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The Return to Caveman Karate!

You Have it Too Darned Easy These Days!

I know, there ain’t nobody tougher than Matt Hughes. Until he got beat.

Oh, maybe it was Anderson Silva that was the toughest…oh. He got beat, too.

Hmm. Maybe we oughta rethink this thing of who’s tougher in the martial arts.

hard martial arts workout

Come on! Grow a pair!

Here’s an interesting thing to think about. Old time martial artists had to work a full day. And I mean herding cattle, digging crops, fixing sheds, fences, houses, whatever…and then they worked out.

I mean, we have it softer now. We go to the dojo with the soft mats so we don’t hurt ourselves when we fall down.

And we take a break when our muscles get all tired, and we wipe all that horrid perspiration off our brows and drink our designer water and…

No soft mats in old times.

And, for those snidely kickers who crow, how about doing your kicks barefoot on splintered planks, planks that you had to pick up and carry to the next dojo because the North Korean communists were right over the ridge. Heck, the bombs are dropping in the next field so we’d better hurry up!

I was trained in a dojo that was pretty rude. No amenities, and we froze in the winter and dripped in the summer, and we loved it. And we kept doing it when sane people would look at us and shake their heads.

But now I am healthy, and those headshakers are out strolling in their walkers and pulling their oxygen canisters behind them. If they aren’t on their battery powered government issued SUVs for seniors.

So what is tough?

And what is smart?

It’s tough to train all day, no matter what temperature it is, on whatever terrain you’ve got. In fields, watch out for that cactus, forgot my water.

It’s smart to train so that you don’t get injured.

Now, mind you, while I have always had a certain caveman mentality about all this, I should say that I have grown a bit more pointed in my observations since moving to Monkeyland.

We have to get up early here, and we do so because there is no TV to bore us to sleep in the evening, so we go to bed early.

We eat hearty because there are no snacks.

And we work out long and hard, and are grateful for the respite from all the work.

And I want you to think about this…when you do the martial arts because you love them, not because it is conveniently located at a strip mall….

When you do martial arts because you love them, and not because your mother signed you up to a contract….

When you do martial arts even though you are tired and beat and worn, and for the simple reason that…well…there is no reason. You just do them, they become a part of you, and then it’s like they do you.

When you get out of the convenience of fantasy and into the real world of martial arts, then you start digging deep, and then you find out what they are all about.

Take a trip to the Kang Duk Won if you want some old time Karate!

Check out Buddha Crane Karate if you want some incredibly ground breaking Martial Arts.

The Problem with Split Timing in Martial Arts

Split Timing Improves Martial Arts Freestyle

When I say split timing in the martial arts I am talking about somebody punching, and you coming in over the punch.

Not reacting, but going through the door at the same time he has, but with better angles.

This is actually the kind of thing that Bruce Lee taught. You can see Anderson Silva doing it in his fights. the other guy punches, and Anderson is not blocking and punching, but rather slipping and punching right over or around the other guys punch.

Classical martial arts trains with block and counter methods, which is not split timing, but a definite tick, tick, tick of the clock. This is reaction timing, or reaction training.

The problem is that reaction, to react, is to when you move because of something else, and it means he did something, he made an action, which caused your action. But that means that you are fighting after the other guy. You are always playing catch up.

And the problem is that this type of training method is prevalent in MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts. You will see fighters in strikeforce or the UFC, and they will punch after the other fellow punches. That puts them a full count behind. they need to split the count,to split the timing,and punch while the door is open.

Let the other guy open the door, but punch at the same time, or right over, but with better angles.

The reason this is so difficult to get is because of the reaction timing built into so many training methods.

But those methods are for beginners.

Advanced is split timing.

Advanced is not reaction, but seeing what is going to happen, and ating before, or at least in concert with.

When the other guy goes to punch, you should already be in motion. You should have seen the lean of the body at the very least, and, if you are an advanced martial artist, then the lean of his mind.

If you do the classical methods long enough you will see the though happen before the action. Once you see it, once you have reached a point of awareness where you see what is going to happen, you have to construct striking methods that take advantage of the window of opportunity.

This is one of the things that is possible through matrixing. Through making the art logical, the person can better reach the point of awareness of seeing what is going to happen before it happens.

He can move out of reaction time and into time ‘inside the moment.’

Not after, but before, or, at least, during.

