my favorites for ignoring the question of how long does it take to become a black belt is Joe Lewis. Joe Lewis made black belt in a year. Actually, he earned black belts in three different styles in under a year.

The idea of taking four years or more to earn a black belt actually came to us within the last few decades. It was begun by Chinese Kenpo instructors who structured the art around automobile sales contracts. Before then it took a couple of years at most.

The whole idea of a belt system actually is relatively new to the martial arts. Belt systems were started by Jigaro Kano, the founder of Judo. He lifted the idea from a classification system for swimmers.

The above all being said, when you ask the Martial Arts instructor you are thinking about taking lessons from how long it takes, don’t think less of him if he has bought into this idea. Just throw yourself into your studies and get where you are going faster because you try harder. Education, hard work, a dedicated attitude, that is the real answer to how long it takes to become a black belt.

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Release of the Three Month Black Belt Course

The big project I’vebeen working on is a new course,
a course in which someone can actually go from white belt to blackbelt in three months.
check out the video, and I’ll tell you about it.

This new course will change the world of martial arts.
The course is over twenty hours
of me teaching someone (EW)
from white belt to black belt.

Total time it took was 23 lessons.
Three months.
Basics were cemented,
Power turned on at Brown Belt
and Intuition turned on at Black Belt.

The most important thing was getting that intuition to turn on.
Without that it would have been a false belt.
The point is that
when it comes to fighting,
he has no reaction time.
He is in the moment.
That was done by giving him all the data
and matrixing that data into his skull.
It is a direct, hands on transmission of true art,
made possible only by Matrixing.

I’ll tell you more in the coming newsletters,
but right now, just pop over to the Monster
and read EW’s story.
Let it sink in,
and realize that what this does
is change the martial arts forever.
My opening paragraphs on that page,
are going to tweak a lot of minds.
After all,
when you find out the truth about Karate
the light is going to dawn.

as if that isn’t enough,
we have a new Master Instructor,

Well done Master Instructor William C. Kobbs!
Here’s Bill’s win.

Dear Grandmaster Case:
I have completed the Master Instructor course as well as the Matrix Karate course. I have really enjoyed learning new methods with which to teach my existing students. The biggest thing I got out of both courses was not to bog down a student (or myself) with a ton of information (some of it unnecessary) that they may not be ready for; and as such, their retention has markedly improved. Also, I have learned how to verbalize concepts that I previously really could only demonstrate. Both courses have indeed made me a better teacher, and continue to do so- I find myself constantly going back to both manuals.
I am also the self defense instructor for a hospital security department. I only get the opportunity to teach my course annually, which is sadly insufficient. But because of the Matrix concept, I have totally re-structured my self defense program; reducing the number of techniques taught and instead teaching the many applications of fewer techniques. They have responded well to this approach, and I do not find it necessary to correct them as much- I only wish I had more time with them. I have, however, extended an open invitation to them to attend classes at my formal dojo anytime they wish. I have led them to the proverbial water. It is now up to them to drink.

Thank you, Bill.
Your win is fantastic.
Matrixing makes things simple,
and it should be used.
I have no doubts that your security team
is going to be filtering into your dojo.
Well done.

A Master Instructor…
a new release…
what could be better, eh?
And the answer is nothing could be better,
maybe I could give you a freebie this newsletter?
I wrote a special report on the website,
‘How I Discovered Matrixing,’
You guys are already on the newsletter,
so here is the URL for that special report…

Click to access HowIDiscoveredMatrixing.pdf

so when you see the report offered on the website,
no need to ask for it,
just download from the above link
and have fun.

that’s all for now,
so pop on over to Monster Martial Arts
and check out the new course,
and I’ll talk to you next newsletter.