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Where Do You Go to Find the Best Martial Arts

Your Best Martial Arts for Dedicated Survival…

The Best Martial Arts. Let’s see, a McDOJO with lots of karate trophies, an MMA training camp for the UFC, a traditional Karate school, a…none of the above.

survivalist martial artIf you want to find the best martial arts you have to look for the people who would be using them i the most dangerous situations. And that wold be the marines.

I know, the marines mostly use rifles, but their MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) has as its motto, ‘One Mind, Any Weapon.

They train in a variety of weapons, in a variety of situations (from kill the sucker to simple restraint), and they are more serious than the guy down the street who is enrolling students.

Further, you won’t find a surplus of padding to fool the senses, you won’t be next to a ten year old child, you don’t have to worry about your mother crying if you go home with a boo boo.

What you will find, in the extreme, how to kill somebody as quickly and efficiently as you can with anything near to hand, or just with your bare hands. And, in the less than extreme, nifty joint locks and such for controlling the unruly without sending them to the undertaker.

Now, that said, there are a few things that can be (look over my shoulder in trepidation) fixed. Whew! nobody heard me, so I’ll say it again. There are a few things that can be set right with the program.

The strikes are more boxing, and don’t utilize certain body mechanics, and lead to effortless power. The grab arts are a bit out of order, and don’t take into account certain potentials, freestyle needs a more gradient approach, there is some confusion as to the relationship of empty hand fighting methods versus fighting methods using weapons. And so on.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t make the marines fighting system bad. It just means there are a few things you can do to tweak if for more understanding, faster learning, and so on.

Now, this is what you do. You google the marines fighting system, MCMAP, Marine Corps Martial Arts PRogram, etc., and download it for free.

Yep. Free. Don’t you love the sound of that word?

Then you order ‘Fixing MCMAP,’ by Al Case. And you pay for it…Boo Al! Oh, it’s not too expensive? Okay. No boo. Just a shrug and don’t go to McDonald’s this afternoon. Better to learn the most efficient way of tweaking the most dangerous martial art in all the military, which means probably the world.

Then you go through the manuals, side by side. See what he’s talking about, do the system with a few tweaks, and, voila, you are deadlier than a marine with foot fungus!

okay, just joking. You won’t get foot fungus. But you WILL get a state of the art, modern, tak it to the death martial arts system that is supported by the few, the proud…the marines.

Here’s the URL for Fixing MCMAP. For googling the official MCMAP manuals from the marines you’re on your own.


Have a great work out!

What Is the Best Martial Art?

Yeah! What IS the Best Martial Art?

I have had people ask, and tell, and discuss what is the best martial art since I first began my studies. There is a fascination with being the best, and, to tell the truth, I can’t fault it.

real martial arts

Come on! All of you! At once! I know the best martial art!

Heck, if you don’t believe in something, why are you doing it? Right?

So when somebody goes on a jag about some art being better than another, I just smile and go along with it.

Heck, the Ultimate Fighting Championships were started to answer this question.  Every week people from different arts would get in the ring and discuss the matter. Kung Fu went against Jeet Kune Do. boxing went against Jujitsu. Muay Thai went against Karate, and you know what we all found out?

Brazilian Jujitsu was the best! Couldn’t be beaten, and…and time passed, and suddenly Ju Jitsu was no longer the best.

Hey, all arts are good, and all arts have their moment in the sun, but it really isn’t about which art is better. It is about which art makes you better.

So maybe kung fu works for you, or Karate, or some Mixed Martial Arts dog.

And, who really cares?

When I watch the UFC these days it is merely for the spectacle, to see a couple of grown men punch the daylights out of each other, to choke each other, to bleed a little bit, and then stand up and shake hands.

Isn’t that better than war?

And the real best art these days, as demonstrated by the gladiators of the UFC, is a generic thing that is unique to the fellow who studies it. Some guy focuses on kung fu drills, speeds up his hands, and he becomes best for a while.

Another guy works on his kicks, or his takedowns, and suddenly we have a new ‘best martial art’ in town.

But, as I said, what you work on is what you need, and the art you study is the best martial art for you, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

best martial art

The Best MartiaI Art is the Best of Every Martial Art

Check out the video, see if you can spot how many arts I use, then I’ll tell you more below the video.

