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A Weird Mix of Aikido Versus Karate Proves Pretty Sane

You know, one of the weirdest thing I ever did was this Aikido versus Karate thing.

I know, the two arts don’t fit together, but I had studied both, and I was looking pretty hard, and I came up with the idea of doing a forward roll (or a backward roll) into and out of each position of every form in Karate.

So instead of stepping to the side and doing a low block, which is the first movement of Pinan One (Heian One), I dove into a shoulder roll and came up to the low block. And, I quickly found out that doing a back roll was much better.

But, then what is the situation you’re preparing for? Do you want to charge in, or back off? So I had to practice both ways.

Then, do a shoulder roll into the next movement. And I began doing all my forms, rolling forward and back, in into and out of, each position.

Man, it was a work out and a half. I was drenched, my shoulders were bruised as I was a beginner and hadn’t found that perfect circle that is necessary for the perfect roll.

So give it a try. Any art or any style can be adapted to to this weird Aikido versus Karate training drill. Guaranteed, you’re going to have a ball, or at least be one.

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New Aikido System Used to Teach Real Combat Techniques!

I encourage people to take my systems and share the wealth. They get to learn by teaching, and they even make a few bucks. This guy used my Matrix Aikido program and had great success. We are talking about a workable Aikido here, and it is extremely combat capable. Here’s the win.

“I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I’ll keep you posted.”

What’s interesting is that the system itself is presented in a seminar I did. You get to see hundreds of techniques in an hour an a half, and these techniques are created on the spot to fit a situation. Very creative.

You also get a book which tells you exactly how to reconstruct Aikido so it becomes lean and logical and quick to learn.

Check out Matrix Aikido at Monster Martial Arts. Get a free ebook on Matrixing on the home page.

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