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The Martial Arts and the Revolutionary War of 1776

Newsletter 876

Martial Arts and the Revolutionary War of 1776!

Happy Fourth of July!
Make sure you work out extra hard,
so you can say you deserve your freedom.
What do I mean by that?
Read on, brother and sisters…

Back in 1777 – 1778,
there was this place called Valley Forge.
General Washington was backed into a freezer,
the British were kicking back by the hearth and sipping rum,
and them silly colonists
were freezing their BUTTS off!

As the winter wore on,
Washington’s army starved,
their clothes rotted and fell off,
and their shoes gave way.
They wrapped their feet in rags,
and left bloody footprints in the snow.

So get the picture.
Old men with grey beards,
young men,
mere boys of maybe 12 or 13,
gathered around the campfire.
They put their feet to the coals,
and read this thing called ‘Common Sense.’
They weren’t an educated bunch,
so they had to explain things to each other,
while they massaged their feet,
and retied the rags around them.

If somebody had to go on guard duty,
they would throw their tricorn hats on the ground
and walk on the brims
stomping their feet to keep the circulation going.

Toes were lost,
frozen on the foot.
Limbs were lost,
sawed off without painkillers
and tossed outside a tent into a pile.
People died,
froze to death,
stacked like wood
to await a thaw
so they could be buried.

It was cold.

when winter was over,
those colonists marched out of that frozen hell of a valley.
They weren’t afraid,
because they had survived
the worst mother nature could throw at them.
In fact,
they were hardened.
They were tempered.
They were tougher than the British
who had spent that winter sipping rum
and telling ribald stories
and making fun of those fools
a couple of valleys over
who didn’t know enough
to come in out of the cold.

That was the turning point of the revolutionary war.
There were lots of other things that contributed,
spies and Von Steuben,
citizens that sent guns and ammo and food,
but it was that frozen winter
when the farmer/soldier of the United States
found out what he was made of
that made the difference.
Death didn’t seem like much
after that winter at Valley Forge.

Fast forward to today,
you don’t have to freeze,
you don’t have to march through the snow without shoes,
all you have to do is go to class,
stand in the horse stance for a while,
practice punching people,
endure a few bruises and a black eye.
That’s all.

Because that little bit of ‘suffering’
reminds you of the real pain
that the revolutionary martial artists had to go through.
Understand that,
and you are deserving of freedom,
let me tell you this…

If you fight to make yourself strong enough
and smart enough,
to retain freedom,
then you are deserving of freedom.

And that is the truth of this country.

So go here


and learn the truth about fighting with weapons,
make yourself as strong as a 1776 colonist
and deserving of freedom.

whoever you are,
wherever you are,
tomorrow is a celebration of freedom,
it is not just for the US of A,
but for any person in the world
who believes that man should be free
that life should be lived without encumbrance
and that the spirit of mankind should prevail.

and have a great work out!





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The True Language of the Martial Arts

Newsletter 751
Matrixing is the Rosetta Stone of the Martial Arts

Simply gorgeous day.
Perfection is a work out away!

I know it’s been said before,
but not as importantly as it should be.
The Martial Arts arts are a language.

Without even going into Matrixing,
let me explain something that happened to me.

I went to school,
I was bright and energetic,
thought I was going to get smart,
and didn’t realize that I was already smart,
and that the real purpose was
to make me socially acceptable.
Which means…
do what you’re told.

So I signed up for a language.
This was when I was in sixth or seventh grade.
A summer school program,
and I was really excited1
I was going to learn a while language!
I went to class
I sat there and learned how to count,
the teacher made remarks about how the mouth
has to be a certain shape,
and I rapidly became incredibly bored,
and I floundered,
and my excitement disappeared
faster than sheep
at a convention of wolves.
Didn’t like languages,
didn’t want to learn languages.
Stupid stuff.

if that wasn’t bad enough,
I tried again in high school,
and it was worse,
when it came to college…
the hell with it.

So what happened?
What happened was a simple matrixing problem.
When you see your first matrix,
and this is in Matrix Karate,
you see how the matrix is used
to find out the things you didn’t understand,
the things that you didn’t even know were there.

When you learn language,
or just about any other subject in school,
there is no matrix,
so hidden at the edges,
and often in plain sight
are all the things you don’t understand.
And this confuses the things you do understand.

Here’s your new language,
call it Alioffstupe.
Count to ten.
The numbers are
one, dos, elebong, ta ta, 6, (blank), xxx.
Well, the numbers aren’t all there.
And the ones that are aren’t totally understandable,
or seem out of place,
by the way,
your mouth is in the wrong shape so you’re wrong.

Still feel like learning my new language?
I don’t think so.
It is stupid,
and it doesn’t make sense,
so nobody in their right mind
would want to learn Alioffstupe.

you know where I’m going with this…
when you are taught to learn the martial arts,
you need to count in another language.
The concepts are badly mangled zen,
and the teacher says you’re the wrong race!
Maybe in three or four lifetimes you can learn it,
but…not now.
Now the best you can hope for
is to bow extra low
to those who are shaped better than you.

So the martial arts are a language,
a move is a letter,
a technique is a word,
a form is a sentence,
and so on.
but without a matrix,
the letters are from different cultures,
the words are from different languages,
and the forms are…silly and don’t make sense.

you can’t come across a forum today
where some fellow doesn’t lambast forms.

all it means is that he doesn’t understand a language,
he was culture warped,
and he is protesting,
and trying to rationalize something he didn’t understand.

Look at that last sentence,
‘rationalize something he didn’t understand,’
right there,
that is the problem,
of all the martial arts.

And here’s the sad thing,
even if you are smart,
and get through the mess,
you don’t have a method for teaching
that will bypass what you had to go through!
In other words,
without matrixing you’re passing on the martial arts
in the same unintelligible fashion
they have been passed on for millennium.
it makes sense to you,
You made it through,
you didn’t see any problem,
and you don’t understand what is going on in the student’s mind.

And the problem is this:
if you don’t have matrixing,
you are lost in a jungle of bastard languages,
and don’t even know it.

Can you give up false learning,
to learn true learning,
and then make all that you have learned true?

Can you learn matrixing,
and save all your students?

Interesting question,

And here’s the obligatory link…


Hope to see you there.

have a GREAT work out!
And I’ll talk to you later.