You’ve heard people say, or at least take the attitude, that their martial art is the best martial art.
Of course, every art can’t be the best. Well, maybe they can…
A guy decides to learn Karate because he wants that one punch one kill ability.
Then he realizes that his punch won’t reach if the other guy can kick better, so he learns taekwondo.
Then he realizes that if the guy is better at slipping punches…so he learns wing chun gung fu.
But, if the fight goes to grappling, so he picks up a little Gracie jujitsu.
Then there’s weapons…better look to the Indonesian martial art systems like Silt, and most attacks are sneaky, so he finds a good ninjitsu teacher, and then he has to meld it into workability so he goes MMA and street real and…
And there are just too many arts to learn…so whacha gonna do?
Whacha gonna do is find a system that is about putting the arts together, not trying to put one art above another, but joining the specific concepts of each art into one system of systems that makes sense.
And, hate to tell you, it’s not take what is useful…discard the rest. That is not a science. It’s good common sense, but it doesn’t make a system of systems.
This is where Matrixing comes in. Matrixing takes the core concepts of each art, gets rid of the bushwah, emphasizes the central principles, and figures out how the principles and motions of each art actually fit together to make a master art.
Sound hard?
It was.
But now it ain’t.
You see logic speeds up learning.
We are not just memorizing random series of numbers here, we are learning the sequence of numbers, and how to multiply and divide and do all sorts of other things that individual arts, by themselves, cannot do.
I hope you understand the title of this article now, and know that you can have the best of every martial art, without losing anything from any art. If you want to learn more about this concept of a master system, drop by Monster Martial Arts and pick up a free ebook.

Charles Manson and the Ultimate Martial Art Come Together!

ultimate martial artHow could one of the most famous serial murderers (okay, he didn’t do it himself, but he was responsible!) be connected with the Ultimate Martial Art?

The ultimate martial art, the highest form of martial arts, depends on friendship.

I was talking about this with a student, and I asked him, ‘Can you be friends with Charles Manson?’

He said he couldn’t.

I observed that to the degree he couldn’t be friends…to that degree he was incapable of achieving the true martial art.

Blink and gosh and golly. Sounds like something Boomer would say. Right?

But, look, I didn’t ask him to invite him for dinner, and, in fact, I recommend that one be very careful around a murderer. But…be friends. Trust the murderer to be a murderer, and like him.

Hate is a cancer. And it is a field of energy that separates man.

Friendship–love, if you want to be gushy–is an openness, and there are no barriers between man.

So, do you want to have barriers between yourself and others? Or do you want to be open?

If you want barriers, then you want something that will slow you down, as well as your foe. If you are open, the only barrier will be one that he erects for himself. That won’t slow you down…not if you believe in friendship and that sort of thing.

Can you be friends with that stupid kid in school? Can you be friends with that cop who gives you a ticket? Can you be friends with a murderer?

To the degree that you can be friends, to the degree that you drop your barriers and learn to trust (not blind trust, but trust that other person to be who they are), to that degree you can achieve the Ultimate Martial Art.

Check out Monster Martial Arts if you wish your karate or kung fu or whatever art you study to be the best martial art.

Al Case Selected as Best Martial Arts Author of All Time!

Monster Martial Arts (MonsterMartialArts.com) has selected Al Case as the best martial arts author of all time. Monster, which issues many of Al’s works, said the selection process was very easy. ‘Al not only has an extremely large body of work, but many of his works are pivotal and will revolutionize the arts.’

Among the categories which the Monster Board of Directors considered are ‘most martial arts training manuals written,’ ‘most articles written,’ and even ‘most martial arts oriented novels penned.’ Also to be considered was the large body of martial art video work Al has produced. All of this work has been published over a career spanning more than four decades.

Al’s first training manual was begun in 1967 when the notebook he was filling was ‘borrowed’ in order to make his Kenpo school’s first training manual. Over the years Al wrote training manuals for every art he studied. This ‘obsession,’ as he calls it, has resulted in probably a hundred different training manuals.

Al began writing articles in 1981 and was quickly published by Inside Karate, arguably the best karate magazine ever published. Over the years he wrote nearly three dozen articles, and a column (Case Histories). Since the advent of the digital era Al has published nearly 300 articles on the net.

Of particular interest is his column, Case Histories. Case Histories ran in Inside Karate for just over four years, and was a perennial reader favorite. Readers particularly appreciated the delicate insight he provided, always couched in humorous and satirical overtones.

What most martial artists don’t know is that Al has written over twenty novels, and one will invariably find the novel enriched by a sub theme of martial arts philosophy. His fight scenes, based on his over 40 years of study, are among the best ever written. These novels have been available on a very limited basis, but that may change as Al is currently being considered for publication.

