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The Statistics of the One Year Black Belt

How Long Does It Take to Become a Black Belt?

I just completed an article describing the statistical breakdown of what it takes to earn a black belt. This data is then used to consider whether a person can get a black belt in one year. The results may surprise you, even shock you.

The statistics can be applied to ANY martial art. Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, whatever.

The article is at Academia: https://www.academia.edu/11530587/How_Long_Does_It_Take_to_Get_a_Black_Belt

I like this site because more serious writers gather, and the concepts considered have more depth.

Again, the article I wrote concerns the statistical breakdown, and the possibility, of earning  black belt in a year or less.

Should it really take you 50 years to learn this form?

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$30 martial arts course for $9.99!

Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, Shaolin, Pa Kua Chang, outlaw karate, master instructor course

Special offer from Monster Martial Arts

Look, it’s a slow month, and that’s silly. People need the martial arts, they need to work out. So in the interests of getting things moving, I am offering a $30 course for $9.99. These are the original and complete Matrixing courses, and you can pick from 7 different courses! (Only one per customer)

So get it out of your head: the economy is not going to die, the world is not going to come to an end. 

And understand, a complete martial art for only $10 is not just amazing, it is stunning! I have never offered anything like this before, and likely won’t again. This is THE BEST way to learn about How to Matrix the Martial Arts, and to learn a complete martial art, in the universe!

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Email me at aganzul@gmail.com if any problem with the page, buttons, downloads, or anything else.

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A Martial Arts Matrixing Win Plus Annoncements

Three Important Martial Arts Announcements!

All right!
Three work outs tomorrow.
Not long,
but have to be done.
And really throw yourself into them
so that you aren’t doing them
to get them out of the way,
but are just focusing on what you want to get out of them.
Perfect balance.
proper breathing,

three things today,
and first things first,
Every year people say season’s greetings.
They don’t want to say Merry Christmas,
or Happy Hanukah,
or something else
that is specific
and therefore politically incorrect.
my feeling is that if somebody doesn’t like a well wishing,
the heck with him.

So what if I say Merry Christmas to a Jew,
or Happy Hanukah to an Arab,
or whatever.
It’s the happy thought that counts,
but you have IDIOTS going around
saying happy tim, or season’s well wishes,
or whatever,
and they are afraid to offend somebody.

my motto is…
offend everybody
and let God sort ‘em out.

So Hanakwanmass stands for
Happy Hanukah, Kwanza, and Merry Christmas.
I figure at best,
i get to offend two out of three,

Hanakwanmass to you,
and if you don’t like it,
let’s freestyle,

that bit of pleasantness aside,
second thing…
let me share a win.
This is from Will,
who is on the Black Belt course,
I coulnd’t see his video on youtube and said yikes,
and he said…

hi sensei Al
I laugh my head off. when I read yikes, I thought wow, is my technique that bad??? lol oops, I thought like hmm, I am I that far off? I mentally pictured you throwing up  over the screen…screaming in agony, blinded by the experience… stumbling out of the starbucks…nearly hit by a bus, cursing my name…lol.
well, I did repeat down/upward block  after I thought I wasn’t breathing and leaned into the strike rather than transition. I could have reshot it, but I thought what the heck, least you see me correcting myself for whats worth it. I donated 2$ to monkeyland only to discover to my horror, you played santa claus and I found many gifts under the tree. wow, thank you, that was one heck of a pleasant surprise. videos over videos, book after book, I am a kid in the candy store. speaking of over delivering, you have what is called at Darden Business school operational excellence. I was able to matrix now everything I do in martial arts, even managed to start to matrix a complete escrima system out of the basics of blinding steel. you were right, it is a totally different understanding of matrixing, once you mastered/understand matrix karate. the matrix blocks gave me a lot better insight into wing chun as well. mainly from the mini matrix. that was one heck of a revelation. I hit 3 flies in one go. I understand karate, wing chun and escrima now a lot better and was able to extract that out of the material. thank you very much. I really enjoy the way to the goal now.
whatever happens, I am extremely grateful and indebted to you, sensei Al.

Thank you, Will.
I love wins better than anything.
It means that not only did I have a great work out,
but somebody else did,
and sharing wins means that even more people
are going to have a great work out!