If you are interested in developing this advanced freestyle ability, if you want to learn how to strike during or before your opponent’s strike, you should look for Martial Arts courses which have ‘lop sau’ in them, such as Matrix Kung Fu or the Shaolin Butterfly.

Monster Newsletter #307–Make Me One with Everything!

Hey Guys and Gals!
Happy Day to Ya!
I’ve been workin’ on the Pa Kua lately,
whole body is buzzin’ and awake,
the glory of a work out.

You know,
I watch the news
(as little as possible)
and the martial arts are a cure.

If the government studied some martial arts,
they would respect their opponent,
and maybe not even pick a fight with us.

If Al Gore studied martial arts
he might not ‘grow apart’ from Tipper.

If every citizen in Arizona knew martial arts,
there would be no illegal immigrant problem.

If every citizen of California studied the martial arts,
they wouldn’t be picking a fight with Arizona over immigration.

You know?

Wouldn’t it be great to demand
that our politicians had a black belt
before running for office?

Problem is,
they’d start training for trophies,
instead of what the martial arts offer the spirit.

the heck with those bozos,
the things you get from the martial arts
are what is important.
After all,
you see the light…
and they don’t.

Remember the workout where you were so beat
you thought you couldn’t do one more kick,
so you did another one?

how about that time you got socked in the belly,
went down to your knees gasping for breath.

That’s the martial arts.
Overcoming pain.
Finding the correct solution,
often as not,
means thinking things through,
and then training in the correct manner.

the things the politicians could learn.

like I say,
it’s not about them.

Think about it this way.
Every form of government on earth has eventually failed,
even our great country,
will fail.
Times will change,
new problems to be solved,
and a better government needed.

But the martial arts always remain.

Every child needs to learn how to fight
with politeness and vigor.
Every woman needs to learn to defend themselves.

not to beat those ragged politicians with a rotten skunks tail,
but every politician needs to find self worth,
that they will be of some value,
able to resist the corruption,
maybe find their way back home to us.

That’s why we do martial arts.
A better world.
That’s why I write this newsletter,
and that’s why I push the matrixing method.

A better world.

You know,
economy is down,
everything’s a fruit cake,
and I want to tell you one thing…
you’re the one that matters.
You’re the one who is going to make things right.
Not the idiot politicians,
not the taxers and regulators,
but you,
martial strong you.

that’s about all.
Pretty busy today,
got to see a man about a horse…
and you go see a man about a horse, too.
Have fun.
Grin at odd times and make your enemies uneasy.
I said something right.
Laugh…and make your enemies uneasy.
it just goes to show,
if you put a hundred monkeys in a room
with 100 typewriters for 100 years,
you never know what you’re going to get.

Here’s the pa kua link,
just in case you want to make your body buzz.

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

Have a great work out!


This is one of the best articles I have written, really changes the way you do things.
What is Going to Happen When You Have No Reaction Time!

Leave a comment if you can, it helps my statistics.

Did you hear about the Zen Master who ordered a hot dog? He said…’Make me one with everything.’

After 30 Years in the Martial Arts What It Feels Like To Hit Somebody!

What happened when I finally used my fists somebody, after 30 years studying the martial arts, studying Kenpo and Kang Duk Won and Aikido and Wing Chun, and all sorts of other stuff, and what it felt like, was a crack up…and it was a wake up call. I tell you this little tale not to put forth bashing gays, or to encourage you to get in fights. Hitting people, after all, though nothing happened to me on this occasion, could have ended up with me being sued, or at least thrown in the hoosegow.

I was manager of an apartment house in Southern California, and it was on a bad side of town. One day a fellow came by with a dog on a rope, and I told him (in a polite manner) that dogs weren’t allowed in the apartments. He just looked at me and grinned, “Why don’t you tell him,” and he nodded to his canine companion.

I went to the tenant he had visited and told him that he would have to tell dog owner not to visit again, and I was met with a rude attitude. I started taking note of the type of people that were coming to see this tenant, and I realized that the guy was selling dope. This is where the story gets nasty.

I knocked on the door to his apartment and was let in, and I told the fellow that drugs weren’t allowed, and that he would have to move. He just laughed at me and announced, “I’m not even going to pay rent from now on, and you can’t do anything about it!” So I punched him.

Now, I merely dropped my weight into the sanchin stance, and I punched him with both fists on the chest. Man, he flew over the bed and struck the wall. But it was a stunning wake up to me. I hadn’t really damaged him, and I couldn’t believe the feeling of actually hitting somebody.

