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Least Favorite Martial Arts Technique from Bassai

Bassai techniqueOne of my least favorite techniques
of all time,
is when you do the
front stance leaning over
double punch
one over the other.
Comes from Bassai Kata,
among others.

I hated this karate bunkai
because people told me
you punch somebody in the groin and the face,
because people told me
you bring the punches together,
and strike simultaneous
to two points
on the meridian.
The fellow so struck
will have screwed up meridian flow,
can stop one punch,
but can’t repair the gap in the flow
caused by such a double punch.

Are you following me on this?
People are making things up
for a technique they don’t understand.

The classical technique I learned for this,
involved a wild pivot and block afterwards,
and all sorts of other things.

one day I was studying an old book,
and I realized
that this technique was a fireman’s carry.
That’s right,
you don’t strike,
or contort,
or do any of that stuff.
You simply reach in,
grab the guy’s body,
and slide under with a horse stance
as you tilt him up
and you have a fire man’s carry!

now I liked it.
Made sense.
And no BS.

Truth is simple sometimes,
but sometimes you have to dig
with the biggest mofo shovel
to get to that truth.

the technique comes from Kang Duk Won,
but you’ll see it everywhere.
I know some people think
I’m a little nuts on the matrixing,
and they wouldn’t be wrong.
you have to have something to matrix.
The Evolution of Art course
has three complete arts in it.
That’s three books,
thousands of photos,
hundreds of techniques,
in depth analysis,
and if you have been learning a system
that was created in the last forty or fifty years,
or if you were disillusioned
with some art or other,
then you should probably be looking at Evolution of an Art.


It’s a complete art
through all evolutions.

don’t mean to hard sell it,
it’s just that
even if you are looking for
something more esoteric,
there is a bread and butter grit to this stuff
that really gets your hands dirty.
that all said,
think I’ll go have some tea.
And you go have a fantastic work out.