You can find Blinding Steel on Monster Martial Arts under courses.


You can find The Road to Monkeyland
under ‘donations’ on Churchofmartialarts.


there is another little gem
on the donations page.
How to Fly on the Ethereal Plane.

third things third,
I am going to release a novel in a day or two,
I’ll send you a newsletter
when it happens.

This is a very significant novel,
and while it is action and adventure
with some good martial arts,
it describes things
at the top of the martial arts,
way beyond black belt,
and it will give you a new reality
on what’s at the end of the tunnel,
perhaps I should say,
at the top of the mountain.

Very advanced stuff,
but put in novel form.
It was a very interesting experience
to blend highest level martial arts,
an actual lesson
for those who have matrixed
and are going neutronic,
in novel form.

got to go.
It’s freezing up here at Monkeyland,
and we have to chase off the cows,
chip ice out of the pond,
and a thousand and one other things,
just so I have the time to do an actual work out.

what work outs they are.
Envy me.

have a great work out!


Monster Martial Arts First Video Black Belt Course!

First Video Black Belt Course

I get to promote my first video black belt.
I’ve had a lot of people ask,
and I answer and encourage,
but I don’t push,
the push has to come from within.
For Mike Cox,
the push really came from within.
Here’s his win.


Hello my name is Mike Cox.I have been studying Kang Duk Won under Master Case for a while now, I have studied various types of martial arts for years and received my black belt, but something was missing I couldn’t figure out what it was. I had good instructors, but something was still missing.
I started looking on the internet for different styles, and by chance I found Monster Martial Arts, curiosity got me so I ordered the Evolution of a Art, and there was so much information, it was amazing.
I started the Kang Duk Won, and now I have achieved the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt, and let me tell you Master Case is for real he is not a paper mill you will actually earn a real Black Belt not just a meaningless piece of paper on the wall.
He is one of the most Knowledgeable teachers I have ever had the Honor of studying under, he will answer your questions using MATRIXING and believe me you will learn at a accelerated rate because it works.
The Kang Duk Won was my enlightenment, it filled what was missing. If you are out there and feel as I did or just want to try something new give one or all of his courses a try and you will not be sorry.
I had lots of wins; stances improved, movement flows like liquid now, power increased with less effort used, speed increased greatly, control over everything increased but my greatest achievement was my patience not just for martial arts also for everyday life.
Every win is different just like we are all different but MATRIXING is something that works for all of us.So please give the courses a try and you will be amazed at the outcome.
I want to thank Master Case for all of his help on everything and I will be continuing my studies under him as a student and a friend.  LET THE MATRIXING CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Al.
Mike Cox
And thank you Mike.
you really made my day.
let’s talk about the video courses.
if you want to earn your black belt
through a video course
you have to order the course you want to be tested in
and the master instructor course.
all corrections will be based upon material 
that is inside the course
or in the Master Instructor course.
There are no hidden standards,
no politics,
nothing but the art.
You can either make it work,
or you can’t.
and here we get into it…
Mike was drawn to the Kang Duk Won.
he ordered the courses,
practiced for a few months,
then sent in a video.
He didn’t pass the first time,
he was aware that people usually don’t pass on the first time,
though it is possible.
I sent him the corrections he would have to make.
They were all based on what was in the Kang Duk Won
or on the Master Instructor Course.
No hidden surprises.
He sent in a second video,
and he passed.
it was obvious from the first ten seconds of his first video
that he had passed.
His form was liquid, powerful, smooth,
he exuded that power
that the Kang Duk Won creates in a person.
Watching his video
I started grinning,
and my wife asked what I was grinning like a fool for.
she looked at the videos,
she’s not a martial artist,
but she said,
There was a confidence on the screen,
a sureness of foot,
a person of accomplishment.
the procedure was simple,
but the work was not.
Mike spent a few months practicing
before he felt confident in sending in the first video.
he went through the usual life experiences
that people go through,
his work changed,
had to move
internet access was disrupted,
but the thing is,
he kept working and working and working.
When you find the art that is yours
you can’t stop yourself,
and he obviously had.
here is the thing that I find most important.
he had the moves,
he had the CBM,
but he had something even more important,
and which qualifies him in the Kang Duk Won
and as part of a legitimate martial art.
Maybe you read the win
my three month black belt student had.
His virtue was ‘success.’
My own particular virtue
when I made it to Black Belt
was ‘sincerity.’
It’s not a physical journey,
that is just the launchpad,
it is a spiritual journey,
and manifesting a virtue proves that.
Here’s the win from the Three Month Black Belt course
that’s about it,
except for one thing.
I want to stress one thing.
If you get all the right pieces,
if you put them together correctly,
you can do it.
You can do it fast,
or you can do it slow,
it is up to you.
The most important thing,
is this:

You have to make the decision to do it!