The shock jarred my arms and shook my shoulders, and my strike was not effective. I had knocked the stuffings out of bags for years, but the feeling of 175 pounds of human flesh was entirely different. I realized than that I had to change my training methods. If this had been a real fight, with somebody willing to stand up to me, I’d have a knock down drag out on my hands.

Anyway, the tenant jumps up, and he’s sobbing, an adult and he’s actually crying, and he says, “You can’t hit me!” Well, I wasn’t going to punch him again, I had suddenly realized how incredibly idiotic I was to lose it like that, but there was a ring of truth to his words. So I growled, “Why not?”

“Because my friend is in the closet!” I was frozen for a moment, then I crossed the room and opened the door to his closet, and his naked, gay lover was standing there, trembling in fear and with a really sickly grin on his face. Well, I learned something, I was going to stick to regular training in classical martial arts like Aikido and Tai Chi, and figure out a way to make my strikes really real, and I was going to avoid fighting.

‘Punch Ups’ Build the Most Powerful Punch in the World!

The purpose of the exercise I am about to detail is strictly for punching power. This is not for getting into that bikini, or flexing in that mirror, this is so you can use that gnarly mitt on the end of your wrist to knock over the fattest elephant you can find. Period.
Most exercises are rather generic things, tune the whole body, maybe isolate a muscle group at best, and they are not designed for a specific function.
This exercise is designed for a specific function, and to define that function, let me ask you something. When you punch somebody…where do you feel the weight?
You feel the weight when you hit the target.
So why do you need to do a full push up?
A push up is like a punch, you extend the arm and support weight, but why support weight all the way through the punch? That, as will become obvious later on, might actually slow your punch down!
Don’t get me wrong, I am not disparaging a complete push up, I think you should do lots of them. They are good for the whole body. But we are talking about the punch here, and we are talking about the working end of the punch. We are talking about the end of the punch where the rubber grips the road, the foot hits the pedal, or, if you will, where the knuckles hit the ribs. Or jaw, or whatever.
That said, I want you to do your push up in the following manner.
Lay on the floor, keep your body like a plank, and push up to six inches from full extension, that is where your punching push, your ‘Punch Up,’ is going to start.
Push up to full extension, lower six inches.
Push up to full extension, lower six inches.
Got it?
Now, you are supporting weight at the exact peak of the punch, the place where the arm has to support sudden impact.
Want to jack it up?
Push that last six inches so hard your body rises six inches off the ground. When your fists slam down you are going to receive almost exactly the same jarring effect as a punch.
Now, a couple of things we want to be aware of.
It is best to do these push ups on your fists, and when you do so, wear gloves. You don’t want to abuse your knuckles, you don’t want to bruise them so that you can’t strike somebody, you want to build them up and use them.
Keep your body straight and like a plank. You will find as you do these push ups, that your core starts to burn. The core is incredibly important. This is the belly wherein the energy center for the whole body resides. All power comes form the core, so make that core strong, and never let it sag an inch.
Remember that it is your shoulders we are most concerned with.
Forearms are cool, as are biceps and triceps, but when you punch something the real shock goes into the shoulders. Think about what I am saying. Do some of these six inch ‘Punch Ups,’ and isolate exactly which parts of your arms take the shock.
You will find that the shoulders are the most important thing in the whole equation.
Okay, now comes the question…how many?
A lot.
I want you to consider something. Does a fellow who is going to run a marathon do fifteen minute sprints? No. He runs all day.
Yes, a punch is like a sprint, but to get the best sprint you are going to have to work those arms like a marathoner works his legs.
Obviously, start out slow, and spread them out over the day, and if you feel any pain at all in the shoulder joint, if it starts to stress, back off. We want to buildup the shoulder, not tear the rotator cuff or otherwise disrupt the working joint.
One thing to remember here is that we are not going for bulk. Bulk can actually work against you. If your arms are big and thick then there is more mass to move, and it takes more time to move more mass.
No, what we are going for here is density. Feel a marathoners legs and you will feel ungiving density. You simply can’t put your thumb into his muscle. That’s kind of muscle you want, and specifically in your shoulder if you are going to have a great punch.
Now, where is that pesky elephant?

