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Bagua Zhang Techniques to Simple for People to Use

Bagua Zhang Techniques that Work!

Bagua Zhang Techniques are easy to learn and simple to apply. The problem is that they might actually be to simple.

Too simple to learn because most people don’t have the strength of mind, the mental discipline, to make Bagua Zhang Martial Arts work. They get lost in the potential of intricacy, and lose sight of the simplicity.

bagua zhang techniques

The simplicity of Bagua Zhang Techniques

When you walk the circle you must do so with an eye to developing Martial Arts Bagua Zhang Techniques. These martial arts gems rely on one simple thing: the opponent must extend his arm, and the person doing the circle walking self defense must use the extended limb like a captain’s wheel. That is, he must turn the spoke, that the hub of the body would spin.

If the punch is fast, this is difficult to do, and what punch is not fast?

The solution is to practice until you see the generation of energy, until you see the punch forming, and then be willing and able to use whatever part of the arm you get.

For instance, the attacker punches, and it is a short, circular type of jab. To make a bagua zhang technique work the student must circle in the direction of the punch, let it pass, and push on the elbow, or even the shoulder.

This means you have to not only walk sideways, but you have to adjust your distance, fine tune it, so that the opponent misses, passes, and is the right distance for your push.

When you push you must not do so faster than the punch, nor slower. The best bagua zhang techniques are going to be the ones in which you harmonize with the motion, and therefore with the oppponent.

Think: if he feels you, he will resist, so if you use too much force he will change. But you don’t want him to change…you just want him to be slightly off balance, unable to follow up, at a slight disadvantage.

Now, what do you want to do? Continue your circle walking and tie him up? Spin him to the ground, circle the arm and reverse direction into a lock? These are all potential bagua fighting techniques, but the one you choose will depend on one thing: what is easiest.

What is easiest, that is what is difficult. You see, most people train to do something, but when you reach the point where you do nothing, then you can let the opponent guide you to his self destruction.

It is said in The Tao: ‘Do nothing until nothing is left undone.’

Do you understand how this applies to a bagua zhang techniques?

The point is that you must practice not the technique, but the principle behind the technique, then your kung fu will work, and then you will have the effortless Bagua Zhang techniques that are easy and simple to do.

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