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Advanced Lessons in the Martial Arts

Learn Some REALLY Advanced Martial Arts…

Good Almost Weekend to you!
I’ve been working out all week,
anticipating this weekend,
because then I get to work out!
And some people say there is no heaven on earth.

Just finished a novel,
and it is sort of unique
in that it gives a VERY advanced lesson
in martial arts.

What happens when you lock somebody up
throw away the key,
and he has got nothing but silence,
no light,
in which to do his martial arts?
in fact,
has to do martial arts
just to stay sane!

You get ‘the ethereal bodyguard,’
which is the name of the novel.
it is only on kindle
for now,
but I am working on putting it in paperback,
and I’ll let you know when.

But you can find ‘The Ethereal bodyguard’
if you go to amazon and type in
‘ethereal bodyguard al case.’

Cool, eh?

let’s go egghead.
Let’s go Plato,
when somebody says martial artists are just dunderheads,
you can quote Plato at them
and make them go away.

this guy Plato was spouting what I am about to tell you
thousands of years ago,
and it is heart and center of the martial arts.

Plato had this thing called ‘the Theory of Forms,’
or ‘Theory of Ideas.’
In it he claims that abstract forms,
or ideas,
are the highest reality.

in the martial arts we do forms.
What are we trying to do?
We are trying to find the idea behind the form.
as we break forms apart
through examination,
we are looking for the idea,
the perfect idea,
behind a technique.

Plato uses ‘form’ and ‘idea’ interchangeably.
He says that everything,
a book,
a dog,
a man,
a karate technique,
is first an idea.

the interesting thing is that he claims you can’t really see the idea.
That’s a common myth.
You can’t say the word ‘God,’
all the way to Harry Potter,
‘He who’s name cannot be spoken.’
You see,
they are right,
but they are wrong.
You can’t see the perfect idea with the senses.
You can’t say the name of god with your voice,
but you can be aware of such things.
It is awareness that we must cultivate.
Awareness to see what is,
to penetrate the form
and find the idea.

So that is what you are trying to do when you are doing you forms.
You are trying to cultivate sufficient awareness
to see a form for what it is…
to see the idea behind the form…
to see reality as it is…
an idea.

Pretty smart guy,
this Plato,
and Aristotle and all those other guys.
Their problem is that they were just talking,
while we are doing.

We will understand,
through the doing of martial arts forms,
what they could only guess at.

I don’t recall Plato,
or any of his partners,
speaking about
the experience of enlightenment,
such as Morihei Ueshiba had.

So they guessed,
without the experience.
They were scholars,
and we are the do-ers.

of course,
you know what is coming now.

It is very difficult to find an idea
with a less than perfect form.
it is very difficult to see through the bushwah
without a matrixed form.

A matrixed form is a perfect form.

It is relatively easy to find the idea of a form that is perfect.
It is very difficult to find the idea of a form that is…a random sequence of techniques.

you can matrix your body with the Master Instructor Course,
you can matrix the martial arts,
all arts,
with Matrix Karate.
as you progress through a variety of martial arts
you can see ALL the forms,
ALL the ideas,
and get the total picture of the martial arts.

You can get the whole idea.

Now that is enlightenment,
and I mean big time.

So if you want to have a perfectly functioning body,
if you want to know the truth about your arms and legs,
what their real purposes are,
how to make your body have absolutely perfect form,
how to make any technique work…perfectly,
then you go to the Master Instructor Course.

If you want to perfect your martial art,
then a take the first step into Matrixing with Matrix Karate.

Perfection of form…
perfection of art…
means perfection of character.
And if you have perfection of character,
then you have the ability to see past the forms of the universe,
and see what the universe really is.

Okey dokey.
I have said all that I can say,
the rest is up to you.
You will either strive for perfection,
or you will settle for the same old same old.
Either way,
I wish you the best durned work out in the world,
and a hanakwanmass!