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Four Steps to Powerful Taekwondo Kicks

Taekwondo Kicks that will Knock an Elephant Down!

Kicks are one of the best and most powerful martial arts weapons you can ever develop. Not only are kicks extremely good for the cardio, giving an instant sweat during a work out, but they are one of the most powerful weapons you can have if you are ever in a fight. After all, most people in the world don’t don’t have the faintest idea as to how to use their legs, and if you do have an idea…you’ve got an instant advantage.


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Of course, kicks take a little extra hard work if they are going to develop into something you can be proud of. But if you take your time, train properly and regularly, and do learn the types of kicks in a certain pattern…you can have power busting kicks of the most magnificent order. That said, let’s go over the proper order of how to develop these kicks.

The first kick is to merely stand in one place and do the kick. You don’t have to have a stance, you can do them at a moderate and easy on the body speed, and you can even put your hand on the wall. The idea here is to look at your body andlearn how to make it move to generate efficient and effective and totally destructive kicks.

The second kick is going to be done from stationary stances. Take a kick like a simple front snap kick, low level to begin, higher as you get better, and learn how to apply it from the rear leg while standing in a front stance. Go through all the stances you know, one by one, kicking with the foot you are not standing on.

The third kick is to use the leg which holds the most weight in your stance. This means you kick with the leg supporting the most weight. Again, go through your stances, do them one at a time, but this time figure out how to hop so that the leg you are standing on executes the kick, and the leg you do not have weight on replaces the leg you are standing on.

The fourth kick is to go through and analyze the various directions you can kick in. This is going to require some quick weight shifts and turns of the body, and the ability to think of your body as very light. Simply do the third kick, as described in the last paragraph, but this time execute the kick first to the south, then go back to your stance and do the kick to the east, then the west, then the north.

Now, there are a few things you should remember as you develop your kicks through these four stages. Don’t be one of these people who do a few kicks per side and then quit. Do a couple of hundred kicks, three hundred, maybe even five hundred kicks per kick per leg.

The idea is to develop your legs so that they are as light and easy to use as your hands. So concentrate on learning how to relax while you do your kicks. Soon your kicks will be second nature, light and easy, marvelous little things of quick flick, and yet able to instantly end any fight.

Check out Matrix Karate, you get a free kicking course, complete with form and techniques and drills, with it.

Lots of Stuff Happening!

this new year is starting off with a bang.
I’m actually trying to organize my time because so much is happening.

we have a new Master Instructor,
A European affiliate is going to be opening site across the pond pretty quick,
and I’ve been working on the website.
Let’s take it all in order.

Congrats to Master Instructor John Newport.
Here is his win…

Master Case,

I have received many of your courses and must say that they have improved my martial arts immeasurably. Future orders for other courses will be coming.

I just completed fully reviewing the Aikido Course and had to send you something to let you know how it impacted my martial arts.

I have designed my own martial art and own a school, Taihei Tatsu Martial Arts. I ran into the problem of content to teach. I knew what I wanted to teach, but did not know in what order to teach it so that students could understand. Your courses solved that problem for me.

Most schools in which I was an assistant taught the same thing. The basic punch, kick, block and a form. Then mixed it up a little. The problem for me was that students did not understand the application so it was monkey see, monkey do karate. I did not want the same format for my system of martial arts.

I do not have a style of martial arts, I have a system. I prefer to regard it as a technology as it adapts to presented situations. Systems create the same result. Styles have flaws. Technology adapts to it’s environment.

Because of matrixing I was able to take my school to a whole new level. Students see how every technique makes sense. The removal of the mystic secrets of martial arts has opened the eyes of students and parents as to what is possible through martial arts.

My students…are able to see the holes in other systems and adapt to exploit those holes. My students understand the positioning of their body and what techniques are effective or ineffective in that position.

Even better I now have the ability to explain and show my students the “why.” I have studied martial arts for just over 33 years. I am a good practitioner and was an average teacher. Because of your courses I am now a great teacher with six year olds as students who can explain the intricate details of techniques.

Next month I will be introducing your Aikido course to my students. I must first clear my own Aikido knowledge of moves that do not work or are ineffective.

Thank you Master Case for making your knowledge available. It is truly an invaluable resource for martial artists. I cannot praise your work enough.

John Newport
Taihei Tatsu “Tranquil Dragon” Martial Arts

Thank you, John.
And well done.

A couple of things I want people to take note of…
John knew there were problems before he started,
knowing that there is a problem is what makes a man wise,
for it is this knowledge that leads him to a solution.

he has focused on the problem of style v system,
very smart.
A style tries to take in too much.
A system has specific steps with concrete results.
The term I use for this is ‘Closed Combat System,’
or CCS.
Sounds like John has nailed it.

Most important,
no mysticism.
he has reasons,
real reasons for everything he does,
which makes it a science.

I have nothing but admiration for these Master Instructors.
They are a bright bunch of fellows who get the job done.
The future of the martial arts is in great and capable hands.
I’d like to take advantage of this moment to say
that John is Master Instructor number 50!
Is that a great number,
or what?

Thanks John,
really made my day.

speaking of which,
let me move along
and admit that
I woke up today grumpy.
And after snarling and snapping a bit,
looking around for a dog to bite,
I began reading my wins.
Instant high.

The cure,
for whenever you feel a touch of the grump
is look at the good things.
Don’t obsess on the bad things,
they are temporary and go away.
The good things last forever.
Just thought I’d toss that in.
Not that anybody out there ever gets grumpy.

second thing,
got a fellow name of Peter
working on a website for the United Kingdom.
I tell ya,
There is a tremendous amount of interest in Matrixing over there,
and Peter is sitting on the cusp of Europe.
There is amazing potential over there,
a whole bunch of countries just waiting.
So I will let you know when this happens.
Gonna be great.

Third thing,
been working on the website.
Home page is different,
tweaking it a bit,
and I redid Matrix Karate page.
Cleaned it up,
Put in a bunch of wins
raised the price.
Got to.
I need to do the Great Matrixing Tour,
need to make it happen.
the price was ridiculous low.
It is still low,
but not ridiculous low.
speaking of the low price,
I’ll give anybody on the newsletter
one week grace.
Order this week,
paypal me $19.95,
and I’ll send you Matrix Karate.
One week only,
then the shock of it all is over,
and you’re on your own,
gonna have to pay full price.

that’s about it,
except that because of Martin King holiday
post offices are closed,
orders go out tomorrow.

have a great day,
practice till you sweat
and love every bit of life.

Have a great work out!





Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.
Albert Einstein

Before doing Martial Arts we are all equally foolish.
Al Case