Okey dokey,
thanks to all,
thanks to Mike
and I will share
any other wins he sends in.
And, if you’ve got a win,
send it in.
Your wins,
your testimonials,
are my actual statistic.
It’s not about money,
it’s about changing the martial arts,
making them quick and easy,
and unleashing the individual within.
Here’s that URL again,
I hope you get inspired to choose an art and do it.
black belt course

The Secret of Success in the Martial Arts and Life and Picking Up Girls

Now Here's Some Scientific Martial Arts!

I was teaching Martial Arts the other day, a Monkey Boxing class, and one of the fellows I was teaching wouldn’t stop thinking.
He’d start a technique, then think about it halfway through, slow down, and it wouldn’t work.
“Stop thinking!” I kept saying. But he was determined to keep thinking.
It’s funny, a guy will insist on thinking if it costs him his life, and he doesn’t realize that stopping thinking is the way to complete and utter success.
If you think about a technique, then you don’t know it, and you hesitate and screw it up and all that sort of thing.
But if you don’t think, if you just know it, then you can do it without hesitation, with complete intuition, and it’ll work every time.
The key is to get rid of thinking’ about it.
I was talking to one of the other students, and he has been doing Karate and some other stuff for a while, and he knew exactly what I was talking about. And he grinned and said, ‘If you think you can’t pick up girls.’
Now I’m an old man, I don’t care about that kind of stuff, but I love what he was saying.
Women, you see, are creatures of intuition, they ‘feel’ things. They may lack logic, but that’s because they have this ‘feeling’ thing. Sort of explains all the differences between the sexes, if you get my drift.
Anyway, some guy comes up to a lady, and he is thinking, have distractive thoughts, and he can’t just communicate with her. He’s got stuff happening in his mind, he’s second guessing, and having perversions going on, and all sorts of stuff, and she sees this. It’s like he’s got a big ‘self conscious’ billboard over his head, blinking his nervousness and distractive thoughts all over the place.
On the other hand, once a guy has got this concept that he should stop thinking, then he just goes up to a gal, communicates with her, has a good time, and she leeches on to him like a miser latches onto gold.
Hey, he is a breath of fresh air after Mr. Second Guessing himself and Having Thoughts has put her off. He is, pardon the observation…a ‘real man.’
Okay, now we get down to it:ow do you stop thinking?
First, doing the martial arts will stop your thinking. You simply learn not to think, that it gets in the way, during techniques. Simply, in doing something, and ignoring all excess mind chatter, you start doing purely, and you stop thinking.
Now, most martial arts should do this, but modern training methods often get in the way. The older training methods work better, but they hurt and are painful and they leave all sorts of bruises.
And, since it is difficult to find the old training methods anyway, let’s talk about Matrixing, which is much faster anyway.
The basics of Matrixing are the Matrix Karate course. This is a logical method for learning Karate, takes about one tenth the time.
So you learn the forms, do some freestyle, see what the forms mean, and then you’re ready for the matrix itself.
The matrix is a series of self defense moves. They are arranged logically. The point here is that the older martial arts were series of random data, so you had to memorize lists of techniques, and this took time, and you were constantly trying to sort the data out.
With Matrix Karate, specifically with the Matrix of techniques within that art, with the order of techniques being logical, you never have to think about them. You just do them without thought, almost right from the beginning. So you stop thinking faster.
You have a partner simply feed you the attacks, you go through the matrix, and there is no searching for the right move, or figuring out how to turn the body, or how to set or align the limb, or whatever. The data is logical, and the Matrix takes you through it, and you stop thinking.
Actual times is about two hours. Two hours and you stop thinking, stop having excess chatter going on in your head, distracting you from things like survival and (grin) girls.
Now, I feel so stupid, using girls to lure people into the true art, but I believe in the martial arts, and I’ll use anything I can to lead people down the straight and narrow. So that’s how you get rid of thinking, and how you get to the secret of the martial arts, and in months instead of years. Heck, in hours instead of decades. And, proof, check out the Three Month Black Belt Course. I don’t just walk the talk, I talk the talk, and I’ put it on video for anybody who doubts. You guys have a great day, and make sure you pick up the free book on the front page of Monster Martial Arts.

