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How to Be a Complete Martial Artist!

Fantastic day!
Perfectly designed for a work out!
Time to run through all-l-l my forms.

To be a complete martial artist,
you have to know all about motion and direction.
a guy comes at you,
which direction do you move in,
to get precise,
which direction does your art train you to move in?

It is a Neutronic principle
that in a fight
distance collapses,
so when the distance collapses
which direction do you move in.

An MMA fighter
might go for the takedown,
so his direction is down towards the knees.
Boxers and Muay Thaiu,
Pa Kua circles.
Circling is sideways or lateral motion.

So what direction does your art train you to move in?

the problem here is that you don’t want to be trained to move in a direction.
You want to wake up,
become aware,
so that you can choose your direction.
you want your art to teach how
how to move in all directions.
your art may have all directions,
but does it show you how to choose direction?
Or does motion
when somebody comes at you,
become kneejerk reaction?

Do you see the danger here?
you might have to summon instant and crazy energy,
and blast away,
everything will work better if
you are becoming aware,
instead of kneejerk.

I know I’m a little loose on presenting this,
but it is one of the most important things
you will ever consider in your training,
is what it is all about.
Awareness is even more important than conditioning.
Conditioning is good,
but as you get older,
and you meet better conditioned fighters,
it is your awareness
that will enable you to win,
to walk away,
to survive.

Awareness will last forever.

that brings us to the Monster Courses.
Matrix Karate gets you to stand your ground,
and even move forward.
Shaolin Butterfly shows you how to angulate,
Pa Kua teaches the outright lateral motion,
Aikido directs that motion back to the attacker,
and Tai Chi takes that motion and redirects it…
without the need for motion of your own.
what I have just told you
is a major teaching concept,
which no other art teaches,
except as a ‘what if…’
and a few loose techniques,
not as a distinct plan
that will enlighten you
and enable you to always have a plan
and to always have awareness.

Complete Martial Artist

Match Your Art to a Direction!

Check out the following graphic.


The order of arts is slightly different,
it’s one of my older graphs.

that all said,
here is what I want you to do.
Make a list of the arts you know,
analyze the geometry of motion
each art teaches,
and see if you have enough arts
to represent the four potentials of motion

take a look at the graph on the right

Not just a few techniques,
but do you have a whole art
for each type of motion?

You definitely need four arts,
and if you have more,
the better off you will be,
the more complete your art will be.

it goes without saying,
if you are missing an art,
check out the correct Monster course
to fill in the gaps.

do you want to be a complete martial artist?
That is the question I am asking.

consider one more thing…
the prices of my courses are so good,
so inexpensive…
so why not go ahead
and make yourself a complete martial artist?

Okey dokey,
thanks for reading,
thanks for allowing me my pitch,
I have the art at heart
I want everybody to get it…
all of it.

Here’s the home page
Monster Martial Arts!

You guys and gals,
have a great work out.
A truly magnificent work out,
and make sure you pick up the free book at my website.