A Martial Arts Weapon for the Making

I was over at my work out partner’s house, and we were discussing martial arts, weapons, and that sort of thing.
“Hey,” he suddenly said, “Let me show you a weapon. Come on.”
I followed him out of his house and across the street to a large orchard.
“Find me a rock,” he asked.
I did so. “What, we’re going to throw rocks?
“No,” he said. “I’m going to show you how to make a weapon so fast your pants will drop.”
I blinked.
He undid his belt and whipped it off his waist. He held the ends and placed the rock in the fold, and within three seconds he had sent the rock whistling away, three times faster than I could have thrown it, and three times the distance.
He hit a tree limb, which limb cracked and hung.
“Did you plan that?”
“Nah. But a little practice and I could have.”
I stared at him, then looked down at the ground. A million bullets, and a sling nobody would have ever thought of.
There’s a million ideas like this one at Monster Martial Arts.

The First Time I Ever Used Karate to Hit Somebody

I had trained in karate for near seven years. I had thrown a million punches, caused bruises and split lips, made people fall down gasping, even made them hold their, uh, cahonies.
But I had never hit anybody.
My body had hit other bodies, but me, the ‘I am,’ had never actually struck anybody.
One night we were doing two on one. One fellow grabbed one arm and held tight, the other fellow pummeled me in the ribs.
It was a massive problem, every time I turned to shake loose I got hit. Again and again and again, and my attention was split, and there was no solution and…several things happened so quick and fast in the world, and yet so incrediblly slow to the ‘I am’ that is me.
My foot felt heavy, it felt like somebody had stuffed a car in it.
I couldn’t move my foot. The guy hitting my ribs was coming in to thump me again. I couldnt’ move…I couldn’t…
I was far away from my body, looking at it. something happened, and then I was back in my body.
The guy who had been hitting me was lying ten feet away, crumpled up in a heap. The other fellow was jumping away fro me, his arms up, palms out…he didn’t want any part of this action.
And my foot,it felt light again. I dimly remembered, it had been heavy, and then…I remembered kicking.
I had gone out of my body, I–the ‘I am’–had thrown my foot, and knocked my opponent twelve feet into a wall, and then he had collapsed on the floor.
I had always known what the martial arts were about, but this was the first time I had ever experienced it. This was what, thirty-five years later, I was trying to get people to be able to do with my Monster Martial Arts courses.

The Craziest Self Defense Technique in the World!

I taught my son Karate. Taught him well, and he knew what good karate was. One day he came home laughing. I asked him what was up.
“I just learned the craziest self defense technique in the world!”
I asked him what it was.
“You jump high in the air, and come down and punch the other guy on the foot.”
Now, he was laughing, I was laughing, and you’ve probably got a chuckle ready to go as you read this.
Jump high to punch low? The foot?
What was wrong with the guy who told my son this technique?
Interestingly, I heard a coach on the Ultimate Fighting Championship recommend this technique.
Fortunately, I avoid those techniques. Jumping high in the air just to get low enough to hit a foot is not one of the techniques you’ll learn in the Shaolin Butterfly.

A Fool and his Martial Art

Once I was fooling around, came up behind a coworker who I knew knew martial arts, and I placed both hands around his neck.
He stepped, spun, whirled his arms, and did a perfect technique, which, I knew, as I watched him, wouldn’t work.
Not only was the technique slow, it was the kind that would never be fast, and nobody would ever do the kind of attack, except in fooling around, that I was offering.
Still, I knew he would go back to his school and humble but certain tones, tell how hi art worked that day.
From those experiences I realized that I was a fool.
But I knew there was a real art out there, and I wanted it.
That was the kind of thinking that led me to create Monster Martial Arts.

Will Learn Karate for Hamburgers!

“Do you want to learn Karate?” My friend’s eyes held the gleam of fanaticism, the desire for the young to fight back (against what?) the lust for violence.
“Nah.” I was 19. A white boy from suburbia. I knew nothing.
“Well, how about coming down with me when I talk to them, and we can go get a hamburger later.”
Hamburger? Now that was my kind of violence!
The odd thing, this refusal on my part was to open the pearly gates for me. How would I know that in the simple trek for a hamburger I would be waylaid, signed up by a McDojo, and spend over 40 years huffing and puffing and sweating and stretching and kicking air and bags and people and…and I really never had the faintest clue that it would have me breathing chi through my pores, ragdolling young men, and teaching something as bizarre as Matrix Aikido.
Ah, well. At least I didn’t eat the pickles.