How to Teach Martial Arts: a Unique Method that Works Differently

Look, it sounds like I’m patting my own back, and, shucks, I guess I am, but let me give you a win, and then tell you how I teach martial arts.
The win is simple. I have over 300 pages of wins, and I just throw stuff in the win file and forget about them, and this one I found, and it sort of surprised me. Here’s the win.
“I’ve been around in life enough and I’ve never seen anyone teach a person like you do. I’m betting when other instructors watch you teach they are going to be shocked and excited at the same time.”
This sort of surprised me because I don’t really think of myself as a teacher. Check out the video tapes (Three month Black Belt Course on my site, Monster Martial Arts). On those tapes my and my student are laughing, having a good time, and living life like a party.
I’ve got data, he wants it, I show, he does, and there is no attitude or altitude or anything like that.
consider this:
Don’t ever yell at or insult your student. Ever.
If you’re not having a good time, then your student isn’t.
If you’re having a good time, your student will have a good time, and he won’t quit.
Be honest, especially when you get irritated, and this will help the irritation pass with a laugh.
Do you see? These are the kinds of rules I live by. I am actually confused when I see sensei barking orders, getting all significant and expecting people to do things without understanding why, and more importantly, how.
You see, there is no secret here, it’s just a take on ‘treat other people the way you want to be treated. And it makes for students that are lyoal and stick around a long time.
Anyway, I hope this helps you have a good time, and I hope it helps you become the greatest martial arts instructor in the world. It is definitely the best method as to how to teach the martial arts. Check out my site, there is a free book available at the top left of the home of Monster Martial Arts.

Why I Created a Faster Black Belt Course

Martial Arts Weapon

Karate Energy is an Interesting Thing!

There were a few reasons why I was obsessed with making a Karate Black Belt in a shorter period of time. One of the reasons has to do with teaching advanced martial arts. Simply, a fellow studies for four years, finally starts to break through, and then gets married, has children, changes his job, goes to school, and I am out of a student.
Frustrating to not be able to teach the good stuff.
You see, the eyes open when somebody gets to real Black Belt. They start to perceive energy directly. They start to be able to do things with it. I love teaching it. For instance, how do you roll energy and condense it…how do you create a stillness so you can get closer to somebody without alarming them. How to you read halves of the body…so many things. Hundreds of fine points that hardly anybody knows.
So, how to get somebody to get to Black Belt quickly, so I could teach them the good stuff. That’s one of the big reasons I created the Black Belt Course, and why it is so fast. Check out Learn Karate Online to get more data on this course.

Why I Created a Faster Method to Black Belt Course

One of the real reasons I put together a course that gets somebody to Black Belt fast is that because of things like marriage, kids, jobs, school, and about a thousand other excuses, people move on.
I needed to get somebody to black belt fast, so I could work with them before they moved on. Check out the video, then I’ll tell you about some things about it.

I put EW to black belt fast, and now we’re working on Shaolin. It is fascinating, and I get to do things I have been wanting to do for so long, but, because people move along, I haven’t had much of a chance to do.
He can see energy, he can perceive it and feel it and…generate it. Once you can see energy, then it becomes easy to learn. Problem is that not many people can see energy.
That’s why people are graded to black belt on the number of techniques they have parroted, instead of on the amount of knowledge they have accumulated.
With EW iI can speak of energy, and he can perceive it, and he can intuitively pick it up and do with it. It makes for a tremendous training curve, and I’m having more fun than I’ve had in years. If you want to move to the point in your raining where you can actually perceive energy, and on a day to day regular basis, instead of odd things that happen but you’re not sure what happened, I recommend my Black Belt Course. It’ll open your eyes, and then when you hit the Shaolin course you’ll get a training like you only ever imagined. The course is at Monster Martial Arts.