As was earlier noted, the award was based not just on sheer quantity of work, but quality. Al is the founder of Matrixing Technology and Neutronics. Matrixing enables an artist to break down and understand his art to a depth never before realized on this planet. Neutronics has resulted in the first and only totally martial arts oriented religion.

The award was announced earlier this week by the Monster Board of Directors. In a statement they said, “We have undoubtedly come up with the most deserving person for this award, and we look forward to more of his unique work. Monster was established in 2007, and has sold thousands of martial arts books and video courses.

Interested readers should visit Monster Martial Arts.

How to Find the Deadliest Martial Art in the World!

How many times have you heard of somebody claiming they know the most deadliest martial art in the world? And it is always claimed with piercing eyes and a significantly deep and ominous voice. In this article I am going to tell you the truth about that claim, and this will enable you to find the deadliest, most potent art you can find.

When somebody says they know combat jujitsu, and it is the most deadliest martial arts style in the world, they are saying it is their favorite art! When somebody says their karate is the deadliest form of karate, they are saying that it is the best martial art for them! I don’t care what they are studying, or if it is the most extreme martial arts imaginable, it will be limited by themselves.

People invest their time in something and they have to believe in it. And this is understandable because do you expect them to say, I study this art because it is weak and doesn’t work? I understand this, and that’s the way people are, and it just tells me that when somebody has outlandish claims, it is time to look a little deeper.

So what makes a martial art deadly? There are several factors to be considered here, all of which must be considered if you are to choose an art which will really work for you. Mind you, if you want to study the most effective martial art you can, these are the things that you need to consider.

Do the instructor’s students look good? This is crucial, because no matter if that instructor is billed as the best martial arts instructor, or the deadliest man on earth, if he can’t get others to do what he does, then his claims are useless to you.

Does the art have a full range of deadly martial arts techniques? Can the instructor take down attackers whether they hold weapons, kick, punch, or try to grapple? You have to be able to fight anywhere, and in any terrain, and against any number of people, holding any variety of deadly weapons.

So, good instructor, good system, and now we come to the crux, do those deadly techniques have genuine chi power? Do they have that jing power that erupts from tan tien, pushes against the floor, and comes out of their fists and feet like lightening! Don’t be fooled by mysterious explanations of intrinsic chi power, just observe whether the instructor has an explosive power that is sudden and overwhelming to the attacker.

Okey doke, I think that’s about it. Just remember that whether your art works or not depends on not just your instructor or the system, but on you. How much you study, how deeply you commit yourself, that is what is going to make the art you study the deadliest martial art in the world!

We have a full range of martial arts DVD courses at Monster Martial Arts.

Monster Newsletter #320–Introducing Flux Theory!

Arise ye slothful dragons!
There’s a world just waiting to burn!
And it starts with…a workout!

I worked out late last night,
slept five hours,
and woke so wired
I could feel that old
snapping, crackling, popping,
that electrical wire snapping around in my chest
just making me alive!

It’s the work out, bro,
there ain’t no secret,
it’s just the work out!

having properly enthused you,
let’s get down to the brass tacks.
Have you ever wondered why I never speak about the third level of the martial arts?
Go on,
look through the articles on the site,
look through some of the courses,
you’ll find a couple of references,
but I never really speak about the third level.

Funny thing is,
most people think Neutronics is the third level.
Neutronics is the second level.

Let me back off a bit here,
and explain the levels so you’ll understand.

There is body, mind and spirit.
Those are the three specific levels.
When you look at the martial arts
these translate as
physical, mental spiritual.
to translate them in a more workable manner,
and the third level.

Matrixing fixes up your form,
both the form of your art
and the form of your body.

When your form is functioning properly,
when your feet are turned the right way
and you have the proper angles in your blocking arm,
then neutronics isneeded.
Enough neutronics,
and the third level can start to happen.

there is a bit of a mix up here,
and it had to happen,
that is just the nature of the martial arts.
The mix up goes like this:
Matrixing arranges your art
Neutronics doesn’t do anything.
The third level does something.

Isn’t that weird?
Neutronics doesn’t do anything?
Well, it doesn’t.
Neutronics is just a bunch of data.
Just sits there.

You could write all neutronics in a book or two,
leave it on a rock in the desert,
degradation by sandstorm aside,
100 years later those books will still just be…
sitting there.
They don’t do anything.

you write that neutronics in somebody’s mind,
and things start to happen.
But it’s not the neutronics,
it’s the person.
Neutronics just…opened the circuits,
spread out the road map,
gave the vital data.

everybody has got the martial arts,
but they’re all screwed up.
The proof is that if they weren’t screwed up,
then everybody could do them for a short while
and suddenly be able to do things.
Have intuitive abilities,
punches that could rocket through walls,
maybe even put out candles from a foot or two away.

people get matrixing,
and their arts start making sense.
things get smoother
and they start to feel…
I don’t know…

When a mystery is resolved
people are going to feel good.
That’s a simple truth,

how do you get them to do more than feel good?
I mean,
they will have slight ability increase
through matrixing,
but how do you get them to have massive ability increase?

The truth isn’t enough,
you have to do something with it.

between matrixing and doing something
there is a gap.
It’s a knowledge gap.
That gap is filled by neutronics.

Neutronics doesn’t do anything,
just provides the information
when push comes to shove,
when matrix comes to ability
it can happen.

Neutronics is how the universe works.
Nobody ever told you how the universe works.
the truth is,
the universe works simply.

what is this third level that I am talking about?
I have a name for it.
Flux Theory.
Flux has to do with flow.
But it is not flow theory.
Flow theory would just be motion,
and not take into account the generation of the motion.
Of the energy.
So it is Flux Theory.

let me back totally off for a second,
let you grok what I’m talking about,
and while you’re grokking
(grok is a term from the book
‘Stranger in a Strange Land’
by Rob Heinlein.
It means to understand something by being it.)
let me offer an analogy.

Wayne Gretsky is often called ‘The Great One.’
Why is he great?
Somebody asked him that once
and he explained it to them like this.
‘Everybody goes to where the puck is,
I go to where it’s going to be.’

He wasn’t in reaction time,
he was in prediction time.
He was ‘now,’
He was matrixing his sport
and actually using neutronics.

He didn’t know he was doing this,
and while he could explain the phenomena,
he couldn’t tell anybody else
how to do what he was doing.

I can explain.
I explain with matrixing,
with neutronics,
and if you do these things,
then you will come to this thing I call
Flux Theory.

actual courses in Flux theory are still a few months off.
Got books written,
got to film stuff now.

here is something interesting,
do you know what happened when I showed myself
putting out the candle from over a foot away?

probably the most illustrative example of what happened was told to me by Wiley G
one of the first Master Instructors.
He said he put the vid snippet on the screen for two friends.
One of them said,
‘Wait! What? How’d he do that?’
The other one didn’t say anything.
He just stood up and walked away.

Curiosity and…
outright rejection?

but not just rejection…
rejection of living proof.

I see the water,
I drink the water
and I can testify…
it is not wet.

Do you understand the problem I am running into?
A world that is conflicted equally
by wanting
and terror.

my solution.
As you know I’ve been working on Monkeyland.
Gonna keep the matrix courses on monster,
keep the neutronics on Monkeyland,
and put the flux theory on Monkeyland,
and probably open a splash page.
A splash page is one of those internet marketer things,
you pull somebody in,
do a quick sell,
get their email address,
that sort of thing.
They really are scurrilous things.

But I will use this scurrilous thing
because I need to trawl the net,
find people who are ready
but can’t come to grips with Matrixing
or Neutronics.

People are so different,
and they come at the martial arts
from such a wild jumble of ability
and from various stages of evolution.
I need to reach everybody.

monster appeals to the body
Neutronics appeals to the mind
and Flux Theory appeals to the spirit.

there is going to be some overlap here.
There are transitions happening,
so body slops into mind,
mind slops into spirit,
body can’t avoid spirit,
spirit must make mention of mind,
and so on.

Body, mind, spirit
makes for a wonderful matrix,
those of you with the matrix karate course,
who know how to make a matrix,
go on…do it,
make a matrix of body/mind/spirit.
It’s really quite intriguing,
especially in conjunction with the martial arts.
And if you don’t know how to make a matrix,
go to


now you know where I’m going
and what I’m doing.

Gonna be interesting,

we’ve covered some ground here today,
thanks for sticking with me,
and I’ll explain more over the next few months.
if you have any questions,
shoot them along.
They not only make me think,
but they inspire.
for which I thank you.

if you haven’t started the matrixing path,
here’s that link again,
so you can start.


You guys and gals have a great work out
and I’ll talk to you next time.




Inside Kung Fu is going to have an article on me. November issue, which is on the stand on AUGUST 24TH!
Feel free to buy five copies, and write to the ed and tell him you want more.
If they get a sell out, and letters from across the country from a wide variety of people,
they are going to do more.

Send me your wins!


You can find out more about matrixing and the true martial arts at monster martial arts. Pick up a free ebook on matrixing while you’re there.